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Chapter 2

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, well at least if 10am is still classified as being morning. The sun was shining brightly though the opened blinds throughout the house, which caused the house to gradually warm up.

I hopped down the stairs in my basic blue jeans, a red t-shirt with a big, white strip around the chest area and a pair of red socks. Putting my hair up in a ponytail, I strolled into the kitchen. “Okay, time for some food.”

Scavenging through the cupboards and the refrigerator I finally decided on two blueberry waffles, some apple slices and a glass of apple juice. As I ate my food I glanced around the kitchen and peeked into the other rooms that were in my field of vision. I then discovered that I was the only one on the main level and no one was upstairs either.

Now I know my mom went to work, considering she told us about it last night. Mom works part-time as a teller at the bank here in Eagle and she’s worked there since we moved here back when I was a seventh grader. So there have been many times in these last five almost six years that she has had to work the weekends, especially if they were low on staff. My dad works as an engineer for a Generac company a few miles from Eagle, he hardly works on the weekends, but there are times when he has to in order to get a project done. Luke also still has some friends down here that he likes to visit when he’s home. But neither dad or Luke mentioned about going anywhere last night.

“They must be down in the workshop.” I concluded to myself. “That would be the only explanation, since Luke did mention he wanted to get this invention at least figured out before he leaves on Sunday.”

Right on cue the basement door opened and my father came up the stairs. Dad had his face, arms, hands and even some of his shirt covered in this black, oily residue. He spotted me and gave me a smile. “Morning, kiddo.”

“Morning.” I greeted, watching him as he made his way towards the kitchen sink. “Making a mess down there I take it?”

Grabbing a roll of paper toweling, dad chuckled. “Yeah, you could say that.” Once he closed the cabinet where the paper toweling was, he leaned against the kitchen sink. “The machine squirted us when we tried to test it and it still wasn’t able to do what we wanted it to do.”

Furrowing a brow with curiosity I asked.“What exactly are you guys working on down there?”

“Hm, it’s hard to explain.” He nudged his head towards me. “Why don’t you finish your breakfast and come down and we’ll show you.”


Once I had finished rinsing off my dishes, I filled my glass with water and made my way down into the basement. I strolled into the unfinished part of the basement, where the furnace, water softener, washer and dryer and other electrical stuff that made the house tick was. Dad also had a small tool bench with broken household items scattered all over it and there were also a small selection of tools hanging from the tool rack above the tool bench.

I came up to the side of the tool bench to stare up at a blank concrete wall, glancing beside me I saw dad’s large rolling tool box and it was opened to reveal some hammers, screwdrivers and some other tools that I don’t know the names of. I grabbed one of the hammers and gently banged against the tool box in a rhythmic manner. Pausing, I snuck a peek at the concrete wall, after a few moments I banged again only a little louder. This time a bright light emerged through some cracks in the concrete, creating some type of doorway. The wall made a sound, like those secret passages you see in those adventure movies, and it slid open like a van car door.

Once the bright light faded it revealed a room inside and I ended up staring right up at my father, who stood in the doorway. “Hey, sweetheart.” He gestured his hand, allowing me to come inside. “Come on in.”

I made my way inside and got another full view of my father’s workshop, well secret workshop. It was a pretty large room, it was probably the size where you could fit three big vans inside. Also surprisingly for someone who has powers, it’s actually a very basic workshop, it’s not flashy in any shape or form, but it is basically four workshops in one. On one side of the room on the three walls there were wood making type tools, electronic tools and on a third wall there were car related tools and in the middle was a larger work bench with tons of tools, machine parts and oil residue. On the other side of the room there was a bench with some type of chemistry set with a computer and a wall full of empty bottles, there was also another door that lead into some type of chamber, where I guess they do the majority of their machine tests. Also between these two sides there were two safes, one that was small enough to just hold documents and small items and the other was large enough where you could walk right into it, and there was also one freezer type safe, although I’m not sure what dad keeps in any of these three safes.

“Alright!” Giving me a smile, dad made his way towards the main work bench in the middle of the room. That’s also when I noticed Luke standing by the work bench with his hands in a machine. “Let me show you what we are working on.”

A noise caught my interest as I looked over towards the secret door to watch it close up again. “Man, I still can’t get over how cool this all is.”

Honestly, I really can’t get over any of this. Even though I’ve been witnessing all of this since I could remember, it’s still just so awesome to see all the stuff that both Luke and my dad can do. Not only do these two have telekinesis, but they can also summon, create certain things and develop spells like a wizard or sorcerer. I don’t necessarily know how that all works but it’s still amazing regardless.

The thing is though, to this very day not one person in my family can explain how or why this was possible. It’s just been a mystery and we’ve all sort of kept it at that since no matter how far anyone went through my dad’s family history, they found absolutely nothing to answer any of these questions. But it was obvious to all of us that this was something that wasn’t going to go away any time soon and we doubt it will ever disappear. Of course with these two being able to do so many different things dad and Luke didn’t want to call themselves just plain psychics or sorcerers because of all the things they could do. So ever since dad developed his powers he’s just called themselves Telekisors.

“Hey, Reggie?” I heard Luke call out. I looked over at him to find him with a smile and ushered his oily hand towards the work bench. “You coming over here or what?”

