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Chapter 8

“What? No way!” Roxanne had a huge smile. “Tyler actually asked to hang out with you and you two seriously exchanged numbers?”

Returning the big smile, I replied, “I know, crazy right?”

It was three in the afternoon and I was driving Roxanne, Cole and myself home. Once we got in the car I told Roxanne and Cole everything that happened after my Advanced Composition class with Tyler. Mainly because I had a non-stop smile on my face since it happened and once my cousins noticed it I knew I had to spill or they would find a way to get it out of me.

“Well, I wouldn’t say crazy.” Roxanne sat in the front seat. “I kind of saw this coming.”

“What! Really?”

“Uh, duh, of course I did. Just considering how much you two have talked to each other it would only be a matter of time for this to happen.”

“Yeah, Ace.” Cole chimed in from the backseat. Glancing at him, I caught him smirking at me, “Even I saw this coming.”

Roxanne hurled him a look, “Only because I told you.”

“Uh, no.” Cole retorted with a glare. “I saw it happening even before you told me anything. I mean, come on.” He gestured his hand towards me. “With what this Tyler guy did for her on Friday and how concerned about her he was, I figured they would become friends sooner or later.”

Humming, Roxanne bobbled her head, agreeing with him. “Yeah, that is true.” She then smiled warmly at me, “But I know this is a pretty big deal for you, Ace.”

“You got that right!” I exclaimed. “The only other guy friend we have is Chester, but we met him through Sam. So the fact that I was able to make another guy friend, an official friend, all on my own is definitely an accomplishment.”

“No doubt about that. So do you two have a day in mind or is it a work in progress?”

“Um, kind of a work in progress.”

“Kind of?” Roxanne furrowed a brow. “What do you mean by kind of?”

“Tyler wants to hang out this coming Saturday, but I need to check with my parents to make sure that it’s okay.”

“Oh!” Roxanne’s face lit up when that dawned on her. “Right, gotta make sure your parents don’t have anything planned. Knowing, Uncle John, now that you have powers he may want to work with you some more.”

“Exactly, so once I get the word from mom and dad and I’ll call him to let him know and we’ll take it from there.”

“Oo, Ace is going to call a boy.” Cole teased with a smirk. He pretended to sniff and patted his sister on the shoulder. “Oh, Roxy, she’s growing up so fast.”

“I know, I know.” Roxanne played along, patting his hand. “But we knew this day would come when she would find her wings and fly.”

“Really guys?” Raising a brow, I eyed them in amusement. “Aren’t you going a little overboard with this? You two are making this sound like some sort of romance movie or something.”

“Hey,” Cole spread his hands with a mere shrug, “someone’s gotta tease you, since this is just so awesome!”

Wow, and here I thought I was excited about this. But these two...they are really taking this to a whole different level. Is it really that big of a deal that I became friends with a guy? Or are they ecstatic for another reason or am I reading too much into this and they really are just really happy for me. But it’s still kind of weird.

“But I’ll be frank, Ace.” Roxanne tossed me a sincere smile. “If you were to befriend any guy I would certainly hope that Tyler would be that guy.”

I gawked at her, “Really? Why?”

“Cuz Tyler is the best!” She exclaimed with excitement. “He’s seriously one of the coolest guys in our school!”

“Wow,” I gave her a strange look, “that’s quite a statement from someone who knows less about him than I do.”


“How can you say he’s the coolest when you’ve hardly spoken to him? The only time I’ve seen you talk to him on your own was at the hospital.”

“Hey, sometimes actions speak louder than words.” Roxanne waved her finger at me, “The way he’s helped you out and how he’s been around you tells me that he’s a cool dude. Also, may I remind you that I do have a few classes alone with Tyler so I’ve been able to start up some pretty cool conversations with him.”

“Really?” Tilting my head, I asked curiously, “Like what?”

Roxanne’s eyebrows rose for a quick second before she hastily replied. “I-I’ll give you the details at another time.”

Her response caused me to raise a brow.

“But believe me,” Roxanne assured me, “he’s definitely someone we would want to be friends with.”

Even though her previous response still had me baffled, I disregarded it for now and smiled. “Well, I’m glad I got your stamp of approval. Things would have gotten a little awkward if you didn’t.”

“Yeah it would have.” Her face then narrowed now looking irritated. “Now.” Propping her elbow on the car door, she leaned her chin against her palm. “I wonder what Zane’s going to do? Is he going to continue to be a douche or is he actually going to follow Tyler’s lead?”

I cast her a questionable look and motioned to response.

“But seriously!” Roxanne abruptly barked, causing me to jerk. Clenching her pants with anger, she ranted on. “Just what is that guy’s problem? Developing such an attitude that it’s making me want to sock him right in the kisser! How could anyone want to be like this?”

Cole and I gawked at her, surprised by her fierce outburst.

“Roxy-” Cole began cautiously.

“I just don’t get him!” Roxanne went on feverishly. “Here Tyler’s actually trying to make friends and have a life while Zane’s just...ARGH! Being a complete moron!”

Something tells me that Roxanne has been trying to talk to Zane, but she’s obviously not having any luck with him. But whoa, she’s really fuming about this. Why though? It’s unlike her to get this worked up about one person who doesn’t want to socialize with anyone.

“Um....” Cole appeared unsure if he should continue. However, he took the plunge. “Why are you still talking to the guy if he’s pissing you off this much?”

“Yeah, really, Roxy. This is unlike you, yeah you get hissy at first but then you shrug it off like it didn’t even happen.”

“Normally I would.” Roxanne admitted with a stern gaze. “But it’s not like we can easily avoid the guy. He is Tyler’s brother after all, so we’ll have to face him if we become friends with Tyler. So I’m trying to loosen him up a bit and try to get him to be a little friendly otherwise things will get annoying real quick. However,” Sighing roughly, she rubbed the back of her neck, “he’s just being impossible.”

Okay, now I’m getting a little worried. She sounds so disheartened and her expression...even though it was wrinkled with frustration I could see the dismay as well. Is she really that determined to have our friendship with Tyler go that smoothly or could it be possible that...she actually wants to be friends with Zane?

“Roxy.” I began softly.

Roxanne held her hand up signaling me to stop. “Let’s not talk about that anymore. The less we talk about Zane the better.”

Cole merely grumbled with a blank glare, “Well, you brought him up.”

Roxanne shot him a glare. “Yeah, well, I’m done talking about him. So let’s talk about something else, please?”

I exhaled and motioned my hand towards the radio dial. “Well, let’s turn up the music shall we?”

Pulling my car into our driveway, I parked the car over on the side and shut it off. Once it was off Roxanne, Cole and I stepped out of the car.

“So you guys can take it from here?” I quizzed, knowing the answer I would receive.

“Duh, of course.” Roxanne returned with a quick, amused eye roll. “We can handle one block. Besides,” She raised her arms, “there’s no way I would miss the chance to walk in this beautiful weather!”

“Haha, yeah.” I slid my backpack onto my shoulder. “Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.”

“No kidding, especially before winter comes roaring in and knowing Wisconsin that could literally be tomorrow. We are halfway through October after all.”

