The Adventures of Emily Tual Book One

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Chapter Twenty Three

James quickly ducked and covered as more cat warriors came into the building to fight the Man with the German Accent. He was even farther now from Emily. Not that he could do anything about that. The cat warriors filled up too much of the warehouse. It was just a matter of time before he was found and then they would all go after him. He looked at Emily. She looked alive but he wasn’t sure. All he knew was that while everyone was fighting, he had to get to Emily. He saw the Man with the German Accent waving his cane, sending the cat warriors flying back and forcing them to change back into their cat forms. It wouldn’t be long before Bastet and the Man with the German Accent would start fighting.

Outside the building, Gabriel and Jasper watched the cat warriors slowly enter the building. “How many cat warriors do you think are in there?” Jasper asked.

Gabriel shook his head. “It’s not how many cat warriors are in there but how many cats are in there.” He pointed towards the small cracks and holes in the walls.

Jasper looked. To his surprise, there were cats crawling out and scurrying away. “Why are they all running away and not changing back into cat warriors?” He asked.

Gabriel looked towards the top of the warehouse. There was a bright green light in all of the windows. “He is more powerful than Bastet.” He told Jasper. “He’s most likely forcing the cats to forget their loyalties to Bastet.”

They heard sirens heading towards the warehouse. “The police.” Jasper said. He looked towards the city. There were bright red and blue lights heading their way.

Gabriel nodded. “We need to get the chosen one out of there before it’s too late.” He said. He looked at the cat warriors. “I think though we should first get rid of them before the police see them.” His eyes glowed gray and gray energy came from his hands, flying over the cat warriors, returning them to their cat forms. The cats quickly scattered and hissed at each other.

Inside, the Man with the German Accent changed the last cat warrior into a cat. He looked at Bastet. “I expected more of a challenge.” He told her.

Bastet shook her head. There was no way that she could have run out of her cat warriors already. She had control over every single cat in the city. They should have kept coming until they had worn out the Man with the German Accent. So where were they? She glared at the Man with the German Accent and hissed. “This isn’t over Magician.” She spat. “I still have the chosen one and I won’t hesitate to kill her.”

The Man with the German Accent looked at Emily. “Her time to die will come Bastet.” He told the cat. “But not today. Not when the Darkness has other plans for her.” He sent dark blue energy out of his cane at Bastet. Bastet raised a paw up and a yellow energy shield appeared in front of her. She held back the Man with the German Accent’s energy attacks. She could hear the police in the distance. She hissed. She had to finish this fight up.

James, seeing that the two were busy fighting each other, ran as quietly and as quickly as he could to Emily. He started untying the girl. “I’m going to get you out of here.” He whispered quietly to her even though she couldn’t hear him. He finished untying her hands and went to her feet. He untied them and looked at Bastet and the Man with the German Accent. Bastet was being forced against a crate. Her energy shield was giving out. The Man with the German Accent kept pushing her against the wall. James didn’t know what they would do if they caught him and he didn’t want to find out. He finished untying Emily and picked her up gently. He slipped away with her.

The Man with the German Accent saw something out of the corner of his eyes. He looked where Emily had been tied up. To his frustrations, there was no sign of the Chosen One. He growled and looked around. There was no sign of Emily anywhere. She was gone. He turned back to Bastet. “This isn’t over between us.” He told her. He sent a large wave of dark blue energy at her. The dark blue energy hit her, knocking out the cat. Bastet collapsed to the ground. The Man with the German accent went up to her and looked down at her. “I’ve been ordered not to kill the Chosen One yet.” He told her. “But I’ll make sure you die by my hand.” He then smiled wickedly. “And I’ll make sure your torture is drawn out slowly and painfully.” His cane’s top glowed black and the two vanished.

Gabriel and Jasper saw James running out of the warehouse with Emily in his arms. The girl was unconscious. James spotted them and ran over to them. “I got her out.” He told the two men. He laid her down on the ground. “She’s still alive but just.”

Gabriel nodded and placed his hand over Emily’s heart. “We have to hurry.” He told the two. His eyes glowed briefly. His hand over Emily’s heart glowed for a minute. “Emily has just been given a few more minutes.” He told them. “It’s important that we get her to the hospital before the few minutes run out. If we don’t get her there on time, she will die.” They disappeared into thin air.

At the warehouse, several police officers showed up. “Nobody move!” One of them shouted. They all entered the warehouse. Their guns out and their flashlights were over their guns.

“There was definitely a fight here.” One of the officers said. His flashlight’s light hit the empty chair and rope that had kept Emily prisoner.

“Captain! We’ve found something out here!” Someone from outside shouted. The captain, being the officer that had discovered the chair and rope went outside.

“What is it?” He asked as he walked to the officer. He stopped when he saw what his policeman had found. Four dead men.