I followed his gesture and stood next to him. Looking down, I furrowed a brow to see Luke’s hands in a hand vacuum sized machine, although it looked nothing like a vacuum. It had a hose that looks like you can pull out and pull back into the machine, but otherwise it basically looked like a big box with a two door compartment.

“What’s this supposed to be? It looks like something that came right out of that Ghostbusters movie.”

“Actually, that’s where I got my inspiration from.” Luke admitted.

“Seriously?” I eyed him strangely, not expecting that type of answer from him. “So are you actually re-creating that ghost capturing machine? Is it actually going to capture ghosts?”

“No, I honestly just got the look and main concept of it, which is indeed to capture something, just not ghosts. Don’t really know what it’s going to capture yet. Although....” Luke lifted his machine up and examined it with intensity. “I might modify the look a bit to make it cooler, not saying it’s original design from the movie isn’t, I just feel like it needs a little more to it.” He set it back down and smiled, “But that’s for another day.”

“Yes.” Dad crossed his arms. “First thing first we need to get it working, then you can worry about its look.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “I know that, dad, I was just making myself a mental note.”

“Well, maybe you could get it to work once you figure out what you want to capture?” I suggested with a shrug. “Don’t you need to get that established in order to get a machine to work?”

“It would help.” Dad agreed, but shook his head. “But there are ways to work with a machine without having that knowledge. We just have to let it capture something temporarily until that gets figured out.”

I bobbled my head in agreement, “I guess. The machine looks pretty neat though.”

“Yeah.” Luke placed his focus back on his invention. “It will be even neater once we get this thing at least halfway figured out.”

I watched my brother as he grabbed a screwdriver and went back to work. I took that as my cue to leave, so I smiled up at dad. “Well, I should let you guys get back to work.” I made my way back towards the concrete wall.

“Wait, Reggie?” Dad spoke up questionably. Raising a brow, he asked, “When do you go into work today?”

“Around 2pm.”

“Do you need a lift at all?”

“No, I checked the weather on my computer this morning and it says it should be nice all day. So I’ll just walk to work.”

“You sure?”

“Positive.” I assured him and motioned to walk into the concrete wall only to hastily remember that it was not open. So I looked back at my father and pointed at the wall. “Um...could you open that?”

“Hm? Oh sure!” Dad raised his hand and concentrated on the concrete wall until it opened.

Once it opened, I walked out and watched the door as it slide closed and reverted back into a typical concrete wall with no indication that there was even a door there. I just shook my head, “Still one of the coolest things ever.”

The rest of the morning and afternoon went by fast and uneventful. Dad and Luke kept their focus on my brother’s “Ghostbuster” machine, their only big break was when mom came home and made lunch. That was around noon, but once they were finished the two went back to work in my father’s workshop. When lunch was over mom basically did her normal routines, cleaned the kitchen and dishes, did some laundry and sewed for the rest of the day. I, on the other hand, grabbed my book, went outside onto the patio and read and that is still where I am.

Smiling warmly, I turned to the very last page to read the author’s short biography. Once I saw that I closed the book and pleasantly hugged it. “Oh that was the best story yet!” I turned the book to look at the front cover. “This author really knows how to tell a good story. I gotta see if I can find more of her books, she’s absolutely amazing!”

Letting out a content sigh I stretched myself out on the lawn chair, crossed my arms behind my head and looked up at the blue sky. “This was definitely a good idea, today was just so beautiful and comfortable that there was no way I was going to spend all day inside the house.”

“Reggie?” I heard my mother call out.

Sitting up, I peeked over towards the patio doors. There my mom stood with her basket of knitting materials hanging on her left arm. “It’s 1:30 you should probably start getting ready to go.”

“Oh wow, it’s that time already?”

Mom smirked, finding my utterly shocked expression amusing. “Time certainly flew by today, didn’t it?”

“I’ll say.” I stood up – with my book in my hand – and quickly dashed up next to her. “So I’ll be seeing you later.”

“Yup, have fun.” She returned as I walked past her.

“You know I will.”

“Just make sure you don’t end up bringing the whole library home, okay?” Mom teased.

I laughed. “I’ll try, even though that is so darn tempting.”

Venturing into the living room, I grabbed my jean purse – that had been sitting on the couch – and headed out the front door. I made my way down my street and towards the main sidewalk, which was called Markham Road, that lead to the library.

I tucked my book inside my jean purse. “I finished this book just in time, now I can get a new one.” Humming, I tapped my cheek. “But what should I go for this time? Comedy? Something that’s action packed? Romance, mystery? Or maybe something that has all of them or perhaps something totally new?” After a few seconds of debating I finally shrugged indifferently. “Oh well, guess I’ll figure it out when I get there.”

Voices from the town park caught my attention. I peered over towards one side of the park to find a soccer field filled with kids getting ready for their soccer practice, warming up and kicking the ball around as their coach called out instructions. There were also some parents sitting on lawn chairs or by their cars watching their kids play. One the other side where another set of soccer fields stood was completely empty except for three people who were playing around with a dog. Those three immediately caught my eye as I came to a complete halt, the group included two guys and one young girl and they were playing fetch with a beautiful black and white Husky, they were laughing and looking like they were having one heck of a time. But what caught my attention was the fact that I believe I recognize the two boys, at least their black hair and hairstyles. Could it be that those are the boys that came to our school Friday morning?

