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Chapter 6

Regina.” A feminine voice called out to me.

“Hm?” I turned only to have my eyes go wide when I saw that 1940′s woman with the polka dotted dress. “You.”

Sullenly, she stared at me with her eyes still lit up with a yellow light. “Now.” She raised her hand towards me. “Let’s put things back where they belong.”

“What?” Was all I could say before a piercing pain shot through my head. “AH!” I sharply yelped as I held my head. “Ah, this hurts!”

“I’m sorry my dear I know this will hurt, but this needs to be done. Your mind needs to be restored, you remember.”

Suddenly my vision went white, but gradually my vision cleared and soon I found myself sitting in a park underneath a tree. Wait... I recognize this park. It’s a park in Green Bay, Wisconsin that was on the east side of the city.

Feeling a warm breeze blow pass me, I found myself reading the first Harry Potter book, very enchanted by the tale.

“Wow!” I heard my twelve year old voice gush out merrily. “I wonder if dad could pull off stuff like that, would be pretty cool if he could.”

“Hey, you little punk get back here!”

“Huh?” My head darted up at the rough shout of an older boy.

Not too far from where I sat I spotted a group of teenage boys as they surrounded a blonde haired boy. The blonde haired boy appeared to be around the same age as I was.

“Now where do you think you’re going, kid?” The teenagers continued to intimidate the blonde boy. All of them were beyond furious as they glared at the boy, but the boy had his face hidden by shadows so I couldn’t tell what his expression was.

“Did you really think we would let you get away with what you did? Fat chance of that!”

“Uh oh, I don’t like the look of this.” I told myself in dismay. Tossing my gaze around the park, I finally stood up. “I better go help him.”

I began to walk over there when I saw one of the teenagers raise his fist.

“And you’ll pay for that you little runt!”

“No!” I hollered out and managed to make it in time to get between the two. The teen’s fist came to a halt as I raised my arms in order to protect the boy. “Don’t you hit him or you’ll regret it you big bully!”

A wicked laughter emerged from behind me, my heart sunk at the sound. Very cautiously, I peered behind me to watch the blonde boy as he smiled that wide eerie smile as a misty yellow light appeared around him.

Gulping, I dared to ask, “Wh-What? Why are you laughing?”

Horror vibrated through me as the blonde boy grow into a tall man, with a muscular figure. However, his face still stayed low to hide it in the shadows. He continued to laugh at me, but he suddenly stopped and just as his eye rose to mine he threw his hand out, aiming it right at me.

I didn’t even get the chance to scream or run when his hand clasped itself over my mouth. Once his hand landed on my mouth I felt him shove me and slam me up against a wall. I muffled out a scream, once my back made contact with the wall I shot my gaze up to find myself in some type of building. I was no longer in the park, it was a dark room and all I could see what the blonde man in front of me. Gasping in pure horror, I watched him as he stared at me with those emerald green eyes filled with amusement, resolve and determination.

“If you won’t join me like a good little girl,” The man spoke in a crazy like tone. My eyes went wide as I saw him pull out a huge needle from his back pocket. “Then I’ll make you.”

Panic struck me as I struggled against the man, but he kept his firm grip on me. I even tried to pound my fists against him, but that failed as well.

The wicked man chuckled as he inched that needle closer to me. “You’re mine now...slave.”

Screaming, I jolted up only to have two strong hands grab onto my shoulders, attempting to push me back down. That caused me to panic where I was shrieking my bloody head off while I rapidly struggled against the person’s grip. However, the person kept their tight hold on me.

Through the screams I heard a man shout with a gentle tone. “Reggie, Reggie calm down!”

Huh, wait? I know that voice! Jerking my gaze up I found the alarmed face of my father. “Dad?” My heart raced with anxiety and hope as I reached out to touch his cheek. Immediate relief came over me as I shot up from my bed and wrapped my arms around him. “Oh, thank God, Dad!”

It really is him. Oh, thank goodness, I thought I might have thrown myself into another dream. Although I don’t know if it would have been another nightmare or not, but I certainly didn’t want to find out.

“Yes.” Dad exhaled, wrapping his arms around me as he gave me a quick squeeze in return. “It’s me.” He then pulled back slightly as I met his typical kind, fatherly smile. “Now calm down before you hyperventilate.”

Releasing a shaky breath I nodded, “O-Okay.”

Once I finally released dad from my hold I realized that I was in my bedroom. It was a pretty decent sized room, with dark blue carpet and light blue painted walls with a pink flower border circling the room. There is a wooden desk on the left side of the room with my computer along with books, notebooks, papers, pens and lots of random junk that I should probably get rid of. Right next to my desk was a short brown bookshelf filled with more books, dictionaries, notebooks and a few jewelry boxes. On top of the bookshelf were a couple picture frames, one of my immediate family, one of Roxanne’s family and pictures of some of my relatives. Also on top of the bookshelf were shells in a small bowl and random stuffed animals.

Across from my desk and bookshelf was my wooden end table with my radio alarm clock and a lamp. Next to the end table was my twin-sized bed with a quilt that was outlined with light purple but inside was white with pretty purple swirls. I then gazed at my brown dresser, which was near the door and on top of that was my stack of CDs and computer games, random statues and a Barbie doll. My posters then caught my eye, a Skillet and a LeAnn Rimes poster hung over my desk and over my bed on the walls was a picture of an angel and a poster of Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. There was even a long thin mirror attached to my door.

This was so weird though, why was I in my room? I don’t recall ever entering and falling asleep on my bed. More importantly, why was dad here? Was it already five o’clock at night? No, the sun was still pretty high in the sky. But then why...?

“Dang, Apple Tikes,” Dad voiced in with his nickname for me. He leaned back on my desk chair, that he must have rolled over to sit by me, and eyed me with deep concern. He crossed his arms. “You must have had one heck of a nightmare if it got you to react like that.”

“Yeah,” I breathed out softly, “it was.”

“Do you remember what it was about?” Dad quizzed me curiously. “Or have you forgotten it already?”

“No, I remember it.” Although I must admit, I found that very bizarre considering I hardly ever recall any of my dreams. I exhaled again as I began to explain. “It was like this....”

I figured to tell dad about what happened in the dream, considering I was still shaken up by it. Usually when I get freaked out like this I always retreat to my parents because they know the right things to say to help me ease my nerves. However, as I explained my dream to my father, the color gradually began to fade from his face. It became paler when I told him what happened at the end of the nightmare.

