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Having found herself on a deserted island, Aurora desperately tries to survive. A group of sailors rescued her and raised her. After accidentally discovering the devastating truth, Aurora brews up a plan. A plan to test the sailors. Not only did that fail, but she had also found herself yet again in a new place. There she discovers magic as well as the truth to the world she had been kept from for so long. She embarks on a journey with her newly found friend as they set off to change the course of the broken world.

Fantasy / Adventure
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It all started a while back.

When I found myself alone on a deserted island. I couldn't remember how I got there or where I even were. Several days later, a group of sailors had arrived on the island. They scouted the area for valuables. They had found me lying there, barely alive after several days without food or water. The sailors took me in and raised me.
I was given all I needed to survive. I had learned to write, read, paddle a boat, and even to catch fish larger than I was. It was such happy times. I was the luckiest girl alive. Or so I thought. Until that day when I made the wrong decision.
I was 10 years old when I had discovered that I was adopted. I decided to go straight up to the sailors and tell them that I had overheard. The replies weren't all that surprising. "Oh, sorry we didn't tell you." "We were eventually going to tell you." "We were waiting until you were older."....
That night, I decided to run away in search of my real parents.
That was when I had made a terrible mistake.
I took a small boat, a few paddles, and several materials to last me a few days. I dropped the boat onto the water. It bobbled up a few times and eventually calmed down. I hopped on and paddled away. I looked back at the ship. I thought back at the memories I made. All the fun times... And now I had decided to leave them. I felt tears streaming out of my eyes. But I just continued moving along. "I will return once I have found them!" I yelled in my head. "I will return!..."

Many hours have passed since I have left. My arms were dangling in the cold water as a result of rowing all night. Most of the paddles have drifted away into the ocean. I lay in the boat, and covering myself with whatever clothing was left. The stars stood out next to the night sky. It were as if the stars were telling me that I should return to the sailors.
It was too bad that I had gotten lost and had no idea what the outside world was actually like. The sailors would just stop by at an island and search for items they could use. There had been a few times where we stopped at a town to sell materials to keep the ship moving. I had fallen asleep with the thought of visiting the town. And soon, it was morning.
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