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Chapter 7


Jerking awake, I darted my eyes only to groan with minor aggravation when my alarm clock came into my view. Slugging over towards it, I raised my hand and shut off my clock. “Ugh, that gets me every single time!”

Once it was off I laid on my back and rubbed my eyes. “Man, when exactly did I fall asleep? I can’t remember, it was like once my head hit the pillow I was out like a lamp.” I exhaled and lowered my hands back to my sides. “But dad really worked me out last night, so I guess I should have expected that.”

Throughout the evening dad instructed me how to control my powers. He also gave me a few pointers of how to use them – at least the telekinesis part of it – in order to ease my way into it. But he had me working with my powers non stop, the only breaks I had were for supper and for the occasional bathroom break. But I swear I don’t think I’ve ever used that much mental energy in my life. When it was time for bed I was so exhausted that I thought I would fall and sleep right on the floor. Luckily, I didn’t.

Grunting, I sat up and stretched out my arms and legs as the day ahead came to the front of my mind. “Wonder if there will be any school today?” I pushed the covers off and stood up. “Guess I’ll go find out.”

Once I was on my feet I turned and instinctively motioned to make my bed. However, I immediately stopped. “Wait!” I grinned as a thought came to me. “Why am I making my bed the normal way?” Raising my hands, I hovered them over my bed. “When I can use this opportunity to practice some more.”

Using my mind, I called my powers, causing that tickling, prickly feeling to emerge within the veins in my arms. I felt the sensation tickle its way up into my hands and I watched my hands in amazement when they were soon outlined with my yellow energy. Once the powers appeared around my hands, I focused my interest onto my bed sheets. The yellow energy shined, outlining my bed sheets, and once I saw that light I moved my hands to the left. When I did that the bed sheets moved along with my hands, I groaned as I took note of the bed sheets shaking a little bit and my head started to feel strange, like I was doing a headstand with all the blood rushing into my head. Instinctively, I slowed myself down in order to get this right without overdoing it or messing the bed up even more than it already was. It took a while, but I persevered until my bed was completely made.

Once the task was done I exhaled in relief. “Wow, I really need to practice. That wasn’t as steady as it should have been, especially when dad and Luke can do it a lot quicker and smoother than this.”

Turning around, I peered over towards my closet and smirked when another idea hit me. “Well, lets get some more practice in.”

After a few minutes of messing around with my powers, which basically consisted of me pulling out my clothes from my closet and drawers, I finally got dressed and went downstairs. I came into the kitchen while tying up my hair into a braided ponytail. I felt like being a little festive today with my blue jeans that had the leggings tucked into a pair of black fashion boots, and a long sleeved pocket hoodie that had black and white striped sleeves and the hems had that design as well. Then in the center of the hoodie and the cufflink part of the shirt had floral print with a black background with pinkish red flowers.

My eyes traveled towards my parents to spot dad reading some of his paperwork while he ate his eggs. Mom was over by the stove getting another set of eggs ready as she talked on her cellphone.

“Good morning.” I greeted with a smile and made my way towards the dining room table.

Dad’s face lit up when he saw me, “Ah, morning, Reggie. Did you sleep well?”

“You bet I did.” Once I had my hair all set I sat down at the table next to him. “Once my head hit my pillow I was out.”
“Had a feeling, you did use a lot of energy, a lot more than you’re used to. So that type of reaction afterward would be expected.”

“Yeah, right.” I peeked over at mom to see her still on her phone. “So?” I met dad’s gaze and nudged my head towards mom. “Who’s mom talking to?”

“The school, to clarify if you will have it today or not.”

“Oh, right. Wait!” Raising a brow, I eyed him curiously. “Wouldn’t that type of information be on the news?”

“It would be if they had a story on it.” Dad shrugged. “But there were no stories on it so that information wasn’t there.”

“What?” I crinkled my face with perplexity. “Wouldn’t something like that be on the news?”

“You would think, but no, it’s not.”

“Hm, well that’s weird.”

“No kidding, but you won’t hear me complain about it.” Dad’s face hardened slightly. “The less people know about this the better.”

“Oh! Right, I had almost forgotten about that.”

That’s right, dad and the others want to keep a low profile about this. So it’s no wonder dad was so determined to teach me how to control my powers.

“But so far....” Dad peered back at Mom. “It sounds like there may be school.”


“That’s the way it sounds from how your mother’s talking.”

Well, I guess it’s not like the whole school got destroyed, it was just one room. So the rest of the building is still usable, but I do wonder what their plan will be for lunch time. I doubt the school has managed to fix the cafeteria all in one day...unless they pulled an all nighter or something.

A thought suddenly popped into my mind. “Say, dad?”

He glanced over at me, silently signaling me that I had his attention.

Furrowing a brow, I asked cautiously. “Do you think...we should fix up the cafeteria? You know to make up for the mess that I had caused.”

“With our powers I assume?”

I nodded, “If it would be possible. I did make a huge mess of things and I’d feel really horrible if I don’t at least do something.”

Dad’s face wrinkled with uncertainty. “Yes, that would be the right thing to do, considering the circumstances. But we need to find a way to do it without using our powers.”

“Huh? How come?”

“Remember, Reggie, we can’t let people know that magical beings like us actually exist. If they did find out about us then it would cause a panic, it would make people fear us, which would cause them to come after us. Or worse it might attract those who might force us to do things that we don’t want to do. Even though what happened at your school was merely an accident, it was still a very traumatic experience, not enough to call in the FBI or anything like that, but it’s still enough to get people talking. Luckily, right now everyone is concluding that ghosts were behind it, at least that’s what Roxy and Cole have overheard. However, if another strange event like that were to happen again-”

“It would cause more alarm, which might cause rumors to spread.”

