The Adventures of Emily Tual Book One

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Chapter Twenty

Agent Simmons looked around the warehouse as his men tied Emily to a chair. The girl was still unconscious. That just left his three men and Bastet. For some reason, he felt like there were hundreds of eyes looking and watching them. “What is it?” Bastet asked, snapping Agent Simmons out of his thoughts.

Agent Simmons looked at her. “I feel like we’re being watched.” He said.

Bastet raised an eyebrow. “You said that your master told us to use this warehouse.” She reminded him. “Does anyone else know about this place?”

Agent Simmons thought about it. “I’m sure that there are a few who know about this place but only that it belongs to my master and no one knows he’s my master.”

Bastet wanted to tell him that no doubt the Man with the German Accent knew that but decided not to. After all, it was the eyes of her cats that were watching them. That would just make this job a lot harder. She knew that he would want the credit for getting rid of the Chosen One and what better way than sending her out to attend to her cat army to be looking out for the Man with the German Accent or Gabriel so he can get the credit. She wasn’t going to reveal her army unless she needed to.

Agent Simmons and Bastet went up to the bound Emily. “The drug should be wearing off by now.” Agent Simmons said as Emily began to wake up.

“Agent Simmons?” Emily asked drowsily. She tried to move but couldn’t. That made her wake up a bit more quickly. “What’s happening?” Emily asked. The more she struggled against her bonds, the quicker she woke up. “Agent Simmons!” She cried. She looked at him. “What’s happening?” She asked again. She was frantic by this point.

Bastet stepped forward. Emily’s eyes widened when she saw her. “Who are you?” She asked. She tried to push herself back but her feet were bound to the chair.

Bastet smiled wickedly and knelt down in front of her. “I’m someone who has been hunting you down for nearly seven years now.” She told Emily. “Ever since you survived a car wreck.”

Emily gasped as she thought back to the car wreck that had ended up taking her mother’s life. “That was your doing?” She asked.

Bastet nodded. “Now I finally get the chance to fix the mistake I made all those years ago.” She glared at Emily. “Getting rid of the real target of that mission.”

She grabbed Emily’s wrist and dug her claws in. Emily cried out in pain as she felt the claws dig into her wrist. She whimpered when she felt blood drip down her wrists. “Why do you want to get rid of me?” She cried.

Agent Simmons laid a hand on Bastet’s arm. “Don’t kill her too quickly.” He told her. Bastet spun around and faced him. Agent Simmons didn’t flinch. He knew that his master would protect him from this cat. “We want her pain to last a while.” He reminded her. “Make her die after feeling the pain that she owes you for seven years.”

Bastet thought about it before she smiled wickedly again. She released Emily’s wrist. Emily cried as she felt Bastet scratch her hand. “You’re right Simmons.” She said. “This child should feel the pain she has avoided for the last seven years.”

Emily looked at the two. “I’ve felt pain for the last seven years.” She said as she felt the pain from Bastet’s claws. “You killed my mother. I’ve had to grow up without her in my life. My little sister has no memories of her except for what I tell her about our mom.” She started to cry. “I don’t know why you want me gone but don’t act like I haven’t felt pain when I have!” She sobbed and looked down.

Bastet groaned and rolled her eyes. She looked at Agent Simmons. “Can I kill her now?” She asked. “I didn’t agree to listen to this.”

Agent Simmons looked at Emily. He thought about it before he smiled. “Not yet.” He said. “I want her to suffer a bit longer.” He looked at his men. “Stay by the entrances.” He ordered. “I don’t want anyone stumbling upon this.” He ordered. The three Black Hands left. Agent Simmons then took a switchblade out of its case on his belt and took the blade out. He lifted Emily’s face up with it.

Emily looked at him through her tears. “Please don’t.” She begged.

Agent Simmons then moved his blade quickly, cutting Emily’s chin up to her cheek. Emily screamed in pain and looked away as quickly as she could. Agent Simmons smiled. “This is going to be fun.” He said. He turned to Bastet. “She’ll be dead before the sunrise.” He said.

Bastet smiled. They both looked at Emily. “Enjoy your last bit of time here Chosen One.” Bastet told her.

By the entrance to the warehouse, the three Black Hands heard Emily crying in pain. They looked at each other and smiled. “Sounds like the brat is getting what she deserves after all of these years.” One of them said. They looked towards the city and heard sirens.

“How many Black Hands are in the different police departments?” One of the other two asked. He looked at the others. The truth was, none of them knew how many Black Hands were in the police departments around the world. They were a part of each type of police force. It made their jobs easier when it came time to rescue Black Hands from getting locked up. The Black Hands in the police forces would contact the Black Hands who were lawyers or government officials who would then produce the paperwork to get the Black Hands out.

“Think we should tell Simmons and that cat?” The second one asked.

The first one shook his head. “Let them finish the kid up. The longer she is alive and crying, she just risks catching the attention of the police or him.” None of them wanted to face the Man with the German Accent if he found them. They knew that he would most likely bring an army with him and the three of them would get killed before they could even fire one shot.