“Isn’t that Agent Simmons? The agent in charge of that missing girl case?” One of the other policeman asked.

Their captain nodded. “Contact Akron police. Tell them we’ve found their kidnappers.” He ordered. He looked around. So where was the girl?

At the hospital, Rachel looked at the clock. There was still nothing from the police about her missing sister and it was already ten at night. Delaney went over to Rachel. “I’m sure that the police will get an update on your sister for us.” She told Rachel. She sat down next to her cousin.

Rachel looked at her. “Shouldn’t they have gotten something by now?” She asked.

Delaney didn’t know what to say. Rachel was still too young to understand. The police were trying their hardest even if they didn’t have any new leads on Emily’s kidnapping. Instead, she hugged her cousin. “I’m sure that we’ll hear something about Emily soon.” She told Rachel. “We just have to be a little bit more patient.”

Outside the hospital, there was a flash of light. James appeared with Emily in his arms. He looked down at her. “We’re nearly there Emily.” He told her. His eyes glowed briefly. He hoped that him helping her bones heal would give her a bit more extra time. He carried her close to the entrance of the hospital before setting her down on a bench near the door. He looked towards the hospital doors. He knew that if he carried her in, he would have to answer questions. Questions that he couldn’t answer without putting everything at risk. He looked back at Emily. Even if she did remember everything this time around, if she tried to tell anyone what had happened, they would just dismiss it as her imagination and post-traumatic stress.

Jasper then appeared with him. “You forgot this.” He told James. James looked at him. Jasper had Emily’s book. “Gabriel found it in the Black Hand’s car. It was hidden form the police but Gabriel found it.” James opened it and looked at the pages before he closed it and set it with Emily. “Gabriel has casted a spell on the book.” Jasper continued. Now there’s more to her ancestors’ pasts in the book. She’ll need to know more about her family’s past if she’s to survive the future.”

James nodded and looked at Emily. “I’ll stay here until she wakes up again.” He told Jasper.

Jasper nodded. “We’ll be waiting for you back at the camp.” He disappeared into thin air.

James looked at the entrance of the hospital. “Hey!” He shouted before he turned invisible. “Emily’s here!”

Just as he expected, a few policemen came from the parked police cars near the entrance. “She’s here!” One of the policemen said. James watched the group of police get Emily inside. He followed as quietly as he could. He didn’t even see the one policeman stay outside and take his phone out.

The Man with the German Accent was in his sedan. His convoy was driving around his vehicle. He had found most of his men still alive even if they didn’t need as many of the convoy vehicles now. The empty convoy vehicles and the Black Hands he had lost were now burning in a large fire outside the city. It would take a while before any of the fire departments would be able to get to it and by then, all of the Black Hand stuff that was being burned would be impossible to trace. He would sadly need a new right hand though. His former right hand had been killed during the fight against the cat warriors.

His phone started buzzing. He frowned and looked down at it before answering it. “Hello?” He asked. He frowned. “Where is she?” He looked out his window. “We just passed the best exit to head there.” He shook his head. “No. Keep an eye on her. No one is to kill her. We need her alive for the sacrifice later this summer.” He then hung up. “Assuming your stupid stunt didn’t ruin that plan.” He told Bastet. Bastet was tied up on the floor of the car. She was glaring at the Man with the German Accent.

The Man with the German Accent leaned down and looked at her. “However your punishment will be a lot worse.” He told her in a threatening voice. Bastet just glared at him. The Man with the German Accent looked up and smiled. “The Chosen One will die but not just yet. Thankfully someone, I’m assuming Gabriel, was able to take her away during the fight between you and me.” He said. “But let’s see how long I can torture you before you die. I’m willing to bet that no one will come to save you.” He started laughing.

Rachel, Delaney and Elizabeth watched the doctors and surgeons working on saving Emily. “Do you think that they’ll be able to do it?” Rachel asked.

Delaney hugged her. “I’m sure that Emily will be okay. Delaney said to Rachel.

Elizabeth nodded. “She was able to pull through the last time this happened. “I’m sure that she’ll be able to get through this as well.” She said before looking at Mr. Tual. Emily’s dad and her mom were talking near the door to the surgery room. She couldn’t hear everything that they were saying but it sounded serious. She just hoped that it would be okay. She looked back at Emily.

In the room, James was watching from a distance. He had to make sure that nothing went wrong with Emily’s recovery. She needed to heal. He also wanted to make sure that no one suspicious showed up. He wasn’t going to fail protecting her here a second time.

The Man with the German Accent’s convoy pulled up to a large manor that was in the middle of the forest. The Man with the German Accent and his Black Hands got out. “This will do as our base for now.” He said. He looked at his men. “Take our prisoner around back to the torture chamber.” He ordered. He looked at the house and smiled. From here, he would be able to keep an eye on every Black Hand in Ohio.

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