Elemental Heir : Book 1 Of The Elemental Heir Series

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Chapter 25

I watched Dristan in the mirror as he paced in what I assumed were his quarters. The rooms looked similar to mine, but more modern. He was in his human form again. His hair was wild, standing on end from him constantly running his hands through it. A sure sign that he was upset. But why was he so aggravated? He growled as he paced, punching the wall at one point.

I had to find him. But I had no idea where his quarters were. I growled in frustration as I snapped the mirror shut. I walked into the living room, pacing in front of the coffee table, much like Dristan had been doing. I chuckled at the irony.

“I have to find him...” I whispered to no one as I slumped onto the couch, rubbing my temples. The hangover was subsiding, but I still had a bit of a dull headache. I groaned.

A familiar popping sound went off in front of me and I jumped, gasping in surprise. I snapped my head up toward the sound, and blinked open mouthed as my eyes landed on the coffee table.

Upon it sat a map, a glass of orange juice, and two pain pills. I grabbed the map, squinting at it, and realized it was a map of the Aviary. Each room was labeled, the name of the owner of each chamber scrawled in perfect penmanship beneath the rooms.

I grinned and then scooped up the pain pills, swallowing them eagerly with the crisp, refreshing orange juice. I drank until there was nothing left in the glass.

“Thank you...” I whispered to the magical room.

I jumped up, taking the map with me, and ran to my bedroom. As quickly as possible, I stripped out of my pajamas and slipped into a simple, grey dress. The hem stopped just above my knees, flaring outward from the waist. The neckline was a bit low, but it would do. I quickly slipped on a pair of flat, black slip on shoes and then darted into the bathroom.

I freshened up my make up and untied the braid hanging loosely over my shoulder. It had dried while it had been braided, and when I combed my fingers through it, it hung in pretty, soft waves down to the middle of my back.

Five minutes had passed.

I rushed from the bathroom and to the front door, carefully pulling it open. I peered outside, making sure the coast was clear, before I stepped into the hallway and pulled out the map. I searched for Dristan’s name for a moment, scanning the thousands of rooms.

Finally, his name caught my eye. He wasn’t far. His rooms were near the grand ballroom, down the opposite end of the hallway from which we’d come yesterday. If I hurried, I could get there in less than twenty minutes.

I walked briskly down the corridor, following the map as I turned left, then right, then left again. It felt like I was walking in circles, but I knew I was headed in the right direction. After a dozen or so turns, and several different hallways, I finally found myself emerging into the grand hall which led to the ballroom. I was almost there.

I stuffed the map down the front of my dress, memorizing the number of doors I would have to pass to get to his.

I nearly sprinted down the hall. I neared the top of the staircase, and as I went to run past it and continue down the opposite hallway, someone who had been walking up the stairs collided with me, stopping me in my tracks.

“Brenya! I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Andromeda said, steadying me with her vile hands. She had two other dragon females with her. They both eyed me up and down, expressions of distaste on their faces.

I jerked away from her touch, my teeth automatically baring at her. She blinked and stepped back, confusion crossing her face.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, concerned.

I tried to suppress the rising anger in my core as I stared at her traitorous face. I wanted to scream at her, slam my fist straight into her throat, claw out her eyes... But I couldn’t. Not yet. If she knew I was onto her, she would intervene in my attempt to see Dristan.

I straightened my spine and smoothed out my feral facial expression, pulling on a fake, embarrassed smile.

“Andi, Oh gods, I’m sorry... I didn’t realize who you were. I was taking a nap and I had a horrible dream... I just wanted to get out of my rooms for awhile and get some fresh air. Do you know where I can go to unwind? I don’t know the first thing about navigating this place.” I lied.

“Oh, that sounds awful! You poor thing. When I’m having a bad day, I like to visit the library to relax. Its very quiet there, and there are thousands of books to read.” She said with a smile.

You also like to visit nasty little broom cupboards with strange men and fuck them senseless. I thought bitterly to myself.

I pulled the corners of my lips upward, faking a smile. “That sounds wonderful. Where can I find it?”

