The Son Of Wolves

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A newborn child of Goddess and God, Mother Nature and Father Time is abducted and thus a journey between a wolf noble named HowlShriek and The Prince Kal'roah, begins to return the child home. A newborn child of the mother and father deities lay in a crib not long after being born. For in the realm where Mother Nature and Father Time hold dominion over many worlds, darkness creeps from the shadows. Seeking to annihilate all things only to devour their essence and burn all the worlds in total cruelty, yet something is amiss. While these events play out and as the story unfolds, a spirit from beyond that has not been sensed since the age of the ancients, is returning. A light upon a new dawn for the worlds where everything else prior, fell into despair, lust, vengeance, temptation, and madness... Thus shall begin the journey of the wolf noble HowlShriek and Prince Kal'roah.

Fantasy / Poetry
Mond Zuniga
Age Rating:

Chapter One

The rushing winds blew across the forest,

The leaves dancing their number with grace and skill,

As if they had studied the craft for all of their existence,

With a greenish color so vibrant and natural,

Mother Natur her work with perfection,

Mastering the art of creating nature and all who reside upon her realm,

All who dwell upon the realm of the Mother of the Warth knew well enough,

She was slow to anger yet no one dared to face her wrath,

Always showing respect, allowing their actions upon themselves to reflect,

No hatred upon the one who ruled over all living things,

Only love, adoration, reverence, and idolization,

And so the leaves danced upon the wind,

Their grace only a hint or mere reflection upon their mistress,

Their goddess…

Nothing went to waste in the realm of the Mother,

To allow nourishment provided by the one was treated as an assault upon her very being,

No one dared to waste, or they would certainly have a taste,

Of the rage of Mother Nature,

Certainly, a fool tried it once or twice,

Yet every fool regretted their folly through torture and rage,

To waste, meant to insult, and to insult met with a reprimanding,

And the reprimanding seemed harsh yet fair enough,

A goddess, of course, had to keep her status known to all who dare go out of line,

Unfair treatment was not a way of the mother,

She simply did what she knew to be right,

To hunt for sport and wasting the carcass in the process,

Met with a slow, agonizing, and painful death,

If any truly intended to hunt in her realm,

They had better consume what they had poached,

Or meet certain wrath from the Mother,

Her lips color of the reddest rose,

Her hair a dark brunette,

Her body toned perfectly with muscle and silky flesh,

She truly was a queen and goddess,

Yet who could tame such a wild dame of a goddess?

What man could have the strength to love such a demanding queen?

Who could even be considered her equal?

The father, of course, Father Time…

Wise and understanding, the Father was attuned to the sands of time,

His reach upon the cosmos was infinite and no one could deny his spoken word,

His word was the law, and all who defied were eliminated,

Like gnats, a plague upon his house and he had no intention of saving the carriers,

Unlike the Mother, The Father seemed older, much older than even time itself,

His long white beard went down to his knees and his golden robes with glowing sockets for eyes,

If one truly wanted the ultimate lesson in wisdom, the Father was the one you studied,

Eternities at a time…

The Mother and Father created everything and anything they so desired,

All was good in their world, except for one thing,

While their creations were like their children, they had yet to reproduce themselves,

Oh how glorious it would be, to have a son or daughter and to experience the miracle of childbirth,

And so they attempted, and soon enough the miracle happened,

Joyous news spread across the cosmos the denizens of each world cheered when the miracle was told,

Feasts across the cosmos were celebrated with glorious food and the finest ale,

That the Father and Mother provided,

Ever so happy the cosmos was, until the day after the childbirth…

When the young Prince was born, tears trickled down the faces of the Mother and Father,

They had finally completed their last and final unfinished miracle,

They embraced their son, held him and loved him with every fiber of their being,

That night the Father placed his most precious son in a cradle fit for a Prince God,

“I love you beyond the Stars, Little Kal’roah,” Father said ever so gently…

Father slept alone in his bed, dreaming of all the times he would have with his son,