“A needle?” Dad recited in a soft, alarmed whisper. “A blonde man came at you with a needle?”

Eying him with perplexity I answered. “Yes, they did. But of course,” I spread my hands, “it was only a dream so it’s not something to make a big deal about...right?”

“Yes, yes!” He swiftly replied and chuckled faintly. He waved his hand at me in reassurance. “Of course it was only a dream. Although,” Dad’s expression narrowed slightly as his voice became firm. Lowering his gaze, he trailed off into his thoughts. “The beginning of that dream definitely has me curious...not to mention that blonde boy and man...”

That reaction caused my heart to drop. “What do you mean?”

Abruptly, dad shook his head, “Ah, don’t mind me. I’m just thinking out loud.” His wide smile quickly returned as he ruffled my hair. “So you just focus on relaxing my little Apple Tikes?”

“Argh, dad!” I roughly pulled my head away so I could fix my hair. I groaned in dismay, “Why did you do that for?”

“I’m your father what other reason do you need?” Dad merrily replied with a humorous smile. “So therefore I have the authority to tease and rough house with you anytime I want.”

“Great, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.”

Gee, now I know where Luke gets that attitude from, like father like son I suppose. But what was with dad just a few seconds ago? Seriously, he looked like he had just seen a ghost or something. Also... that thing he said...about being curious with the beginning of the dream just what did he mean by that? Why did he immediately shrug it off like that? Should I be worried?

As my thoughts continued to circle around – trying to find the meaning behind his words and reactions – that 1940′s woman came to mind. I wonder if he means he’s curious about that woman and what she mentioned. A soft grunt escaped me as I remembered the events she caused at the hospital.

“Say, dad?” I spoke up cautiously, motioning to bring up that woman and her possible connection. “At-”

“You’re probably wondering why you’re in your room, right?” Dad lightheartedly returned, assuming that was the case.

“Huh, what? No, ah, I mean yes I am!” I quickly corrected. Realizing I was about to say something that wasn’t true, because I was slightly thrown off guard by dad’s abrupt question. “But I imagine that you brought me home?”

“Yup, you guessed right. You had passed out during lunch and the school called me to come get you. Although, the school was going to call an ambulance, but Roxy and that boy Tyler fought against it and had them call me first.”

“What?” Arching a brow, I eyed him with confusion. “Why would they do that? Heck, how were those two able to convince the staff to call you?”

Dad spread his hands. “They probably figured it was the best thing to do, getting my impute before they got any doctors involved. But I’m sure I’ll get an explanation from Roxy when she gets home from school. Those two and your friends also mentioned to the staff that you were just not feeling good the whole day and figured you’d passed out because of it.”

“And that somehow convinced the school faculty?”

“That’s the way it seems. Otherwise you would be in a hospital room right now.”

That still seems a little weird to me. But I guess there’s no use wondering or complaining about it, since it has already been done. However, like dad said, I’m sure we’ll get the full story from Roxanne when she comes over and she will. There was no doubt in our minds that she’ll be over right when she gets off of that school bus.

My stomach suddenly made a gurgle noise. Heat immediately rose into my cheeks, especially when I realized that the grumbles were loud enough for my father to hear them. With embarrassment I lowered my stare downwards and rubbed my abdomen, I know I shouldn’t feel like this considering it was only my dad. However, no matter who’s around it’s still a little awkward when someone is able to hear your stomach growl like that.

“Haha, I take it you didn’t eat anything at lunch?”

I shook my head. “No, I didn’t get the chance to. Actually, I was going to head up to the office, because I really wasn’t feeling well at all.”

“What?” Dad placed a hand on my forehead. “Here I thought Roxy was just making up that story so you wouldn’t go to the hospital. But are you really getting sick?”

“No, it’s not that type of illness, dad.” Shaking my head, I gently pulled his hand away. “It was that prickly feeling, it had gotten worse.”

Dad’s eyebrows rose. “Prickly feeling? You mean, that feeling you told me about this morning?”

I nodded, “Yup.”

“Is it still bothering you?”

I actually took that time to examine myself for the sensation only to realize that the prickly feeling was gone. I was half relieved, skeptic and slightly worried. “No, no...I’m not feeling it anymore.”

But why? As I recall it stopped feeling like that when...GASP! Memories came flooding back into the front of my mind when I recalled the incident that happened in the lunchroom.


That’s right! While I was waiting for Roxanne to come back with a drink for me, I was with Tyler and kind of had a conversation going. Then Alivia and Jenna showed up, shoving me aside, which somehow aggravated that prickly feeling. Tyler got upset and then an abnormal incident happened, which basically tore the whole cafeteria apart. But...there’s no way that could have seriously happened...could it? However, that prickly feeling and all the other sensations I felt....

“Hey, Regina!” I finally heard my father say, hurling me out of my thoughts. Meeting his gaze, he leaned towards me with concern. “Is everything alright? You suddenly gasped out of nowhere.”

“I-I’m not exactly sure.” I admitted, shying my eyes away while rubbing my arms. “A big incident happened at school that’s worrying me a bit.”

“Big incident? What happened?”

I opened my mouth to explain when my stomach made a loud gurgling sound. My cheeks heated up as I rubbed my belly. “Wow, that was loud.”

Slowly, a smile appeared on dad’s face as he chuckled, “Alright.” He stood up, grasping my attention. “I’ll go make you something. How does tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich sound?”

“Oo,” I chimed in merrily, “that sounds awesome!”

Dad laughed lightly before he turned and went towards the door. “Oh,” He peeked back at me, “and would you like Apple Juice or Milk?”

“Hm, I’ll go with milk.”

“What? Is my little Apple Tike actually choosing to drink milk for a change?” Humorously, he darted his eyes around. “Is the world coming to an end?”

I laughed. “Hey, I can willingly choose to drink something besides apple juice from time to time and this is just one of those times. Besides if I drink apple juice every single day and hour I’ll eventually get sick of it.” I wiggled my finger at him. “There’s no way I’m going to let something like that happen.”

“Haha, well your lunch will be up in a few minutes. So just relax and we’ll talk about it when I come back up.”

I nodded, “Okay.” Once he left my room an immediate sigh escaped me before I looked over towards my window. “I hope Roxy gets here soon.” I really need to talk to her and determine if what I saw at school truly happened. If it did, then could that prickly feeling be responsible? Both incidents in the lunchroom and in my 20th Century Literature class both happened when that prickly feeling got aggravated and became very intense. If it is then what could it possibly mean?