She gestured back toward the direction from which I’d come. “If you go down that hall, take a right, and then a left, and one more right, you’ll find it at the end of the corridor. You can’t miss it, there’s a statue of a dragon just outside the doors.”

“Great. Thank you.” I said, turning to leave.

I paused when she spoke again. “I heard that Ronan came to your rooms today. I’m dying to know what happened.... He’s arranging a council meeting for later today to discuss something important. Any idea what it’s about?”

I turned slowly to face her. “It’ll all be discussed at the meeting.” I said vaguely.

“Not even a single, juicy detail?” She pouted. “Did Ronan make a move on you?”

I scowled. “You could say that.”

She smiled from ear to ear. “How exciting. He’s quite a catch, you know. I think you should go for it. I’ve heard rumors that he’s an excellent lover.” She mused.

Yeah, I’ll bet you know that about a lot of men in this place...

I forced another smile to my face. “Oh, I don’t know... I have other things on my mind right now. I have a kingdom to think of, after all.”

“Yes, but you’ll need a king.” She winked. “All right, darling, I’ll let you get on about your day. I’ll see you later tonight, at the meeting?”

“I’ll be there.” I said, keeping the fake smile snugly in place while I envisioned myself ripping out handfuls of her hair, pulling out bloody chunks of her scalp right along with them.

“Wonderful. Till then...” She said, turning and walking down the corridor. The same one that I needed to go down to get to Dristan.

As soon as she turned her back, her two minions following behind her, I scowled. I turned on my heel and went back the way I’d come, making a right as she’d instructed. I listened to the click of their heels echoing through the wide hallway, and stayed where I was until they faded into nothing.

After a few minutes, I peek around the corner. There was no one in sight.

I sprinted down the hallway, flew past the staircase, and skidded to a hault before the door of Dristan’s quarters. This had to be his room... I pulled out the map and double checked. Sure enough, I was in the right place.

I lifted my fist and knocked softly on the large, wooden door.

(Dristan’s POV)

The bourbon burned as it slid past my lips, over my tongue, and down my throat. I’d downed nearly half a bottle today, desperate to calm the beast inside of my aching head. I paced the dim room, frustrated at his constant voice in the back of my mind. He had never behaved this way before.

Normally, one or two of his thoughts or emotions would slip through our mental bond, echoing inside of my own consciousness, but it only happened a few times a day. It had never been like this before.

Ever since I’d arrived back at the Aviary, he’d been at the front of my mind, a constant stream of anguished thoughts and emotions. Mostly, he was angry. It was growing more and more difficult to keep him contained. I’d snapped at several people today and nearly ripped out Warrick’s throat this morning over something trivial. His emotions were so strong that I couldn’t tell them apart from my own anymore.

Where is she...
Where is she...
Where is she....

His growling words echoed over and over, bouncing off the walls of my mind. I took another long pull of the amber liquid, squeezing my eyes shut, desperate to drown out his pain.

“Stop worrying about her. She is fine. We cannot be with her anymore.” I thought to him, curling and uncurling my fists and I continued to pace.

Why, why, why...
Need, need, need...
Brenya, Brenya, Brenya....

His sudden roar of torment exploded inside of my skull and I clamped my hands over my ears, trying and failing miserably to block out the horrible sound.

“Stop! She cannot be ours!“I thought to him urgently.

No, no, no, no, no...

I growled and took another swig. The more drunk I became, the less loud he was. Would he ever stop? Would I spend the rest of my life like this? A drunken, furious mess?

I halted in my tracks as a sudden, soft knock sounded at my front door. Who the hell was at my door in the middle of the day? I had no obligations on my schedule today. Could I not have one rutting moment to my self?

I growled in frustration as I stalked toward the door. I thought for a moment that perhaps I should throw on a shirt, but I just didn’t care.

What?!” I snarled, throwing the door open.

I stared furiously into a familiar pair of mix matched irises, which widened in surprise at my outburst. She shrunk back a bit as her eyes swept over me. I probably looked like complete shit. I hadn’t slept much the last few days.

I felt my expression softening as I fully realized who was at my door, and regret seeped from my pores as I realized I’d probably scared the hell out of her.