“Roxy!” We heard Cole usher. Looking over at him, we saw him already halfway down the driveway. “Come on, let’s go! I wanna get to the park and hang with the guys before it gets dark.”

Roxanne’s face hardened with perplexity. “Why the heck do you need me for? You have your key don’t you?”

Cole’s eyebrows rose for a second before he sheepishly chuckled. “Uh...haha actually I don’t.”

“What! Cole James!” His sister bellowed out. “Don’t tell you forgot it AGAIN!?”

Immediately, hunching his head, Cole nervously rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah, I did. I left it on my end table this morning.”

“Argh! Seriously, Cole, this is the tenth time since school started that you’ve done this.”

“Hehe, sorry.”

Groaning with minor irritation, Roxanne rubbed her temples. “I swear, one of these days I’m going to glue that key of yours onto your fingers that way you’ll NEVER forget it again.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll find a way.” I commented. “He always does.”

“Don’t tempt fate here, Ace.”

“I know, I know, I’m just saying that there will still be a way for him to lose it.”

Roxanne grumbled, she knew I was right. But she exhaled loudly and turned. “Alright, I guess we’ll be seeing you tomorrow, Ace. Let me know what your parents say about Tyler.”

“Will do.” I motioned to walk away.

“Oh! Ace?”

“Hm?” Looking back, I caught Roxanne eying me with a firm gaze. “Roxy?”

“Make sure you ask your dad about....” She hesitated for a few minutes before she finished, “You know, that ghost woman.”

Oh, right! I can’t believe I had almost forgotten about that.

Nodding, I assured her, “Yes, I’ll definitely make sure I do that tonight.”

“And let me know what he says about that too.”

“Don’t worry, I will.”

Roxanne gave me one last nod before her and Cole went on their way home.

Once they were out of sight, I turned and made my way towards my front door. When I was inside I closed the door and locked it, I then pulled off my boots and ventured into the kitchen.

“Time for a tasty afternoon snack.” I told myself merrily as I hung my backpack on one of the dining room chairs. Walking over towards the refrigerator, I opened the door and went into the fruit drawer and pulled out a red apple.

Once I had my apple, I slid my way towards the pantry and pulled out a jar of peanut butter. “And nothing says tasty other than a juicy apple and peanut butter.”

When I had my materials I grabbed a cutting board and migrated towards one of the counter tops. Once I had set the stuff down, I pulled out a knife and began to cut the apple.

The event with the ghost woman floated to the front of my mind. I just don’t get it. What was that ghost trying to accomplish? Also why, of all people, would she decide to haunt me? I don’t even know the ghost, but she somehow knows me. Her calling out my name is proof of that! She even knew my name in that first dream I had.

Is she seriously trying to get just my attention? If she is then she certainly has it, but why would she...? I don’t think I’ve angered her, considering I have steered clear of any places that were haunted. I also haven’t seen her until recently and I’m sure dad or Luke would have warned me if that wasn’t the case. So could it be possible that’s she trying to tell me something?

My eyebrows rose as a thought dawned on me. I stopped cutting for a moment.

Those both of them that ghost had said some pretty obscure things. Things that did sound like she was indeed warning me of something, heck in the first dream she told me to beware. She even told me in the second dream that someone would get me involved in something whether I liked it or not. Is this something what she’s warning me about, whatever this something is? If that’s the case then just what is it and what does it have to do with me where someone would want me involved?

Oh! Could...could her and that blonde guy be related somehow? They both appeared on the same exact day and they both appeared in the second dream. The two also appear to be magical, considering they both did something to my body. So could they? Or is this a mere coincidence?

The sound of the garage door opening snapped me out of my thoughts. As the sounds of a car echoed, I glanced over my shoulder towards the door that led into the garage. I patiently watched the door as I heard the car noises stop and car doors opening and closing. Soft chatter of a man and a woman gradually came from the other side of the door.

“Whoop, sounds like mom and dad are home.” I concluded to myself.

Then right on cue, dad opened the door and both him and mom stepped into the kitchen.

“And that’s how I handled the customer.” Mom finished with her eyes on my father.

“Wow, elegance, class and a lot of resistance.” Dad said with an astonished nod. “Definitely the best way to handle it. But I’m surprised you didn’t snap at him once throughout the whole ordeal.”

“Oh believe me I wanted to, but I kept myself calm until he left. Then once he left that’s when I let loose and my co-workers and manager agreed with me a hundred percent.”

“Haha, well, I’m glad it all worked out.”

“Same here.”

“Hey, mom, hey, dad.” I greeted with a small smile.

They both met my gaze and smiled.

“Well, hello there, Apple Tikes.” Dad set his brief case on the floor. He propped a hand on his hip and smirked when he noticed something. “I see you are making yourself an afternoon snack?”

“Huh? Oh!” I snapped my attention back down at my cut up apple. “Right, I am.” Meekly, I smiled back at him, “Apple slices and peanut butter.”

Humorously, Dad rolled his eyes, “Why am I not surprised? That’s your all-time favorite snack.”

“Because it’s delicious!”

“So,” Mom strolled up to one of the kitchen counters, “how was school, Reggie.” She placed her purse on the counter and turned to face me.

“Oh, um, it was fine.” I finished cutting my apple before I murmured, “For the most part.”

Mom and dad must have heard me because they gave me an odd look, however, before they could ask the meaning behind my words I went on.

“Say?” I shifted my gaze between my parents. “Do we have anything big planned for this weekend?”

I’ll ask about the weekend and get that all straightened out before I ask dad about the ghost. I have a feeling that will be a longer conversation than asking if I could hang out with Tyler.

I must have caught the two off guard because it took them a minute to respond.

“Oh, um....”

“I don’t think we have anything planned.” Dad peeked down at mom, “Is there anything special planned, dear?”

Mom shook her head, “No, nothing special maybe just some basic house things. But nothing major.” She furrowed a brow at me, “Why do you ask, Reggie?”

“Well, you remember that boy Tyler? The one who helped me out on Friday?”

“Oh! Yes, I do.” Mom’s face lit up with recognition. She waved her finger at me, “He’s the boy who knocked the psycho off of you and brought you to the hospital. He also goes to your school doesn’t he?”

I nodded, “Yes, he does.”

“So?” Dad spoke up, getting back to the topic at hand. He eyed me curiously, “What about him?”

“Oh, right, um...well...” I raised my hands, “he wants to hang out with me this weekend. So I guess I wanted to make sure nothing major was planned so I could hang with him on Saturday.” A giddy smile instinctively appeared as I asked, “So, I can right?”

I suddenly raised a brow when I noticed the stunned expression on my parents faces.

“You’re serious? He actually asked to hang out with you?” Dad asked.

“Um...yeah? Why? Is that weird?”

“Oh! No, no, Reggie, I didn’t mean it like that.” Dad waved his hands in reassurance. “I’m honestly just a little shocked.” Meekly, he chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. “Although, I guess I really shouldn’t be, but for some reason I am. But I’m glad.” A small, tender smile appeared as he gave me an approved nod. “I’m sincerely glad that you two are going to be friends.”

