Elemental Heir : Book 1 Of The Elemental Heir Series

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Chapter 41

As soon as we’d walked into our rooms, my anxiety began to skyrocket. Dristan hadn’t spoken, or even looked at me, since we’d left the tombs. I couldn’t recall a time when he had avoided my gaze for such a prolonged amount of time.

Immediately upon entering, he stalked toward the balcony and hastily pulled the double doors open. He stood with his back to me, each of his hands on either side of the door frame, with his head lowered. I watched his shoulders rise as fall as he inhaled deeply. I waited for him to say something, afraid to even move.

Why was he so upset? Sure, I’d been injured, but I’d healed quickly. I was not human. I did not need to worry about the risk of death, unless I were up against a weapon like Dristan’s. What I had done had not been wise, but I had saved Sylvie’s life in the process. Was that so bad?

Finally, he spoke.

“Go take a shower and get rid of those clothes.” He said, his voice ghostly.

My eyes narrowed at his back. “Why?”

His head lowered. ” The scent of your blood is only fueling my anger. It will be easier for me to get a grip on my Dragon if you aren’t reeking of blood.”

My mouth popped open. “O-oh... Right, of course...”

I stood there, guilt pooling within me, as I studied the rigidness of his body. He was so tense, I thought that the door frame might break beneath his hands. I sometimes failed to consider his beastly nature. I didn’t take into consideration the effect that my actions might have on his dragon.

Hesitantly, I reached down the bond, trying to feel out his emotional state. As my mind’s metaphorical fingers gently brushed against the edges of his subconscious, I immediately winced. The emotion there was so strong that it nearly took the breath out of me.





The strength of these emotions blindsided me.

But more than that, it was the presence that I felt in his subconscious that struck a chord in me. Feral, ferocious, intense. The emotions that I was detecting were not truly his...

They were his dragon’s.

What must it be like, to constantly share emotion with his beast? What must it be like, to feel emotions so strongly, knowing that they are irrational, knowing that the emotions aren’t really your own, and yet being able to do nothing about it?

Brenya!” He snapped suddenly.

I jumped at his strict tone, before darting out of the room and into one of the massive washrooms.

(Dristan’s POV)

Like a tornado of furious, supernatural rage, I paced the living room, heaving in and out through my nose, desperate to calm the beast inside of me. I could still hear the shower running. I hadn’t much time to gain control of my fury before she emerged from the washroom.

Mate, mate, mate...
Hurt, hurt, hurt...
Kill, kill, kill..
Sylvie, Sylvie, Sylvie...

I grunted in frustration, squeezing my eyes shut as his voice crescendoed. Between my ears, my head was beginning to pound relentless, like a war drum.

‘Shut up, shut the fuck up!’

I snarled back at him, turning on my heel to stalk toward the liquor cabinet. I flung the doors open, snatched the nearest decanter of bourbon, ripped the cork off, and took three long pulls.

She, she, she...
Must, must, must...
Pay, pay, pay...

I growled, wiping the back of my mouth on my shoulder. The liquid burned the back of my throat and warmed my insides, all the way down, until it hit my stomach.

‘No. Brenya would not want that. You must calm down!’

I took another three, long gulps of the liquor. My limbs began to tingle, relaxing the slightest bit, as the alcohol spread throughout my body. The pounding in my head lessened a fraction and I groaned in relief.

You, you, you...
Are, are, are...
Weak, weak, weak...

My vision went red. “Shut up!” I bellowed out loud.

I turned, about to take another long pull of the liquor, when I caught a view of my reflection in the mirror, hanging on the living room wall. I was disgusted with what I saw.

In the mirror, staring back at me with bared teeth, and eyes full of animosity, was a monster.

A monster, who had failed to protect his mate, and was now throwing a fit over it. A monster who had little to no self control, who allowed himself to fall victim to his inner demons, who didn’t deserve to be with a women so... so good.

I shook my head at my reflection.

I should’ve let her see Sylvie... I could’ve supervised a visit between them, instead of being so controlling of her. If I had, and Sylvie had still decided to attack, I could’ve immediately intercepted it and prevented Brenya from being harmed.

But I had said no. I had made my mate feel as though I thought of her as a pet, some pretty thing that I could control as I pleased. It wasn’t true, of course... I’d never thought of her as a possession.

I knew her.... I knew that she was free spirited, independent, and defiant. I knew that I could never keep her safe by locking her in a cage. Even if I could, I wouldn’t want to. Her fierceness was one of the many things that I loved about her, I would never take it away.

But it didn’t matter how I knew I felt. My actions had led her to think that I felt another way entirely. And I did not blame her.

I should’ve trusted her. I should’ve let her do as she pleased, and been there to protect her if she needed me to. I shouldn’t have made her feel like a caged bird.

But she had to understand... She hadn’t trained yet, not once. She did not know how to control her power. Without control, magic was a useless tool. I’d been afraid that, if Sylvie did attack her, she would lose control. And I had been right.

Yes, I should’ve listened to her...

But she also should’ve listened to me.

The sound of the washroom door opening startled me out of my staring contest with myself. I’d been so lost in thought that I hadn’t even noticed the water turn off.

I whipped around, my eyes widening, and as my eyes met with her’s, she winced.

It was the first time I’d looked at her since we’d left the tombs, and I realized immediately that my expression was likely not pleasant.