"Brenya, what are you doing here-” I started to say, but she interrupted me before I could finish.

“Let me in!” She hissed, pushing past me, nearly knocking me down as she shoved at my towering body which was blocking her way.

As she passed by me, her scent filled my senses and I briefly closed my eyes, letting her cactus bloom and vanilla bean smell calm me down.

The beast inside of me perked up, his attention zeroing in on the familiar scent and the soothing sound of her soft voice.

Brenya, Brenya, Brenya...

His booming voice echoed inside of my skull, his energy the calmest it had been in nearly twenty four hours, since the last time we’d seen her. Comfort flooded though him, leaking through and doubling my own sense of relief.

I turned to face her after shutting the door and securing the several deadbolts I’d had installed on it. She was gazing around the room with furrowed brows and I grimaced as I mirrored her action. Chairs were turned over, paintings on the wall were crooked, and the only light in the room was cast by the large windows near the back wall.

She turned to face me, her perfectly groomed, arched brows furrowed in concern. “What the hell happened in here? What’s going on? It looks like you’ve been wrestling with a bear.”

I snorted. “Not a bear.”

She narrowed her indigo blue and sea-foam green eyes.

I walked past her, picking up the crystal decanter of liquor from the table and swallowing a burning mouthful.

“You’re drinking in the middle of the day? What’s wrong with you? Tell me.” She walked forward and tried to pull the bottle from my hands. I lifted it higher so that she couldn’t reach it.

“It is no concern of yours what I drink, and how often I choose to do so.” I muttered. She gazed up at me, her lower lip poking out. She took a step back and crossed her arms.

“What’s wrong?” She asked stubbornly.

I stared at her. How could I tell her in a way she’d understand? She was concerned for me, but if she knew the reason I was so upset, she’d wish she hadn’t asked.

“Do you truly want to know?” I said, an edge of warning in my tone.

She nodded slowly.

I ran a hand through my hair, unsure if I should tell her. But I knew that if I didn’t, she would just keep asking. The woman was the most incessant, stubborn thing I’d ever encountered. My dragon snickered in the back of my mind, pleased at the way she frustrated me. He liked her stubborn attitude. It challenged him.

“It’s my dragon.” I said, tearing my eyes away from her. I turned toward the window, staring out over the rocky terrain in the distance. “I’ve been shifting into my human form in an attempt to drown him out, but it doesn’t help much. The liquor helps the headaches...”

“What’s wrong with him?” She asked softly.

I sighed. “Brenya, some things are better left unsaid.”

“Not when it’s causing you to suffer!” I felt her move closer to me, but she kept a few feet of distance between us.

I took another swig of the bourbon. “There is nothing to be done about it, so... It doesn’t matter...”

Her footsteps sounded behind me and I felt her energy draw nearer. She stepped in front of me, forcing me to look into her eyes, as she stared up at me.

“Of course it matters.” She said, studying my anxious expression.

“Why?” I whispered.

Her eyes softened. “Because I care about you.” She repeated my own words back to me, the same ones I’d said to her in her rooms.

I stared into her emerald eye, switching slowly to her cerulean colored one, and then back again. My dragon purred quietly as he gazed down at her with me.

“Ever since we arrived here...” I began hesitantly. “Ever since you’ve been away from us... He’s been out of his mind with grief and anger. He cannot stand it when you aren’t near.”

My eyes fell to her full, pink lips as they slowly parted, my words registering in her delicate mind. I waited, knowing that no matter what I told her, she would never be mine. She wouldn’t allow herself to be with someone who was already intended for another, no matter how much she claimed to care for me. And I didn’t blame her one bit. Even if I wasn’t betrothed, I could never deserve her.

She was good.

Pure... The opposite of me.

“Can he see me?” She finally whispered. I nodded.

She moved carefully, slowly, as she lifted her arm, her hand reaching for my face. I stilled, my entire body tensing, unsure of what she was about to do. I prayed that I could control myself as soon as I felt her skin touch mine. I mentally grabbed hold of the beast, forcing him into submission so that he would not take over and cost me my self control.