A scream of terror and horror filled the cosmos,

Father time immediately awoke and ran towards the direction of the sound of pure agony,

Mother lay upon her knees crying and weeping,

Of the horrid site of their son now missing,

Father attempted to read the sands of time,

Yet his powers somehow seemed diminished,

He could not sense who had taken their most precious son and where they had gone,

He yelled what seemed to be a cry of anger,

“NO!” Father screamed,

Together, they mourned the loss of what they had just received…

The wrapped up young babe, crying loudly at the shivering cold air assaulting his skin,

The kidnappers had abandoned him in fear after hearing the scream of the Father,

Now laying in a forest world wrapped in a blanket,

The young baby was to become prey, soon enough at least,

A pack of wolves began to circle the babe looking to pounce,

Yet the pack leader growled at his greedy pack mates,

The alpha male approached the infant and took pity on the innocent child,

His snout snuggled the babies nose, licking it as a sign of love,

The young child reached its little hands out and touched the wolf,

The wolfs bond with the infant was immediate and affectionate,

Picking up the newly born by its wrapped cloth, they moved away to their cave,

Too warm the child, the newest addition to their pack…

The wolves in their cave began to discuss in regards to their guest,

Debating on what should be done with the young child,

Sensing the presence of a god within their cave,

An infant god, to be certain,

After a long controversial bickering, the Pack Leader announced the verdict,

He personally would find the parents and return what was lost,

Their most precious thing indeed...

The wolf began his long journey walking slowly and carefully,

The infant's cloth wrapped in its mouth with the baby hanging from the beast's jaws,

It was a cold night, the bitter freezing air assaulting the young babe with its merciless strikes,

The wolf carried on, with determination like no other,

Neither the shivering cold nor the unwelcoming winds would deter the alpha male,

The animal's compassion for the godlike infant left him dumbstruck,

Yet feeling more compassionate for an outsider,

The likes he had never displayed before,

He was territorial and sometimes ferocious,

But to this infant, he would give his all and everything for it,

Nothing less would suffice,

A pack mate and family member of this wolf clan,

Forevermore bound by love and compassion,

Forevermore a member of The Howlfang Clan,

The Howlfang Clan were a territorial wolf clan, one of three great wolf packs,

That ruled over the forest world of Gore’haman,

Gore’haman, or bloody forest in their tongue,

The alpha male was the prestigious noble wolf of The Howlfang Clan,

Ruler and representative of the Wolf Council,

The Wolf Council settled disputes and declared the laws of which all three wolf clans abided by,

The Alpha male or Howlshriek as he was named by his father, the great Howlsnarl,

Had decided to convene with the council to discuss the fate of the child,

Yet something lurked in the darkness of the forest,

Growls and Snarls filled the air behind the trees,

“You are in Ripfang territory! State your business, Howlfang intruder!” Said the Ripfang pack leader,

Howlshriek bowed his head politely and lowered the baby to safety onto the ground and began to speak diplomatically,

“I am Howlshriek, Noble of the Howlfang clan. I seek an audience with the council of the wolves, to discuss the fate of the newest member of our clan, which so happens to be a god infant. A great one, if you will,” Howlshriek respectfully stated,

The growling ceased, as the wolves bowed their heads politely to the young wolf noble,

“Hail, Howlshriek. I am the pack leader of this group. Word of your findings and deeds has reached us from the four winds. Our leader, Riplash, is at the council of the wolves chambers, with the GoreClaw noble as well. We will escort you safely to the chambers, as our guest,” Said the Ripsnarl Pack leader,

Howlshriek nodded his head respectfully,

“Thank you, noble pack leader of the Ripsnarl clan. I am humbled by your immediate and gracious hospitality,” Howlshriek said ever so politely,

It was custom for wolves of any clan to treat other members of the different clans with a righteous and noble purpose, with hospitality and good graces,

Especially since Howlshriek was a noble, he could not be touched by the ancient ruling of Mother Nature and Father Time,

If any clan showed aggression or violence, only then would self-defense be permitted,