Whoa, why do I suddenly feel like I’m having a dejavu moment, this all feels very familiar to me. But that can’t be, this is the first time I’ve ever witnessed something like this. So why am I feeling such a thing?

“You remember.”

Remember? What did she mean by that? Remember what?

The images I saw during the event came to mind, the scene with the leaves flying around and the one where I was throwing things at a group of people. What...were those? Why...did they show up like that and at that time? There were also those images that just randomly showed up when I saw Tyler and Zane. They were also very puzzling. However, what has me even more that whatever these images are...all four of them, heck even the ending of that dream, are not disappearing from my mind. I can recall them as clear as day...I wonder why?

Grumbling, I felt myself stir from underneath my snuggly bed covers. Fluttering my eyes open, I discovered that my bedroom had gotten slightly darker compared to how it was earlier when I had shut my eyes. That’s when I realized that the sun was almost completely gone for the day. Raising a brow at the scenery, I mumbled. “What time is it?”

I reached for my clock, turned it to get a better view of the time. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. “Holy crap! Five o’clock!? I’ve been out for that long?”

Yes, when my dad brought up my late lunch we had gotten ready to talk about what had happened at school. But then my grandmother called, which caused dad to retreat downstairs so he could talk to her and not disturb me. After I had finished my lunch I waited for him to come back up, knowing that he would still want to talk about it. However, I started to nod off after a while of waiting, so I decided to take a short nap. However, I honestly didn’t think I would sleep for that long! Dang! I must have been more exhausted than I thought.

Throwing off my covers, I shot up to my feet, which I soon regretted when I became lightheaded again. “Argh.” Rubbing my head, I whispered to myself, “Guess I got up a bit too fast.” Miraculously, after a few seconds of waiting the dizziness faded. With relief, I sighed, “Thank you very much.”

Walking out of my room, I appeared at the stairs and very carefully walked down them. Voices suddenly flew into my eardrums, causing me to automatically stop halfway down the stairs. The voices sounded like they were coming from the kitchen, so I strained my ears so I could listen and determine whom they belonged to.

“My gosh, Roxy, did that all really happen?”

“Unfortunately, mom, it did.”

Astonished, frightened gasps soon followed. “Why the heck didn’t those teachers and faculty members send you kids home after all of that?” I heard my mother complain hotly. “I swear, you would think they would after something terrifying like that happens.”

“I know, but they obviously thought we would be fine, considering they didn’t release us until the typical time.”

“I also suppose,” Dad spoke up warily, “it’s not like it was a shooting or something more serious and it’s not like anyone got severely hurt.”

“And thank God for that. But I still think they should have done that regardless.”

Oh, sounds like Aunt Miranda, mom, dad and Roxanne are all present. Wonder if Cole’s here too? I would believe so, because Roxanne and Cole don’t have practices on Mondays. It sounds like they’re talking about the cafeteria incident, unless something else came up that was more urgent than that. Man, I hope not.

“Yeah, everyone on the middle school side were all wondering why we couldn’t have lunch in the cafeteria.” I heard Cole say. “But then we went past it for our gym class and we then understood why.”

“A big mess wasn’t it?” Roxanne quizzed him knowingly.

“A mess? Seriously, it looked like a freaking hurricane went through it. It was messier than my room.”

“And let’s hope it never gets like that.” Aunt Miranda pleaded to him. “For you and Roxy both, since I’m truthfully getting sick of telling you guys to clean your rooms practically every day.”

“Oh, mom, they’re not that terrible.” Roxanne assured her with slight annoyance.

“You wanna bet young lady?”

“But mom, I have my sport practices, my job and school to juggle. I don’t have time to clean it.”

“Yeah, same here, minus the job part though.” Cole interjected.

“Well, then you kids need to learn how to manage your time better. I know you can do it, if I was able to do it to prevent my house from becoming a junkyard and to keep my family from starving then I know you two can do it as well.”

Even though I couldn’t hear it, I had a hunch that both Roxanne and Cole were grumbling at their mother’s words. The two knew that she was right, but they didn’t want to openly admit it. Aunt Miranda wasn’t exactly the best at managing her time either in her younger years. According to mom, Aunt Miranda was into sports and had a part-time job when she was in high school and college just like Roxanne and her place was always a mess as a result of it. However, she eventually got sick of it and did her best to fit the cleaning and other things into her schedule so she had a livable place and an actual social life outside of her activities. She had to manage her time more when she married Uncle Roger and had Roxanne and Cole, although she almost reverted back to her old ways when Uncle Roger passed away four years ago. Fortunately, as time went by she got out of the slump and is truly now the master of time management.

“Anyway.” Mom intervened, bringing me out of my thoughts. Then with a questionable tone she went on. “So what should we do, John?”

Huh? What does mom mean by that? Do about what?

“Yeah, Uncle John.” Roxanne agreed with the same tone as my mother. “How should we approach this? Should we tell Ace or not?”

What? Tell me what? They...they can’t possibly mean that...the cafeteria...?

Dad’s wary sigh grasped my attention. “Even though I have no idea how this happened and I’m most definitely going to look into it. But I guess it would all depend if Reggie asks about it. If she does just tell her what you know or have her come to me and I’ll try to explain things the best that I can. If she doesn’t then don’t say anything the less-”

“What?!” I impulsively burst out loudly. Practically jumping down the stairs, I ran into the dining area of the kitchen. “What the heck are you guys talking about?” I urgently demanded with all of their eyes now on me.



“What aren’t you guys going to tell me?” I continued, ignoring their startled faces. I was slightly appalled by that. My family always tells me things whether I need to know them or not. So why all of a sudden wouldn’t they tell me something that is most likely extremely important?

“Uh-um...?” Mom, Roxanne, Aunt Miranda and Cole tossed their uncertain stares towards each other. They then peeked over at my father like they were mentally debating if they should say anything or not.

Seeing that reaction angered me even more. Hardening my gaze I pointed at them. “If this is about what happened in the cafeteria don’t you even think about hiding that from me!” Clenching my fists at my sides – disregarding the sudden wind, prickly pressure inside of me – I shouted. “I want to know what happened before I passed out!”

The lights flickered slightly, causing all of them to gasp in fright as my father shot up to his feet. “Whoa, whoa!” Dad zipped up to me and grabbed my shoulders. “Calm down, Reggie. Don’t go flipping out on us.”

“I will flip out if you guys refuse to tell me what I need to know!”