Her hand cupped my jaw line gently and she lightly brushed her thumb over the plane of my cheekbone. I stared into her eyes, paralyzed by her touch.

“Listen to me you silly, overgrown skink.” She said with a faint smile.

The beast purred louder, thrilled with the fact that she was directly addressing him, and slightly amused at her use of words.

“I am perfectly safe. You don’t need to worry. You are going to drive Dristan into insanity if you don’t calm down, so please... For me, won’t you behave yourself?”

I felt a weight lift off of my consciousness as my dragon obeyed her, slipping further back into the depths of my mind. His thoughts and emotions quieted, and my head instantly stopped throbbing.

I lifted my own hand, gently grasping her small fingers, and pulled her hand away from my face. I lowered it to my chest, directly over my heart as relief cascaded over me like a tidal wave.

“It worked... A little. Thank you.” I said, furrowing my brows, in awe of her. How was she capable of making my dragon completely lose his ever loving mind, and yet was also able to calm him simply by speaking to him? He’d never reacted to anyone this way, not in all of my long existence.

She smiled. “Anytime...”

As my head cleared a bit, I suddenly wondered what had brought her to my door in the first place. She made it quite clear that she didn’t want to be within one hundred feet of me.

“Why are you here?” I asked, letting go of her hand.

She lowered her eyes but not before I saw a flash of horror within their multi colored orbs. She pushed past me and went to the couch, sat down, and gazed into the crackling fireplace.

The scent of her fear and anger wafted past me as she’d moved. Something was wrong. Something had happened. I felt the familiar, protective fury bubbling up inside of me as I walked to her, sitting down beside her on the sofa.

“What is it?” I urged.

“I don’t know where to begin...” She said, burying her face in her hands.

Confusion, mixed with curiosity and irritation, flared inside of me. “Tell me.” I commanded.

She lifted her head, staring toward the fire again. “I was... using my scrying mirror this morning. I saw something terrible, Dristan...”

I recalled the feeling I’d had earlier today, after I’d left the dungeons. I’d felt eyes on me, but couldn’t find anyone in the staircase with me. I couldn’t smell anyone. I’d even sent out a wave of power, hoping to feel a presence nearby, but there had been nothing.

“Were you watching me today? With Warrick in the dungeons, and after, in the stairwell?” I asked, my eyes narrowing.

“Yes, but-”

Anger caused my nostrils to flare. She’d been eaves dropping on me. I’d done nothing wrong, why was she so upset?

“Is it so terrible that I’m putting the wolves to work? You wanted me to give them an opportunity to prove themselves. I haven’t harmed them, and you must’ve heard me tell Warrick that I don’t want anyone to kill them. I’m trying to-”

She cut me off, waving her hand. “Dristan, that’s not what I’m upset about!”

She turned to look at me and I glared at her, stone faced.

“Then what is it?”

She sighed. “I don’t know how to say it!”

“Just fucking tell me Brenya, before I lose what little patience I have left for you.” I said through clenched teeth. I gripped the arm of the couch, my knuckles turning white.

She sucked in a deep lungful of air and squeezed her eyes shut.

“I saw Andromeda fucking a man in a broom closet.”

Silence fell. After a few moments, she cautiously opened her eyes and stared at me warily. I stared back at her, unsure if I’d heard her correctly.

Her words echoed in my mind and my dragon growled with lethal intent near the surface of my consciousness. His anger grew more potent with each passing second, as her words sunk into our minds, and my own fury intertwined with his, causing pure rage to boil within my chest.

Her face grew more and more panicked as she watched my face darken further and further.

“I don’t know who it was. I couldn’t see his face. But I know he was a dragon. I saw his wings. At first I thought she was being raped, but then I heard her... And she was... ” She closed her eyes, her own nostrils flaring in anger. “She wanted it.”

I had long suspected that Andromeda was sleeping around, but I’d never allowed myself to believe it. There had been a few times when I’d smelled another male on her, but I’d never commented on it. Partly because I trusted her, and partly because I didn’t care enough to accuse her.

I didn’t love her.

But still , we had had a duty to each other and to our kingdom. I’d known her since we were children, trusted her with everything. She was my longest, oldest friend. And she’d betrayed me.

