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Chapter 4

Who are you?”

“Huh?” I turned to the voice that echoed throughout the darkness. My eyes scanned the area around me and I saw no one. “Who’s there?”

Who are you?”

I raised a brow, very confused of what this voice was getting at. However, as I opened my mouth to question the voice, a man’s hand darted out from the shadows and smacked itself over my mouth. Muffling a scream, I motioned to pry the hand off of me, but something grabbed a hold of my wrists and held them up against something.

A distressed scream escaped me as I opened my eyes and found myself staring at the blonde haired boy again. Once I saw him I immediately began to struggle only to realize that I couldn’t move, it was like once he grabbed my wrists he paralyzed me from moving one inch of my body. However, what freaked me out the most about this guy was the fact I could no longer see his green eyes, because they were blocked by this yellow light that was bursting brightly out of his eye sockets.

The blonde haired guy stuck his thumb into my mouth and opened it, causing me to scream louder, even though it was pointless. He lowered his mouth, opened it and out of my mouth came some type of yellow air.

Just what the hell is this!? Why is he doing this to me!

Release, release, release.


Take away the force that hides and reveal what’s been concealed.

Wha? Concealed, what is this voice talking about? Ah, I’m feeling weak, I don’t think I can’t take much more of this!

Release, release, release this girl.

The guy suddenly let go of me as I weakly fell into a dark tunnel.

Release her and reveal to me, who she is.

Who I am? I don’t understand, why would they ask such a thing? I’m Regina Grace Williams, I’m not anyone else...right?

I caught a glimpse of another being appearing before me and I held my breath as I dared to see who it was. Gasping, I found myself face to face with a middle aged woman, looking to be around thirty years old. She had curly, puffy chestnut hair that just barely touched her shoulders, had a beautiful hourglass figure and had a 1940′s style dress that was in a gorgeous dark blue color with white polka dots. But again, what freaked me out the most was that I wasn’t able to see her eyes, because just like the blonde haired guy...her eyes were also blocked by a yellow light, I was only able to see her face. Her face...almost reminded me of one of my aunts on my father’s side...only her nose was a little slimmer. But that can’t be, right?

Although I couldn’t see her eyes, I could tell by her facial expression that she was determined about something. I furrowed a brow and motioned to talk to her.

“At last they have released you. Now that time has come to finally reawaken you. The woman spoke softly.

“Huh? Reawaken? What do you mean?”

She didn’t answer those questions, instead she gave me a small, regretful smile. “Although, personally, I’d rather prefer that you stay the way you are and have you not get anymore involved. However, that is not how things are meant to be. They will get you involved whether we like it or not.”

“Huh? What are you-?”

I didn’t even get the chance to finish my sentence as the woman abruptly closed her eyes and floated her way towards me. Panic arose in me as I attempted to back away from her, realizing that I was no longer paralyzed. “Wait! What are you doing?!”

However, the woman didn’t answer me and she flew right into my body. “Hey!” I exhaled loudly when I witnessed my body glowing just like hers. “Wha-What is this?”

In a split moment I heard something break, my gaze darted downwards, “Wha-What was that?” At that moment I was engulfed in a blinding white light.

Slowly, I opened my eyes to find myself staring up at a ceiling. Oh, so all that was a dream? Wow, no wonder it didn’t make any sense. I mean, seriously how could any of that have been real.

As I eyed up the ceiling, I then realized that I didn’t recognize it whatsoever. I knew I wasn’t where was I?

I looked around only to learn that I was at the hospital, but took note that I still had my jeans on but had a hospital gown on as well. “What?” In shock, I shot up. “Why-ARGH!” A sharp wince escaped me as I wrapped an arm around my abdomen. A piercing pain had just shot right through me, like a knife just stabbed me. “Ow!”

“Oh, Reggie, honey!” A feminine voice called out in urgency.

I glanced over to find a middle aged woman, appearing to be a year or two younger than my mother. She was two inches taller and curvier than my mother, she had dirty blonde hair that reached just a couple inches past her shoulders and had light blue eyes.

“Aunt Mandy?” I greeted with raised eyebrows. I was stunned to see her, although I really shouldn’t be, she is a nurse after all.

Aunt Miranda—Mandy for short—is mom’s younger sister and she’s a nurse at the urgent care hospital in Mukwonago. She usually works in the mornings, but there are occasions when she works until midnight. So in the past there have been times when my family and I had to watch Roxanne and Cole while she was at work. However, now that the two are older we don’t really watch them as much as we used to.

She rushed over to me and gently motioned me to lie back down. “Don’t get up so quickly if it hurts.”

“What am I doing here?” I abruptly asked, grabbing her hand, “Why am I at the hospital?”

“Don’t you remember? You were attacked by some crazed boy at the Pick N’ Save parking lot.”

“What?” Suddenly the memory came floating back to me and I began to shake as my terror reappeared. Some sort of pressure started to plump its way through my veins, but I ignored it as I covered my mouth slightly. “ God, that...that actually happened?”

“Unfortunately, it did.” Aunt Miranda answered with her face wrinkled with worry. She then sighed in relief. “But luckily that boy stepped in before that lunatic could do who knows what to you.”