“Alright, alright already!” Roxanne hollered over me. I jumped back as she came up beside me with her face hard and her eyes narrowed on me with minor annoyance. “Don’t go getting your underwear all tied up in a bunch. Look, we weren’t going to keep that from you, since seriously,” She spread her hands, “what would the point of that be? Everyone at school will no doubt be talking about it for a while, so if you don’t hear it from us you’ll definitely hear it from our classmates.”

My heart sunk at her last sentence. “S-So...all of that...everything that happened at lunch really did-”

“Happen?” Roxanne finished for me as I rapidly nodded. She exhaled, “Yes, it did.”

My eyebrows rose with my heart continuously shaking with uneasiness. With the way Roxanne’s making it sound, it sounds like all of that did happen. My heart felt like it had literally stopped beating for a few seconds before it began to shake once again. Subconsciously, I took a step back with my heart sinking and pummeling inside of my chest. With my throat dry I managed to say, “S-So...n-none of that was my-”

“Imagination?” Dad’s eyes were stern but his voice was gentle and careful. “No, Reggie, none of that was your imagination.”

“And we have thousands of witnesses to testify for us if you need more proof.” Roxanne commented with high confidence.

“Not to mention it could be all over the internet by now.” Cole reminded. “Along with pictures, since I have a high hunch that some of them could have taken photos with their phones.”

“Heh, yeah no doubt about that.”

My knees trembled weakly as the shock settled itself within me. I continued to back up until my spine was against the basement door. I kept my eyes on my knees as I slide downwards onto the floor. Even though I saw this coming, there was still a part of me that was desperately hoping that the incident was just my imagination.

“Hard pill to swallow, ain’t it?” Roxanne quizzed me, which sounded more like a statement than a question.

Slowly, I nodded, “Y-Yeah, definitely.” I paused in order to swallow, hoping to moisturize my throat again. Then releasing a shaky sigh I commented. “I-I mean, sure I should be used to seeing things flying around because of Dad and Luke. But to see it happen at school and in that way....”

“Yes, that would be terrifying wouldn’t it.” Dad sympathized tenderly. “I know I would be a little freaked out after witnessing something like that, especially when you don’t even know what caused it to happen in the first place.”

I became silent as I stared down at my knees when he brought that to my attention. Sudden thoughts raced through my mind, one in particular being about the prickly feeling. My memories kept recycling, replaying both the classroom and the cafeteria incident over and over again. Replaying everything I had felt, everything that I had seen and how that prickly sensation reacted so strongly while they were going on but when the incidents stopped so did the sensation.

Taking another hard gulp, I hugged myself with sudden regret. “H-Hey, dad?” I met his questionable gaze as I asked cautiously. “Can you please tell me what your theory was? For that prickly feeling I told you about early this morning?”

Mom, Roxanne, Cole and Aunt Miranda eyed me mysteriously.

Dad furrowed a brow, “Why are you suddenly bringing that up?”

“Be-Because I....” I fiddled with my jeans nervously, “I think that prickly feeling may have something to do with what happened today.”

Mom, my aunt and cousins gasped softly while I watched my dad’s eyes go so wide that they looked like they could pop out of their sockets. In a split second, Dad bent down to stare straight into my eyes. He swallowed before he questioned me quietly, “What makes you say that?”

I inhaled deeply before I answered. “I had mentioned this to you earlier, remember dad? About how that prickly feeling had gotten worse since this morning? Well, it had been a huge nuisance all morning.”

“Ah, that’s right!” Roxanne abruptly exclaimed, immediately grasping our attention. Her eyebrows rose and she waved a finger at me. “You described the feeling as sharp Velcro needles rubbing all over your body.”

“Yes,” I replied with a nod, “and it became worse as the morning went on where even if someone were to playfully slap me I would feel such intense pain that it kind of made it hard to move.”

“Or even to concentrate.” Roxanne cast a glance at my father and kept her finger pointed at me. “She could hardly focus in any of her morning classes one of them being 20th Century Literature and that’s a class she always pays attention in.”

“Whoa.” Dad commented, very stunned by Roxanne’s exclamation. With his expression stern with new resolve, he averted his interest back on me and asked gently. “Alright, Reggie, explain everything to me, everything you saw and felt.” He tossed a glance up at Roxanne. “I know Roxy gave us a little insight of what you were doing during the whole thing before you came down here.” Lowering his gaze, he met mine again. “But I want to hear your side, since this might just be the thing we need to confirm what happened to you.”

I nodded, I then went off into my explanation, explaining every single thing that I had felt during the morning. The pains, the odd sensations, everything that prickly feeling made me feel. I had even brought up what happened in Mrs. Allen’s class and the build up before the cafeteria incident even began. I had also mentioned the yellow light I saw on the outer part of my vision. As I explained, with Roxanne chiming in with some more little details, I observed my family as their expressions slowly changed from intrigued to worry and then to utter shock. Those faces alone caused my heart to sink and shake with my own fright. However, my parents, cousins and my aunt remained silent until I had finished my tale.

Gulping, I then concluded, “And that’s everything.”

“Oh my.” Mom had hovered her hand over her mouth with her face wrinkled with concern.

“So,” Anxiously, I asked my dad, “what do you think, dad? Are they connected?”

Dad grimaced. “It’s kind of hard not to assume it, especially when that sensation had reacted so strongly during the whole thing.”

“They have to be connected, Uncle John!” Roxanne voiced in with desperation. “None of this has happened before. Sure, when Luke still went to school here there would be occasional things flying around but not to that extend where two rooms either got a little messy or completely torn apart.” She gestured her hand towards me, “But suddenly today it does? Today when Ace had been complaining about that prickly feeling? Also, like I had pointed out, while all those objects were flying around, Ace looked like she had been in some kind of trance. But then when she snaps out of it suddenly everything stops and smashes onto the floor? That prickly feeling has to be involved somehow!”

My cousin snapped her fingers at my dad. “This was why I was so insistent of the school calling you instead of an ambulance. With us possibly dealing with magic of some kind I figured you would be able to determine what was wrong more clearly than any doctor would at this point.”

Dad grunted, looking like he was mentally agreeing with my cousin.

“Say, John?” Mom spoke up tenderly, meeting my father’s stare. Her expression wrinkled with wonder while her eyes glistered with concern. “Were you able to get a hold of your mother? To help you confirm if your theory was indeed correct? About that prickly feeling?”

Dad nodded, “Yes, I did. She actually called me back after I had given Reggie her lunch.”