Dad nodded. “Then those rumors might attract unwanted people in this area, of course they might just be people who think it’s ghosts. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

“Yeah, right. So in short, don’t ever use your powers in public places?”

“Well, to a degree. I’m not saying don’t use your powers, I’m saying that you use them wisely or with discretion. Use them when you need to and in ways that won’t cause an alarm, you get what I’m saying?”

“Yes.” I nodded, “I do.”


“All right, thank you.” Mom said before she hung up. She then exhaled, averting her focus back on the task at hand. “Okay.” She took the frying pan off of the stove top, grabbed two plates from the cupboard and began to dish out the eggs. Once the plates were all set she turned around to face Dad and me.

“Oh!” Mom’s eyes lit up when she saw me. “Good, Reggie, you’re up. Saves us the trouble from having to go upstairs and get you.”

I sighed, getting the hint of what that meant. “I take it that there will be school today?”

“Bingo.” Mom set my plate down in front of me. “So, no fun day at home for you kids today.”
“Kind of figured.” My eyes followed mom after she set her plate down and went back to the refrigerator.

She suddenly smirked back at me when she opened the fridge door. “Apple juice, I take it?”

Meekly, I grinned, “Yes, please.”

A soft chuckle escaped mom as she grabbed the apple juice bottle, took out two glasses and poured for both her and me.

“Did they tell you how they would be doing lunch today?” I questioned mom curiously.

“Yes, they did.” Mom set down our glasses before she took a seat herself. “Sounds like you’ll still be eating in the cafeteria.”

“Whoa, what?” My eyebrows shot up in shock. “They managed to get it all fixed?”

“That’s the way it sounds. They have everything all set and ready to have things go back to normal.”

“Even the tables?” I quizzed with my face wrinkled with puzzlement. “I mean, sure there were some that just needed to be cleaned. But there were some that were really busted.”

Mom merely shrugged, “They didn’t get into the details. But I imagine they must have had some extras, either that or set up some folding tables.”

I bobbled my head in agreement when she reminded me of that. “I guess that makes sense.”

“Well, guess that saves us from having to do much.” Dad commented. “This is a blessing in disguise if you ask me.”

Cringing slightly, I replied, “I still feel bad about it though.”

“I know. But since it sounds like they have this whole thing under control the only thing we can do is make sure that type of incident doesn’t happen again.” He gestured his water glass in my direction, “So the best thing we can do is to keep your powers in check.”

I merely nodded, “Right.”

“Anyway,” Mom voiced in, ushering her hand towards me, “now finish your breakfast so you can be on your way.”

Giving her one last nod, I went back to eating my breakfast.

“Ugh.” Roxanne grunted out in detest as we strolled down the school hallway. “Can’t believe I honestly thought we would get the day off today.”

“Yeah,” I agreed with a sympathetic smile, “it was pretty far-fetched.”

“I know, but I still had my fingers crossed.” She exhaled loudl. “Well, guess it was a good thing I dragged myself away from my guitar to work on my chemistry and physics otherwise I would have been in a panic.”

“And none of us want that.” I now stood in front of my locker. “You’re not exactly a pleasant person to be around when you’re panicking.”

“Oh, come on.” Roxanne retorted. “I’m not that bad, am I?”

“You have your moments.” Opening up my locker, I began to put my outdoor gear away. “Usually those times are when it involves school work or you being late for work or practice.” I pointed at her, “Remember last year when you forgot to do your AP Biology homework? My gosh you had a non-stop death glare any time someone dared to interrupt you. I swear, with that glare it looked like you would literally rip out their soul.”

“Hey, that was not an easy assignment!”

“I know, but still you always give off that scary vibe whenever you panic about that sort of thing. Heck, I even remembered a time that you hollered at someone for interrupting you when you were studying for your one Physics tests. I even remember when you practically screamed at Cole when you were running late for work last month.”

“That was because he left his stupid football gear out and I ended up tripping right over them when I was rushing to get out of the darn house!”

“You still had Cole cowering in the corner until you left. Heck, a lot of us ended up cowering away from you when you get like that.”

“Ugh, okay, okay.” Roxanne rolled her eyes with slight irritation. “So I get a little rough when I panic about certain things.” She then raised her arms, “But can you honestly blame me?”

“No, you just need to be less scary about it.”

Roxanne merely grunted, but didn’t say another word.

I took that as a sign to change the subject. So I decided to switch to a topic that will always get her excited. “So, you were playing on your guitar last night when you got home?”

Immediately a smile appeared on my cousin’s face. “Yup, that I did.”

“Did you play a cover, an old tune or were you creating something different?”

“Hm.” She wrinkled her face with uncertainty. “It’s kind of newish, I came up with the lyrics back in August I just haven’t come up with a melody for it.”


Music has been the love of Roxanne’s life since we were four years old. At that age whenever she heard her favorite songs she would just start singing along and she would keep singing the songs until she got the melody just right and knew the song by heart. Then when she was around eleven we went to a music shop with some of our family and she picked up a guitar and began to play it and immediately became entranced by it. That day her father bought her the guitar and ever since then whenever she got the chance to play it she would. Now she’s practically a pro at it. She has even begun to create her own music and songs, I swear she could make three or four albums with all the songs she has written over the years.

“Did you figure out the melody?”

“Just the chorus.” Roxanne admitted.

“Could you sing it for me?” I asked with an appreciative smile. “It’s been a while since I’ve heard you sing.”

“It hasn’t been that long, has it?”

“Probably since Labor Day weekend.”

“Oh jeez, Ace.” Roxanne rolled her eyes in amusement. “It’s only been a few weeks.”