“Yes, a boy from your class.”

A boy from my class? Who...oh! Is she...she couldn’t possibly be talking about...?

“I can’t believe you took the last Mountain Dew!” A familiar male voice commented humorously as he came into my room.

“Hey, you snooze you loose. You should have thought of that before you let me go first.” Another distinctively, familiar female voice countered.

“Well, guess that’s what I sacrifice for being a gentleman.”

I gasped, completely blown away to see both my cousin Roxanne and Tyler just strolling into the room teasing each other like the best of friends. “Roxy? Tyler?”

Their eyes darted onto me and their own shock surfaced as they ran towards me.



Roxanne was the first to reach me as she stood next to her mother. “Thank God you’re awake!” She placed her free hand on my arm while her other hand held her bottle of Mountain Dew. “I mean I knew you were in good hands, but damn is it good to actually see your eyes open.”

Me too, although I doubt I would have died from that. But who honestly knows with the way that guy was and what he did, there could have been a possibility. Okay, Regina, stop talking about that or else you’ll start shaking and you had finally stopped that when those two came into the room!

“Did you see what happened, Roxy?” I asked curiously.

“No, but that guy was lucky that I didn’t.” Roxanne shook her fist as the fury appeared in her gaze. “Otherwise I would have sicced Old Nancy on him and pummeled him until his whole face was black and blue!” She then exhaled and looked over at Tyler. “But again, Tyler, I thank you for breaking that up before it could get any worse.”

“Well, I certainly wasn’t going to just stand back and let it continue.”

“What happened?” I interrupted and eyed Tyler questionably. “After I passed out? Did that guy stick around?”

“Pfft, I wish!” He scoffed in a harsh tone, his gaze hardened and crossed his arms. “That way I could have personally pummeled that guy to kingdom come for what he did! But that jack ran away before I could even get a look at him!”

“What!” I was shocked.

“Yeah.” Roxanne grumbled, crisscrossing her own arms. “That irritates me the most.”

“You’re not the only one.”

Wow, the guy ran? With how aggressive that guy was towards me I thought he would have fought back against Tyler. Guess I was obviously wrong.

“Why?” I softly asked, wrinkling my face with confusion. “Why did he run?”

He shrugged, “Your guess is as good as mine.”

“But anyway.” Aunt Miranda pulled up a chair and sat next to me. “So when that boy ran, Tyler here ran inside the store to look for help.” She glanced up at Roxanne. “That’s when Roxy ran to him and told him about the urgent care here in Mukwonago. So with her driving, the two were able to get you here as quickly as they could.”

“Although,” Roxanne cast a look in Tyler’s direction, “I did tell him that he didn’t have to come with.”

“Hey, I wasn’t going to leave her side until I knew for sure she was ok!” Tyler hurled back roughly.

My eyebrows rose flabbergasted by his words and I felt my stomach flutter a bit.

“But Zane and that sister of yours didn’t seem too pleased about it.” Roxanne argued bluntly.

Huh, sister?

“Pfft, like I honestly care.” Tyler snorted gruffly. “I’m going to do what I know is right regardless if they think so or not.”

My face lit up when a thought registered in my mind. “Kailey.”

“Huh?” The two met my gaze in confusion.

“Kailey, is she your sister, Tyler?”

The puzzlement left his expression and answered. “Yes, not a very delightful person I know. But she has her reasons I assure you.”

“Her and Zane both better have good reasons for being little pricks.” Roxanne murmured with a hint of anger in her tone.

“Hey, at least they showed concern when they saw her passed out in my arms.” Tyler pointed out optimistically. “They just didn’t want me to come here with you, saying it was your problem, not mine.”

“Still, they should have been way more respectful than they were.”

“Can’t argue with you there.”

“So, are they still here?” I asked, casting a glance up at Tyler.

He shook his head, “No, they went home and I drove with Roxy.”

“How are you going to get home then?”

“My dad’s still on his shift, so once he’s done he’ll pick me up.”

“Oh.” He must have had this all taken care of while I was out cold.

“So, Regina?” Tyler grabbed another chair and sat on the other side of me. He raised a brow. “What exactly happened? What was that creep doing to you before I punched him?”

I shrugged, “I have no clue.” I was actually wondering that myself. “One second someone calls out my name and the second I look that lunatic has me pinned up against the SUV and prevented me from moving even an inch.” Although, I still don’t know how my body wasn’t able to move.

“Was this the same guy that got rough with you in the store?” Tyler went on as he tried to pull some of the pieces together.

“What!?” Aunt Miranda and Roxanne chorused loudly.

Ignoring them, I nodded. “Yes, he was.”

Tyler’s face hardened slightly, not looking too pleased with that response. That stunned me a bit, which caused that tickle to reappear in the pit of my stomach.

“Are you telling me that this jerk went after her in the blasted store!?” Roxanne demanded, thunderstruck by this new information. She glared at Tyler, “Why didn’t you mention that to me?!”

