The Adventures of Emily Tual Book One

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Chapter Twenty Two

Jasper stopped the car and looked at Gabriel and James in the back. “This is getting weird.” He said.

Gabriel frowned. “What do you mean?” He asked.

James shook his head. “You can’t feel that?” He asked. Gabriel looked at him. “The magical energy that is flowing throughout the city.” James said. “It’s powerful magic.”

Gabriel and Jasper looked at each other. “What are you sensing?” Gabriel asked.

James looked out his window. “There’s magic at work here.” He said. “Two different magical sources mixing together in combat.” He explained. His eyes glowed blue.

Gabriel looked out through the front window. “That explains that then.” He said. Both Jasper and James looked ahead of them to see what Gabriel was talking about.

“That’s going to be a problem.” James said as he looked at the cats, his eyes returning to normal. The cats themselves weren’t the problem. It was what some of them had changed into. Cat warriors. And they were looking at the three in the car. Jasper looked at Gabriel and his eyes widened with what he saw behind their car. More cat warriors.

Gabriel looked at James. “Bastet must be doing this.” He said.

“So the boy was right about this.” Jasper said. Gabriel nodded.

James looked at the two men. “So what’s the plan now?” He asked.

Gabriel and Jasper looked at each other. “We’ll provide a distraction. While we fight these cat warriors, you run into the city and try to find Bastet and the chosen one. Once you have, contact us and we’ll get over to you as quickly as we can.” Gabriel told James.

James saw the cat warriors closing in on them. He had to admit it felt like a rushed plan but it was all they had to go with. “Very well.” He said.

The cat warriors around the car all flew back as energy came out of it in a bright flash. When the light had cleared and the cat warriors could see again. They saw two men standing by the car. Both had swords made of energy. One of the cat warriors hissed and they all charged in at the two men.

James watched as the fighting began. He knew that there he didn’t have much time left before the cats noticed him and changed. He quickly got out of the car and took off running towards the city, disappearing into an alleyway.

Deeper in the city, the Man with the German Accent and his men were fighting the cat warriors. They had driven their vehicles so it made a barrier for them to hide behind around a manhole cover. Most of the Black Hands had their guns out and were shooting at the cat warriors. The cat warriors were deflecting most of the bullets but a few did manage to get through and wound the cat warriors. The Man with the German Accent watched two men lift the manhole cover while he sent energy blasts out from behind the barrier.

“Sir, it’s uncovered!” One of the Black Hands who had lifted the manhole cover said.

The Man with the German Accent smiled and went up to it. “Now I want you to keep this covered for as long as you can.” He told them. “As soon as I find Bastet and stop her, the sooner these cats will return to just being cats.” He went down into the manhole cover. As soon as he was down and out of sight, the two men covered it quickly and joined the others in firing their guns at the cat warriors.

In the sewer belong, the Man with the German Accent looked up at the manhole cover. He didn’t expect any of those men to survive. After all, they were hopelessly outnumbered. They just needed to buy him time to find Bastet and to stop her. She was the real enemy after all during this fight. He raised his cane up and the top of it glowed green. An energy line appeared in front of him. “Lead me to her.” He ordered. The line quickly glowed brighter before it grew, going ahead of him and going around a corner. The Man with the German Accent smiled. This was going to be easy.

In the warehouse, Bastet looked around. Her cat warriors had quickly disposed of the four Black Hands and were standing guard all over the building. She smiled. They were going to be more helpful then Agent Simmons’s men. With them all around the warehouse and even all over the city fighting the Man with the German Accent’s few men; she would have more time to take care of her own agenda. She went back to the Chosen One. Emily was limp in her chair. The bonds weren’t going to be necessary. She was too weak to even try to escape.

Bastet smiled and knelt down in front of Emily. “If only you had been this easy to get rid of all that time ago.” She said. Emily didn’t say anything. “Now you can finally go join your mother in death where you belong.” Bastet reached for Emily’s heart. “All I have to do is kill you once and for all.”

Just as she was about to rip it out of Emily, there were several hisses. Bastet spun around. There was no one there. She looked at her cat warriors. They all looked tensed and were looking out towards the city. Convinced that they were just hearing the fighting out in the city between their fellow cat warriors and the Man with the German Accent’s forces, Bastet went back to Emily. “Now then, where were we?” She asked before she laughed.