“So?” I spread my arms, “It felt like a long time to me. Besides,” Tilting my head, I pretended to sound hurt, “I like hearing you sing. Is that so bad?”

Lightheartedly, Roxanne shook her head, “No, I’m just flattered that’s all. Alright,” She cleared her throat to get her voice ready, “so here’s the chorus. So what? So I’m different. I don’t care what you think. I’ll act the way I want to, so you better get used to it. This is who I am, and I’m not planning on changing. So get used to it, because this is me and I’ll act the way I want. So get used to it.

“Man,” I sighed out pleasantly, “I honestly can’t get enough of your singing. Wait!” My eyes lit up with recognition and waved my finger at her. “I recognize those lyrics.”

“Uh, yeah, because I wrote those lyrics when I was on vacation with you guys up in Rhinelander.” Roxanne revealed with an amused matter-of-fact tone.

“Ah, that would make sense.” I nodded with agreement. Letting out a light chuckle, I added, “But those lyrics still suit you.”

Smugly, Roxanne spread her hands, “Of course. Anyway,” She propped her hands on her hips, “are you ready to go? I would like to drop my stuff of in my classroom so we can walk around a little bit.”

“Oh, sure.” Once I had my morning materials gathered up in my arms, I closed my locker, locked and turned to face my cousin with a smile. “Alright, I’m all set.”

“Alright.” She walked past me. “Then let’s get going.”

Once she had walked past me, I quickly followed in pursuit.

“So you think you’ll have this song figured out by the end of the week?”

“Most likely, since now that I have the chorus figuring out the rest of the melody shouldn’t be that hard.”

“Well, whenever you finish it,” I winked at her, “let me hear it, okay?”

“Pfft, please, Ace. You know you’re always the first person I go to whenever I complete a song.” She smirked, “So, no need for you to worry about that.”

“I know, I just wanted to make sure.”

Rolling her eyes, Roxanne merely shook her head lightheartedly. Her gaze then shifted to the right only to suddenly gasp. “Whoa!”

“Hm?” I peeked over at her as we came to a stop in front of the cafeteria. “What’s the matter, Roxy?” My eyes followed her gaze only to let out my own shocked breath when I saw the lunchroom.

The lunchroom was completely spotless, no smear of food to be seen. The lights had been fixed, there were no more loose wires or broken glass on the floor from the lights and the tables were back in their original spots. No folding tables or chairs to be seen, it was like the whole incident yesterday didn’t even happen.

“Holy cow!” I strolled up to the cafeteria doors. “They really worked their butts off on this didn’t they?”

“I’ll say.”

A quick breeze suddenly came up beside me, I looked to find none other than Roxanne with a suspicious expression. I furrowed a brow, “What?”

She then whispered, “Did your dad have anything to do with this?”

“What?” I shot her an odd look. “No, why would you ask such a thing?”

“Because,” She gestured her hands towards the lunchroom, “this is just so hard to believe. I mean, to even have all the original tables back up? Someone had to have placed some sort of fairy dust on this!”

“Oh, come on, it can’t be that surreal can it?” I challenged. “They did have the whole afternoon and part of the evening.”

“I know, but I just...” Her face squinted with doubt, “can’t wrap my head completely around this.”

“Wrap your head around what?”

Both of us averted our interest towards the voice to spot Chester, Samantha and Taylor strolling over towards us.

Roxanne grunted and pointed at the lunchroom. “Take a look for yourselves.”

“Hm?” The three hummed with arched brows. They followed my cousin’s finger only to gasp themselves.


“Unbelievable, right?” My cousin commented roughly.

“A tad.” Taylor replied, “I mean, it looks so clean. You would think there would still be some stains and maybe one folding table with folding chairs.”

“My thoughts exactly!”

I merely rolled my eyes. They’re reading too much into this, I’m sure something like this could be possible. I’m sure they managed to get plenty of help to get the room back in order in time for today.

“I don’t know you two.” Samantha voiced in sternly. “It could be possible.”

“Yeah.” Chester agreed, crisscrossing his arms. He glanced over at the cafeteria. “When you really think about it there really wasn’t a whole lot of damage. The only major thing that needed to be taken care of were the lights, since wires were exposed and glass from those fixtures were all over the floor. Also it’s not like the tables were severely damaged, all they probably needed was to get screwed back together. If they were I’m sure they had some extra that they could get or had some stored away somewhere.” He shrugged, “Otherwise it was basically just a big clean up job. So I highly believe that this could be very possible to fix within the time frame that they had.”

“Thank you!” I praised and waved my hand towards him and Samantha. “I’m glad there are people that agree with me.”

Taylor and Roxanne snorted at my response.

“Well, excuse us for still being doubtful.” Taylor scoffed out indifferently.

I exhaled loudly, deciding not to argue anymore about it. Instinctively, I peeked back into the lunchroom only to raise a brow when I saw a woman standing in the middle. She had curly, puffy chestnut hair that just barely touched her shoulders, had an hourglass figure and had a 1940′s style dress that was in a gorgeous dark blue color with white polka dots.

My eyebrows flew up immediately recognizing the hair and attire. But it couldn’t be...right?

“” I chuckled out weakly. “Someone’s really into the 1940′s.” There was only one way to find out.

“Huh?” Roxanne and the others tossed me a perplexed expression.

Sheepishly, I smiled and pointed towards the woman. “The woman standing in the middle of the cafeteria. She’s wearing a 1940′s style dress.”

“Really?” They followed my finger and I watched their eyes scan the lunchroom.