“That’s because I wasn’t sure about it. But now that we know,” Determination gleamed in Tyler’s gaze, “we better keep our eyes open for this guy.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

“We better call the police about this.” Aunt Miranda stood up and dashed towards the door. She stopped at the opening and peeked back at me. “I also called your mom and dad, Reggie, so they should be here soon.” She then disappeared from the doorway to head to the nearest phone.

Oh, right! I had almost forgotten about my parents! Man, they must be-OUCH!

A startled yelp escaped me when I felt another sharp pain vibrate throughout my body. Once that pain shot through me, my body began to feel sore to the point that I could barely move any of my limbs. I groaned in agony as I held my arms.

“Hey?” Tyler grabbed my shoulder, he must have heard me because the concern reappeared. “Are you okay?”

“I-I’m not-” Another sharp wince left me and my arms tightened around my abdomen. The piercing pain shot through me again, only this time it was more excruciating.

“Ace!” Roxanne grabbed my arm. I could hear the worry in her tone as she asked urgently. “What’s wrong?”

A weird sensation emerged within my body. It almost felt like wind was flying around inside of me, which caused the pain to intensify, making it feel like it was literally choking my veins. It slowly became difficult to breathe regularly. I could feel the little drips of sweat rolling down my face as I began to pant.


“I-I don’t know.” I grimaced as my body continued to ache. “My body hurts.”

“Hurts? What part hurts?” Tyler asked anxiously.

“Every part.” I murmured through my teeth as the aching intensified. I tried to give my lungs air, panting heavily, desperate for air, my heart began to race faster than ever before. That moment was when I realized that there were machines attached to me because they suddenly went off signaling us that something was severely wrong.

“Oh my God! Mom!” I heard Roxanne holler panic struck. She ran towards the door, her head going back and forth looking for her mother or anyone that could help. “Mom! Where are you are!? We need you! Mom!”

Just what in the world was going on? My body has never gone through something like this before. God! I’d rather be sick and throwing up or dealing with menstrual cramps rather than this!

“Regina!” I heard Tyler shoot up from his chair and lean more towards me. Gently, he grabbed my arm, I peeked up to see the panic in his eyes. “What-”

“What in the world is going on!?” We heard an older man shout out as he entered the room.

We looked and saw my father, mother, Aunt Miranda, Cole and Luke storm into the room.

“Dad! Mom!” Another agonizing yelp escaped me, I clenched my eyes shut when the pain felt like millions of daggers.

“Oh God, Reggie!” Mom ran up next to me. She hurled her gaze at Tyler and demanded. “What’s going on?!”

“We have no idea! She just started to react like this.”

“Oh my gosh!” Aunt Miranda was over by the machines, reading what they were telling her. “These readings are off the hook!” She dashed out of the room before shouting, “I’ll get the doctor!”

Suddenly the wind sensation inside of me changed into what felt like a wave of static shocks only way more painful, it was like a whole town of people were poking me after rubbing their feet against the carpet. I shrieked, startled by this new course of pain and without thinking of my sore body I began to squirm.

Everyone gasped as they gathered around me with immediate fear.

“Reggie, what-” Mom sounded like she was about to cry.

“Diana let me stand next to her!” Dad interrupted as he appeared in mom’s place with mom still beside him. He touched my shoulder, but no words left his mouth he just stood there studying me.

I raised a brow, was he using his powers to determine that cause of this? Can he actually do that? GAH! Damn, I really hope he can so he can make this pain go away, I can’t take this anymore! Just what the hell is going on!? I thought I had escaped death already! So why is it coming back at my doorstep for a second attempt? Did I do something severely wrong or something?

Relax,” A female voice echoed, “This will be over soon.

I averted my gaze towards the voice only to see that woman from my dream. She was standing at the edge of my bed glowing bright yellow. “What?” I muttered not believing what I was seeing. She couldn’t be real! She was just a dream person, a fragment of my imagination… right?




Luke, Tyler, Cole and Roxanne chorused softly, taking note of my baffled, frightened expression.

But I didn’t look at them. I kept my attention on the golden figure in front of me as I felt myself shake under the image’s bright yellow eyes. I wanted to run but I couldn’t move, my aching body wouldn’t allow it.

The woman lifted up her hand and aimed it towards me. “Awaken this sleeping child, reveal to her of what’s been lost. Though the road ahead may lead to despair, Rejuvenate her so she can restore the paths that have now crossed with hers.” The image’s voice echoed. At that moment her eyes shot wide open, which made her eyes shine brighter. I screamed bloody murder as the electrifying pains intensified.

“Reggie!” Mom, Roxanne and Cole screeched.

“What’s going on?” A loud, unfamiliar male voice hollered.

“We don’t know!” Roxanne cried back. “She started feeling pain just a few minutes ago! She now just started screaming!”

“The heart meter has been going off the charts!” Aunt Miranda informed loudly.

“Can you men help me keep her down!” The man demanded, directing it towards my dad, Luke, Cole and Tyler.

“Yes, sir!”

The shocking sensation went on which made it hard to stay still.

“Reggie.” I heard my mom cry.

“Alright, men,” The man began, “let’s do this!”

I then felt nine hands grab me and hold me down to keep me from moving. However, that had proved to be a difficult task.

I am so sorry, Regina. But this must take place. You must be reawakened and restored, otherwise this affair will become more difficult.” The voice echoed quietly.