“Oh!” My eyes lit up with realization. “So that’s what you and grandma were talking about for so long?”

“Yes, it was.”

“Did she help you confirm it?” Aunt Miranda quizzed, sounding hopeful.

“Not exactly, although she did say it could be a possibility, but she was just as skeptical as I was. However, she did give me some ideas of tests I could do if I needed more confirmation.”

“But again, what was your theory?” Aunt Miranda continued to ask, getting us back to the previous topic. She crossed her arms. “We know you kept it to yourself until you knew for sure. But I think hearing a possible theory is better than not having an idea at all.”

“Agreed.” Dad sighed out. “Although, that explanation you gave me, Reggie, was just the thing I needed to make my theory more probable. However, I still may need to do a few tests, but not the whole list that your grandmother gave me.”

All of us arched a brow at him, confused of where he was going with this.

“Regina,” Dad continued, disregarding our looks, “your grandmother and I are leading to believe that you-”

I gulped, but remained silent while my heart slowed down, waiting to hear his answer.

His expression narrowed, “That you somehow have powers.”

My eyebrows rose high up on my forehead while my eyes shot wide open. “What! Powers?” I pointed at myself, “Me?”


Suddenly the image of me moving a pile of leaves around and the one with me throwing things at a group of people came to the front of my mind. Once those scenes reemerged in my mind that feeling of familiarity reappeared. Why did the idea of me having powers...feel familiar? How can that be when this is the first time I’ve experienced such a thing...right?

“What!” My mom and the three chorused loudly. Their shouts instantly brought me out of my thoughts to look over at them.

“But how, John?!” Mom exclaimed. “How could that even be possible? Sure, I know this trait has passed through your family but...Regina,”

“I’m not exactly sure myself. However, of what I’ve heard,” Dad paused and stared at me for a second. He then exhaled and added lowly, “and seen, it’s all leading me to that conclusion.”

“How?” Roxanne returned as the shock still lingered on her face. “How did you even conclude that?”

“Yeah,” Cole snorted out, “I honestly thought you were gonna say that Ace was cursed or something.”

“That’s not a far-fetched option either.” Dad replied. “But that prickly feeling...” He trailed off for a brief moment before he admitted, “is what both Luke, my mother, my siblings and I feel every time we use our powers.”

We gasped sharply at his confession.

“R-Really?” I stuttered out, unsure of how I should feel about this.

He nodded, “Although, it’s not that sharp Velcro stabbing type of feeling. It’s more of a pine tree leaf brushing against your skin type of feeling, but nonetheless that tickling, prickly sensation is what we feel. But another thing that’s kind of confirming it for me...” Dad paused for a second before he added cautiously, “is that yellow light that keeps showing up around your body.”

“What?!” I gaped out.

“Yellow light?” Cole recited, his face wrinkled with perplexity.

Mom and Aunt Miranda’s eyes went wide, but they remained silent.

“Wait!” Roxanne abruptly gasped out and waved a finger at my dad. “I remember you mentioning this to me and Ace on Saturday at the hospital?”

Dad nodded, “That I did.”

“So that yellow light is still making an appearance?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Whoa, whoa hold the phone!” Cole waved his hands getting everyone to look at him. He raised a brow, “Just what are you two talking about? What yellow light? I’ve never seen her body light up like that?”

“That’s because you can’t see it.” Dad explained. “Only us Telekisors would be able to see it.”

“Oh.” Cole’s eyes lit up as it dawned on him. “Well, what exactly is that yellow light?”

“Yeah.” Roxanne tilted her head with curiosity. “That’s something you never really explained to Ace and me.”

“That yellow light is basically energy.”

“Energy?” Roxanne, Cole and I question in unison.

“Yellow energy?” Mom gaped out softly. She swallowed before she asked my father cautiously. “So, John, are you implying that Reggie has become a Telekisor? You did mention years ago that the yellow energy is what you produce when you’re using your powers.”

My cousins’ eyes went wide, while I gasped. “What?”

“That’s where my theory is leading, yes.”

“But how can we know for sure that’s what it is?” Aunt Miranda quizzed, still flabbergasted by my dad’s answer.

“There’s only one way to find out.” Dad replied. He then stood back up on his feet with his determined gaze still on me. “Let’s head down into my workshop and we’ll go through a new wave of tests to see if you did become a Telekisor.”

“Okay.” Getting back up onto my feet, I nodded, “Let’s do this.”

So all of us were now in my father’s secret workshop. Dad and I stood in the middle between his huge work bench and his chemistry table while Roxanne, mom, Cole and Aunt Miranda either stood or sat on the floor near the opening into the workshop.

“So,” I spread my hands, “what are the tests?”

“First,” Dad propped his hands on his hips, “we need to determine if you just developed a type of telekinesis or,” His face hardened slightly, “if you have become a Telekisor like you brother and me.”

“But how will you be able to tell?” I asked.

“The first thing I’m going to do is test your senses. Your sense of smell, hearing and sight, since if you are a Telekisor those would have been enhanced to a nonhuman like level.” Dad strolled over towards his huge work bench and bent down to open one of the cabinets that were underneath. He pulled out a decent sized boom box and placed it on his work bench.

My gaze followed him, but I kept my stance in the middle of his workshop.

“Let’s start with your hearing.” Patting the boom box, Dad explained. “I’m going to play one of my CD’s and I’ll be adjusting the volume to test your hearing.” His fingers traveled to the volume button. “I’ll put the volume at the range that an average person would be able to hear. Then once you hear it at an average level I’ll make it go higher and lower to see if your hearing has increased.”

I nodded, “Okay.”
Dad bent back down into his cabinet where he had stored the boom box, from the cabinet he pulled out a binder full of his and Luke’s CDs. Even though, everyone in this day of age have gone to iTunes or other source of media to get music, but my dad and Luke still like to collect CDs from their favorite singers and bands. He pulled out a Skillet CD and placed the disc into the boom box, once it was in he fiddled around with the buttons until the music began to play.

“Oo, Skillet!” Roxanne gave my dad a thumbs up. “Excellent choice!”

Dad glanced at her and merely nodded, acknowledging her remark. “Can you guys hear it just fine over there?”

“Crystal clear.” Cole gave him the “okay” sign.

Dad nodded, “Okay.” He looked at me, “How does it sound to you?”

I grimaced, “Honestly, a little loud, but manageable.” I gave him a cautious look, “Is that normal?”