“Yeah, honestly I didn’t think people still wore stuff like that. Other than for Halloween or a costume party.” My eyes fell back on the woman, who still hadn’t turned around. “But I wonder who she is.”

I have to see if the others can see her. If they can then this must be a new faculty member or she was possibly subbing for someone. If they can’t then....

“Uh, Ace?”

That tone in Roxanne’s voice caused my heart to drop as I glanced over to find them all eying me strangely.

“What in the world are you talking about?” Roxanne questioned. “I don’t see anyone like that.”

“Yeah.” Taylor voiced in. “Neither can I.”

“Nor can we.” Samantha and Chester agreed in unison.

My heart literally felt like it dropped onto the floor and I could feel my nerves tremble from underneath my skin. “Are...are you guys sure?” I quizzed with a light chuckle. “I mean, she’s-” I looked back, thinking that she might have left, however she was still there.

However, a sharp gasp escaped me when the woman finally turned to face me. Immediate terror erupted within me when I saw her eyes, they were shining a bright yellow light. I couldn’t believe it! It was that woman! The woman that showed up at the hospital and the one that has shown up in my dreams!


I heard Roxanne and my friends say my name in alarm. However, I didn’t respond nor did I look at them, my eyes stayed glued to the woman in the cafeteria. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Just who in the world is this woman? Actually what is she is the better question. Why is she suddenly starting to show up even in my dreams? Why could I see her but the others couldn’t? Is my imagination literally going bonkers? I’m not losing my mind am I?


My body froze and grew cold as an eerie chill trickled down my spine as the echo of the woman’s voice invaded my eardrums. My eyes grew wider as I watched her slowly make her way towards me.

I had fixed what has been done. The cafeteria is now back to what it originally was before the incident yesterday.

Wh-What? She fixed...did she do this to the cafeteria? That’s what she’s making it sound like. But...but why? No! Don’t put too much thought into it! It’s’s just an illusion, a trick of the eyes, at least...that’s what I want to believe.

“Ace? Ace!” Roxanne gently shook my shoulder.

Snapping out of my gaze, I found her eying me in concern while she arched a brow.

“Are you okay? What’s going on?”

“Oh, oh don’t worry!” I hastily jerked away from her, however I soon realized that was a bad move considering Roxanne’s gaze hardened with suspicion. Meekly, I smiled and chuckled. “R-Really, I’m fine, I just-” Instinctively, I snuck a look at the lunchroom, only to see her still coming towards me.

My eyebrows rose up in alarm as my heart began to shake, I could feel my veins pulse with fright. As a result the prickly feeling slowly emerged within my veins, I immediately noticed, shut my eyes and gently shook my head. My powers were reacting, so I must calm myself down before I cause another incident.

“Okay, what was with that?” Taylor abruptly eyed me sternly. “You can’t say you’re fine and then make that type of expression.”

“Sorry, sorry!” I exclaimed. “My mind’s playing tricks on me!”

“Tricks on you?” Samantha raised a brow while Chester imitated her puzzled expression.

That’s gotta be it! That has to be it! This has to be my imagination, right? Right!?


Gulping, I dared to look back into the lunchroom only to have my heart still. The woman was now right in the doorway of the cafeteria.

I am no illusion, I am as real as it gets. But of course, I think you are already aware of that, aren’t you?

Releasing a shaky breath, I slowly began to back away.

“Reggie? Reggie, what’s wrong?” I heard Samantha ask with the worry strained in her tone.

I didn’t response, my nerves stood on end as the woman just stood there. My powers were reacting again, causing that prickly, tickling feeling to flare up once more. As the sensation emerged some type of wind swirled around inside of me, I could feel the wind mix with the prickly feeling as it thicken within my bloodstream creating some pressure. As a result the lights in the hallway began to flicker.

“What the heck?” Taylor abruptly retorted. “What’s up with the lights?”

“A short circuit possibly?” Chester suggested, not sounding too sure of himself.

Soft chatter slowly echoed throughout the area as the lights continued to flicker. Those voices brought me back to my senses, causing me to shut my eyes. I had to get out of here before I manage to lose control.

“Ace?” Roxanne warily said my name.

Regina!” The woman called my name again. With urgency she raised her hand towards me, “Please, relax, I mean no-

I didn’t even give the woman the chance to finish her sentence as I abruptly turned to run down the hall. Roxanne and my friends urgently hollered out my name in shock, however, I didn’t get very far when I ran into someone. The person and I yelped in surprise, but thankfully the person kept their balance and kept both of us on our feet. The only things that shifted were my school supplies and the person’s backpack slid off of their shoulder and hung on their forearm.

“Whoa there!” The person gaped out, holding onto my shoulders.

Gasping, I dared my eyes upward. “Tyler!?”

I watched Tyler’s eyes widen in alarm before his face softened with immediate concern.

“Hey, Regina, you okay? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

Ghost!? Wait! Could that woman be...?

Whirling my stare back towards the woman just in time to watch her release a soft, disappointed breath before she vanished right in front of me. My heart stilled as my eyebrows rose in utter terror as the realization finally dawned on me.

The woman’s out of date fashion, the fact I couldn’t see her actual eyes, and how she just disappeared like that. Also the words she told me in that echo like tone. She had to be! That woman was a....

“G-Ghost!?” I shuttered out, barely above a whisper.

“What?” Tyler gaped softly, sounding shocked.

Right on cue my body began to shake to the point that my own teeth were starting to chatter. Then without thinking I clenched Tyler’s shirt with my free hand and stared at his chest. “G-Ghost...I saw a ghost!”

“A gho-”

“Ghost!?” Roxanne hastily cut Tyler off. She zipped up beside me with an awestruck expression. “Are you serious, Ace? Did you really see a ghost?”