Wha-What? Be reawakened? Be restored? Just what the blazes is she talking about!? What affair will be difficult? Ugh! Someone… someone please…please make this stop...make her stop. I don’t know how much more I can take of this.

“Doctor, do you know what’s wrong?” Aunt Miranda asked over my shrieks.

“I honestly have no idea! But we’ll find out!” He answered.

What? Couldn’t they hear her? B-But she’s in this room, right at the edge of my bed and her voice echoes. How… how could they not hear her?

Instinctively, I peeked over at Tyler to find him looking in the direction the woman was. What was he looking at? What? Even my dad and Luke are looking in that direction? Could they...?

“AHHH!” I abruptly screamed when the static shocks intensified even more. My body tossed and turned, I even arched my body up like I had subconsciously hoped that doing that would subside the pain. However, it only became worse, the static, stabbing sensation continued while the wind inside of my stomach blew harsher. The pressure that the wind had produced blew into my veins, which had now caused them to feel like they were burning. That sensation caused to me to scream even more.

“Regina!” I heard my father holler out in a scolding tone, but I didn’t look up at him. “You have to calm down! If you don’t calm down it’ll only get worse!”

Calm down? How the heck does he want me to do that!? How can I when my body’s doing this to me?!

“Reggie, he’s right!” Luke’s voice followed loudly. “Moving around like you are isn’t going to help!”

I can’t! This hurts way to much! Someone please… please make this stop!

The sensation flew up into my head and I screeched out. “MAKE THIS STOP!” My eyesight immediately went bright yellow I couldn’t see a thing.

“What on earth!” Tyler yelled.

“Her eyes just flashed yellow! Bright yellow!” Luke informed, sounding just as shocked as Tyler.

“What?!” Dad gaped out.

Suddenly I heard the light fixtures snapping, objects flying and glass breaking. I had no idea what was going on, but whatever it was it was freaking me the heck out!

“Keep her still!” The doctor demanded strictly. “Get me a needle we’re going to sedate her!”

Yes, do something, anything! Just make this stop right now! Then at that very moment I blacked out.

It has begun.” The voice echoed quietly.

A sudden groan left my throat as my eyes slowly fluttered open. Once opened I immediately cringed at the blinding sun as it beamed brightly into my room. After my eyes adjusted to the new lighting I instinctively scanned the room. I instantly knew I was at the hospital but I was in a different room compared to the other day, the day I got attacked by that blonde guy. Although in a way I was hoping it was all just some crazy dream, but I guess that wasn’t meant to be.

A beeping noise caught my interest and I discovered that there were more machines connected to me this morning. I furrowed a brow at the sight, “What’s all this?” Why are there more machines connected to me? Did something happen last night? I can’t remember.

“Oh thank God, Ace!” I heard a loud relieved voice call out to me. I looked just as Roxanne suddenly appeared at my bedside. “You have no idea how much of a relief it is to see you finally awake.”

My eyebrow arched, I found her statement rather puzzling. “How long was I asleep for?”

“Asleep? Girl, you were practically knocked out.” Roxanne took a seat next to me.

I could have figured that considering her previous statement. “That doesn’t answer my question, Roxy.” I murmured roughly and repeated myself. “How long was I out?”

“Well, you went unconscious around...I think 6pm last night and you’ve been out until now, which is….” She peered over at the wall clock for a quick moment. “Wow, one o’clock in the afternoon.”

“One o’clock!?” My eyebrows shot up and I darted my gaze up towards the clock. “I was out for that long?”

“Yep,” Roxanne answered with a slight nod, “and while you were out the doctors and nurses have been checking up on you like every second. Well, not exactly every second, but it sure felt like it.”

“Why were they checking up on me?”

“You’re kidding right?” My cousin eyed me like I was crazy. “You honestly don’t remember what happened last night?”

I rolled my eyes. “If I did remember I wouldn’t be asking.”

Roxanne shook her head. “Well, I don’t know how you don’t remember that. But your system basically went ballistic last night.”


“Yeah, you were complaining about your body being in pain and then suddenly you started screaming bloody murder and squirming around. Then my mom got the doctor and both him, your dad, Cole, Luke and Tyler held you down, then Luke said something about your eyes flashing yellow and the doctor decided to sedate you.”

“What?” The memory flashed back into my mind. “Ah I remember it now! Aw, man!” I hid my face in my palm. “I was so hoping that was just some crazy nightmare.” That’s probably why I didn’t remember it until now. I thought it was just a nightmare, a very strange, creepy nightmare that seemed so farfetched to be real. I combed my fingers through my hair meeting my cousin’s gaze. “But I guess that assumption wasn’t meant to be as well.”

“Sorry to disappoint you.” Roxanne apologized with a small smile.

I exhaled and glanced over at the machines as the change of scenery began to make sense. “So is that why there are more machines connected to me?”

“Yeah, the doctors are still trying to find a cause for all of that. But so far they’re not finding anything.”

“You’re joking, right?” I retorted, surprised by her information. “How could they not find anything after all of that?”

“Well, out of all the tests they have done on you they haven’t found anything wrong.”