“Well, I’ll be honest, this is a little loud for me as well. But again, this is what an average person can hear, however, everyone’s different even a normal human. So, let’s adjust the volume, now I’m going to make it louder to see how tolerable your hearing is until you can’t take it anymore.”


So dad gradually cranked up the volume while he kept his eye on me to see my reactions to the volume. I kept my focus on the sound only to slowly realize that the music was getting unusually loud, it was getting to the point that my ears were actually started to pound. I grimaced with every volume hike my dad made, until I finally yelped in pain and clasped my hands over ears when the music got so loud that the pounding my ears became unbearable.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough!”

I caught a glimpse of dad flinching and in one quick motion he stopped the music. I sighed with immediate relief. “Ugh, man that was so loud it made my ears pound!”

“Seriously?” I heard Roxanne comment as she raised a brow at me. “I thought that volume was pretty reasonable to me.”


“Hey, Reggie, wanna see what level of volume that was?” Dad asked curiously.

I looked at him to find him eying me with amazement. My nerves shook when I saw that expression. “Is it abnormal?

“You tell me.” He told me as he pointed down at the volume.

Letting out one shaky breath, I moved towards my dad’s work bench. I leaned over to get a better view of the volume and was utterly shocked when I saw the level. “What?! My ears began to pound at that level?”

But I could tolerate the level before?! Sure, even before today that would have been a little loud, but not ear pounding loud! That is so unlike me, the volume my dad had me start out with was always the perfect volume level for me and there were times where I could go a little higher and it wouldn’t be a problem. So why today is it suddenly becoming an issue?

“I take it by your expression,” Dad eyed me with confirmation, “that this is abnormal for you?”

I nodded, lowering my gaze to stare at the boom box, still in shock. “Yes, it is.” Raising my eyes to meet his, I asked. “Does that mean my sense of hearing has indeed increased?”

“It would seem that way, since even I’ll admit that level was very intolerable for me. However, I want to do one more test before I completely confirm if your hearing has increased or not. So, now I’m going to lower the volume to where a normal human can’t hear it and we’ll see if you can.” Dad moved his fingers towards the volume button again. He cast a quick glance in mom’s, cousins’ and my aunt’s direction. “Let me know when you guys can’t hear it.”

Mom, Roxanne, Cole and Aunt Miranda nodded. “Okay.”

Dad began to lower the volume, but kept his stare on our audience, waiting for the cue. I watched them myself as their eyes suddenly lite up.

“Okay, Uncle John!” Roxanne exclaimed. “I can’t hear it anymore.” She glanced over at the others, “How about you guys?”

“I’m good.” Cole answered.

“Yes, I can no longer hear it as well.” Mom replied while Aunt Miranda nodded in agreement.

“Alright.” Dad stopped fiddling with the volume and met my gaze. “What about you?”

I listened and learned that I could still hear it very clearly. “Yes.” I wrinkled my face oddly, “I can still hear it, like the song’s at a normal talking level only...softer.”

“So can I.” Dad informed.

My eyebrows rose in shock.

“How about we try this? Why don’t you back up as far as you can until you can’t hear it anymore.”

I obeyed my father’s instructions as I began to back up. However, as I kept backing up I would gradually discover that I could still hear the song, the lyrics, the music, everything. I kept going until finally made it to the far left corner of my father’s workshop between his car tool shelf and wood tool shelf. Once I reached the corner, I literally had no choice but to stop and I turned my attention towards the music.

Wrinkling my face, I hummed.

Dad must have noticed because he suddenly asked. “What’s up, Apple Tikes?”

“Well, I can no longer hear the lyrics.” I informed. “However, I can still hear the music, but it’s very quiet from this distance.

“Wow.” Cole’s eyes went wide in amazement. “That’s quite the hearing.”

“Not completely true.” Roxanne lightly argued. “Remember both Luke and Uncle John can hear someone yelling from two houses down when they are here in this workshop.”

Cole bobbled his head in agreement. “True, but this is Ace we are talking about here. So for her that is pretty amazing.”


Dad had his eyes on my cousins before he met mine again. “Have you been able to hear that far before?”

I shook my head, “No, so does that mean that-”

“Your hearing as increased? Yes, looks like it is pointing in that direction.”

My heart skipped a beat, but I didn’t say another word.

“Even though I would like to run a few more tests to see how much. But as of right now, I’ve seen all I needed to confirm that.”

I inhaled deeply before I released it. Looks like the first time on the list has been confirmed, now it’s onto the last two.

“Now,” Dad stopped the music, “let’s check on your sense of smell.” He stood in front of me as I walked back towards him. “For this test, I’m going to have you smell an item, then I’ll hide it somewhere in this workshop and you’ll have to use your nose to find it.”

I raised a brow, “Is your sense of smell really that strong where you can do something like that?”

“For the most part, where I can smell one of our neighbors cooking burgers next door.”


“Anyway,” Dad held out his hand, “let me summon our test subject.”

My eyes went wide when I saw a bright yellow light emerged around his hand. The light then turned into some type of misty material as it came out of my dad’s hand to maneuver itself to form into a round shape. I continued to observe the light as I began to recognize the shape it was transforming into. However, once the shape had completely formed in his hand the light instantly vanished revealing a red apple.

“Whoa.” I muttered out softly. Was that yellow light that energy that dad and mom were talking about just a few minutes ago?

“Dang!” Cole beamed at us, looking a little blown away. “I still can’t get over how cool that is.”

“Me neither.” Roxanne agreed.

“So.” Dad tossed the apple up and down in his hand. “I want you to get a good whiff of this apple and once you have the scent memorized I’ll hide it, alright?”

I nodded, “Okay.”

“Why an apple?” Cole’s face wrinkled with confusion. “Why not summon something that has a bit more of a scent to it?”

“Apples are Reggie’s favorite, so I thought we could use it to our advantage for this test. Besides, it might not smell like much to you, but to someone like me I can pick up on its scent pretty quickly.” Dad waved his finger at me, “So if Reggie’s scent has indeed increased she’ll be able to pick up on it pretty quickly herself.”

“Now, Reggie,” Dad gestured his hand towards me, “come and smell this apple.”

I obeyed as I walked closer to him and leaned my head down to smell the apple. Humming pleasantly, I took in the apple’s scent. “Man, this apple smells good.”

Mom chuckled as she shook her head with a smile. “Why am I not surprised by that?”

Meekly I returned the smile.

“Alright,” Dad spoke up, grasping my attention, “you have it memorized?”