I waited for jealousy to come, but it didn’t. The only emotion I felt was anger for her lack of respect for me and our betrothal. I’d respected her to maddening ends. Since we’d been announced as intended I had not touched another female. Besides kissing Brenya...

I never felt sexually interested in Andromeda. She was a friend in my eyes, and her spoiled, selfish attitude did not attract me. The only reason I would ever have sex with her would have been to produce an heir. I’d told her that I wanted to wait for our wedding night, feigning traditional beliefs, so that I could avoid sleeping with her as long as possible. There was no set date for our matrimony, not with the war going on around us. And I’d intended to delay it for as long as I could.

Apparently, she’d respected me enough to stop trying to seduce me, but that was where her respect for me ended. She was fucking someone else.

She didn’t give a damn about me... She was only after the crown. I’d suspected this for a long time now, but I’d never had enough proof to believe it was true. If she was caught, I would be able to break off our engagement. But I could do nothing without proof of this.

“Dristan?” Brenya whispered, watching me with concern.

I stood to my feet as the fury in my veins grew hotter. I began to pace again, in front of the windows, silently cursing the gods for chaining me to this woman that I did not want. How could I escape this impending union if I did not have proof of her infidelity? I had to find a way. But how...


She rose from the couch and then froze in place as I snapped my head toward her.

“I need proof.” I growled. “If I can prove that she’s betrayed me and her right to the crown then I can break it off with her. But without proof, I can do nothing.”

She blinked several times, sweeping her eyes around the room, as if the answer were somehow hiding amongst it. She bit her lower lip in concentration, her brows furrowing.

I curled my hands into fists at my sides as I stared at her mouth. It drove me mad when she did that. I wanted to grab her by the chin and suck that lip in between my own teeth. I wanted to hear the sound of her cries when I bit down on it.

“I have an idea.” She said, sliding her eyes back to mine and snapping me out of my derailing train of thought. I blinked at her.

“What is it?”

She pulled the scrying mirror I’d given her from the front pocket of her dress. “If I keep watching her, if I can catch her while she’s cheating, I can tell you right away and you can find her and catch her in the act.”

“How will I know where she is, even if you see her?” I asked, frustrated.

“I... I don’t know... Is there some way that you can track her movements?”

I considered her question. Hope bloomed inside of me as I formed a plan in my mind. “Yes. But I’d need a rune to do it.”

“A rune?”

“Yes... A locator rune. But I don’t know how I would get her to carry it with her...” Frustration returned as I realized the dent in my plan.

“What if it was carved into something small? like a piece of jewelry?” She proposed.

I stared at her, stunned. She was fucking brilliant.

I began to pace again as I pondered it. I hadn’t given her a ring yet... If I could get a wedding ring with the rune carved into the inside of the band and camouflage it, she would never know.

“I will propose to her. I haven’t done it yet... But I’ll need to get my hands on a ring with a locator rune embedded into it. I don’t know where I’m going to find something like that.”


His name on her lips was hardly a whisper and it sent a fresh, monumental wave of animosity through me. I turned toward her, trying to control the raw fury threatening to break through my expression.

“Ronan will not help me.” I said.

“No, but he will help me.”

“Ronan is a ruthless, lying, manipulative bastard who only helps himself.” I snarled.

She winced. “Perhaps... But I know I can persuade him. ”


“I have something he wants...” She said, her hands balling into fists at her sides.

“What...?” I asked warily, my eyes narrowing.

“My hand in marriage.” She said, closing her eyes in defeat.

“No.” I snarled, moving toward her from across the room.

“Dristan, its the only way! He won’t help you unless he’s getting something out of it. And this is what he wants, more than anything else.”

“I will not allow you to trade an unwanted union in exchange for my own!”

“I will have to marry someone, eventually, Dristan...” The brims of her eyes welled up with tears. “And no matter who it is, it will be unwanted. At least this way, I’m doing something that makes it bearable. I’m saving you from being with that traitorous whore!”

I shook my head, staring desperately down into her eyes. “No... I can’t let you marry him... Not him...”