“Incoming, Ace!” I heard a young boy holler out to me.

“Huh?” I looked and eeped when I saw a thirteen year old boy racing his bike right at me. Hastily, I jumped out of the way just in time for the bike to come to a halt right in front of me. Groaning roughly, I found myself staring at the blue eyed gaze of my cousin, Cole LaDave. “Jeez, Cole, you have to give someone an earlier warning than that?”

He merely shrugged. “Didn’t know if I would actually run into you or not.”

I eyed him blankly. “Still helps to get a heads up regardless.”

“Oh well, too late to do anything about it now.”

Exhaling, I shook my head still gazing at him with an emotionless stare.

Cole LaDave, Roxanne’s younger brother, was about an inch taller than Roxanne and me. He had dirty blonde, buzzed cut hair and light blue eyes. He wasn’t a very thin boy, but he keeps himself active by joining every competitive sport that our school and town have to offer. But because of that Cole has grown into quite the sports fanatic, he literally lives and breathes sports. Also just like Roxanne, he prefers to call me Ace, since he got so use to his sister saying it that it just became instinctive for him to say it as well.

Raising a brow, I took note of the backpack that Cole was carrying, which had a baseball bat sticking out of it. “Going to play baseball or something?”

“You bet ya.” Cole nudged his head towards the park. “I’m meeting up with my buddies at one of the baseball fields and get a few hits in before dinner.” He turned his bike, getting ready to ride away. “So I’ll catch ya later, Ace.”

“Alright, have fun.”

“You know I will!” Cole called out as he rode away.

I released one last sigh before sneaking another peek towards the guys and the one girl, only to freeze in place when all three of them were looking in my direction. Once I saw their stares I hastily turned and ran down the sidewalk, although I should have expected someone to hear me, I did shriek pretty loudly. Well, at least I didn’t get caught staring at them otherwise I would have died of embarrassment.

Just as quickly as it came the weekend flew by, not much more had happened. After I finished work on Saturday I checked out a new book and when I had gotten home that night I basically hung out with Roxanne and her younger brother Cole. But then Sunday came and it was the same as Saturday, the only difference was that Roxanne and I walked to the park and hung out there until we went home to have dinner. That was another different thing that happened, my family and Roxanne’s family went out to dinner so we could all converse with Luke before he had to leave that night. That was definitely a great time.

But now it’s Monday, a start of a new week as we head back to our normal routines. Our bus came to a complete stop in front of the school, the bus driver opened the door as we all flooded out and went into the building.

“So, Luke, still hadn’t figured out what he wants to do with that invention of his?” Roxanne asked me curiously while we walked side by side.

“Nope. He did managed to get it working, he just doesn’t have that detail yet.”

“Hm.” She tapped her chin as she thought about it. “Yeah, I could see how that would stump him a bit. I mean if he wants to go big with it he’s gotta come up with something good in order to capture the attention of potential buyers.”

“I agree.”

“Well, I personally think he should keep it as a ghost catcher.” Cole voiced in from behind us. Crossing his arms, he went on. “It would be a cool idea to have an actual ghost catcher machine.”

“As true as that is, I don’t think he would be able to go big with it if he keeps it as a ghost catcher.” Roxanne lightly argued.

“Hey, a ghost catcher could come in handy.”

“Pfft, yeah, if you’re one of those ghost hunters like the ones on those live TV shows.” Roxanne snorted indifferently. She shook her head, “But there aren’t that many.”

“Or people who live in haunted houses could use them.” He tossed me an amused smile. “Or for people like Ace to help them sleep at night, considering how skittish she gets at just the mention of ghosts.”

“Hey! I don’t get that freaked out!”

“Says the girl who was shaking and covering her eyes when we were just looking at that ghost book Roxy checked out over the summer.”

“That was a mild freak out!” I defended hotly before I rolled my eyes. “Gosh, you are making it sound like I go around screaming my bloody head off whenever I hear or see something ghost related.”

“Hey, it could happen.” Cole spread his hands. “Like if you ever do meet a ghost in person.”

My body immediately stiffened as his suggestion. But hastily I shook my head and snorted. “Fat chance of that happening.”

“I agree.” Roxanne copied her brother’s amused look. “The chances of Ace meeting a ghost are very slim, considering she refuses to go anywhere near any place that could be haunted. So a ghost catcher would be useless to her.”

“So, it could still be useful to people like Ace.”

“Nah, I think it would do more harm than good.” Roxanne countered. “If someone that squeamish ever got a hold of a ghost catcher, oh my gosh, would there be tons of damage. Any sound that could possibly be a ghost would cause that person to jump and attack everything in their field of vision.”

Bobbling his head, Cole took her words into consideration. “True.” But his face soon wrinkled with perplexity. “But if he’s not going to do that, then what is he seriously going to do with it?”

Roxanne and I shrugged.

“Who knows.” I replied. “But whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be cool regardless.”

“Got that right.” Roxanne gladly agreed.

“Hey, Reggie, Roxy!” A girl’s voice hollered out.