“Oh this is so exciting!” Mom practically squealed with anticipation. She tossed dad a wide, joyful smile, “Who would have thought a day like this would come?”

“Yeah no kidding.” Dad weakly chuckled. “Truthfully, I didn’t think this would happen so soon.”

“Huh?” My face wrinkled with confusion.

“Oh! I can’t wait to invite his family over!” Mom went on with excitement. “Ah, just thinking about it is giving me goosebumps!”

“What!” My cheeks warmed up. “Wait, mom-”

“Whoa, wait, Diana.” Dad intervened. His face became serious as he advised her. “Don’t get too ahead of yourself.”

Mom released a soft sigh when she saw dad’s expression. “I know, but...” A bright smile appeared on her face, “I can’t help but be happy about this.”

I watched dad as his small, warm smile reappeared as he stared at mom. He then calmly commented, “I know, darling, just don’t get carried away.”

“Um...okay?” Pulling out one of the drawers, I took out a butter knife and waved it between my parents. “Why are you guys acting just as excited, if not more, than Roxy and Cole when I told them on the way home? Honestly, is it that big of a deal that I’ve become friends with a guy?”

“Well, this is kind of a big deal.” Mom replied with a pleased smile. “It’s not every day that I get to hear you plan a date with a boy.”

“It’s not a date!” I quickly denied with the warmth returning to my cheeks.

“Whoops.” Mom lightly chuckled, covering her mouth slightly. “Sorry, I mean planning a hang out or whatever it is you kids call it these days.”

I merely grumbled.

“But either way,” A warm smile appeared on mom’s face, “I’m very happy for you.”

“Well, for me,” Dad had a soft expression, “I’m just glad they’ll have another male in the group. Someone needs to help Chester protect you girls.” He hastily waved his hand and reassured me. “Even though I’m sure you girls can handle yourselves, but it’s always good to have an extra pair of hands to keep you girls safe.” His face narrowed, “Even more so when that nutzo is still on the loose.”
“Yeah.” I commented at the reminder. “Right.” Using the knife, I dished out some peanut butter and plopped it on my plate. “So,” I looked at him pleadingly, “does this mean I can hang out with Tyler on Saturday?”

“You bet!” Dad gladly wrapped his arm around mom’s shoulders. “He can even come over here if he’d like. Our home will definitely be open to him.”

“Awesome!” I cheered, but became very surprised of how happy that truly made me. Although, I’m still kind of blown away of how ecstatic everyone has been about this. However, I guess as long as they approve of our blossoming friendship then there’s no need to dig any deeper into it.

“Alright, well,” Mom pointed towards the stairs, “I’m going to change into something more comfortable. Then I’ll get dinner started.”

“Okay.” Dad then used his powers to make his brief case float over towards him. He grabbed a hold of the handle again, “Then once I get changed I’ll go take care of the lawn, it’s starting to get a little hairy out there.”

The two made their way towards the stairs.

“Wait!” I called out, my parents jerked in surprise and looked back at me. “Dad, when you get changed I need to talk to you, it’s very important.”

Mom and dad’s eyebrows rose before they glanced at one another. They must have noticed the seriousness in my tone, because their gazes fell with immediate concern as they gave me their full attention.

Dad now looked determined as he strolled up to the dining room table. He set his brief case on one of the chairs before he pulled one out and motioned me to sit down. “Tell me what’s on your mind, Apple Tikes.”

“Oh, no.” I waved my hand in reassurance. “I can wait until after you’ve changed.”

“Regina.” He began sternly. “You can’t say something like that and then expect me to just easily walk away. Not when you say it with such a tone and with that type of expression. So.” With one swift motion of his hand I was suddenly lifted off the ground. “Come and sit down.”

I yelped in surprise as dad used his powers to make me float in mid-air and moved me towards the dining room table. He then carefully set me down on the chair that he had pulled out. Once I was safely on the chair, dad pulled out the chair next to me and motioned to sit down.

“Wait!” I whirled back at my plate of apple slices. “My apples.”

However, before I could even use my powers to bring it to me, dad beat me to the punch. He set the plate down in front of me, along with the jar of peanut butter.


I merely nodded, “Yeah.” Realizing I still had the butter knife in my hand, I placed it down on the table. I then picked up an apple slice, dipped it into the peanut butter and took a bite.

“So,” Dad eyed me, “what’s going on, Reggie?”

Glancing up at dad, I caught a glimpse of mom taking a seat next to him. I swallowed the rest of my apple piece before I responded. “Well, dad, when you said Telekisors can see things that normal people can’t does....” I paused for a second as the anxiety kicked in, “does that include ghosts? Can Telekisors actually see them?”

Mom and dad’s eyes went wide for a second in shock. But then dad released a grunt and answered with uncertainty. “As much as I know that you don’t like the idea of ghosts, but, yes, Telekisors can see ghosts.”

My heart stilled, even though I saw that coming. It was still a concept that’s not easy for me to swallow.

“Why do you ask, dear?” Mom questioned curiously.

“Yes.” Dad appeared very puzzled by the topic. “This isn’t a topic you normally bring up, considering how squeamish you are at just the thought of ghosts.”

“Because...I’ve been seeing one.”

“What?!” Dad and mom gaped out.

“You...” Dad began slowly and pointed at me, “you’ve been seeing a ghost?”

I nodded.

“Reggie, are you sure?” Mom asked with immediate alarm.

“Dead positive.” Her actions have clearly proved to me that she’s no doubt a ghost.

“Regina.” Dad’s face narrowed as he asked in a stern, yet gentle tone. “Explain everything to us. How long have you been seeing the ghost and could you describe him or her to us? There might be a chance...” He tilted his head slightly, “that you, Luke and I have seen the same ghost.”

My eyebrows rose, but quickly nodded before I went off into my explanation. I first described the woman with us much detail as I could.

“The ghost was a woman who looked like she came right out of the 1940′s.”

“The 1940′s?” Mom recited.

“Yes, curly, puffy chestnut brown hair and a navy blue polka dotted dress. However, I couldn’t see the color of her eyes,” I pointed at my eyes, “because they were lit up with a bright yellow light.”

I was surprised when I saw that dad’s eyes had widened. But in a split second his expression had hardened with resolve once I had finished my sentence. “Dad?”

“Reggie?” Dad hovered his hand over the dining room table and I flinched when I saw his hand light up with that yellow energy. “By chance, did the ghost woman look like this?”

Watching his hand, I gasped in shock when he used his powers to produce a faded image of a woman. The image almost looked like something that came out of Star Wars when the androids would show images of people. But I was even more astonished when I immediately recognized the image as the female ghost.

“Yes!” I pointed at the image. “That’s the ghost! She’s the one I saw!”

“Then...” With one quick motion, Dad made the image disappear. “We’ve all seen the same exact ghost.”

“When? Where?” I asked with haste. Could it be that they saw her before I did?

“At the hospital when your body went nuts.”