“Okay, now I’ll use my powers to hide it.” Dad positioned the apple in his hand as it soon became engulfed in that yellow light. Soon the light had spread to the apple and all my dad had to do was toss it up in the air and suddenly the apple disappeared in a flash of light.

My head instinctively flinched back, startled by the flashing light.

“Alright,” Dad pointed at me, “you’re up, Reggie.”

I merely nodded before I closed my eyes and focused on locating the scent. Although, I must admit it was kind of hard considering of the other scents I caught onto, like the wood of dad’s work bench and shelves. However, I quickly caught onto the sweet aroma of the red apple, a lot quicker than I thought I would.

Darting my eyes towards the direction of one of his tool shelves, the one that had the wood tools, and made my way towards it. I had to rummage through the shelf before I finally found the red apple behind my dad’s bin of nails and screws.

Smirking with satisfaction, I grabbed the apple, looked back at the others and waved the apple. “Found it!”

“Wow.” Cole gawked in astonishment. “That was pretty quick.”

“Well,” Aunt Miranda leaned towards him, “Uncle John did use one of Reggie’s favorite foods. So when you smell one of your favorite foods you usually tend to migrate to it a little quicker than you least favorites.”

“That is probably why Uncle John used the apple.” Roxanne brought up. “I’m sure he doesn’t want to spend the whole night on these tests.”

“Nope, especially with being a school night and all.” Mom added, agreeing with her.

My eyes stayed on them as I made it back to my father’s side. I looked up at him, “Is that another reason?”

“More or less.” Dad took the apple from me. Then with a flick of his hand the apple was tossed up and in a flash of light it disappeared. “I just want to make the tests short and simple while getting the point across, because if you have become a Telekisor then you and I are going to have some work to do tonight.”

“Yeah, right. So,” I went back to the topic at hand, “with how fast I picked up on that scent does that mean that my sense of smell has increased?”

“Yes, since like Cole mentioned it’s not a very smelly food, unless you get real up close to it. The only time you can really smell an apple is if you cook it. So the fact you were able to pick up on it just from this distance gives us the hint that it has been enhanced.”

My nerves sparked up again. But releasing a shaky breath, I replied. “So, that only leaves one more left.”

“Yes, your vision. Now this test will definitely confirm if you’re a Telekisor or not.”

Tilting my head, I asked curiously, “How so?”

“Being able to hear and smell at a far distance is one thing, however it can vary from person to person, even among us who are already Telekisors. But the one thing that is always the same is what we Telekisors can see and it’s the one sense that definitely makes us different beside us having powers.”

“Because you guys can see things that no one else can?”

“Yes, and one of them I will be using in this test.” Dad raised his hand. “Now, I don’t know if you were watching my hand while I was summoning that apple. But I want you to pay real close attention to my hand and tell me if you see a yellow light emerge around it.”

My eyebrows rose, however, I stayed silent and watched my dad as he focused his attention down at his hand. Then in a blink of an eye a wave of yellow light engulfed his hand.

Jerking my head back slightly, I gasped, “Whoa.”

Dad’s eyes went wide for a split second before he narrowed them. “I take it by your reaction that you can see it?”

Slowly, I nodded, “Yes, I can. I was also able to see that light when you summoned that apple and when you made it disappear for the first time.”

I watched dad inhale deeply before he released a loud breath.

“So,” With slight hesitation, I asked, “that yellow light is basically energy? I know you had mentioned that when we were upstairs.”

“Yes, however, only Telekisors can produce this yellow energy.”

“Yeah, mom had said something about that when we were upstairs as well. But why?”

Dad shrugged as the yellow light around his hand disappeared. “Probably because they have powers, since we Telekisors can only produce that yellow energy when we are using our powers. But for everyone else and for any basic energy tasks you will see a clear, wavy, steamy type air.”

“Wavy, steamy air?”

“Hm, the best way to explain it....” Dad left my side and traveled to one of his cupboards that hung by his tool shelves. “Is by showing you what I mean.” He pulled out a jar of dill pickles and held it out towards me. “I’ll show you by using this jar of pickles.”

“Ah!” Mom gaped out. Her cross eyes were on my father while she propped her hands on her hips. “So you were the pickle jar thief! I knew it had to be around here somewhere, considering I had just bought it!”

Meekly, dad chuckled and gave her an apologetic smile. “Sorry, Diana, you know I’m a sucker for these dill pickles.”

“I know. But, John, you need to tell me when you take things out of the kitchen. I was seriously looking all over the kitchen for that jar to make my pickle relish for dinner last week when we had brats.”

“Sorry, sorry, I promise I’ll let you know next time, okay?”

Mom exhaled loudly, “Alright.” She crossed her arms, “But you better make up for that, I was really looking forward to that pickle relish.”

Smiling warmly at my mother, dad assured her, “I will, I give you my word.”

Mom returned the tender gesture, “I’ll hold you to that.”

Dad gave her a quick nod before he averted his interest back on me. “Alright, Reggie.” He strolled back towards me with his hand on the lid. The yellow light emerged around his hand again and it spread onto the lid, however, just as quickly as the light came in a flash it was gone. “Now I’m putting a little spell on this lid to make it a little difficult to open.” Meeting my gaze, Dad instructed, “As I attempt to open it I want you to pay real close attention to my hand and tell me what you see.”

I nodded, “Okay.”

Dad now stood in front of me as he went ahead and tried to open the jar lid. His face squinted and I could tell by his expression and by how he was twisting his hand that he was really trying to use his muscle to get the lid open. Suddenly around his hand emerged this wavy air, almost like I was staring at a ripple effect in a lake.


“You see something don’t you?”

“Yes, it’s like....” My face wrinkled as I tried to find the right words. “This wavy air, almost like I’m staring into a lake or seeing some type of heat coming right out of your hand.”

“And that, Reggie, is what normal energy looks like.” Dad confirmed, releasing his hold on the jar lid. “Although, you will only be able to see it like that when someone is using an intense amount of it. For example, if you see someone lifting weights or even opening a jar like this you will see that wavy air, because they are using the majority of their muscle and energy to do those things.”

“I see.”

“Well.” Dad released his hold on the lid of pickles and propped his hand on his hip. “This has definitely confirmed my theory. The fact that you were able to see that yellow energy and that you are also able to produce that same light and also being able to see the normal energy definitely tells me so. So you, Reggie, have become a Telekisor like me, your brother, and the majority of my family.”