Howlshriek followed the Ripsnarl into their village, where gracious bows and hails of honor were granted to the young noble,

The wolf clans were a noble yet territorial people,

They would accept gracious and welcome visitors while hostile intruders were shown no mercy,

The entrance of the Wolf council was inside that of the eldest tree in of Gore’haman,

Molded by the Mother of Nature to fit as a place of sacred and holy power to home the wolf clans,

To also be a place of worship, reverence, and respect towards the Mother and Father,

Howlshriek had but a few memories of this place throughout his lifetime,

Ever since the end of the wolf feud, the clans had been at peace,

Respecting the other clans with grace and honor,

“Legends foretold of the visit of a great one, an equal to the Mother and Father. I did not expect it so soon, however,” Stated the Pack Leader,

“Nor did I, noble Pack Leader. Fate has deemed it so, however. Rejoice in the foretold prophecy of the coming of the great one,” Howlshriek told them,

“PRAISE BE TO THE MOTHER AND FATHER, IN ALL THEIR ETERNAL GLORY!” the wolf soldiers proudly shouted in unison,

The soldiers of the wolf clans were not loyal to any one clan, but rather to all,

The soldiers were the best the clans had and defended the innocent and fended off the wicked from their evil deeds,

HowlShriek walked into the main council chambers where Ripsnarl and Gorebash, the noble of their clans sat awaiting the final member of the council,

“Come sit, noble of the Howlfang clan, Howlshriek , heir to the throne of your father and rightly so,” Gorebash said ever so politely,

“Thank you for your most gracious compliments, brother in arms,” said Howlshriek graciously,

Howlshriek went to the center of the council's circle and lay the babe before them, then sat down in his seat,

Waiting for the meeting to proceed with his bones weary and his mind in flux,

The two wolf nobles looked at Howlshriek in awe with the divine child that lay before them in the center of the council circle,

“Where did you find the great one?” asked Ripsnarl,

“The child was found on our borders, alone and left forgotten. I sensed infinite potential so I convened with my pack to call for a council of the three great clans,” HowlShriek stated clearly,

The other two nobles looked in awe and shock their expressions ever so clear on their faces,

“This child is the son of the Mother and Father. How is the possible?” asked GoreBash,

“I am not certain. Surely an abduction is a cause this? Yet how could the Mother and Father, deities of the cosmos, have their only child being stolen right under their nose? Surely foul play is at work here?” asked Howlshriek,

Gorebash swallowed heavily with fear,

Ripsnarl began to whimper heavily,

“You don’t suppose… is the Defiler, released from his prison?” Asked Gorebash,

“You actually think Extinctovaire is the cause of all this?” asked Howlshriek,

The wolf nobles and the wolf soldiers began to whimper pathetically, laying their heads on the floor in submission and fear,

“Pull yourselves together, brothers in arms! We will overcome this villain again and prove victorious, as we always have been in the past,” declared Howlshriek,

The boldness of such courageous words inspired the council members. They howled loudly and utter surety in their pride with the full moonlight appearing as bright as the sun to all of Gore’haman.

The journey would be a long and perilous one there would be no doubt,

Yet Howlshriek did not waiver towards his convictions,

Nor did he doubt for a split second that he would be successful,

Massive white paws going up halfway up his legs,

The rest of him covered in mixed white and black,

Howlshriek was given two gifts, one from each of his fellow clan leaders,

The first was the ability to activate portals from one world and connect them to another,

And the second, the gift to summon food for himself whenever he became hungry,

The two gifts would be quite useful, knowing the long journey that lay ahead,

The infant didn’t need any sort of moral nourishment for he was a god,

Kal’roah was also kept warm at all times, even without a blanket,

Truly the child of deities, the spawn of the Mother and Father,

The young one never seemed to cry or feel fear of any sort,

That kind of courage, Howlshriek truly admired about his companion,

The long wolf walked at a slow tempo,

The babe's cloth with the youngling inside hanging from Howlshrieks jaws,

His eyes wandering looking up in the air,

A full moon resided in the darkest night sky, glowing beautifully,

It’s beauty almost in comparison to the mother,

But not quite there,

Howlshrieks eyes became lost in wanderlust of the moon,

His heart trembled at the thought of leaving his homeworld,

Let alone perishing and not returning to see his pack once more,

Yet the reality of his situation immediately purged such thoughts from the back of his mind,