I gaped. So that was why both him and Luke were looking in her direction that day. But I guess I should have figured that, they wouldn’t look away like that unless something really caught their attention. Thank goodness though, I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw her.

“So I’m guessing that’s when you saw her?” Dad eyed me questionably. “At the hospital?”

“That’s one of the places.” I murmured before I plopped another apple slice into my mouth.

One of the places?” Mom repeated with caution, not like the sound of that information.

“Where else did you see her?” Dad demanded gently.

“I saw her at school today in the cafeteria, which by the way,” I pointed at them, “has been completely fixed where it looked like the incident yesterday didn’t even happen.”

“What?” Dad gaped out, “Really?”
I nodded.

Dad arched a brow. “How-” He stopped mid-sentence before he asked with suspicion. “Did that ghost have something to do with it?”

My head jerked back, surprised that he automatically assumed that. “W-Well...she-she did mention that she had fixed up the cafeteria. But how did you already assume that?”

“I had a strong gut feeling about it.” Dad bluntly commented. “But...” He urged me to go on. “Continue, did anything particular happen when you saw her?”

“” I found his answer strange, but I went on with my explanation. “I was completely freaked out when I saw her, especially when I learned that I was the only one who could see her. But then she started to come towards me and even said my name. Gosh, that freaked me out so much that I almost lost control of my powers.”

“What!” Mom gasped out loudly.

“Oh, no, Regina Grace!” Dad scolded in dismay. “Please tell me you didn’t cause another incident?”

“I only made the lights flicker!” I raised my hands with immediate defense. “I managed to gain control before it could really let loose. Tyler and Roxy also helped me calm down as well.”

Dad and mom released a sigh of relief.

“Did any of your classmates find out?” Mom asked, sounding both worried and leery.

Shaking my head, I answered. “No, since I squealed about a ghost everyone now has it confirmed in their minds it was all her doing. However,” My face wrinkled with regret as I rubbed the back of my neck, “I do feel bad about placing the blame on her.”

“Well, it was kind of her fault.” Mom attempted to reassure me. “You were fine until she showed up, so she was a factor in this incident.”

I bobbled my head as I considered it. “True.”

“Anywhere else?” Dad questioned, getting us back to the topic at hand. Crisscrossing his arms, dad went on, “Although, I really don’t know where else you would have seen her. You were home the majority of the time these past few days and there’s no way you could have seen her here otherwise we would have all known.”

“Well, in reality those were the only times I saw her.”

“What?” Dad’s eyes went wide before he reacted with alarm. “In reality? What-” Once again, he stopped in mid-sentence as a thought dawned on him. He then questioned cautiously, “You...are you referring to that dream you had yesterday? The one where it ended with you getting struck by a needle?”

“What?” Mom gasped out, shooting her wide, frightened gaze up at dad.

I nodded with sincerity, “Yes, but, that wasn’t the only dream I’ve seen her in. She appeared in my dreams on Friday. I had one in the morning, the one I had mentioned to you guys, and one before I woke up at the hospital. Those dreams were where I first started to see her.”

Mom and dad gawked at me.

“So when I saw her in the hospital I thought she was just a fragment of my imagination. But then she started to talk like she was chanting something, then before I knew it my body reacted. I felt the pain and then today she appeared and did more ghost like things. I had felt everything that happened during that moment and everyone in my school witnessed it. It became the talk of the school all day, which had confirmed even more that it was no dream.”

“And now you are more convinced that you might be seeing and dealing with a real live ghost.” Mom finished, assuming that was the case.

“Yes, it was.”

“Explain those earlier dreams to me, Reggie.” Dad instructed me with a determined gaze. “Tell me everything that she did in those dreams.”

I then went off to explain the parts she played in the first two dreams. Everything she said and did and as I told them my tales I watched my parents as their eyes went wide by the information.

“So, she said all that to you?” Dad questioned, knowing the answer he would receive.

“Pretty much, she also mentioned about someone finally releasing me and her wanting to reawaken and restore me, whatever that means.”

Wait! Now that I think about it that blonde guy in the dream mentioned something about releasing something that had been concealed. Could he be the person that the ghost’s talking about? The person who released me? If it is, why? Why would he want to reawaken me, heck what is he trying to release from me? Is it also possible that he’s the one that wants to get me involved in whatever this ghost lady was talking about?

But then what’s the deal with the whole restoring part? Restoring me, restoring my mind? Just what was she talking about?

“Release? Reawaken and restore?” I heard dad murmur softly. Looking at him, I saw him rubbing his head appearing to be very distraught.

“Dad?” I said with deep concern.

“John?” Mom asked, sharing my anxiety.

“Reggie.” Dad exhaled and lowered his arm. “I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I like where this is going.”

“Yeah, I feel the same way.” Nervously, I fiddled with an apple slice. “This ghost somehow knows me and she’s deciding to haunt me for whatever reason. It sounds like she wants me involved in something, but she’s also being helpful with certain things. So it’s hard to completely confirm if she’s friend or foe.”

“Uh...actually, Reggie, the ghost isn’t what I’m worried about.” Dad sternly admitted.

“What?” I hurled him a stunned look. “How could you not when-”

“I know!” Dad raised his hand, motioning me to stop. “I know, it’s definitely alarming to have her say things like reawakening and restoring and about involving you in something. But, regardless of that, I truly don’t think she intends to harm you. I highly believe she’s trying to help.”
“How can you be so sure when-”

“Well, for one,” Dad lightly intervened, “she did mention in that second dream that she didn’t want get you involved, but for some reason she had to. So whatever she did or is still doing sounds like it’s preparation for what’s to come. So the reason behind her actions is what has me highly concerned. Even the thought that she is another magical being is at the bottom of my concern list compared to that.”

“What?” Mom and I were both flabbergasted and slightly afraid of what he had just revealed.

“Another?” Looks like I’m not the only one who’s assuming that.

“Are you sure this ghost is another magical being, John?” Mom anxiously quizzed him.

“I’m very certain of it. Reggie, remember in the hospital you heard her chanting something?”

Eying him with uneasiness, I slowly nodded, “Yes?”

“She was actually casting a spell.”

Mom and I gasped out.

“A spell?” Mom murmured with apprehension, “What...what kind of spell?”

Grunting, Dad glanced at her, “I’m not sure, but, whatever it was it caused Reggie’s body to react.”

Mom and I fell into a moment of silence as we began to process what dad had just told us.

“Now,” Dad spoke up again, “the second reason why I don’t believe this ghost is a foe is because...this isn’t the first time I’ve seen her.”

Finding his repetitive response strange, I reminded. “ already mentioned that dad. You saw her at the hospital.”

“No, no that’s not what I’m talking about!” He swiftly denied. “I mean, this is the first time I’ve seen her in a long while. However, the first time I actually saw her...was when I was fourteen years old.”

Mom gasped while my eyebrows rose.