Outside the building, James sighed with relief. He hadn’t expected to stumble upon Bastet’s hiding place. He had nearly gone past the warehouse entirely. The only thing that had stopped him was the four dead bodies that had been dumped outside by a dumpster. He had recognized all four men as being the ones who had knocked him out before kidnapping Emily. He was about to contact Gabriel and Jasper when he heard something. He hid behind the door to another warehouse near him and looked out.

A manhole cover flew up into the air. The cat warriors near it all turned to it and they all hissed. There was someone coming out of it. It was the Man with the German Accent. “Looking for me?” He asked. Before the cat warriors could do anything, the Man with the German Accent raised his cane up and the top of it glowed yellow. All the cat warriors hissed before they turned back into normal cats and went off in their own different directions. The Man with the German Accent smiled and looked at the warehouse. His cane’s top glowed brightly and the protection spell around it vanished.

James watched the Man with the German Accent going into the building. James knew that the Man with the German Accent was going to fight Bastet over the child and that one of the two was going to be leaving there with the child unless he stepped in and got Emily out of there. The only problem with that was that he was sure that there were more cat warriors inside. The Man with the German Accent had dealt with the ones outside but he could very well just ignore the ones inside while going after Bastet. He shook his head. He couldn’t wait for Gabriel and Jasper to get his signal. He had to get Emily out of there and hope that the Man with the German Accent defeated Bastet after he got out of there. He ran into the building quickly.

Bastet was reaching for Emily’s heart when she heard someone walking up behind her. “I can’t let you kill her Bastet.” A German voice said. Bastet hissed and spun around. The Man with the German Accent was standing there.

“Magician!” She spat.

The Man with the German Accent smiled. “So you’re calling me by my old title.” He said before he chuckled. “Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a very, very, very long time.” He looked around the building. “Can I assume that Simmons and his agents aren’t going to get in my way?” He asked.

Bastet nodded. “They’re dead. I killed Simmons myself.”

The Man with the German Accent sighed. “Now Bastet.” He chided. “You can’t kill everyone you don’t like just because they might get in the way.” His face then turned dark. “And I can’t allow you to kill that girl.” He continued and pointed his cane at Bastet. “The Darkness needs her so it can rise back up.”

Bastet hissed and more cat warriors appeared. “The Darkness can rise up without the chosen one’s help!” Bastet hissed. “He was able to rise up so long ago without her help and he can do it again.”

The man with the German accent continued to glare at her. “That is not up to you to decide Bastet.” He said in a dangerous voice. “What the Darkness wants, the Darkness gets.”

Bastet’s claws came out of her paws. “Then I guess you and I will have to fight because I’m going to kill this child right here and right now!” Her cat warriors all flew towards the Man with the German Accent.

From where he was watching, James saw the Man with the German Accent fight the cat warriors. He hated the Man with the German Accent but he couldn’t help but be impressed with his fighting skills. The Man with the German Accent obviously knew what he was doing. He was able to deflect every claw and sword with a mere flick of his wrist and his cane. James hoped that he wouldn’t deal with Bastet that quickly. He ran around a few more crates until he was behind Bastet and the Chosen One.

Bastet’s eyes glowed a sandy yellow. “Cat warriors! I need you!” She hissed. The ground shook around them.

The Man with the German Accent sent the last one there flying into a wall before he turned to Bastet. “Really think a few more are going to make a difference?” He asked.

Bastet smiled. “Not just a few more.” She answered. “An entire army, a city’s worth, will make a difference.” She laughed. “I hope you’re ready to be replaced by me because I’ll be the new second in command to the Darkness.” As she said that, more cat warriors came rushing into the building and towards the Man with the German Accent.

From their position, the few remaining Black Hands that had come with the Man with the German Accent watched the cats and cat warriors all run off in one direction. They were leaving every single building and street onto one street. “Follow them!” One of the Black Hands shouted. “They might lead us to the traitor!” The Black Hands got into a couple of the vehicles and quickly drove after the cats and cat warriors.

Gabriel and Jasper watched the cats and cat warriors leave them and run off in one direction. The two men looked at each other. “Think that James found Bastet and that’s why they’re all leaving us?” Jasper asked.

Gabriel shook his head. “As much as I wish that to be true, they wouldn’t leave to deal with a boy.” He answered and looked in the direction that the cats and cat warriors had all took off running in. “No. I think Bastet has called them back to fight Him.” The two men quickly got into their vehicle and drove after the cats and cat warriors.

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