The Adventures of Emily Tual Book One

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Chapter Seven

In the library’s basement, in one of the rooms, Emily struggled against her bonds. She was tied up to a chair. A gag was in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. She wasn’t sure about the blindfold. She had already seen most of the men who had taken her prisoner along with the elderly lady. She had a feeling that the gag was to keep her from calling for help. No doubt the elderly lady was going to reopen the library shortly. She hadn’t wasted any time in taking her to the basement and tying her up. Emily moved her head as she try to hear her kidnappers. She had heard the door open and close after she had been tied up and blinded so she doubt that any of them were in the room still.

She still wasn’t sure what they had wanted her for. She just knew that they hated her and the book she had had before the elderly lady had taken it from her. She really wish she knew why her mom had wanted her to have it and what the book was about. She thought back to what the elderly lady had told her. That it was written in several different languages. If that was true, why couldn’t part of it had been in English?

She heard someone enter the room. “So you’re the Chosen One.” A male voice said. Emily looked in the direction of the speaker. She heard whoever it was go up to her. “You don’t look so tough.” That was when Emily felt whoever it was smack her across the face, freeing her mouth of the gag. She squirmed. Whoever it was knew how to smack. “I can’t believe that you’re supposed to be the Chosen One I’ve heard so much about from everyone else.” The speaker continued.

Emily looked towards the speaker. “What do you mean?” She asked. “What was I chosen for?”

The speaker laughed. “Like you don’t know.” He said.

That was when Emily felt something scratch her arm. She screamed in pain. Whatever had scratched her had made her bleed. She could feel her blood dripping down the sides of her arm. The speaker laughed. “You’re not much of a challenge.” He said. “This will be too much fun.”

Emily had a feeling that her meaning of fun was very different from his. “Please let me go.” She begged. “I need to get my mom’s book back!” She felt the sharp object cut her other arm, making her scream in pain again.

Back at the house, Rachel, Delaney and Elizabeth peeked out a window down towards the front door. There was no sign of anyone there. Delaney frowned and looked at Rachel. “Think that they gave up and decided to leave town?” She asked.

Rachel shook her head. There was only one reason she could think of for the men to have left their home. “They got Emily.” She said. Her heart sank. “And there’s no telling where she’s been taken to.”

Officer Daniel was leaning back in his chair enjoying himself. A small box of crackers on his desk and music playing on his cellphone. His work phone was ready in case any of the sleeping police officers woke up. That way, he could be able to claim that he was about to call the hospital when they woke up. As he was enjoying himself, his work phone began ringing. He frowned and looked at his work phone. He couldn’t believe it. Of course someone would try to call him while he tried to enjoy himself.

He answered it. “Hello?” He asked after he raised it to his one ear. He paused his music. He frowned. It was Rachel Tual. “What’s wrong?” He asked. He looked at the other police. None of them were waking up. He smiled and went back to his phone. “Your sister is missing?” He asked. “How long has she been missing?” He then shook his head. “I’m sorry Rachel but you have to wait twenty four hours to report someone as missing. She might just be out on her own and she’s lost track of time.” He couldn’t let it slip that the entire police station was asleep just yet. That would ruin the plan.

Rachel managed not to groan. “Officer Daniels. Emily didn’t just head out. She was kidnapped by several men.” She cried. “We all took off running from where they had appeared and was supposed to meet up at the house. That was nearly a half hour ago!” How could Officer Daniels, a man who had practically seen Emily and her grow up, not take this seriously? Rachel looked at her cousins. Delaney was getting her mom and Elizabeth was trying to get Mr. Tual. Rachel looked out the window. “Please Officer Daniels. Please try to find her.”

Officer Daniel managed not to sigh. He knew that this was going to be a losing fight. Or at least verbally a losing fight. “Very well.” He said. “Where did you last see her?” He asked. He could at least do that part. Not that it would do much good. By the time a police officer there managed to send someone the library to look for Emily, it would be too late and she’d either be dead or gone to some other place. “The library?” He asked. “Okay. As soon as someone here is free, they’ll head over to the library.” He then hung up and looked at the sleeping police. The sleeping spell he had used should last long enough for Johnny to get rid of the chosen one.