“Oh come on, are you serious? Surely they would have found something.”

“You’d think so right, but I’m serious, all of the tests they have done on you so far have come out negative.”

This just didn’t make any sense. How could there be nothing wrong? Something obviously happened, so surely they would have found at least one thing unusual.

“But unfortunately with them not finding anything they can’t really do a whole lot for you.”

“Oh, no don’t tell me they’re actually going to send me home knowing what all took place last night?”

“Well,” Roxanne grimaced with an uncertain gaze, “at this point your dad’s thinking taking you home would be the best option.”

“What? Why would he think that?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know. All that he said was that if the doctors can’t find anything even with all the tests that they have done then there’s no point in keeping you here.”

“That doesn’t sound like my dad. Did mom agree?”

“At first no, she wanted you to stay here and have the doctors observe you. But your dad was very serious about taking you home and observing you on their own, then once she saw that determined look on his face she agreed.”

“What? Has he lost his mind or something?”

“Beats me, but,” Roxanne’s face became serious, “maybe he saw something that got him to think this way. He had looked at you pretty intently last night before the doctor came in and I doubt your dad would do something like this unless he had a good reason behind it.”

That is true and that look get gave me yesterday...maybe he did see something. Something that maybe the doctors wouldn’t be able to see? Could it be possible? Guess I’ll find out when we get home.

“Ah, so Sleeping Beauty’s finally awake, eh?”

Roxanne and I looked over towards the door as my dad walked in. He stood next to my cousin with his normal, fatherly smile. “How are you feeling?”

“Okay, I guess.”

“Does your body hurt at all?”

I moved my body around a bit to determine that it was no longer sore. Exhaling in relief, I answered. “No,” I met his gaze, “it feels perfectly fine now.”

“Good, we certainly don’t want another episode like last night.”

“Amen to that.” Roxanne agreed with her arms crossed.

“So, do you know what happened?” I asked my dad and then clarified when I saw my dad’s perplexed expression. “Of why my body reacted the way it did, since I’ll be frank that’s the first time my body has ever responded like that.”

Dad sighed, “No, unfortunately I don’t know. But don’t worry we’ll figure it out.”

“Without the doctors I take it?”

“Yes, there’s no doubt that boy did something. But I have a feeling it’s a thing that those doctors will never be able to pick up on, your body’s reaction tells me so.”

“Why’s that?” Roxanne quizzed with a raised brow.

“I’m leading to believe that this attacker may have powers.”

“What!?” Roxanne and I chorused.

“How can that be?” My eyebrows shot up. “You guys are the only ones with powers!”

“That we know of.” He corrected me. “The fact that we are somehow able to have powers makes me believe that there could be more like us out there.”

“But how?” Roxanne continued to ask, still flabbergasted by my dad’s statement. “How do you even know that this guy could have had powers?”

“Her eyes flashing yellow confirmed that for me.”

My cousin’s face lit up, “Oh that’s right!” She raised her eyebrow, “But I didn’t see that.”

“Of course you didn’t, no normal human should have been able to see that.”

“But you and Luke were able to.”

“That’s because that’s a type of thing that only we can see. You see because of our powers our senses have been enhanced where we can hear, see and smell things that normal people can’t.”

“Wow.” Roxanne merely replied in astonishment.

So my eyes did do that and here I thought I might have imagined it. But what happened? What happened after my eyesight flashed yellow? I’m obviously in a different room, did the other room somehow get damaged? I do remember hearing lights explode and objects breaking.

“Another thing that kind of makes me think that creep has some sort of power was what Tyler saw before he punched him.”

“Huh, Tyler?” I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard his name. Oh right! Tyler was here yesterday too! Oh man, I hope what happened didn’t freak him out.

“What did Tyler say?” Roxanne asked him curiously.

“He mentioned that the creep had her pinned up against an SUV and had her mouth open for some odd reason but he wasn’t kissing her.”

I gasped as that memory flashed back. “Ah, that’s right!” They met my widen gaze as I confirmed. “Yes, he had me pinned up against the car and I tried to struggle my way out of the guy’s hold, but once he told me to stop moving suddenly my body went numb. I couldn’t move one inch of my body and then he opened my mouth with his very close to mine and this wind type feeling started to come out of my body.”

Their eyebrows rose. But I went on. “So maybe this guy really does have some sort of power, since I can’t think of any normal reason of how he could have kept me from moving. Heck even my mouth wouldn’t move.”

Dad’s expression hardened, “Alright, that definitely has me convinced.” He moved to the other side of Roxanne. “If that’s not a sign that this jerk has powers, then I honestly don’t know what to think.”

“But why?” Roxanne spoke up anxiously. “Why would another magic person target, Ace?”

“I don’t know, but I’m dead set of finding out. But from this day forward.” Dad’s parental instincts kicked in as he sternly told us. “Until we find this guy and determine what his motive was I don’t want either of you to go off on your own. Make sure you two stick together or make sure that either I or Luke are with you.”

We nodded, “Yes, sir.”

Glancing around the room, the thought of Tyler floated back to the front of my mind. “Say?” I met my dad and Roxanne’s stares. “Is Tyler still around? Or did he go home?”