“I-I think. I honestly don’t know how else to explain her!”

The flickering of the lights became more violent as my powers reacted strongly to my frightful exclamation.

“Holy crud! Just what the heck’s going on with these lights?” A male student practically hollered.

“I don’t like the looks of this.” Samantha commented cautiously.

“Neither do I.” Chester agreed. “So stay close, Sam, don’t move from my side until this stops.”

“But what if this doesn’t stop!” Taylor retorted loudly. “I swear if this turns into another crazy incident like yesterday I’m going to scream!”

Their voices brought me back to reality to realize what my powers were causing. Hastily, I shook my head and closed my eyes in attempts to cool myself down. However, I was still very shaken by the whole thing, honestly just the idea alone that I potentially saw a ghost was enough to keep my nerves on edge.

A bag dropping echoed as someone’s strong hands suddenly grabbed the sides of my face and lifted my head. I was stunned when I found myself starting right into Tyler’s eyes.


“Regina.” His face was firm but his voice was gentle. “Calm down. You’re not going to do anyone any good if you panic.”

“Huh?” My eyes went wide in surprise.

“Yes!” Roxanne urgently placed her hand on my shoulder. Her face narrowed with determination. “So relax, breath in and out.”

Forgetting my own shock, I could feel myself relaxing, realizing what Roxanne and Tyler were trying to do. I merely nodded, “Right.”

“Whatever you saw it’s gone now.” Tyler commented before he hastily interjected, “I assume, correct?”

“Yeah,” I exhaled softly with minor relief, “she’s gone.”

“So then close your eyes and take deep breaths.” Tyler instructed tenderly. “Stay focused on calming down and if it helps try redirecting your thoughts to something that makes you happy.”

I inhaled deeply before I released it. I then nodded, “Okay.” So I closed my eyes and began to take deep breaths and focused on calming down my powers. I even took Tyler’s advice of redirecting my thoughts, since the image of the woman kept lingering in my mind, so instead I thought about the book I’m currently reading. I felt a smile instantly form as I thought about the story and the scene that I had just read yesterday and being able to read what happens next got me excited.

As my fear turned into excitement my powers began to calm down, gradually causing the lights to stop flickering.

“Oh, the lights!” Another male student gaped out, “They’re not spazzing out as much anymore.”

“That a girl, Ace!” Roxanne praised softly so only Tyler and I could hear her. “Keep it up.”

Knowing that redirecting my thoughts were working, I kept going. As the pleasant thoughts of books continued I could feel the prickly, tickling feeling weaken until I could no longer feel it. Once that happened, I realized that I was now perfectly calm, my heart was no longer pounding a million times a minute and my body wasn’t shaking anymore.

I released a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness.”

“I take it by that you have calmed down?” Tyler asked with slight caution.

“Yes,” I nodded, “I have.”

A warm smile appeared on Tyler’s face before he gently rubbed the top of my head. “Good.”

My eyebrows rose, not expecting that gesture in the slightest. But...I kind of liked it. Is that weird? But there’s something about that gesture that felt...oddly familiar. Why?

My mind flashed an image of a faded boy whom stood in front of me. From what I could tell he looked to be the height of an average preteen and as he stood there he gave me a warm, friendly smile as he rubbed my head.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, Regina.”

“Hey, the lights have stopped flickering!” A male student announced, sounding very pleased by the turn of events.

His shout caused me to phase out of my trance and ignore my pounding head to glance over my shoulder. My eyes landed on some of my classmates that herded around Samantha and Chester with Taylor between them, the crowd and Roxanne, Tyler and me. That’s when I took notice that the lights had indeed stopped flickering.

“Oh, thank God!” A female student empathized loudly. “I would have freaked if the lights exploded like the cafeteria did yesterday.”

“Same here.” Her friend agreed.

“Okay!” Taylor abruptly voiced it, getting everyone to look at her. “I am now officially convinced.” She pointed at the ground, still shaken by the event. “This school is haunted!”

I became tense as I watched my classmates wince at Taylor’s exclamation.

“Guess it’s kind of hard not to assume that.” Another male student agreed and looked up at the ceiling. “When you consider what has happened yesterday and just now.”

“But how do we know this isn’t just a coincidence?” Samantha softly challenged with a hint of doubt.

“What!” Taylor practically screeched with complete shock. “How can you say that, Sam, especially with just happened?”

“But there could still be a logical explanation behind the lights.”

“I agree.” Chester defended Samantha as he grabbed her hand. “Even though I honestly can’t think of one for yesterday but today could be explained.”

“Well, I have an explanation and that’s a ghost!” Taylor shot back and waved her hand in my direction. “The lights didn’t start flickering until Reggie mentioned there was a strange woman in the cafeteria. So just knowing that, it can’t be a mere coincidence.”

I don’t feel very good about this. Should we really be blaming the ghost woman for something that she had absolutely nothing to do with? I know I can’t say anything but...I just don’t feel right about this.

“Wait, bookworm said she saw the ghost?” We heard Stephanie roughly ask as she appeared beside Chester. She eyed Taylor suspiciously, “Should we really take her word for it? How do we know it’s not her overactive imagination?”

“She completely freaked out!” Taylor retorted defensively, throwing her arms up in exasperation. “She doesn’t get like that unless it’s something truly terrifying and believe me nothing scares Reggie more than seeing a ghost.”

“Can’t argue with that.” Samantha merely grunted.

Tyler furrowed a brow and looked down at me, “Are you that scared of ghosts?”

I let out a weak chuckle, “Um just a tad.”

“That’s an understatement.” Roxanne murmured indifferently.

“Okay, did you see the ghost, Taylor?” Stephanie continued to interrogate, crisscrossing her arms.