Mr. Tual pulled into the library parking lot and got out of his car. He looked at the library. According to Elizabeth, Emily was trapped inside with a bunch of dangerous men. Judging from the motorcycles that were parked in the parking lot, it looked like the men were still there. He went to his car trunk and took out a crowbar. He looked at the library. It looked like the place was still closed and possibly locked up. That didn’t surprise him. What did surprise him was that there were no police officers there yet. Elizabeth had told him that Rachel had called the police. So where were they?

Another car pulled up. He sighed with relief when he saw it. The driver’s door opened and his sister got out of it. “Thanks for coming Anne.” Mr. Tual said.

Anne, his sister, nodded. “Delaney made it sound pretty serious.” She told him. “How could I let you deal with these kidnappers alone?”

Mr. Tual looked at her. “You do realize they’re probably armed, right?” He asked. Anne wasn’t carrying anything to defend herself.

Anne nodded. “But there’s a lot of stuff in there that we could use to defend ourselves.”

Mr. Tual looked at the library. “I guess so.” He said.

Anne nodded and looked at the main entrance. “Think any of them are there?” She asked.

Mr. Tual looked at the main entrance as well. “I don’t see any of them.” He said. They both ran towards the front entrance.

Anne tried the door. It wouldn’t open. “It’s locked.” She said.

Mr. Tual managed not to roll his eyes. “Of course it would be locked.” He told his sister. “I doubt that whoever is holding Emily hostage would want to make it easy for anyone to get in.”

Anne looked back at the parking lot and road. “Where are the police?” She asked. “Delaney said that Rachel had called them and that the officer had told her that they would send someone over to the library as soon as they could.”

Mr. Tual shook his head. “No doubt the officer left out the part about having to wait twenty four hours before a missing person’s report can be filed.” He said.

He smashed the window pane right above the door handle and reached through it. He unlocked the door and opened it.

Anne shook her head. “You do realize that you could be arrested for breaking an entry, right?” She asked. Mr. Tual didn’t answer. He went into the library. Anne sighed and followed him. Leave it to her brother to break the law. Inside the library, it was way too quiet for them. Anne was about to say something when they heard a door opening and closing.

The two hid behind a bookshelf and peeked around the corner. There were a few guys walking by. They looked like they belonged to a motorcycle gang. If the two had to guess, some of the motorcycles outside belonged to them. Anne looked at Mr. Tual. She pointed at the bookshelf. Mr. Tual realized what she was suggesting and nodded. They pushed the bookshelf over. It fell to the ground and pinned the men under it. “Now!” Anne shouted. The two took off running in the direction that the men had come from.

Down in the basement, the elderly lady looked at the few men that were still with her. They had all heard the loud noise coming from the floor above them. “You five, go upstairs and deal with whoever is up there. Make sure it’s our men up there and no one else.” The five nodded and went upstairs. The elderly lady then looked at the few men that were still left. “Stand guard at the basement door and the door to our prisoner.” She ordered. The group split up into two and went in opposite directions.

Back upstairs, Mr. Tual and Anne saw more men heading their way. Before they could hide, the five spotted them. “Intruders!” One of the five shouted. Mr. Tual and Anne looked at each other before running in two directions. The five split up and chased the two. Mr. Tual ran up the stairs to the second floor. As he was running, he looked over his shoulders. There were three of the men chasing him. He had to lose them. He spun around and faced them. He decided that the best way to lose them was to get rid of them. That was when he noticed that each of them had a gun.

The three men all aimed their guns at him. “You’re outnumbered here.” One of them said. “Now just come with us and we won’t hurt you…much.” Mr. Tual wasn’t about to let them push him around. That was when he looked at the bookshelves. One was positioned just right to fall on the three. Mr. Tual ran to his left and back a few shelves. He quickly went behind the third one and pushed.

The three men looked at each other. “He does realize we have him trapped, right?” One of them asks. That was when they heard stuff falling. They turned to their right and saw the shelf coming down on them. They tried to get away but the shelf pinned them to the ground. Mr. Tual ran behind them and back down the stairs.

Back on the first floor, Mr. Tual looked in the direction that the five men had come from and went that way. He ended up at the door that led to the basement. He went up to the door. He had a feeling that there were men on the other side. There was no way they were going to give up the only door that led out of the basement. He backed up and kicked the door in, breaking it off of its hinges. He heard several shouts and one cry of pain. He took the moment and went in, pushing the door ahead of him, pushing whoever was on the other side down the stairs.

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