“He went home last night.” Roxanne answered, but rolled her eyes in slight amusement. “Although it took a lot of convincing to get him to leave, but once all the machines calmed down he eventually left with his dad.”

I raised a brow, “He wasn’t freaked out?”

“About what?”

“About, you know, what happened last night.”

“Oh.” Roxanne’s face lit up when she realized what I was talking about. “Well-”

“No,” Dad reassured with his arms crossed, “Tyler didn’t freak out. I think his main focus was on you more than anything else.”

“What?” I eyed him strangely. “But what happened was very abnormal, usually someone would have gotten a little nervous, especially when lights and objects began to break.”

“Ace, you were screaming and hollering.” Roxanne reminded. “So it was kind of hard to focus on other things when you were doing all of that.”

“But you guys saw it happen.”

“Ace,” She abruptly chuckled out and emphasized, “we are not Tyler. So we can’t tell you why he didn’t do something another person would do. That’s something you’re probably going to have to ask him yourself.”

I exhaled, knowing she was right. “I guess.”

“But don’t worry about Tyler.” Dad leaned down towards me. “I’m sure he’s fine. But anyway, let’s get you out of here, mom, Luke and Cole are waiting by the nurses desk filling out the paperwork and such.”


“Still nothing?” I asked my dad, still sitting in his secret workshop with mom, Aunt Miranda, Roxanne and Cole standing up against the wall. My eyes followed my dad as he moved from his tool bench to his chemistry work bench.

He’s had me come down here in his secret workshop since I came home from the hospital. Using all sorts of strange methods to figure out what the blonde attacker could have done to me. But for some odd reason none of his methods seemed to pinpoint any cause or explanation to why my body reacted the way it did.

Dad exhaled, shook his head and looked back at me, “Still nothing.”

“But how can that be, Uncle John?” Roxanne quizzed him. “That jerk obviously did something.”

“I know.” He moved up next to me. “But none of my tests are coming up with anything.”

“Seriously?” Cole eyed him strangely. “You guys have been at this all weekend and none of your tests are coming up with anything?”

“I know, I’m just as baffled about this as you guys are.” Dad cast me a glance, “Reggie, have you felt any different these past couple days?”

I groaned, “Well,” I lightly hugged my abdomen, “every now and then I start to feel this prickly feeling.”

“Prickly feeling?”

Nodding, I clarified. “That’s what it feels like, it’s like someone is gently rubbing Velcro all over me. It starts up in my head and makes its way throughout my body.”

“Really?” Dad’s eyes went wide. “When did this start?”

“Yesterday morning.”

“Anything else?”

“Hm.” I rubbed my chin. “No, that’s honestly the only thing.”

Dad merely exhaled with slight frustration and rubbed his temples.

“So, hun?” Mom spoke up, getting him to look at her. “Did that give you a hint of what could be going on?”

“I think, but,” Uncertainty appeared on Dad’s face as he suggested. “I would like to get my parents input on this.”

“Your parents?” Mom recited questionably.

“Oh, that’s right.” Aunt Miranda’s face lit up with realization. “Your mom, Darlene, has powers too, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, actually my whole family has powers, except my father and my siblings’ spouses. However, my mother is obviously more experienced than I am. So maybe she might be able to enlighten us a bit on this matter.” He looked over at my cousins and me. “But for now we’ll take a breather, since you kids need to focus on school and we need to focus on our jobs.” Dad’s gaze hardened slightly as he told me sternly. “However, I will ask that you stay aware of yourself, Reggie. Pay real close attention to your body, especially that prickly feeling, and if it starts acting strange you let us know. Okay?”

I nodded, “Yes, sir.”

Dad peered over at my cousins, “And you guys-”

“Yup, we’ll keep an eye on her to.” Roxanne interrupted, knowing what he was going to ask.

“Thank you.” Dad nodded with gratitude before he took of his gloves and glanced up at the clock. “Whoop time to get going.” Hastily he ushered all of us out of his secret workshop. “Go on, go on don’t want you guys to be late.”

“Yeah, yeah we’re going.” Roxanne retorted humorously as she grabbed my hand and gently pulled me along. She waved back our parents, “See ya after school.”

“I wonder if your dad was able to figure it out.” Roxanne questioned me gently as we strolled into the school building. “I mean, after you told him about that feeling something seemed to have sparked.”

“You saw that to?”

“Duh, of course I did, but I wonder why he didn’t say what it was.”

I spread my hands, “I guess he wants to make double sure before he tells us, he does like to do that you know.”

Roxanne sighed, “Yeah, I know. But I still would have liked to hear it, even if he wasn’t completely sure.”

“Can’t argue with that.”

“But at least your dad’s got some back up to turn to.” Cole reminded as he appeared on the other side of me. “I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be if he didn’t have that option.”

“Right? But hopefully his mom will be able to help us out with this.”

“Yeah, no kidding.”

“Anyway,” Roxanne waved as she ushered Cole along, “we need to get going. So see ya later.”

Cole rolled his eyes, “Alright.” He gave her a quick solute, “See ya.” He then raced off towards his side of the building.