“He’s not as bad as my other two options.” She said, a tear slipping down her cheek.

I knew she was right, but I kept shaking my head. Denial coursed through my veins as I gazed at her beautiful face, aching to wipe away her tears and pull her into my arms.

“He’s a horrible man, Brenya...” I pleaded.

“Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. It makes no difference... ”

“Do you care for him?” I asked, unbearable jealousy blossoming in my gut and knocking the wind out of me. I took a step back, as if I could escape the sickening feeling.

She stared at me, her lower lip quivering. “No! There is only one man that I care for... ”

I swallowed, my adams apple bobbing, as the beast inside of me rejoiced at her words. I took a step closer to her, aching to touch her, to feel her...

Another tear slipped over her cheek as she looked up at me with anguished, tortured eyes.

I couldn’t let her end up with Ronan. I’d die before I let that happen. I’d kill Andromeda with my bare hands if I had to, to keep Brenya from doing this.

“I won’t allow it.” I said.

“I’ll do it with or without you. I’ll get her exposed myself. I’ll find a way. I won’t let you end up with someone you don’t want!”

“Then you are a hypocrite!” I bellowed, stepping even closer, only an inch away from her face. She did not back down or even wince at my advance.

“I don’t care!” She shouted, more tears falling over the apples of her cheeks.

A growl crept up my throat and past my lips as we glared at each other, nose to nose, both radiating with anger and defiance.

None of this was fucking fair. We were both killing ourselves for the other, both dying inside, both unhappy in our own selfless attempts to save each other. Why did Andromeda get to have what she wanted while I held myself back? Why did Ronan get to have what should be mine, when he’d done nothing to deserve her? Why had the gods cursed me this way?

And in that moment, as I glared into her defiant, stubborn, tear stained face, I didn’t fucking care. I didn’t care about Andromeda, Ronan, my crown, my kingdom, or anything else beyond the walls of this room. All that mattered was her.

I grabbed her face roughly in both of my hands, pulling her closer to me. She gasped at my sudden assault, her eyes widening as she stared up at me, and she braced her hands on my bare chest.

“If everyone else gets to have what they want, then why shouldn’t I be able to take what I need?” I growled, my lips mere inches from her own.

Her eyes flicked back and fourth between my own as she panted, her citrus breath fanning across my face and mingling with my own. I watched as uncertainty and hesitation waged war inside of her eyes. A fleeting moment passed and I waited with baited breath as her uncertainty transformed into resolve.

She stared at me with no doubt left in her eyes as she whispered, “Then take what you will.”

I bared my teeth, excited by her boldness, and growled in anticipation as I pulled her face to mine. As soon as her lips pressed against me, I lost all sense of control. The feral, un-caged instincts of the breast inside of me merged with my own consciousness and I was lost to my unyielding desire for her.

I pulled her body flush against mine, feeling the warmth of her skin through the thin material of her dress. I swept my tongue against the seam of her lips and she opened her mouth wider, meeting my tongue with her own.

The taste of her, citrus and lingering mint, extracted a moan of pleasure from deep in my throat as our tongues trashed against each other. I was desperate to explore more of her, aching to feel more, more, more...

I trailed my hands down the sides of her waist, reveling in the curves and dips of her body beneath my touch. I did not hesitate as I slid them back, around her hips, over the curve of her backside, and firmly grasped the soft mounds of her flesh.

She let out a soft moan against my lips as I gripped and kneaded her ass. I slid my hands lower, and picked her up, lifting her into my arms, where she belonged. She hooked her legs around my waist as I carried her through the room.

I intended on carrying her into the bedroom, but when she sucked my lower lip between her teeth and bit down on it, I hissed and settled for the couch instead. I collapsed backward, bringing her with me. She straddled me on the couch and pulled her face away from mine slightly, staring intently into my eyes.

Her dress was bunched up at her waist, revealing her bare, tanned thighs. I slid my hands up the sides of her rib cage as I raked my eyes down her body. The thin material of her dress did little to conceal her hardening nipples and I felt my cock began to throb as I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“You are so gods damned beautiful.” I growled, my eyes lowering to her parted legs. I could see the white, lacy material of her panties peeking out through the gap between her thighs. I groaned as my erection pressed painfully against the confines of my pants.