After a few minutes, the first Black Hand turned to the third one. “Go inside and tell Simmons and that fur ball what is happening out here.” He ordered. “Tell them it’s a matter of time before the police show up.” The third Black Hand nodded and went back into the warehouse. The remaining two split up and hid behind crates by the main entrance.

Emily looked down. She didn’t have the strength to look up. She was in pain. She couldn’t scream anymore. Her bandages had been torn off. Where her scars were from the first time she had gone missing there were new cuts and scratches bleeding quite a bit. There was another long scratch on her face that went from her ear to her chin. Her fingers were bent back to the point that they were broken. Her legs were bruised from getting kicked. There were cat scratches on her arms. Her shirt was torn from Bastet’s claws and Agent Simmons’s knife. Under the torn spots were scratches that were also bleeding. She was sure that there were bones broken too. At this point she was just too weak to care if she lived or die. She just wanted the pain to end.

Agent Simmons looked at Bastet as he wiped his blade clean. “She’s still clinging to life.” He said.

Bastet nodded and panted. Her claws were dripping with Emily’s blood. She looked down at the girl. “I should have realized that she would still be clinging to life after all of this time.” She said. “After all, she did manage to survive a car wreck when she was four years old.” She scratched Emily’s left arm, making her bleed. She knew that Emily was weak from getting tortured. “Can we kill her yet?” She asked.

That was when the Black Hand came rushing in. “We have a situation.” He told the two.

Bastet and Agent Simmons both managed not to groan and turned to face him. “What situation?” Agent Simmons demanded.

The Black Hand shook his head. “There’s sirens going off all over the city.” He told them. “They must know that the brat is missing from that hospital over in Akron.”

Agent Simmons and Bastet looked at each other. “It’s just a matter of time before the police find this place.” The Black Hand continued. “Do either of you have a plan?”

Bastet nodded. “Luckily I already came up with a plan in case something like this happened.” She said.

Agent Simmons raised an eyebrow. “What plan?” He demanded.

Bastet smiled. “After you gave me the heads up about the Man with the German Accent, I assembled quite a few friends together as a defense.” With those words, cats started to appear from the shadows all around the warehouse.

Agent Simmons and the Black Hand looked around. “Cats?” Agent Simmons asked. He looked at Bastet. “These are your friends that are supposed to defend us?” He didn’t sound impressed.

Bastet smiled and looked at her cats. “Go tell your feline friends to start attacking the police stations all over the city.” She ordered. The cats’ eyes all began to glow and they quickly left the warehouse. Bastet looked at Agent Simmons and the Black Hand. “We just brought ourselves a bit more time.” She told them. “We now will be able to get rid of the chosen one before anyone can stop us.”

Outside the warehouse, the two Black Hands watched as cats came out of the warehouse. The cats were joined by even more cats. All of their eyes were glowing. The two Black Hands looked at each other. “Bastet?” One of them asked. The other Black Hand nodded. There was no one else who could do that with cats who were members of the Black Hand. They watched the cats go off into the shadows. More meowing could be heard.

“Are they getting more cats?” The first Black Hand asked.

“I think so.” The other one answered. They both backed up into the warehouse wall behind the crates. Neither of them wanted to see what was about to happen.

In the city, people watched as cats began pouring out of houses, alleyways and shadows all over the place. All of their eyes were glowing. They hissed at anyone who approached them. Even the cats’ owners got hissed at. No one was sure why the cats were acting like this. All they knew was that the cats were heading to the different police stations. Within minutes, the police in the cars were getting called to call off the search and to report back to their respected stations to help try to keep the cats under control. For some reason, the cats were proving to be more of a challenge than expected.

The Man with the German Accent was in his sedan being driven to the airport when one of the Black Hands got a phone call. The Man with the German Accent looked at the Black Hand. “Answer it.” He ordered.

The Black Hand answered it. “What is it?” He asked. He frowned and looked at the Man with the German Accent. “Are you sure” He asked. “Only one person can do that kind of magic. Yes. We’ll send more Black Hands to help with this. I’m sure though that once we’ve dealt with her, the cats will leave.” He then hung up.

“What is it?” The Man with the German Accent asked.

The Black Hand shook his head. “For some reason, one of our Black Hands in a police station back in Cleveland is reporting that there are cats attacking him and the other police officers. They need help.” He told the Man with the German Accent.

The Man with the German Accent frowned. Bastet was still in the city? Why would she be keeping the Chosen ne in the same city as him? He realized what was happening. Bastet was trying to keep the Black Hands and the police busy from trying to find the Chosen One.

He turned to the driver. “Take me back to the city.” He ordered. “That traitorous cat is somewhere in the city with the chosen one.” He said.

The driver nodded. “Yes Sir.” He replied.

The Man with the German Accent looked at the Black Hand with him. “We need to find the girl and Bastet before the cat ruins everything.” He said. The Black Hand nodded and sent a text message to the other cars with them. The convoy all turned around and started driving back to the city.

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