We looked to spot one of our other girlfriend, Taylor Connor. Taylor was a bit of a chunky girl but she also had a big chest so it balanced out, her hair was dark brown and was shoulder length and she had light blue eyes. I would also describe her as a girly girl with an attitude. She likes wearing somewhat girly things like our other friend, Samantha, but she has a mouth on her like Roxanne, who’s not afraid to rim someone if they are angering her.

“Whoop, guess that’s our cue to go.” Roxanne glanced over at her kid brother. “So we’ll catch ya later, Cole.”

Cole nodded, “Yup, see ya.”

The three of us parted ways as Roxanne and I made our way towards Taylor.

Roxanne met her with a smile. “How’s it going, Taylor?”

“You guys have to see this!” Taylor immediately exclaimed with excitement.

Her reaction startled the both of us.

My cousin furrowed a brow, “What is it?”

Taylor ushered us to follow her. “Just come on, I promise you’ll be just as excited as I am.” She turned and went back the way she came.

Roxanne and I met each other’s gazes with perplexed expressions. We then shrugged and decided to follow our friend until we reached the end of the hall that led to another set of exit doors. We watched Taylor as she peeked over the corner and stared down into another hallway. Her eyes scanned the area before her face lite up, she then tossed us a smile and pointed towards the hallway.

“Take a look down there.”

We followed her finger and spotted two boys who had gathered around at a locker. I gasped softly when I instantly recognized their black hairstyles. It was those two guys we saw on Friday and the ones I saw at the park on Saturday!

“We have two new students today.” Taylor announced the obvious.

“Really?” Roxanne bluntly commented, tossing her an emotionless expression. “That’s what you got so excited about that you had to show us?”

“Well, duh!” Taylor retorted in a “matter-of-fact” tone. “They are SO cute!”

Immediately, Roxanne gently smacked her face into her palm. “Seriously?”

Yes, that was another thing about Taylor as one can obviously tell, she’s a bit boy crazy. So whenever there is a cute or hot guy in her field of vision she is always the first in our group to completely gush over them. We’ve even seen her room, it’s basically wall to wall with posters of men, at least guys who she thought were cute.

“You do realize, Taylor, that Ace and I aren’t as boy crazy as you are.” My cousin reminded her roughly.

Our dark haired friend hardened her gaze on Roxanne. “I know that!” She propped her hands on her hips. “Look, that’s not the only reason why I wanted you to see them.” She gestured her hand towards the boys. “Just take a closer look and you’ll see something interesting about those two.”

My cousin merely rolled her eyes, but she obeyed Taylor’s instructions. I followed in pursuit; the two boys were tall, like maybe about six feet and two inches. Also judging by their arms and how their clothes were, they appeared to have pretty trim and fit bodies and just like I noticed on Friday they had completely different clothing styles. The one boy with the shoulder length hair wore blue jeans, a flannel short-sleeved button up shirt and black and white sneakers. While the spike-haired boy had this tamed rocker style going on with blue jeans, a band shirt and black sneakers.

“Okay?” Roxanne said with an odd tone. “So one of them has excellent taste in bands and the other one likes flannels.” She tossed Taylor another blank stare, “Still don’t get what the big deal is.”

“Ugh!” Taylor shot back with minor frustration. “The big deal is that those two are identical twins!”

“Whoa, really?” Roxanne gaped, now intrigued as she looked back at the boys. “Those two are identical twins?”

“Yup, although there are some obvious differences, but otherwise they are exactly alike.”

“And you know this how?” Roxanne asked with slight suspicion.

“My locker’s down there, remember? So I was able to get a good look at their faces when they came down this hallway earlier and believe me their faces are extremely alike.”

“I guess that would make sense.”

“But that’s a bit different.” I commented and met their glances. “Maybe that’s why everyone was watching them on Friday, since it’s not every day you get to see identical twins in this school. Sure, we’ve had twins, but not identical ones.”

“And good-looking ones at that.” Taylor chimed in.

“You know?” Roxanne crossed her arms. “With how much you gush over any of these cute guys I’m surprised you haven’t gone up and talked to any of them.”

“Hey, don’t get me wrong I’ve wanted to, but even I know when I don’t stand a chance. I mean, let’s face reality here half of the guys I gush over I would never be able to meet in real life.”

“True, considering half of them are either models, singers or actors.” Roxanne agreed.

“Right, and the ones I do see in my regular day to day life are either taken or guys I wouldn’t want to waste my time with.” Taylor gave a quick eye roll before a smirk reappeared. “That’s why I like to admire from afar to get an idea of what my specimen are like to see if they are worthy for me to approach them.”

“And I take it that hasn’t happened yet?”

“Nope, but if it does than you guys will definitely hear about it.”

“Ah here you guys are.” Another female voice called out from beside us.

“Hm?” Looking down the hall, we met the eyes of our other friend, Samantha Truman, with a tall African-American boy right beside her.

The boy was actually Samantha’s boyfriend. Chester Clintwood was his name and he’s between six foot one and six foot two inches tall, his black hair was buzzed, chocolate brown eyes, and he had the typical, decently muscular jock body. However, Chester wasn’t a sporty jock, he’s an academic jock who loves to learn new things, sing in the school choir and act in the Drama Club. So he’s literally in a class all of his own.