He had a duty, and he was a warrior noble of the Howlfang Clan,

He would see Gore’haman again and would return to lead his clan once more,

Regardless of whatever happened, he would come back alive,

Howlshriek came upon the first portal, glowing in the red light,

He closed his eyes, concentrated on the portal with one of the two gifts,

The portal shined bright with red light,

Reaching out, it transported the pair onto the next world…

Darkness filled the foul realm with a stench of death and decay,

The traitorous vagabond of all the free and alive schemed,

Oh how this vile creature plotted and planned its dominance,

No one dares align with the wicked thing,

Less they face the wrath of the Mother and Father,

Yet some did not care for such wrath,

Some gave into the darkness for the false promise of power,

Only to discover how empty those promises were, only a second too late,

Darkness did not need to hold its end the of the bargain,

Darkness had its own will,

Everything else was a means to an end,

Easily disposed of should they prove insufficient for the monsters will,

Anything was a resource regardless of who or what,

Nothing fed the appetite of what was named as “Extinctovaire,”

“So much for the petty thieves keeping their end of the bargain. Alas I have always said, if you truly wish for something to be done do it yourself and for yourself alone,” muttered Extinctovaire,

Selfish thoughts were the only fuel for Extinctovaire,

No thoughts of compassion or mercy ever came by the defiler,

Love was a foreign word to this horrible thing,

And would be forevermore…

Howlshriek wandered upon the open plains, ever so slowly,

This beautiful green landscape with endless grass for what seemed to go on forever,

The meadow was extraordinary to the wolf noble,

The breeze ever so gently intruded upon his snout,

All the while, little Kal’roah slept silently as the young wolf stepped ever so slowly,

Doing all he could so that the young babe could sleep in peace…

Howlshriek walked for what seemed to be hours,

His stomach growling and his bones weary of endless trails of green grass,

Howlshriek set the infant down, and closed his eyes,

Within a mere second, he conjured a gamy slab of rib meat,

As the young babe slept silently, the carnivore dug into the meal,

He nourished his stomach, ever so happily,

Growls hidden in the grass, started to fill the air,

Howlshriek immediately stood up and went to the defense of the child,

A pack of Jaguars approached snarling hungrily at the two morsels,

“This one looks big and juicy, shall we eat him?” a Jaguar asked,

Howlshriek snickered softly, the Jaguars snarled,

Kal’roah started to cry in fear,

Howlshriek then remembered,

“You can try, and then face the wrath of the Mother and Father in the process,” Howlshriek stated calmly,

The Jaguars snarling stopped in an instant,

Their brown eyes looked at the wolf noble in curiosity,

The Matriarch approached from behind her mates,

“Who are you, wolf? State your business!” asked the Matriarch.

“I am Howlshriek, noble and ruler of the Howlfang clan of the world of Gore’Haman. I come looking for the portal to the next world, so I may return the child of the Mother and Father,” Howlshriek stated with pride.

Whispers erupted immediately,

The news had been true, the child that was lost was found,

“Hail, noble Howlshriek. I am Jak’torash, Matriarch of my kin and family. We heard the ill news that the child of the deities was missing. Praise be to the Mother and Father that the newborn is found,” Jak’torash said politely.

HowlShriek nodded in respect to the matriarch.

“The portal you seek is due north of our town, but you will not survive without the power of an artifact. The next world is nothing but endless oceans,” Jak’torash informed HowlShriek.

So the two began discussing plans for the upcoming journey to retrieve the artifact and venture into a world of the ocean. And yet, something was amiss…

While the two packs, both with supposed honorable and righteous intentions discussed what was to come, treachery seemed to draw in the shadows, from within such supposed fellowship…

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