Once he was out of sight Roxanne looks at me. “Well,” She aimed her thumb down the hall, “I’m going to head to my locker.”

“Okay.” I motioned to walk away.

“Oh, Ace?” Roxanne swiftly gave me an apologetic smile. “Just to warn you, I did tell Sam, Chester and Taylor that you got attacked.”

“Just about the attack,” I eyed her anxiously, “right?”

“Duh, of course! Come on, you know I wouldn’t reveal that type of thing. But I figured to tell them about the attack, since I wasn’t sure if you were going to be here today or not.”

I released the breath that didn’t know I held in. “Okay, so if I suddenly get attacked by bear hugs I’ll know why?”

Roxanne gave me an assertive nod, “Yes, ma’am!”

“Alright, thanks for the heads up.”

“No problem.”

We then parted ways as we went down the halls to get to our lockers. When I made it to my locker, I opened it and I began to unload my backpack. While doing so I glanced around the hall and Tyler suddenly crept back into my mind.

In dismay, I softly groaned. “I hope he’ll still talk to me after what happened.” I know my dad and Roxanne said he wasn’t freaked out, but maybe it didn’t sink in until he got home that I could be some type of mutant or something. But I guess I won’t fully know until I see him.

The woman with the polka dotted dress came to my mind and I immediately shivered. Amazing, even though it’s only been a three days I’m still pretty creeped out about it. There was just something about her that made me feel so… so strange. I can’t really explain the feeling, but I keep thinking she was just some crazy illusion, a fragment of my imagination. But a part of me knows she was real, considering that bizarre incident actually happened and she played some part in it.

Wait a minute! Could she be a clue in all of this? I didn’t start feeling the intense pain until I saw her at the front of that hospital bed. I’ll talk to dad about that when I get home.

“Reggie!” Voices hollered out throughout the school hallway. I hurled my attention to spot Samantha, Chester and Taylor racing towards me.

“Oh, hey guys,” I greeted softly. I got no verbal response from them; instead Taylor and Samantha attacked me with bear bugs. Even though I had expected them to do that, it still caught me off guard but I quickly returned them.

“Oh thank goodness you’re alright!” Samantha exclaimed with a relief.

“Yeah, me too.”

“So what happened?” Chester stood behind his girlfriend. His expression was curious but there was glimpse of concern in his gaze. “I know Roxy told us you were attacked by some lunatic in the Pick N’ Save parking lot but she didn’t go into the details.”

“I basically got mugged.” I fibbed. “I was coming out of the store and this guy suddenly comes up to me and pins me up against an SUV.”

“Damn!” Taylor cussed and tossed a glance at Chester and Samantha. “Remind me to buy some pepper spray one of these days.”

“No kidding, since it appears no one is safe anywhere.” Samantha retorted. “Not even a place like Mukwonago.” She returned her questionable gaze on me, “So did he manage to steal anything?”

“No,” I shook my head, “luckily, Tyler, intervened before the guy could take anything from me.”

“Tyler?!” Taylor gaped out in astonishment. “You mean, the Tyler Hunter? The one from our school?”

“Well, yeah, he is the only Tyler I know.”

“What about me?”

The four of us fidgeted at that sudden voice and we whirled our attention towards the person. My eyebrows shot up, “Tyler?!”

There he was, Tyler Hunter was standing right behind me with his one hand tucked in his jean pocket while the other hand held his binder. He was also completely by himself, Zane was nowhere to be seen, but it probably won’t be for long.

He furrowed a brow as he strolled closer to me. “What are you guys talking about?”

“” I didn’t expect to see him this soon, so I was thrown off guard a bit.

My eyebrows subconsciously rose when an image abruptly appeared in my mind. The image was of a faded boy where all I could see on his face was a wide, friendly smile. He laughed in a tone that made me automatically think he was around twelve years old.

“Haha, hey, you’re actually pretty cool. Maybe we should hang out sometime.”

Immediately, I shook my head ridding myself of the image. I rubbed my head as a slight pain surfaced. Whoa, just...just what the heck was that? Why did that image appear out of the blue like that? How weird. Who was that boy anyway?

“Oh thank you so much, Tyler!” Samantha’s shout jerked my attention towards her. My blonde friend went up to Tyler and hugged him. The action caused Tyler to jerk in surprise, but he didn’t move back nor did he push her away.

“Um...what are you thanking me for?”

“Duh for helping out Reggie.” Taylor answered, amazed that he would actually ask that. “If you didn’t intervene when you did, who knows what else that creep could have done to her.”

“Um...?” Tyler cast me a glance, silently asking for clarification.

“When that guy attacked me in the Pick N’ Save parking lot.”

“Oh!” His face abruptly lit up at the reminder. “Right that.”

“Seriously?” Samantha retorted. She let go of him, propped her hands on her hips and eyed him. “How could you forget something like that?”

“I didn’t, I just wasn’t aware that you guys knew about it. So I had no idea if you guys were talking about the same thing or not.”

“Roxy told them about the attack there.” I informed him.

“Ah, I see.”

“So again,” Chester spoke up, “thank you for saving her.”

Tyler waved his hand in reassurance, “Really, there’s no need to thank me.” He shrugged, “I just did what any sensible person would do.”