“Um,” Taylor rubbed the back of her neck, “well, no, but-”

“Then we need more than just Reggie’s freak out session to confirm if the lights were a ghost’s doing or not.”

“That is a good point.” Chester commented.

“Okay, so Reggie was the only one who saw it.” Taylor spread her arms. “But I’m still sticking with the idea that there’s a ghost hanging around here.” She snapped her fingers at Chester, Samantha and Stephanie. “Like Chester said no one has been able to come up with a valid reason for yesterday. So until that time comes, if ever, I’m calling ghosts.”

Samantha, Chester and Stephanie grunted, knowing that they couldn’t argue with that.

“What the heck’s going on?” A male voice came in from behind the crowd. We all looked as Zane appeared and positioned himself beside Stephanie.

“Zane?” Roxanne eyed him with caution.

Zane tossed her a quick glance before averting his interest towards the rest of us. “Anyone care to explain?”

“In short,” Taylor motioned her hand around the area, “Reggie saw a ghost and the lights had a spazz attack clarifying that there’s a ghost hanging around here.”

“Hmph.” Stephanie snorted and crossed her arms. “I’m still not convinced about it.”

“Well, regardless.” One of the male jock’s intervened. He stepped up beside Samantha with his gaze narrowed. “Something weird is definitely happening around here.” He glanced back at the rest of the crowd. “So we should all stay on high alert until it gets resolved.”

Everyone hardened their gazes with determination and nodded. “Right!”

Zane merely grunted, appearing doubtful, but tossed a glance in my direction. I watched his eyes as he scanned me, which truthfully made me feel anxious. But that feeling soon faded when I saw his expression, sure his face was hardened slightly, but I could see a sliver of concern in his gaze.

Was he checking to see if I was okay or something? Why though?

Another image flashes into my mind to see a faded boy and a faded girl standing by a group of people. The boy merely waved while the girl jumped up and down.

“Reggie! Reggie! Come with us!”

“Yeah, the more the merrier!”

Just as quickly as it came, the image vanished, causing me to wince as the pounding of my head intensified.

However, before I could even process what I saw, I heard Zane snort roughly. I looked up at him as he cast a blank glare in Tyler’s direction. “Tyler, how long do you plan on holding her?”

“Huh?” Tyler and I chorused, puzzled by his comment.

That’s when it finally dawned on me that I was still clinging to Tyler. I was also shocked to discover that he had his one arm wrapped around my shoulders.

I practically jumped back. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” My face was now burning with embarrassment. “W-When I ran into you...I clung...I-I didn’t mean to...I-”

“Oh no, no it’s okay!” Tyler hastily waved his hand in reassurance. He must have realized his own position because I could see his own cheeks turning red while his eyes were filled with shock. “You were completely freaked out, so if clinging to me like that helped calm you down then it’s perfectly fine.” His expression softened, “So don’t worry, I’m not angry about it.”

My heart fluttered a bit while my cheeks stayed warm. Shyly, I lowered my gaze, “Thanks.”

“Just be careful next time.” Tyler advised with a firm stare.


But why did my powers react like that? Was it reacting to my emotions? Or did that woman do something? Well, either way looks like I have some more work to do if I want to keep these powers under control.

That woman though...ugh I better not think about her anymore! Unless I want my powers to possibly go nuts again, which I certainly do not want. But I just don’t get it! What on earth does that woman want and why does it involve me?

“Hey.” A random female underclassman greeted as her and her friend stood beside me.

“Huh?” I turned my curious gaze from my locker to them.

She pointed at me, “You’re Reggie Williams right?”

Furrowing a brow, I eyed her strangely, “Y-Yes?”

“So you’re the girl that everyone’s been talking about? The one who claims she saw the ghost?”

My body immediately stiffened. Oh, great, not another one! This has been going on since this morning and it’s already after lunch.

“So is it true?” Her friend asked with minor fright. “Did you really see a ghost in the cafeteria?”

“” My heart began to tremble and pound against my chest. Once I felt that I hastily closed my eyes and made the attempts to keep myself calm. “I-”

“Jeez! Don’t you people have anything better to do?” We heard Roxanne intervene roughly, stepping herself between me and the two girls. Her face hardened on the two. “Would you guys please leave my cousin alone?”

“Hey, we just want to know if it’s true or not!” The first girl defended, returning my cousin’s glare. “Honestly, at lunch I had a hard time calming down not knowing if there was a ghost in the lunchroom or not.”

“Look, I understand. Everyone was very fidgety during lunch time and being asked about it was fine the first two times, because it was to be expected. But you two will be like the thirteenth time someone has asked and it’s really getting on my last nerve!” Roxanne practically threw her hand in my direction. “Ace is still just as traumatized as you guys are about it and I just got her to calm down from the last person who asked. So I’d really appreciate it if you all would just quit asking!”

“But we-”

Roxanne scowled before she barked. “If you two want to know go ask the twenty-nine people who’ve asked before you! They’ll tell you the exact same thing that Ace would tell you. So, please, just walk away before I blow a casket!”

The young girls merely grumbled crossly before they walked away.

Roxanne exhaled loudly with minor frustration and shook her head. “No consideration.” She turned slightly to face me, “You okay, Ace?”

“Yeah.” I sighed softly, closing my eyes for a moment. “Just calming down my nerves.”

“Thinking happy thoughts?”

“Yup, it worked those other times.”

“Is it still working?”

I nodded, pleased with the fact that my heart was now pounding normally again. “Yeah, it is.”

Roxanne chuckled lightheartedly, “Who knew something so simple and Peter Pan-ish would do the trick. You’re going to have to thank Tyler for suggesting that to you.”