“Oh, hey Sam, hey Chester.” I greeted and faced the two with a smile. “How’s it going?”

“We should be asking you guys that.” Samantha countered.

“Yeah,” Chester gestured his hand towards us, “why have you girls gathered over here?”

“Taylor just wanted to show us the two new boys that have shown up at our school.” Roxanne aimed her thumb at Taylor.

“Oh, you mean the twin brothers?” Chester questioned, assuming that was the case.

“Hm?” Arching a brow, I eyed him curiously. “You’ve heard about them as well?”

“Who hasn’t by this point?” Samantha quizzed. “Practically every girl in this school has been talking about those two since Friday afternoon.”

“Oh right!” Roxanne’s face lite up in realization. “I had almost forgotten about the gossip fest on Friday. Oh darn it!” She did another face-palm reaction. “Don’t tell me we’re going to have more of that?”

“I wouldn’t put it past those girls to start gossiping about them.” Chester gave her a weak, sympathetic smile.

“Yeah and half of those girls are worse than me.” Taylor admitted. “So that’s saying a lot.”

“Ugh, no kidding.” Roxanne retorted.

“Really?” My face wrinkled with confusion. “All the girls were talking about it Friday afternoon?”

“What!? Don’t tell me you didn’t overhear any of it?” My cousin exclaimed in disbelief.

“No, I didn’t.”

How?! How did you not overhear any of their gossip.”

Samantha, Chester and Taylor suddenly began to chuckle.

“What are you guys laughing at?”

“Roxy, have you forgotten that you are talking to, Reggie the major bookworm, here?” Samantha pointed out humorously. She waved her hand at me nonchalantly, “She could have been too absorbed in her book to hear any of the chatter.”

“I could definitely see that happening.” Chester shared his girlfriend’s amusement. “It wouldn’t have been the first time she’s done that.”

“And most likely it won’t be the last.” Taylor concluded.

Tilting her head, Roxanne thought about it before she looked at me questionably. “Did that happen, Ace?”

Shrugging, I answered honestly, “Probably. You know me I don’t usually pay attention to gossip, unless it’s something involving us.”

She bobbled her head, “True.”

Instinctively, I peeked back towards the boys only to find that they were gone. “Oh, looks like those two left already.”

“Whelp, guess that’s our cue to get going.” Roxanne turned and began to walk away, but she stopped and peered over at us. “I don’t know about you guys but I want to get to my locker and to my classroom before the bell rings.”

When those words left her mouth, I hurled my eyes up at the digital clock and gasped at the time. “Oh snap!” I rushed past my cousin but looked over my shoulder. “Catch ya guys later!” I then skidded down another hallway and made my way towards my locker, keeping my fingers crossed that I also make it to my classroom on time.

Third hour came around as Samantha and I strolled our way into our Psychology class. We had been conversing about our previous classes and how our weekends had gone.

“Wow, sounds like you and Chester had a pretty cool weekend.”

“Yeah, I know, it was so refreshing to go on a bike ride with him and even better to treat me to some delicious ice cream. Oh!” A dream like expression appeared on Samantha’s face as she went on happily. “He is such a good boyfriend.”

“I’d say.” I agreed, sharing her happiness. “He certainly knows how to treat a girlfriend.”

“Yes, I’ve hit the jackpot with him.” Giddily she added with high hopes. “Man, I hope this feeling never stops.”

We sat down in our normal spots, which was her sitting right behind me.

“But it sounds like you had a great weekend yourself, considering Luke came home for a visit.”

“Yeah.” I turned to face her slightly. “But he spent the majority of the weekend with my dad. So I didn’t necessarily get to hang out with him or anything until Sunday night when we all went out to eat.”

“Working on a new invention I take it?”

I nodded, “Yup, I think it’s some type of new vacuum cleaner.”

“Vacuum cleaner? Seriously?”

“Well, that’s what it looked like, don’t know if that’s what it’s going to be though.”

“Ah still in the early stages?”

“That it is.”

Yes, that is one thing, my friends and some people in this town may know about dad and Luke being minor inventors. But not one person in this town knows about them having powers. The only people who know are my family and Roxanne’s and we’re making sure it stays that way. The last thing we need is for riots to start and to have people coming at us with pitchforks and knives if word ever got out about them.

“Oh, a new student I see.” We overheard our teacher, Mr. Peters, suddenly say from behind us.

Curiously, Samantha and I peered over towards his desk to find the spiked, black haired boy from earlier. The boy stood beside Mr. Peters desk and looks like he just handed our teacher a note of some kind.

“Oh, looks like one of the twins will be joining our class.” Samantha stated the obvious.

“Guess so.”

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” I heard some girls gushing from the front of the room. Glancing over to the left side of the room, I spotted a couple of the “cool” girls gazing over at the new boy with excitement. “One of new boys will be in our class!”

“Oh that’s so cool!”

“Ah, to have a cutie like him joining our class? Oh, my day has just gotten a whole lot better.”

Wow, it’s only been three hours or so since school started and those two are already catching the eye of the girls. Wonder how long it’ll be before one of those girls ends up dating one of the twins? Probably not long with how fast some of these girls work.

“Ah, well, Zane,” Mr. Peters went on, grasping my interest again. He smiled up at the new boy, “welcome to my classroom. Now,” He waved his hand towards us, “pick any seat you want and we’ll get started.”

