The Everynnian Chronicles

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Join introvert Willow Verdé on an adventure across not only the most beautiful land in the world but the most dangerous. 'Everynn.' The words rung in Willow's ears. 'I'm sorry?' she stammered. 'You are in the land of Everynn', the nymph continued, 'the land of the Gods.' When Willow wakes up in the mystical land of Everynn, she is astonished by natural beauty and abundance it possesses. Yet after being classified into the most dangerous of the four Everynnian groups, she learns that the land is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also terribly dangerous.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 Extract

THAT was the last time she ever saw her parents.

Willow Verdé sat on the stairs, drumming her fingers against the mahogany steps, wishing for a more purposeful life as her mother and father – Janet and Matthew Sachar – drove out of town to see yet another musical. Her eyes averted away from the two in fury. She was sick of being treated as second to musicals and cigarettes.

Neither of the two was what Willow would consider decent. In fact, both were quite the opposite, twisted by their wealth and success. Partners in work as well as marriage, the two owned a well-to-do wine business by the name of Salcohol. Their annoying habits of having people over nearly every night for ‘business opportunities’ ensured that Willow didn’t get an ounce of sleep and from this was rarely ever in the top half of her class.

Mr Sachar had pale skin with not a hair on his head, nor on his face. His tall, scrawny figure allowed him to loom over others, as if he was demonstrating his superiority. He had piercing, icy blue eyes and wore spectacles that only enhanced the severity of his features.

Ample and plump, Mrs Sachar was quite the opposite of her husband in features, although possessed a strikingly similar mindset. She had pristine brown skin and dark, squinty eyes. Her bushy hair framed her round face, giving the impression that she was no more than a pig in a wig.

The couple shared a passion for romantic dramas, claiming that they were truly a blessing. In fact, that was exactly what they were driving off to see that fateful night.

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