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Healing His Mate

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For years, Aaliyah has been a test subject. Poked, prodded, and cut open for over four years, Aaliyah has wanted nothing more than to escape her hell. She fought against the hunters at every turn, but eventually, she broke. Aaron has been searching for his mate since he turned of age. Now twenty-three, he’s starting to give up hope of finding his one. Although he had been begging to meet her, he never could have predicted how broken she would be when he finally found her. Can Aaron heal his mate from her past, or is Aaliyah too broken for her mate to put back together? ***** Book #4 of the Soulmate Series This book follows the storyline of the third book Coming Home to You and I do suggest reading that novel first, although it is not necessary to follow the book. I hope you enjoy this next installment of the series. Please don’t forget to vote, comment, and leave a review!

Fantasy / Romance
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Aaliyah POV

I hear my scream rattle my mind as I push against the restraints holding me down. My body is strapped against the cold surface of the metal table with the surgical lamps blinding me from above.

I can hear his voice ringing in my ears as he screams for them to stop, for me to focus on him. But its no use. I know they won’t ever stop.

Science cannot move forward without experimentation.

“Let her go!” he roars as I hear him pulling against his restraints. His eyes grow wider as the doctors move around us, “Look at me, Angel,” he orders, “Keep your mind on me.”

The doctor above me pushes the scalpel into my skin as I scream out.

He roars as the doctors cut deeper into my body. The beeping echoing around the room speeds up as the pain intensifies.

“Stop!” he screams.

I feel darkness start to crowd my mind as the pain becomes too much to bear.

Aaliyah! Don’t you dare give up on me, he calls out to me, Hold on, angel.

I can’t do this anymore, I hear my whimper in my head. The only thing I can feel is pain. I don’t even know if he heard my reply.

Stay with me, angel, he whispers, Please don’t give up. This isn’t the end. Not like this.

It hurts, I can barely whimper my response to him in my mind, I can’t... I’m sorry.

No, angel. This is all my fault. I should have protected you, he says to me, I’m so sorry I failed you.

No, he can’t blame himself. This wasn’t his fault. He didn’t fail me.

He could never fail me.

Using the last drop of energy I have left, I tell him the words I should have said since the moment I knew I never wanted to leave his side.

Since the moment I knew he was my hero.

I love you.

I feel my mind moving towards the darkness.

The last thing I hear is the sound of his cry as the heart monitor flatlines.

This is the moment I die.

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