So, Zane’s the name of this twin, eh? Hm, strange why does that name sound familiar? Guess I must have read that name in a book somewhere.

The spiked boy, Zane, nodded at Mr. Peters. He then turned and scanned the classroom, searching for a good spot to sit. However, once he made eye contact with the rest of us the girls who were gushing over him hastily waved their hands at him.

“Hey, new boy! Come sit by us!”

“Yeah, we have an open spot right up here.”

But to my surprise, Zane immediately shot them a harsh glare before he marched in the opposite direction. The girls gasped at his silent refusal and we all watched the spike-haired boy as he sat down in a desk that was far from everyone else, actually he was in the area where hardly anyone was sitting. This reaction caused some quiet chatter among our classmates.

“Wow, what was with that?” Samantha pondered out loud. “Talk about anti-social.”

I shrugged. “It is his first day in a new school after all. So maybe he just needs to get adjusted before he wants to speak to anyone.”

“I suppose.”

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen!” Mr. Peters announced as we all watched him stroll towards the front of the classroom. “Open your textbooks to page twenty and we’ll get started.”

“Alright, that finishes that small lesson.” Mr. Peters announced before he went on, “Now the next thing I want to go over-”


“Whoop!” He hurled his gaze up at the clock, “Time’s up.” But quickly snapped his attention back on us as we all began to gather up our materials. “Okay, no major assignments tonight, but I would like you all to review what we have talked about.” A smirk suddenly appeared across his face and informed proudly, “Because tomorrow there will be a quiz!”


Groans echoed throughout the classroom.

“Mr. Peters seriously?” A male student gestured his hands towards the teacher and continued to complain. “You can’t just say ‘no major homework’ and then surprise us with a quiz!”

“Well, it won’t be a major thing if you study.”

Samantha giggled and leaned towards the boy, since he was seated right next to her. “He’s got ya there, Tony.”

“But still he threw me off of my groove!”

A light chuckle escaped me as I stood up, but sudden movement from my right side caught my interest. I looked only to watch as Zane practically ran out of the classroom.

“Whoa, someone’s in a hurry.” I murmured.

“Yeah, no kidding.” Samantha met my gaze. “I’ve never seen someone run that quickly out of a classroom.”

“Unless they have to take a leak.” The boy, Tony, reminded as he stood up. He merely shrugged his shoulders, “But who knows with that guy.”

“Can’t argue with that.”

“Come on, Sam.” I picked up my books and motioned to walk away. “Let’s get going.”

We then herded out of the room with the rest of our classmates, everyone then began to separate into their pairs and groups. Samantha and I were the last ones to leave the room, once we were out my blonde friend turned to face me.

“Well,” She pointed down the hall, “I’m going to meet Chester at his locker and head to our Spanish class.” Walking away, Samantha waved at me, “See you at lunch!”

“Yup, see ya then.”

I didn’t wait for Roxanne this time as I made my way towards my next class. Roxanne informed me before our first hour classes that she would meet me there, because she wanted to ask her chemistry teacher about something homework related. So as I made my towards my 20th Century Literature class I pulled out my new library book. However, just as I pulled it out and motioned to open it I lightly bumped into someone.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” I snapped my gaze upwards to meet a boy’s green eyes.

The tall boy was one of the random jocks in our school. He appeared to be surprised by the sudden bump, but it soon faded as he glared at me.

“Jeez! Watch where ya going bookworm!”

I flinched back with fright, “S-Sorry!”

The green eyed jock merely scoffed before he walked past me.

Sighing with minor frustration, I shook my head and motioned to keep walking.

“Whoop, looks like Reggie struck again.” A feminine voice mocked from ahead of me.

“Huh?” I raised my gaze only to groan in distaste when I saw Alivia and Jenna.

“I swear, bookworm,” Alivia stepped right in front of me and flicked my forehead, “When will you learn to stop bumping into people like that? That’s very unladylike.”

Surprised by her action, I jerked my head back. But I grunted while rubbing my forehead. “It-it’s not like I wanted that to happen.”

“Well, you better start paying attention!” Jenna demanded and leaned towards me with a glare. “Otherwise people are going to start thinking that your doing this on purpose. This is the tenth time you’ve done that to the poor guy since this school year started. Not to mention you’ve done this to him all last year.”

I gaped, appalled by what they were accusing me of. “Hey, I have no interest in....” I paused for a moment when I rummaged through my brain for the guy’s name. A thought came to me as I snapped my fingers at them and asked. “Matthew, right? That’s his name?”

Jenna and Alivia gawked at me, stunned with what I had just said. They then tossed each other a quick glance before the two burst into giggles, which honestly caught me off guard.

“Oh, seriously? You don’t even know Jordan’s name?” Alivia continued to laugh.


That was all I could say before Jenna chimed in. “Oh that is so rich! But that definitely calmed my nerves. Guess it goes to show we were both worried for nothing. If Reggie doesn’t even know the guy’s name then there’s no way that she would have developed feelings for him.”

“Yeah, no kidding.” Alivia agreed. “So I guess there is really nothing to worry about, which I suppose we should have figured.” She waved her finger at me. “This is Reggie we are talking about here someone who’s too busy reading to care about this sort of thing.”