The sudden scent of her arousal filled the air and I snapped my eyes to hers, my nostrils flaring widely, as I inhaled. Her lips parted as she took in my lust filled expression.

I stared into her wide eyes as I slid one of my hands up, over her delicate rib cage, and firmly cupped my hand around the swollen mound of her breast.

“I can scent your arousal.” I growled as I gently pressed my palm upward, lifting her breast, and circled my thumb around the peak of her hardened nipple. “You smell like rain and honey...”

She tilted her head back, closing her eyes, as a low moan escaped her parted lips. Her back arched, pressing her soft, luscious breast further into my hand, as she urged me to take more from her.

I continued massaging her tender flesh as my other hand trailed lower, following the curve of her hip, and down the slope of her thigh. I gripped the top of her thigh in my hand, right at the point where her hip met with her leg.

My thumb was so close to her center, but I didn’t touch her there. Not yet... I lightly grazed my thumb back and fourth over the sensitive skin of her inner thigh, teasing her.

“Dristan...” She gasped, rolling her hips forward and grinding her heated center against the bulge of my cock. I growled, tightening my grip on her, not allowing her to move her hips further.

“So eager... ” I breathed, continuing to move my thumb in slow circles, barely an inch away from where she wanted me to touch her.

“Please...” She begged, arching her back further as I rolled her lengthened nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I wanted to feel her without the barrier of her dress in the way.

Please?” I chuckled darkly. “I wasn’t aware that you had such manners, Brenya. You and that foul mouth of yours, always driving me mad...”

I squeezed her breast, extracting a cry of pain and pleasure from her lips.

She lifted her head suddenly, glaring at me with need, mixed with anger and impatience. She threw herself forward, wrapping one of her arms around my neck. She kissed me while her other hand shot down, straight in between our joined hips, before I could even realize what she was doing.

I sucked in a breath of air between clenched teeth as her hand wrapped around my cock, stroking it eagerly though the thin material of my cotton pants.

“Fuck..” I hissed against her lips.

“Oh my gods...” She gasped, pulling her mouth from mine. Her wide eyes stared into mine as she stroked the length of my rock hard member. I grinned darkly at her as she lowered her eyes, moving her hips back slightly, so that she could see me.

“Y-you’re so... big.”

Her eyes slid back to mine as her cheeks flushed with color. My grin widened.

“I’m a dragon, Brenya...”

A new burst of arousal rushed out of her, filling my senses, clouding my mind with even more intense desire.

“How is it...going to fit...” She wrapped her delicate fingers around the width of me, squeezing slightly.

Her touch was driving me mad. And I was not done enjoying her, yet.

I crushed my lips against hers. My sudden, aggressive claiming of her decadent mouth distracted her, and I took the opportunity to reach down and grasp her wrist, pinning it behind her back. I quickly grabbed her other wrist, unwinding it from around my neck, and pulled it behind her back to join the other. I held both of her wrists firmly in one hand so she couldn’t touch me.

“What are you doing?!” She gasped, pulling away from my kiss.

I grinned up at her frustrated expression, enjoying the control that I now had over this maddening, beautiful, impossible, perfect creature.

“You are not going to touch me until I have tasted every inch of you.” I said softly, staring into her with unyielding authority.

She struggled, pulling at her arms, trying to escape, but I tightened my grip on her. A frustrated whine escaped her lips.

“Now, where was I...?” I whispered, lowering my eyes toward her parted legs. My free hand resumed its original position, and I continued to brush my thumb over the heated flesh of her thigh.

“Dristan!” She cried, throwing her head back again. “Please!”

I moved my thumb a bit closer to her center, still not touching her where she needed me to.

“Yes... I want to hear you beg me...” I growled, drinking her in through my eyes, devouring every inch of her writhing body as she straddled me.

“Please...” She repeated, her breaths escaping her lips in shallow pants.

“Please what?” I asked, moving my thumb even closer to her heat.