“But it wasn’t all the time.” Dad went on. “She would just randomly show up either on my way home from school, in our house, or around our farm and at first it freaked me out. But as she continued to appear I slowly began to realize that she never gave me a creepy vibe, sure an eerie vibe because she was a ghost, but nothing beyond that. Also above all she never really did anything, when she would appear she would just stand there and watch us. But soon we found this ghost to be a blessing in disguise. The first time she did something was when my little sister, your Aunt Carolyn, was seven years old and climbed up a tree and missed a branch and almost fell on the ground. But then that ghost woman appeared and saved her.”

Mom and I gaped at that, both astonished, relieved and slightly intrigued.

“Then after that there were plenty of times where this ghost came and bailed us out of trouble. Gosh!” Roughly, dad rubbed his head. “I can’t even count how many times this ghost had saved our butts and believe me there were times where we desperately needed it.” Meeting my astonished eyes, he reiterated. “So that is the major reason why I don’t believe she’s a foe. Although, I can’t tell you why she’s been hanging around and her reasoning behind it, but you definitely won’t hear me complain if we have a ghost for an ally.”

I let out a relieved breath that I hadn’t even realized I had held in until now. Slowly, I began to relax as dad’s explanation sunk in. “So then...she really isn’t someone to worry about?”

“Well, not to that degree. She’s still someone we need to pay attention to, since it’s obvious she knows what’s going on.”

“I agree.” Mom declared. “To me, it sounds like she’s warning us about something.”

“My thoughts exactly. Although, what she’s trying to warn us about is still something I’m not certain of. So that’s why we need to keep a close eye on her and see if she gives us any hints.”

A thought suddenly dawned on me. “Hey, dad?” I caught his attention again and asked, “Do you think...the guy that attacked me and this ghost are somehow related?”

Dad’s eyes went wide as light-bulb went off in his mind.

“Yes!” Mom’s eyes lit up with realization. “I was thinking the exact same thing! Those two did appear on the exact same day and that guy had also taken a liking to Reggie.”

Dad snorted, not looking very pleased with that idea.

“They also both have powers.” I swiftly reminded. “I mean, dad,” I waved my finger at him, “you mentioned in the hospital that the guy that attacked me sounded like he had powers.”

“Yes, that is exactly right. How else was he able to completely immobilize you like that.”

“Right. He also appeared in my second dream.” I confessed. Hearing my parents gasp in shock, I explained. “He appeared in the first half and he basically repeated what he did in the parking lot. However,” My face winkled with puzzlement, “he said some weird things as well.”

“Weird things?” Dad eyed me with suspicion. “Clarify please.”

“He was saying things like who are you and then chanted something about releasing what has been concealed. The chant...” I trailed off as a thought dawned on me, “he used the same type of tone as the ghost woman. Almost like-”

“He was chanting a spell.” Dad finished, his eyes suddenly wide with realization. “That must be it!” He shot up onto his feet, startling mom and me. Our eyes followed him as he moved towards the basement door. “That must be what that punk did. He must have cast a spell, but...what type of spell.” He then trailed off into his thoughts.

Puzzled and surprised by my dad’s abrupt reaction, I was about to question him when mom spoke up.

“So, if the two are connected, then could it be possible that the two know each other?”

“That’s what I’m starting to wonder. Either that or maybe he’s the one that she’s warning us about.” I admitted. “The fact that the woman told me to beware of something then a few hours later that guy attacks me? Too much of a coincidence if you ask me.”

“Yes, but if that’s the case.” Mom’s face was serious, but I could see the fear growing in her gaze. “Then this guy may be more dangerous than we originally thought.”

Groaning in dismay, I replied, “Definitely don’t like the idea of that.”

“Wait, Reggie!” Dad suddenly placed his hands on the table. His gaze was hard with resolve. “You mentioned that the two were talking about releasing something?”

“Uh...” His abrupt interruption caught me off guard, but I answered, “Yes, they both said something like that. Why?” I arched a brow, “Do you have an idea of what they meant?”

I immediately became concerned when dad literally looked like a deer in headlights.


He gently pushed himself away from the table and strolled back towards the kitchen. He kept tapping his chin as he went back into his thoughts.

“John?” Mom softly called to him with slight alarm. “Is something wrong, dear?”

I gasped as a thought came to my mind. “Dad!” Shooting up to my feet, I asked, “You do know what they meant don’t you?”

Dad finally exhaled, “I may have an idea.” He turned to face mom and me. “This may have something do with why you suddenly have powers.”

My eyebrows rose, “What?”

“John,” Mom stood up with an awe struck expression, “you’re not saying that they-”

“It’s kind of leading in that direction.”

“What’s leading in that direction?” I questioned nervously. “Just what are you two talking about?”

“Reggie.” Dad spoke in a tone that caused my heart to still. “Remember yesterday when you assumed that the boy gave you powers and I told you that it was not possible?”

My nerves trembled and I cautiously replied, “Y-Yes?”

“Well, let me explain a little further on that. You see, it would be hard to literally give someone powers....” He paused for a second and hesitated before he finished, “when that person already had them.”

I became utterly speechless, getting a hunch of what he was hinting at. “Wh-What?”

Dad motioned to walk out of the dining room. However, he kept his gaze on me and gestured his finger towards himself. “Follow me towards the office...I think it’s time that I showed you what those two meant and what I’m talking about.”

He then walked away and headed towards the office. Anxiously, I gulped and caught a glimpse of my mom following my father. Once the two left my sight I inhaled deeply before I made my way towards their office.

Mom and I strolled into the room just in time to watch dad go into the closet, pulled and moved aside mom’s sewing materials and dad’s boxes of work and invention papers to reveal a bare wall. Dad raised his hand towards the bare wall and I watched his hand as it lit up with his now yellow energy. Then using his powers, dad opened up a safe size compartment inside the items ranged from folders and boxes, most likely filled with very important items that dad wanted absolutely no one to find.

Keeping my eyes on my dad, I watched him as he pulled out a long looking box. He took a peek inside, probably to make sure it was what he was looking for. Then once he had confirmed that it was what he wanted, he stood up and strolled over towards mom and me.

“It’s time for me to show you these.” Opening the box, dad revealed that it was a case filled with DVDs.

Very puzzled by the sight, I flipped through the DVDs. I then discovered that these DVDs were marked and dated to when I was a child. “Okay? What’s on these?”

“These are basically home movies.”

“Home movies?”

“Remember during your summer breaks your grandmother Williams, my siblings and I would take you kids to a remote forest area? To have Luke and your cousins practice with their powers?”

“Uh, yeah, I remember that. But what does that-”

“These,” He placed his hand over the case, “were videos we took of those trips back when you all were younger. When all of you had your powers.”

That one word instantly caught my interest. “All?”

Dad pulled one out and gestured it towards the computer. “You’ll understand fully when you see it for yourself.”

I felt very conflicted, I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or scared of what I was going to be shown. But nonetheless I obeyed my father and took a seat in front of the computer. My eyes followed dad as he opened the CD/DVD driver and placed the DVD inside. When the DVD was loaded a media player automatically appeared and once it did dad full screened the player and pressed play.

My heart was literally racing ten times a minute. But I kept myself silent as the DVD played.