I scowled, but exhaled, keeping my inner thoughts within me. “Now if you excuse me,” I moved past them and cast them a glance, “I’m heading to class.” I then stormed away.

“Honestly,” I shook my head, “those two are really a piece of work.”

Really? Thinking that I don’t care about reality? That I don’t care about things like that. Of course I do! Just not to their extent and certainly not the stuff they care about. I’m not going to go desperately looking for something that will happen when it wants to. Besides half the guys in this school hardly interest me, so why bother going after them or pay any attention to them when they don’t fancy me. Maybe once I graduate it’ll happen, but for right now I’m content.

Instinctively raising my gaze, I came to an immediate halt once again when I spotted Stephanie at the end of the hallway. She was in the exact spot where, Jenna and Alivia, were and had a very unpleasant face. Stephanie glared down the hall with her arms crossed, however, once she noticed my stare I could hear a loud scoff as she turned and walked out of my sight.

Okay? What in the world was that about? I swear that was one of the harshest glares I have ever seen her give and it wasn’t at Roxanne or me. Actually, I don’t even know whom she had been glaring at, but whoever it was they are certainly going on her “hate” list.

Quickly, I shook my head and continued to walk. “Whatever, not my problem.”

It felt like it took a while, but I had finally made it to my 20th Century Literature class. However, just as I was about to enter the classroom someone ran right into me. A surprised yelp escaped me as my books fell out of my hands and I was about to hit the floor, but someone swiftly wrapped their arm around my waist.

I gasped sharply by the sudden touch, but relaxed when I realized that it saved me from falling onto the floor.

“Oh man, I am so sorry!” A male voice immediately followed in remorse.

I found myself staring at a blue eyed boy with shoulder length black hair. He had a strong looking facial structure that matched his trim body, his skin was smooth and was light but a bit more tanner than mine. Another soft gasp escaped me when I realized that it was the other twin, the brother of Zane!

“I was such in a rush to get here that I didn’t see you until it was too late.”

“Uh, no, no it’s alright.” Wow, Taylor was right, he is cute, no maybe cute is an understatement. He’s downright handsome, not to mention he has some real nice reflexes. “But,” I gave him meek smile, “thanks for the save.”

“Um, no problem.” He replied as he positioned me back on my feet.

Once he released me from his hold, I looked down and groaned at my scattered books. I exhaled loudly before I bent down to pick up my things, but I was startled when I caught a glimpse of someone bending down in front of me. I looked to find the twin as he helped me gather up some of my papers.

“Here, let me help.” He offered and gave me a gentle smile. “It’s the least I can do after running into you.”

“Uh...thank you.” Okay, I honestly didn’t see this coming. I was kind of thinking he would be like his brother, who was very reluctant to talk to anyone last hour. But I guess that idea became a dud when this twin caught me.

Hm? That is weird. I don’t know why, but now that I’m looking at him there’s something about him that...I don’t know feels strange. Mainly his eyes...those baby blue eyes...I feel like...I’ve seen them somewhere, but I can’t place my finger on it. Did I see them in a movie or something?

“Wait a minute.” He abruptly spoke up in an odd tone. Snapping out of my thoughts, I refocused my attention on him just as his face leaned towards me.

Startled by the sudden action, I pulled my head back slightly. “Wh-What?”

Furrowing a brow, he gave me a very puzzled look. “Do I...know you?”

Huh? That’s a very out of the blue question. “Um, no.” I shook my head, “I don’t think so.”

“But your sure we haven’t met before?”

“No, I-” Suddenly, I recalled Saturday afternoon when I spotted the three in the park. “U-Unless you are talking about the park?”

“The park?”

“Yeah, um,” I pointed at him, “I was walking down Markham Road and I think you saw me on the sidewalk?”

“Oh!” He snapped his finger at me. “You were the girl that yelped when that boy on the bike was about to hit her?”

Sheepishly, I chuckled out. “Yes, that was me.” Although, I’m not sure how he could have been able to see my face from that distance. But I guess anything could be possible.

“Hm.” Tilting his head, the twin tapped his chin as he thought about my suggestion. “I guess that could be.”

Could be? It’s honestly the only time I can come up with where we’ve kind of seen each other!

“So who was that kid? Did you know him?” He handed me some of my materials he had gathered.

“Uh, um, yes.” I grabbed my items from him, “He was one of my cousins.”

“Ah, I see.” The twin commented as we stood up when I had all of my school items back in my arms. “So I imagine you gave him a good scolding?”

“Heh, as good of a scolding as I could give.” I instinctively snorted out. “But he’s a good kid, so I’m sure he’ll pay more attention next time.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” With a smile, he held out his hand. “I’m Tyler by the way, nice to meet you.”

Tyler? Hm, strange that feeling of familiarity again...but then again Tyler is a very common name. So I must have heard it around town or something or even from a book I read.

Returning his smile, I shook his hand. “Nice to meet you too.” Placing a hand on my chest, I introduced myself. “I’m Regina Williams, but I’m also known as Reggie.”

“Regina Williams?” Tyler’s perplexed face reappeared.

“Move it or lose it bookworm!” A girl’s voice harshly demanded.