“We know.” Chester went on with a friendly, relieved smile. “So you’re officially on my good side.

“Yeah, us as well.” Samantha gladly agreed. “Any person who protects the ones I care about will automatically be on my friends list.”

“Oh, um, thanks.”

Taylor glanced up at the clock. “Oh, well,” She raised her binder and book, nudging us to look at her, “I better drop these off.” She began to walk away, “So I’ll catch ya guys later.”

“Wait, Taylor!” Samantha called out and dashed after her. “I still need to talk about next weekend!”

Chester merely chuckled as he gradually followed them. But he gave us a smile and waved, “Catch ya guys later.”

Mine and Tyler’s eyes followed him as I nodded. “Yeah, bye.”

When they were out of sight I looked up at Tyler for a quick second before I turned back to my locker and gathered up my things. My body became tense when I caught a glimpse of Tyler turning his attention back on me.

“So, how are you doing?”

“Oh, um not too bad.” I replied with a small smile. “Still a little anxious that something like that happened, but it’s gradually going away, bit by bit.”

“Yeah, I could imagine. What happened in the parking lot could scare anyone.”

“And with it being in Mukwonago that makes it even scarier.”

Tilting his head, he gave me a curious gaze. “Why would that be the case?”

“Hardly anything like that happens in these small towns, although Mukwonago is bigger than Palmyra and Eagle, but it’s still small compared to Milwaukee and Green Bay. So when something like that happens in a small town it can make people very edgy.”

“I see, so I imagine everyone’s going to start picking up some pepper spray or something.”

“Most likely.” I laughed lightly, “Taylor’s already talking about it.”

“It would be a good idea, considering the circumstances.”


We were silent for a moment while I made sure I had all my materials before I closed my locker and locked it.

“So, um.” Tyler gave me a weary look. “What exactly did you tell them? About the attack I mean.”

“Oh, um, Roxy didn’t go into the details but she told them I got attacked in that parking lot. Then I basically told them that he was a thief trying to steal something and that you helped me out.”

“That’s all? You didn’t tell them about the hospital?”

My heart sunk when he brought that up. “Um...n-no I didn’t tell them anything about that.”

“Did they know that you were there?”

I wrinkled my face as I thought about that. “I actually don’t know. I imagine they did but I guess they just thought I was there to check out any injuries the guy may have given me.”


Tyler grew silent and he stared at one of the lockers as he tapped his hand against his hip. It looked like he was mentally debating or thinking about something.

Swallowing hard, I took the plunge and spoke, “” I could feel my body literally freeze up when his eyes met mine. But I inhaled deeply and exhaled before I went on. “A-About the hospital...did you...did you freak out?”

“Are you talking about when your body went nuts?”

My heart stilled, but I nodded and shyly looked down. “Y-Yes.”

“No, not really.”

“Really?” My face wrinkled with perplexity. “How could you not have been? I mean, lights and objects were somehow exploding and breaking.”

“Well, I won’t lie and say that didn’t startle me, because it did. But my focus was more on you than any of that.”

“Huh?” My cheeks warmed up, blown away by his comment. So...he didn’t become scared of me after that? What a relief.

“So, did they-” Tyler began again.


We both literally jumped as two feminine voices echoed and from behind Tyler appeared Jenna and Alivia. The two zipped between us nearly knocking me over as they kept their flirtatious smiles up at him.

“How are you this morning?”

“” Tyler replied questionably still shocked that they had appeared.

“Good, did you have a nice weekend?”

“Uh,” He moved back a bit, “I guess? Not much really happened.”

“Oh, well, how about we walk with you to your class and you can tell us all about it.”


I glared at the two. So these nimrods really are going to try and suck their fangs into the twins. Honestly, do they really have to have all guys to themselves? Oh, whatever! I should probably get going to my first hour, I still have some studying to do before our quiz this morning.

I turned and began to walk away but suddenly froze in place when that prickly feeling swished through my abdomen. Glancing down at my stomach, I placed my hand over it as the feeling lingered.

“That feeling again.”

“Regina, wait!” Tyler’s voice hollered out.

Forgetting about the about the feeling, I looked over my shoulder and my eyebrows rose when I spotted Tyler rushing over towards me. My eyes followed him as he appeared beside me.

“I’ll walk with you to class.”

“What? Oh, no.” I waved my hand with reassurance. “You don’t need to do that.”

“I know, but I want to.” Tyler countered gently and smiled. “I want to talk to you and get to know you a little better.”

The heat in my cheeks returned, feeling flattered by that. “U-Um, s-sure. If-If you really want to.”

“Cool.” He placed his hand on my back and ushered me along. “Then let’s get going.”

The action startled me but I managed to shutter out. “U-Uh, o-okay.” Instinctively, I glanced back at Jenna and Alivia to find them with completely flabbergasted. But those faces soon vanished and were replaced with irritation.

Oh boy, I don’t like the looks of this. Something tells me those two are going to be a thorn in my side today. Perfect, just what I needed today.

Ah! That prickly sensation again, only this time it was a bit harsher. Jeez, just what on earth is this feeling?

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