[The scene began in a remote forest area, it literally looked like it was in the middle of nowhere. The camera focused on three cars, one of them being a mini van, lined up right next to each other and I could tell by the model of the cars that this was recorded a long time ago. I took notice of the time and date on the right corner of the screen, this was recorded around one o’clock in the afternoon about almost twelve years ago.

“Alright, John, do you have the camera ready?” An older sounding woman voiced in from beside the camera.

“Yes, mom, I think I finally got it working right. This camera is new so I had to fiddle around with it for a little bit to get it right.” I heard my dad reply before shifting the camera to face the woman.

The woman appeared to be reaching her early sixties, she had shoulder length chestnut hair that was gradually turning gray and hazel colored eyes. She also had an average body shape, she wasn’t fat but she wasn’t skinny either, she was the perfect size for her height and size.

I immediately recognized the woman, she was my grandmother, Darlene Williams.

“Perfect!” Grandma praised. “Then let’s get the lessons started, shall we?”

“I don’t know.” I heard another male comment with uncertainty. “Are you sure you want to record this bro?”

The camera turned to show the man that I could tell was a somewhat younger version of my Uncle Kevin, my father’s younger brother. He was an inch shorter than my father, whom was six feet tall. He had jet black hair and the same hazel colored eyes as my grandmother. He also appeared to have a very fit body, which I suppose was no surprise, Uncle Kevin built houses for a living.

“Don’t see why not.” Dad merely replied, like his plan was no big deal. “It’ll help us remember what to teach these kids next, especially if we make this a yearly thing. Besides, it’s not like anyone but us is going to see this.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Don’t worry, Kev. I’ve created a special place to put these recordings so no one but me will be able to find them.”

“Well, that’s good enough for me.” A young sounding woman chimed in, pleased with my father’s answer. The camera turned again to face the woman who appeared to be middle aged, about to reach forty years of age. She had a thin, hourglass shape that had gotten voluptuous over the years, she was also the same height as my grandmother and almost looked identical to her. The only difference was she had black hair and light blue eyes, which resembled my grandfather.

That woman was my Aunt Lucinda, Lucy for short, and she was the eldest of my father’s siblings. “Now,” Aunt Lucinda motioned her hand towards a group of young children, “let’s get this started before the kids get antsy.”

My dad, my grandmother, and my Uncle Kevin merely chuckled as they made their way towards the small group. The group consisted of my Aunt Lucinda’s three boys ranging from eleven years of age to four years old, my Uncle Kevin’s eldest son who was five, Luke who looked to be around eight almost nine years of age and myself who was also five when this was recorded.

“Alright!” Uncle Kevin cheered out with excitement. “Are you guys ready to get this ball rolling?”

“Yeah!” We merrily replied loudly.

“Okay, now before we get started on the lessons.” Aunt Lucinda began suggestively. “How about you show us what you’ve learned so far and what you’ve been working on.”


“Here.” Dad interrupted and leaned beside me. He grabbed the computer mouse and moved the cursor to the media player buttons. “Let’s skip some of this, since we went from oldest to youngest. You were the second to last one.”

Subconsciously, I clenched my fists, however, I kept myself silent. I just sat there waiting for dad to stop fast forwarding before I could continue.

“Alright.” Dad stopped what he was doing and gave me the rein again. “All set.”

I merely nodded and pressed play.

[“Alright, nice job, Shawn.” Dad praised Uncle Kevin’s eldest son. “At this rate you’ll be able to lift two things at once.”

“Awesome!” Shawn raised his fist with a bright smile. “Then I can clean up my room twice as fast!”

Uncle Kevin chuckled, “That would certainly make mom happy wouldn’t it?”
“Yeah, mom’s scary when she’s mad.”

The adults laughed.

“A lesson well learned, bud.” Dad commented humorously. “Nothing’s scarier than crossing a mom.”

“They’re even scarier when they have powers.” Aunt Lucinda’s middle son, Ethan, pointed out. Aiming his thumb towards his older brother, he added. “I can’t count how many times mom had to use her powers on Derek when he was being naughty.”

“Hey!” Derek snapped back, tossing Ethan a glare. “You’re just as guilty of it as I am!”

Ethan hurled him a glare.

“Okay, moving on.” Dad abruptly changed the subject, snapping the two brothers out of their brief argument. He then moved to stand in front of me, “Alright, Apple Tikes, you’re up.”

My five year old self beamed with excitement. “Okay, daddy!” Raising my hand, I went on, “I’m Regina Grace, I’m five and I’m learning my telepieces!”

“That’s telekinesis, dear.” Grandma corrected.

My face wrinkled as I attempted to say the word again. “Tele-Teleimieces.”

“Well that’s close enough.” Uncle Kevin chuckled from the sidelines. “Anyway, Reggie, show us what you can do.”

“Okay!” Merrily, I whipped around and scanned the area. It only took me a second before I raised my hands towards my target, in a few moments my arms were engulfed in the bright yellow light. Then right on cue the yellow energy emerged around my target, which was oddly a pile of leaves and other forest greenery.

“Huh, what’s with that choice?” Derek roughly commented.

“Hm, yes.” Aunt Lucinda agreed, sounding like she was in deep thought. “That is definitely a different choice.”

However, it didn’t take long before I had the pile up in the air. Then with some smooth motions from my hands the leaves began to fly around, like the actual wind was blowing them around. My younger self then began to dance around like a very inexperienced ballerina as I “gracefully” moved the leaves around. Then once the leaves had gone a full circle around the area, I placed the leaves back where they were. Once the pile was on the ground I made the yellow light disappear as I turned with a wide ear-to-ear smile.

“How was that?”

“My, my that was beautiful, sweetie!” Grandma praised.

“Yes, I must say that was quite impressive.” Dad complimented, causing my little self to giggle gleefully.

“But what was with the leaves?” Luke suddenly questioned with a raised brow.

“Yeah!” Shawn turned to me with his own perplexed expression. “That was weird!”

Huffing up, I defended, “It was not weird! That’s what the leaves did in Pocahontas and I wanted to do that!”

Dad laughed with understanding, “Ah, now that makes sense. You have been watching that Disney movie recently.”
“That’s because I wanted to remember how the leaves moved.”]

I didn’t even pay attention to the rest of the video as the immediate shock overcame me. My eyes were so wide that it felt like they would pop right out of the sockets. I could feel my heart tremble as I kept replaying that particular scene in my mind. But what really had me stunned was the leaf was the same one I saw during the cafeteria incident! One of the images that hasn’t gone away since that day.

“N-No...way....” I managed to say softly.

Is this where it originated from? It must be, because I’m not going to lie even though I can’t recall this whole felt strongly familiar. But how is this possible? Just what does this even mean?

“Regina?” I heard dad say with concern and felt him lean towards me.

I found him as he stood beside me. “Is this...did this really happen? Did I...really have powers before?”

I could see the guilt growing in mom and dad’s faces.

“Yes, Reggie.” Mom replied, “You did.”