Tyler and I whirled out attention towards Stephanie whom stared at me with that infuriated expression. When I didn’t move her face hardened even more.

“I said move!” She shouted, which immediately got me to jump back from the doorway. Stephanie then scoffed, gave me one last glare before she marched into the room.

Okay, remind me to never tick that girl off. But seriously, what stick went up her butt? This is the first time I’ve seen her get that angry.

“Jeez!” I heard Tyler voice up, completely flabbergasted by Stephanie’s attitude. His face narrowed on me. “What the heck was that?”

I shrugged, “I honestly have no clue.”

“Oh how lovely, she’s going to be a pocket full of sunshine today isn’t she?” I heard a familiar voice mock out sarcastically. Looking over towards the voice, I spotted Roxanne as she strolled up to me with annoyance written all over her face. “Just what the hell bit her ass this morning?”

“I don’t know, but hopefully she’ll cool down at least a little bit before the day ends.”

“Pfft, well if she shoots that snappy attitude at me,” Roxanne shook her fist. “I’ll release Old Nancy all over that pretty little face of hers!”

“Roxy, don’t.”

“Relax, Ace, I’ll only do that if she throws that attitude at me.”

“I still don’t-”

“Wait.” Tyler intervened, snapping us out of our conversation. He pointed at my cousin with his face wrinkled with confusion. “Ace? Why did you just call her that? Isn’t her name Regina?”

“Uh.” Roxanne must have been caught off guard by Tyler because it took her a bit to answer. “Um, yeah, Regina is her name, but her middle name is Grace. So I like to call her Ace, since it’s my own personal nickname for her.”

His eyebrows rose, but arched a brow with an expression that I couldn’t make out what he was feeling. “And your name is Roxy? Is that short for something?”

“’s short for Roxanne.” She placed a hand over her chest. “Um, I’m Roxanne LaDave.” She waved her hand towards me, “And I’m Regina’s cousin.”

“Cousin?” The twin’s eyebrows shot up.

That expression got me to eye him strangely. Why did he make that type of face?

“Yeah, I know. It’s pretty weird to be in the same school as your cousin.” Roxanne countered before shrugging her shoulders. “But that can happen when you live in the same town as each other. Now then.” With one hand on her hip, my cousin questioned. “Who might you be? I saw you in my Pre-Calculus class, but I never heard your name and I know I’ve never seen you in this school until today.”

“Oh, um....” Snapping himself out of his thoughts, Tyler placed a hand over his chest. “I’m Tyler.” He hesitated before he added, “Tyler Hunter.”

“Hunter?!” Roxanne gaped out, which instantly caught my attention. She pointed at him, “You’re-”

“What the hell are you doing standing out here for?!” A male voice roughly called out.

We looked just in time to spot Zane march up to his twin brother and grabbed his shoulder. Once he had his hold on Tyler’s shoulder, Zane guided him into the room.

“The bell’s going to ring any second you dolt!”

“Uh, um, sorry, Zane.”

Once Zane pointed that out, Roxanne and I inhaled sharply and jumped into the classroom and right on cue the bell rang. We both sighed in relief when we realized how close we were to being late.

“That was close.”

“Yeah, no kidding.”

Instinctively, I peeked over towards the twins to discover that they had taken a seat on the right side of the room, near the classroom door. I eyed Tyler oddly because he had a very stunned expression like he had just seen a ghost or something while Zane got himself settled in his seat.

“Uh, c-come on, Ace.” Roxanne ushered me as she made her way towards our normal seats. She looked back at me with a meek smile. “Let’s get seated before Mrs. Allen yells at us.”

I became concerned, I’ve hardly ever seen Roxanne react like this. Quickly, I darted up next to her, “Hey, Roxy?”

“Hm?” She hummed, looking up at me as we sat down.

Furrowing a brow, I asked, “Are you okay? You seem a little...weird right now.”

“Weird? Define weird?” My cousin challenged me. She then pointed at herself with a small, proud grin. “You know me I’m always a strange person.”

“Well, true, but when Tyler fully introduced himself you-”

“Oh, that? Ace, don’t worry about that. I’m just a little surprised to hear that name that’s all.”

“Why?” I quizzed, now very confused.

Roxanne shrugged. “I heard it in one of the books I read. So it caught me off guard to hear that name in the real world.”

I eyed her with suspicion, “You sure?”

“Yes!” Roxanne empathized with a quick eye roll. “Really, that’s all it is. So please don’t worry about it, okay?”

“O-Okay?” I watched her opened her book to the chapter we would be going over today. Part of me wasn’t completely convinced by her answer, but I wasn’t exactly sure if should press the issue or not.

“Alright boys and girls!” Mrs. Allen announced as she positioned herself in front of the room. She had her clipboard and went on. “Now I’m going to take attendance and once that’s done we’ll get to our lesson. Now just hang tight while I do this.”

I glanced over at Tyler and his brother Zane only to tense up when I saw Tyler staring right at me. Zane must have noticed his twin, because he bumped shoulders with Tyler. That finally caught Tyler’s attention and somehow ended up glaring at Zane. When he stopped staring at me, I looked at my cousin to find her gazing down at her book but was constantly peeking over at the twins.

Okay? This is just a bit too weird for me? Just what is going on? Am I completely missing something here?

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