“Please, touch me Dristan!” She begged, throwing her head back, trying to roll her hips forward, trying to feel my hand on her.

“There are those manners... ” I breathed.

Very lightly, I brushed the tip of my thumb against her sex, and she moaned louder, arching her back. Her rain and honey scented arousal flared outward, and I snarled in satisfaction at the wetness I could feel soaking through the thin material of her panties.

Unable to hold back any longer, I hooked my index finger through the crotch of her panties and ripped them clean off of her. The sound of the material shredding beneath my hands sliced through the air and she gasped, lifting her head and staring down at me.

Fucking hell... She’d been waxed. I lifted my eyes to meet hers, staring heatedly up at her beneath the hood of my brows. I did not break our eye contact as I brushed my fingers against her bare sex, a bit more firmly this time. She panted as she stared into me, her lips parted and slightly swollen from our passionate kissing.

I ran my fingers over her heat a third time, and the wetness I felt saturating her slick folds caused a gasp to escape from my lips.

Fuck, you are soaking wet for me...” I growled.

She moaned, letting her head fall backward again. I nudged her entrance with two fingers before slowly pushing them into her. I hissed at the intense tightness of her walls.

I pulled back out, and then thrust back in, harder. I was rewarded with a mewling whine from her throat.

“Yes...” She rasped, trying desperately to buck her hips to meet my fingers as they continued trusting in and out of her.

I carefully inserted a third finger, stretching her tightness further, just as my thumb came down on the swelling bud of her clit.

Her back arched further, her full breasts bouncing slightly with the force of my fingers pumping in and out of her. My thumb began to circle firmly around her bundle of nerves, and she cried out my name as if it were her salvation.

“Dristan!” She cried, her head rolling on her shoulders. Her hair fell in waves around her shoulders and back, surrounding me with her cactus bloom and vanilla scent, which combined with the honey scent of her arousal, caused me to lose control.

I let go of her wrists and moved my hand back to her breasts, kneading one, and then the other, as I continued to fuck her with my fingers.

I grunted in satisfaction at the growing moisture between her legs. Her arousal dripped out of her and soaked my entire hand.

She leaned forward and tangled her hands into my hair, pulling my head back roughly. I growled at the sharp pain and she moaned before plunging her tongue into my open mouth. Her tongue swept across my lower lip, and I groaned at the taste of her.

I moved my hand from the soft mounds of her breasts and grasped her by the hip, flipping her over on the couch and onto her back. I moved over her, tangling my free hand into her thick, dark hair, as I pressed my thumb against the sensitive nub at the apex of her thighs.

I pumped myself in and out of her faster, circling her clit harder, as our tongues trashed, fighting for dominance over the other. Her hips ground against my hand, in time with my movements, and she cried out as I bit down on her lower lip. I swept my tongue over the bite, soothing the sting, and continued to taste her.

“I’m close... ” She whispered against my lips.

I growled in response, twisting my hand around so that I could press my palm against her throbbing clit. I continued to relentlessly pump my fingers in and out of her. She was so fucking tight. I’d have to train her pussy if I ever hoped to be able to fit inside of her.

“Dristan!” She mewled, arching her back off of the couch. I felt the inner walls of her tighten even further around my fingers as she came around them.

Her insides pulsed, squeezing my hand over and over again. She cried out as her orgasm detonated around me and I covered her mouth with my own, absorbing her cries of pleasure.

When she finally stilled, she opened her eyes and stared up at me in wonder. I kissed her gently as I pulled out of her, lightly brushing my lips against hers. I pulled away slightly and brought my hand up between us.

Her eyes widened as I stared boldly into her eyes and sucked my fingers into my mouth, eagerly tasting her liquids. I growled at the subtle, sweet taste of her cum. My cock seemed to somehow grow even harder as she watched me. She slowly sucked her lower lip between her teeth, biting down on it. I grabbed her chin, pulling her lip free with my thumb.

She opened her mouth to say something, but a sudden, loud knocking at my door caused both of our bodies to stiffen.

What the hell?

Her eyes grew panicked, mirroring my own, as we stared at each other, both frozen as if we’d been carved from stone.

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