“I know, right?” Once I knew I was completely calm I reopened my eyes to stare at my cousin. “That’s been my constant go to trick since first period.”

“Dang, have these questions been going on all day?” Roxanne complained, rubbing her templates with reawakened aggravation.

“That’s the way it seems. The only period where no one asked was surprisingly lunch time.”

“Pfft, yeah, you’d think that would be the time to ask. But I’m glad no one did so we were able to enjoy our lunch in peace.”

“No kidding.” Once I had my afternoon materials I closed and locked my locker. That was Roxanne’s cue to start walking as we strolled side by side to our next classes.

“But seriously, Ace, why are you still freaked out about it? I know it was scary to actually see one, but to still get know what to react is a little much don’t you think?”

“Look, it’s not the fact that I saw her that’s getting to me. It’s the fact that this is my fourth time seeing her that has my nerves on edge.”

That’s right, after the incident this morning Roxanne had pulled me aside and asked me to give her the details before my first class started. So I spilled to her about how this wasn’t the first time I’ve seen the ghost woman and what she did in both my dreams and at the hospital. Roxanne was flabbergasted by it, but then understood why I had been so terrified by seeing the woman.

“Yeah, I guess I can’t argue with that. I know I would have been feeling the exact same way if I were in your shoes, heck I’m anxious right now just at the thought of this happening to you.” She arched a brow, “But why were you the only one who was able to see her?”

“I guess it has something to do with me being...special. My dad did say that I’m now able to see things that normal people can’t see so I guess ghosts are one of them.”

“Oh sure.” My cousin rolled her eyes and gestured her hand towards me. “Make the person who is so squeamish when it comes to ghosts able to see them.”

I grunted not too fond of her comment. However, I didn’t argue, since I knew she was right.

“Have you told your dad about this?” Roxanne quizzed and pointed at me. “Maybe he might be able to help you figure her out.”

“I did bring her up to my dad, because I saw her in a dream I had yesterday. But I didn’t get very far, because other things took priority.”

“Ah, right.”

“But don’t worry,” I nodded assertively, “I plan on telling him about it tonight, since she’s gradually showing that she isn’t going to go away anytime soon.”

“Got that right. But why is she suddenly showing up around you? It wasn’t like this before was it?”

I shrugged, “Not that I’m aware of.”

“Damn, this is just so weird.” Roxanne ruffled her hair with slight annoyance.

Snorting, I replied indifferently, “You’re telling me.”

Something must have caught Roxanne’s eyes because her gaze suddenly shifted to the side of me. Grinning, she announced, “Well, this is your stop.”

That’s when I noticed that we were right in front of my classroom. “Oh, didn’t even realize we were here.”

“Anyway, you have fun in Advanced Composition,” Snapping her fingers at me, she winked, “and I’ll catch ya later.”

I returned the smile, “Yup, see ya.”

“And remember,” Roxanne pointed at her forehead, “think happy thoughts.”

“Will do.”

She gave me one last smile before she walked away from me. I watched her until she turned the corner and was no longer in my sights. Once she was out of my sight I released loud sigh.

“I’m glad to hear that my suggestion is working for you.”

Gasping in surprise, I turned slightly and found Tyler making his way towards me.

He merely smiled, now standing right in front of me. “That definitely puts me at ease.”

“Uh, yes!” I hastily replied, stiffening like a soldier. Bowing my head, I added, “T-Thank you.”

“Um, no problem.” Tyler returned, sounding puzzled by my reaction. “But could you not stiffen like that?” I met his perplexed expression as he assured me. “There’s no need to thank me like I’m some sort of Drill Sargent. Just a simple thank you with your typical friendly smile will do.”

My cheeks flushed, “O-Okay, sorry.”

Chuckling lightly, Tyler shook his head as his tender smile reappeared. “Really, Regina, don’t worry about it. Just relax, I’m not going to bite you, I promise.”

My stomach fluttered as I shied my gaze away. “Y-Yeah...right.”

“So then,” He nudged his head towards the classroom, “let’s go in shall we?”

Nodding in agreement, I followed Tyler into our 5th hour class. I took my seat by the desk near the door and Tyler grabbed the desk right next to me. Although, this was still a concept that I still couldn’t believe happened. When Tyler and I learned that we had both this class and a study hall together, Tyler was more than happy to sit next to me. It completely shocked me, even though I guessed it was because I was the only student he somewhat knew. However, as the weeks went by he always sat next to me and showed no signs of sitting anywhere else. I must admit though – regardless of how surreal it was – I actually liked it. There was just something about his presence that right.

“So how many times have you had to use that trick?” Tyler asked curiously.

“Thirty times.”

His eyebrows shot up with shock, “Whoa, what! Seriously? That many times?”

I chuckled weakly, “Yeah, crazy right?”

“That’s an understatement. Sure, I figured some people would ask about it, since it’s to be expected after an incident like that. However, to have thirty people come and ask? That’s a bit much if you ask me.”

“I know.” I murmured softly.

Combing his fingers through his black hair, Tyler exhaled roughly. “Well, hopefully this will die down soon.” His head abruptly perked up, realizing something before he quizzed. “It will die down, right?”

Spreading my hands, I answered, “Probably. As long as the ghost doesn’t make another appearance.”

Man, I feel bad about this, putting the blame on the ghost woman like this. But what choice did I have?

“For your sake I hope the ghost doesn’t appear.” Tyler’s face hardened with a certain spark in his gaze that got my heart to flutter. “I don’t want to see you that terrified again.”

I was stunned by his response as I felt the butterflies flutter in my stomach once again. But why did that reply not only make me feel a little embarrassed but...happy?