“But how is that possible!” I barked with apprehension. Feverishly, I gestured my hands towards the computer screen. “How is it that I don’t remember any of this! Sure, I realize you won’t remember everything from your childhood, although I can recall being at that particular session. But I only remember Luke, my cousins and you guys! having being a Telekisor? I can’t recall any of that! Just how?” Hurling a desperate, shaken gaze at my parents, I asked in dismay. “Just how is it that I do not remember that?”

Mom and dad merely grunted. But before they could answer went on with my rant, still finding it hard to believe.

“I mean,” I patted the case of DVDs that dad had placed on his desk. “You obviously have proof of it.” As I flipped through the DVDs, I raised a brow. “How far do these movies go anyway?”

“They started when you were five.” Dad informed. His expression fell more when he added, “But these specific recordings ended when you were twelve.”

That number caught my interest. “Twelve?”

Dad nodded. “Yes, and every single DVD shows you having powers, you being an actual Telekisor like your brother and me. You using you telekinesis, you dabbing a bit into summoning objects, heck there are even recordings with you getting started on some small spells. But all these movies show that you have always been...a Telekisor.”

“But why don’t I remember any of that!” I raised my arms with exasperation. “Heck, even yet, why haven’t I been able to use them until now?”

Dad suddenly groaned in his own dismay and looked away from me slightly.

“Dad?” I was also concerned with what that meant. I then took note of my mom’s sympathetic expression.

She moved up next to my father and rubbed his back. “Darling.” Her soft, tender voice snapped him out of his thoughts to glance down at her. Mom merely nodded.

That nod caused dad to exhale loudly.

“Okay, mom, dad. You guys are really making me nervous here.”

“Ah, sorry. So sorry, Reggie.” Dad grabbed mom’s hand that she had placed on his shoulder. “This...this isn’t exactly an easy topic for us to talk about. However....” He trailed off for a second and hesitated before he explained. “You’re right. You should have been able to remember all of that and you should have been able to use your powers all this time. But...when you were twelve during your summer break an incident happened.”

“An incident?”
“Yes, an incident that caused you to not only lose the ability to use your powers, but your memories of it...somehow got completely erased.”

“What?!” I gaped out.

You remember.

Hastily, I shook the woman’s voice out of my head. “H-How?” I asked. “How did that happen? Why did that happen?”

“Remember back at the hospital when I told you and Roxy that there could be other magical people out there?”

My heart sunk with realization. “Oh, no, dad, please tell me that-”

“Unfortunately, yes.” Dad answered, knowing what I was going to say. He placed the case of DVDs back on his desk before he went on. “That summer we met a pair of them and let’s just say that they weren’t exactly friendly. One of them managed to seal your powers and somehow in the process caused you to lose your memories of it and your powers.”

“Sealed?” I placed a hand over my chest. “My powers were sealed?”

Mom and dad nodded.

“But why?” I felt angry and violated. “Why would they do such a thing?”

“Because they hated me.”

That sentence caught me off guard a bit. “Hated you? Why?”

“I was siding with the regular humans, beings whom they despised with a passion. Their hatred for the regular humans were so strong that they would kill a person right at first sight. So with me willing to defend them anyway that I could that meant I was constantly interfering with their plans and to them that was a major offense. So to get back at me they kidnapped you and used you against me.”

“Kidnapped?” I whispered. Then suddenly my dream with the blonde haired man coming at me with a needle replayed in my mind. Again, I shook my head, snapping myself back to reality.

“Yes, fortunately, their plan wasn’t successful, we managed to pull ourselves out of the mess and get you out of danger. However, before we were able to completely escape them one of them managed to seal your powers completely outraged by the outcome.”

“And they too were the ones responsible for my slight memory loss?”

Grimacing, Dad rubbed the back of his neck with uncertainty. “I’m not exactly sure. I know one of them did the seal because they announced it to us. However, they never confessed to erasing half of your memory.”

“Doesn’t mean that they still didn’t do it.”

“That’s true. But the fact that only half of your memories got erased has me doubting it. If it was them I think they would have erased everything. However, you remembered everything else just fine after we retrieved you from them. It was only you having powers and any memories that involved you using them that were obviously never recovered.”

Lowering my gaze to look at the floor, I remained silent and allowed all this to sink in. This was still a very surreal situation. To think that I’ve been a Telekisor all of my life but had never known it well, remembered it. A sudden thought came across my mind, which caused my heart to tighten as I clenched my fists with slight irritation. I felt my powers react slightly, but kept them in check.

“Reggie, dear.” Mom had her arm wrapped around dad’s. The sorrow was glistering in her face as she softly said to me. “I know this is a lot to process, but we assure you that this is all the truth. As much as we wished it wasn’t so.”

Impulsively, I snorted. “Don’t worry, I believe you. Even though that’s kind of odd to say considering you’ve hid this from me for basically six years.”

“Reggie?” Dad said my name oddly. Him and mom must have heard the tension in my voice, because they eyed me with concern.

However, I disregarded them as my anger bubbled up. “But why?” I began softly, clenching my jeans. Hurling a glare up at them, I demanded. “Why did you guys hide this from me?! Why are you telling me this now when you should have told me years ago when it happened?! Did you think I wouldn’t believe you, because I didn’t remember it? Well, if you would have shown me those recordings back then I would have believed you! Sure, I would have been shocked like I am now, but I still would have believed it. So why? Why are you choosing now?”

My parents had jerked their heads back, very startled by my abrupt outburst.

“Oh, Reggie, we are so sorry.” Mom immediately apologized, understanding my anger.

“Yes.” Dad softly replied. “We’re so sorry to have hid this from you for so long. We truly didn’t want to do that. But we the time we just thought it was for the best that you didn’t know.”

“What?!” I yelped as my fury gradually increased. “The best thing? How is hiding something this huge the best thing for me?!”

“Because we didn’t want you to get your hopes up.”

My head jerked back. “Huh? Why?”

Dad grunted. “At that time we weren’t sure if we would ever be able to get your powers back. Ever since it happened Luke, everyone in my family and myself had been trying everything we could think of to break the seal. But that seal just wouldn’t crack. So we thought it was better for you not to know so you wouldn’t be constantly disappointed when we failed to break the dang thing. However, I assure you.” Dad placed a hand over his chest with sincerity. “Once we had broken the seal we would have told you.”

“I’m sure I would have lived regardless if my powers were unsealed or not.” I roughly retorted, a little offended by that assumption.

“I’m sure you would have, Reggie.” Dad returned. “However, at the time we just weren’t sure how you would have handled it. Although, I suppose we were the ones that were having a harder time with it.”

“Huh?” I furrowed a brow.

“Reggie, like we mentioned earlier, this isn’t an easy topic for us to talk about, especially for me. To me it’s a memory that haunts me each and every day.”

“Haunts you?” My fury suddenly diminished and was now filled with worry.

Dad’s face became grim as deep remorse gleamed in his eyes. “Yes, because as a father I had failed to protect you. Allowing you to fall into those despicable hands should never have happened. It’s a guilt that will never go away no matter what I do to make it right that memory will always haunt me.” Dad shut his eyes and gently shook his head, most likely shaking off the memory of that time. “For the past five years I’ve constantly caught you looking at your brother and me or at my brothers, my sisters, your cousins and your grandmother use our powers. You always looked at us with such longing eyes, because you were the only one blood related to me that couldn’t truly join us. I knew you were envious about it, which is why it was no surprise to me when you admitted to it last night. But it was always so painful for me to watch and hear it.”