I inhaled deeply before I released it, my heart thumped against my rib cage like a wild drum. Sure, I had anticipated this would be the answer, but to have it get confirmed right from my father’s mouth just has my nerves racing. I just couldn’t believe it, I have powers. Me, I have become...a Telekisor?

“Whoa.” Cole gaped out softly. “Are you serious, Uncle John?”

“Yes, very.”

As the thought began to sink in my nerves changed while a smile gradually appeared across my face. Instead of being anxious I became tickled with excitement, and even though that feeling of familiarity intensified, I ignored it as I murmured to myself. “I’m...a Telekisor.” Once those words left my mouth, my face immediately lit up and I pumped my fist into the air. “YES!”

My powers suddenly reacted as the items on Dad’s work bench flew right off. I gasped sharply and hastily covered my mouth with my eyes now on the work bench. After a moment of staring at his work bench, I cautiously peeked up at my father to see him gazing at his bench as well.

Sheepishly, I said, “Hehe sorry, dad.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Using his powers, Dad levitated the pickle jar while used both of his hands to put the items back onto the work bench. “This is something very minor compared to what you could have done.” Once the items were back on his work bench Dad tossed me an amused look. “But I take it someone’s a little thrilled about getting powers?”

“That’s an understatement.” Roxanne commented lightheartedly. “I don’t think I’ve seen her get that excited about something in a real long time.”

“Hehe, yeah I guess I am.” Rubbing the back of my neck, I grinned at my father, “But as far as I can remember I’ve always been a little envious about you all having powers. Witnessing all you guys have been able to do and me constantly wondering what it would be like to have them. I mean, I’m the only blood relation to you that didn’t develop their powers right away, so I’ve constantly dreamed and hoped for the day that I would finally get mine. However, I thought it would never happen considering how long it has been, but the day has finally come so you can bet I would be ecstatic about it.”

“Regina.” I heard Aunt Miranda speak up warily. She eyed me strictly with her arms crossed, “I think you should be a little more worried about this than you are. We don’t even know how this even happened and all of this transpired right after that punk attacked you.”

Immediately, I groaned when she reminded me of that. What a way to burst my bubble, even though I knew she was right.

“That is true.” Mom agreed. “It’s hard not to assume he played some sort of role in this.”

“Oh, that boy did all right there’s no doubt about that.” Dad moved his hand around in order to put the pickle jar on the work bench. “But why is a whole other question in itself.”

“What? Wait!” Looking up at Dad, my face wrinkled with perplexity. “Are you saying that I’m not a late bloomer?”

“No, Reggie, you are not. The fact that your powers appeared right after the incident with him is proof of that.”

“So then is it possible that he gave me the powers? I mean, if I’m not a late bloomer then that must be it right?” Even though I said that, for some reason I’m doubting it.

“I don’t think he gave you powers either. Although, I’m not sure if we’re dealing with another Telekisor or another type of magical being, so I have no idea what this guy is capable of. But I don’t believe it would be that easy to get powers.”

“How would you know?”

“I don’t, but believe me, Reggie, you’re not a late bloomer and that guy did not give you these powers.”

Eying him strangely, I challenged, “Then how in the world did I end up with them?”

Grunting, Dad rubbed the back of his neck with uncertainty. He appeared to be hesitating about something.


Finally letting out a sigh, Dad lowered his hand back to his side. “We’ll get into that at another time. But now that we have determined that you are a Telekisor it’s time to teach you how to use your powers.”

Tilting my head, I eyed him questionably. What was he so hesitant about?

“But, Uncle John?” Roxanne eyed him with apprehension. “Shouldn’t we figure out if there’s a meaning behind this? Like if maybe this creep is planning something?”

“Trust me, Roxy, we will.” Dad assured her. “However, we can’t do much about it tonight. So as for right now my main goal is to teach Reggie how to control her powers.” He then gazed at me knowingly, “I doubt you want another cafeteria incident to happen.”

Hastily, I shook my head, “Heck no!”

“Didn’t think so. So let’s get starting on it shall we?”

Slowly, I nodded, “Okay.” Guess I’ll let it go for now, since he did bring up a good point. Let’s worry about learning how to control these powers then we’ll figure out the hows and whys later.

“Alright, the one key thing that will help you control your powers.” Dad pointed at his head. “Is your mind.”

“My mind?”

“Yes, your mind is the key to control and to use your powers. So whatever your mind can come up with you can use that with your powers as long as it’s within its limitation.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yes, so now that you have your powers you can use your mind to maneuver them. So what I want you to do is to focus your energy into the pit of your stomach and once your energy is there you move it around with your mind.”

“Will that prickly feeling show up?” I questioned sullenly.

“Yes, it will.”

I groaned in dismay, “It won’t be painful will it?”

“No, it won’t be that intense this time. I think what happened was that you didn’t have powers before so your body was reacting to the new energy and was getting adjusted to it. But now that your body has become adjusted it won’t be so painful this time.”

I sighed in relief, “Good.” I certainly didn’t want to be in pain every time I used my powers, that would be a total waste.

“Alright.” Dad nudged his head towards me, “Now give it a try.”

Nodding, I closed my eyes so I could concentrate. Using my mind I could feel the prickly feeling emerge in my veins once again throughout my body. Immediately I tensed up for a quick second, but I then relaxed when I realized it really wasn’t as intense as it was earlier. It was like someone was gently brushing their nails or a pine tree leaf rubbing against me, giving me that tickling sensation. Once I felt that sensation I instantly knew that was my new energy, my powers I used my mind to gather up the energy into the pit of my stomach.

“Whoa.” I wrapped my arms around my abdomen. “This is definitely a weird feeling.”

“I imagine it would be.” Dad commented and crossed his arms. “You haven’t felt a sensation like that before so it will feel strange.” He smiled tenderly, “But I promise it’ll get less noticeable the more you use your powers.”

“Okay, I’ll take your word for it.”

“Are you moving your powers around inside of you?”

“Not yet.” I grunted, getting back to the task at hand, “But I’ll get there.” Once I said that I moved the tickling, prickly feeling around inside of my abdomen. After a while of doing that I moved the sensation inside my arms and legs.

“Are you getting the feel for it?”

“Yes.” I nodded, “I am.”

“Great!” Dad exclaimed, catching my attention, “Now that you’ve got the feel for it let’s get into the telekinesis part of the powers, since while we are doing that it’ll help you to learn how to control your powers.”


“Alright!” Dad clapped his hands together. “Let’s get to it.”

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