The bell rung, signaling us that class was now in session. Then right on cue our teacher, Mrs. Thomas, quickly stepped into the classroom with a stack of papers. Mrs. Thomas was a middle aged woman, appearing to be in her late forty’s and looked to be around my height, possibly an inch shorter. She wasn’t thin, but she wasn’t very large either, she had a voluptuous, pear shaped figure. She had curly black hair that just barely touched her shoulders, brown eyes and wore a pair of glasses.

“Alright, ladies and gents!” She announced, standing in front of the class. “We’ll get started on today’s lesson. Then before class is over I’ll hand back your papers from your previous writing assignment while also passing you your next assignment that will be due at the end of next week. Now then,” She smiled brightly, “let’s get started!”


The school bell rung again as we all herded out of our classrooms and headed towards the next one.

“Jeez, Regina, how do you always get perfect marks on these essays?” Tyler quizzed, sounding somewhat betrayed as he held out his essay and strolled beside me. “Even in 20th Century Literature you get outstanding marks on those essays.”

I had mine held out with a hundred percent written on the top. “Well, they’ve been easy so far.” I then shrugged, “But that can change as the semester goes on.”

“I know, but still no grammatical errors at all? You really have a knack for writing don’t you?”

Feeling a little embarrassed, but proud, I grinned. “I guess me reading so much came in handy.”

“I’ll say.”

“But you didn’t do that bad.” I gently argued and pointed at his paper. “You still got a B on the assignment.”

“True, but I still have some work to do if I’m going to survive these writing classes this semester.” Tyler then held his hand up like he was saying a prayer. Then with a pleading smile, he asked, “So would you mind being my editor throughout the semester?”

“Um...sure.” I slowly agreed with an odd tone. “If you want me to.”

“Believe me, I want you to.” He countered like it was obvious. “It would help me out a great deal if you did.”

“Okay. Then for this new assignment once you have your first draft typed out, bring it to me and I’ll proofread it.”

Tyler gave me a thumbs up. “Thanks, Regina!”

“ problem.” Nervously, I fiddled with my notebooks. That’s when I noticed that we had just past the hallway that Tyler normally went down to get to his next class.

“Um, Tyler?” Furrowing a brow, I informed him, “We just past the hall that you-”

“I know.”

My eyebrows shot up for a brief moment before I eyed him mysteriously. “Why are you going this way?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Tyler simply replied, “I just felt like taking a different route. Besides,” He tossed me a smile, “I wanted to talk to you for a little longer.”

Wh-What? He...He just wanted to keep talking to me? Though, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, considering how often he has spoken with me these past few weeks. hear him say that out causing me to be a little...giddy.

“Hey, Regina?” Tyler rubbed the back of his neck with a hint of hesitation in his voice. “Do you...want to hang out sometime?”

“Hang out?” I repeated, attempting to hide the squeak in my tone. Instinctively, I pointed at myself, “With me?”

Tyler warmly chuckled at my reaction. “Of course! I wouldn’t be suggesting it if I didn’t. We are friends after all.”

“Friends?” I said breathlessly.

An image popped into my head of a preteen boy introducing me to a group of young teenagers and kids. Two of them being another boy around his age and a young girl. However, I couldn’t see their faces.

“She’s my new friend, Regina.”

“We...are friends...aren’t we?” Tyler suddenly said cautiously now concerned by my response.

“Oh, yes!” His voice shook me out of my daze. “Yes, at least if you wanna be. I mean, I was kind of thinking we sort of were. But.” I meekly shrugged. “I didn’t want to just assume that.”

Tyler sighed as he smiled with relief. “Well, definitely no worries there. So?” Curiously, he propped his hand on his hip. “Does this mean that you will hang out with me sometime? Like maybe this weekend?”

“This weekend?” Wow, that was a little quick. Hm, well, maybe not, I remember when Roxanne and I first met Samantha and Taylor back in the seventh grade that they offered to hang out with us the next day. Although, we didn’t do too much we just ended up going to the park and playing at the playground like a bunch of elementary school kids.

“Well, I’ll have to talk to my parents first.” I replied as we came to a stop in front of my classroom. “You know, to make sure they don’t have something us planned for us.”

“Ah, right.”

“I’ll talk with them tonight and I’ll let you know tomorrow.”

“Or you could let me know tonight?”

“Huh?” I arched a brow, “How-”

“By giving you my cellphone number.” Tyler pulled out one of his notebooks from his binder and ripped out a sheet of paper. There was also a mechanical pencil sticking out from the notebook that he pulled out and began to write something on the paper.

Once he was done he handed me the sheet. “Here you go.”

Oh jeez, I’m such an idiot for not thinking of this. Now feeling embarrassed for even asking why, I accepted the piece of paper. I then murmured, “T-Thanks.” A thought came to me as I asked curiously, “You want mine?”

“Yes, that would definitely be appreciated. I don’t want to end up missing your call because I didn’t recognize the number.”

I pulled out one of my notebooks and a pencil from my writing utensil case. I wrote out my number before I ripped out the sheet and handed it to him. “Here.”

He took the piece of paper with gratitude, “Thanks.” Tyler glanced up at the clock, “Whoop I better speed up if I want to beat the bell.” He tossed me one last smile before he waved, “See ya later, Regina.”

“Um, yeah, see ya.”

I watched him until he was no longer in my sights. Once he was gone I looked down at his phone number. Did...Did that really just happen? Did I really just befriend another guy? All on my own without being connected to another friend? This isn’t some illusion is it?

After a moment of silence and staring down at the piece of paper, I found myself smiling. “I hope mom and dad don’t have anything planned.”

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