Guilt now overcame me when I heard the crack in my dad’s voice. I watched him as he hid his face in his palms. “Dad.”

“Your father wasn’t the only one who felt that way.” Mom commented tenderly. She moved a little to wrapped her arms around dad’s abdomen in attempts to comfort him. “That incident has haunted all of us, ever since it had happened. We all failed as a family to protect you. We all had such a hard time talking about it or even coming to terms with it, not at the fact that your powers were sealed or that half of your memories got erased. But at the fact that you had to go through such a terrifying experience. That alone hurt us more than anything. So we thought that if we were having difficulties with it then we thought you would as well. So we all agreed to keep it from you and to keep quiet about it, thinking that it was for the best. But we also thought that if we gave ourselves some time and allowed the hurt to lessen that we would be able to talk about more freely.”

“And that’s when when we decided to wait to tell you about it until your powers were unsealed.” Dad explained, laying his hand on mom’s arm. “With how long it was taking us to find a way to actually break the damn thing, we figured it was for the best. We thought that by time we actually managed to unseal your powers that our guilt would have lessened enough for us to talk about it and thought you would have been able to handle it more easily that way as well.”

“I see.” I now felt a little ashamed of my outburst. “I guess I should have thought about that. About how you guys felt about the whole thing.” Bowing my head, I apologized, “I’m sorry about my outburst.”

“Oh, no, sweetie, no.” Mom hastily came to my side. Bending down to meet my eyes, she held my cheeks with sympathy. “You had every right to react the way that you had. Any of us would have done the same exact thing, so there’s no need for you to apologize. However, we do hope that you forgive us for keeping this from you for so long, again, we were just doing what we thought was right at the time for all of us.”

“Of course I forgive you.” I was blown away by that. “I mean, I am still upset about it, but you obviously had your reasons. So I can’t hate you for something like that.”

Mom smiled affectionately and hugged me. “Thank you, darling.”

I returned the gesture. A thought then came to my mind. “Wait a minute.” Pulling back slightly, I arched a brow. “Just how exactly did you guys try these unsealing tricks without me knowing? Were you guys doing it when I wasn’t looking or something?”

“You do recall going to those training sessions after you were twelve right?” Dad brought up. “Remember when we would use you to test some of our tricks?”

Wrinkling my face, I knew what he was talking about, but I didn’t quite get what he was referring to. “Uh...yeah...I-oh!” My face lit up and I pointed at him. “When you, Grandma, Aunt Lucy, Uncle Kevin, Uncle Matthew and Aunt Carolyn would test new spells or show new tricks to Luke and the others...that’s what you were doing?”

Sullenly, dad nodded. “Yup, basically. Although, we never felt good about it. But it was the best way to do it without you knowing, since you obviously couldn’t even tell what we were doing.”

Grumbling, I allowed that information to sink in. Now that I’m recalling those times, I did think it was odd that when they used me as a test subject and when they’re spells didn’t work they would always look disappointed. But instead of working further on the spell right on the spot they would just jump to something else. However, I obviously disregarded it and never questioned them on it. Although, I never guessed it would be something like this.

“Anyway.” Dad crisscrossed his arms. “Onto a more serious matter.” His voice became stern as his eyes narrowed. “Your powers have now been unsealed and it wasn’t because of me or anyone in my family. This has me very, very concerned, because I have a gut feeling that the boy who attacked you and that ghost are responsible for unleashing your powers.”

“What?” Mom gaped out.

“Are you serious, dad?”

“Don’t see any other explanation, considering the circumstances of your powers. Also all of this didn’t start until after you encountered them. So either one or both of them played some sort of part in your powers being unsealed.”

“And I suppose....” Mom began cautiously, “we should be concerned depending on who the culprit is?”

“Yes, since if the ghost did then it would be even more proof that she is preparing us for something. It would also make me relax a bit, since it would make sense to how she knew about the seal, because she was there when it happened.”

“What? Really?” I asked with astonishment.

Dad nodded, “Yes, with her assistance we were able to find their hideout and retrieve you. She was also there to give us a hand, mainly with protecting you. So that was the main situation that caused me to think that she’s not our enemy.”

Wow, and I can’t blame him for that. After something like that and having this ghost be such a huge help would make anyone doubt that she’s an enemy. Heck, even I’m finding myself being less and less afraid of her after hearing this where maybe if I do see her again I may not freak out...possibly.

“But if that boy unleashed your powers....” Dad’s face became grim. “Then we have a whole bucket load of questions, since it means one of two things.” He raised one finger, “One, he’s a very powerful magic user. Not only to be able to break that seal on you, but to know about it when the main ones who knew about it were us and those kidnappers.” He raised a second finger as his expression became harsher, “Two, he’s part of the same group that put the damn seal on you in the first place.”

Mom and I gasped softly.

Gulping, I dared to ask, “Either way those are bad options if he’s the culprit?”

“Unfortunately, yes. But regardless of who did it, I’m getting a hunch that it’s all leading to that boy being someone to watch out for.” Determination suddenly sparked in his gaze. “So, Reggie, I’d really advise that you be careful from now on until we get this resolved. Watch your surroundings and keep yourself on guard at all times, even though I would love to just keep you home until things get settle. However, that would be very impossible with your schooling and your work. Not to mention your friends would become alarmed if you suddenly just stayed home and again the less they know the better, we don’t want to get them completely involved in this mess.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Also, even though we do not know if this ghost unsealed your powers or not, but it sounds like she has another plan in mind.”

“Another plan?” Confused, I arched a brow. “What do you mean?”

“Well,” Nudging his head towards me, dad clarified, “what she told you in your most recent dream with her is hinting at that.”

“My recent....” I gasped when it finally dawned at me, “Oh! Are you talking about what she told me about restoring my mind and that I must remember?”

Dad nodded, “Yes.”

“So you know what she’s talking about?”

“I...may have an idea. But I’m not entirely sure.”

“Please tell me! Even if you’re not sure, it’s better to have some type of idea than nothing at all.”

Dad looked uncertain, but released a loud sigh. “Well, the only thing I can think of what she meant by restoring your mind...are your memories. The ones you had lost six years ago.”

Immediately, my eyebrows rose in shock. “What?”

Mom shared my expression.
“I believe there may be a chance that this trying to retrieve your memories from that time.”

“What? But how? How can you be certain of that?”

“I’m not, this is just a theory basing on what she told you. So again, I ask that you pay attention to yourself. If you are going to start getting your memories back I’m sure your going to be getting signs of it.”

Still flabbergasted by the thought, I merely nodded. “Y-Yes.”

Signs? Like what? Oh! Could...could it be...that feeling of familiarity? Could...could that be a sign? Also those images...that ones that have been randomly popping up lately are those signs too?

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