She was wrapped in a white towel. Her dark hair hung loosely over one shoulder, the end of it dripping onto the floor. As steam wafted out of the room from behind her, vanilla and cactus bloom filled the air, along with the subtle scent of flowery soap.

Brenya, Brenya, Brenya...
Safe, safe, safe...

Her eyes lowered to the crystal bottle in my hand, and then to the floor, as I stared at her in silence. I could feel my dragon calming a bit more with each passing second. The smell of her blood was gone. Her skin, now clean, smelled of her natural scent again. It helped.

“I didn’t consider how your dragon would be affected.” She said softly, shifting from foot to foot.

“No...” I murmured before taking another swig of bourbon. “You didn’t.”

She inhaled an unsteady breath. “I’m sorry.”

“What for?” I growled, turning from her and sulking toward the kitchen.

The soft padding of her bare feet on the floor followed behind me.

“For not listening to you. I shouldn’t have confronted her like I did... alone... I thought I could handle it. I thought I’d be able to defend myself if I needed to. I didn’t realize that the stress of the situation would cripple my power. I couldn’t think past my panic...”

I grunted as I set the decanter down onto the marble counter top. In search of a glass, I pulled a cabinet open and began to rummage through it.

“Yes, it was quite a foolish fucking decision. But that isn’t what I’m upset about.”

I spotted the glass I needed near the back of the cabinet, snatched it, and shut the cupboard door with exaggerated force. I turned just in time to see her jump at the sudden, sharp noise. She stared at me, gaping, as I poured myself a generous serving of liquor.

She eyed the brown liquid. “But your dragon obviously is.”

I smirked, threw the glass back, swallowed, and slammed it down onto the counter.


She winced. I didn’t back down as I stared into her mismatched eyes. I wouldn’t sugar coat any of this. She’d sent my dragon into full blown panic mode. She’d hurt me. She needed to see exactly how upset we were.

“Then what is it that you are so upset about?”

Her hair was still dripping onto the floor. She clutched the front of her towel with both hands, and the damp material clung tightly against her lush frame. She’d bundled the towel so damned tight that her breasts were very closely pushed together, making the top of her cleavage quite noticeably pronounced.

The concerned expression on her face caused her groomed brows to pull together slightly, and her thick, lower lip was slightly pushed out. She looked... vulnerable. It was not often that I saw her this way. Normally, she was so damned collected, so certain of herself, so defiant.

I couldn’t help but appreciate the moment. For once, she was unsure. For once, she was submitting to me. The sight of her, vulnerable and undone before me, sent a sudden throbbing sensation straight toward my cock.


I moved around the island, separating our bodies with the flat, marble surface. Her brows furrowed even further as she watched me. I tried to act casual, plucking an apple out of the bowl on that side of the counter top.

I rolled the apple between my hands. “Isn’t it obvious?”

She sighed before stepping forward and pouring another portion of bourbon into my emptied glass. I watched her, both annoyed and aroused, as she threw back the liquor.

She licked her lips after she’d swallowed and I tried to hide my cringe as my cock twitched again. Gods damn it all... It didn’t matter how angry I was with her... No matter what, she would always own me. I wanted her.

“Is it because I got hurt?” She asked, turning her eyes back to mine.

I stared at her. “No.”

She watched as I took a large bite out of the apple. Then, I set the apple down, the missing bite facing her, as I chewed and swallowed.

“This apple is damaged.” I said, stating the obvious. My hand quickly waved over the front of the apple. A tendril of magic left my hand, replenishing the missing part of the fruit. She stared at it, her eyes widening a fraction.

“But magic can fix it.” I said, leaning my forearms against the cold counter. “If you are harmed, your magic will heal you. I know that, just as well as you do. Am I happy that you were injured? No, absolutely not. Am I angry? Of course. But that is not why I am upset with you.”

As she sighed deeply, I conjured an extraordinary amount of effort not to watch the way her breasts rose and fell with the motion of her chest. My eyes stayed glued to her face as my teeth ground together.

“Then what is it?” She said, pouring herself another drink.

With one hand holding up the towel, her cleavage slipped out a little bit further.

I turned my back to her, sighing heavily through my nose.

“You insinuated that I think you are some sort of pet.” I growled.

She was silent for a beat.

“I know. I’m sorry... I just can’t stand it when you try to control me. I should’ve listened to you. I shouldn’t have said that. You were right.” She said, her tone sincere.

I shook my head slowly. “No... I was wrong, Brenya. I shouldn’t have made you feel like you were trapped. I should’ve let you see her. I could’ve gone with you. I pushed you to your limit. What happened was my fault. I should’ve listened to you.”

Another long beat of silence. I waited.

“Then why are you angry?”

I turned to face her. “Because you should’ve listened to me, too. Your powers are young, you could’ve been hurt far worse than you were. You have no training, no control, and no idea how to use your magic. You had no regard for my warnings. You didn’t listen.”

She stared at me, her sea foam green, and ocean blue eyes boring into my soul.

“You’re right... I should’ve listened.” She whispered, her eyes growing watery.

My anger melted instantly. I felt my shoulders sag at the sight of her expression.

“I should’ve listened, too.” I said.

She gave me the ghost of a smile. “I guess we are both shit listeners, aren’t we?”

I felt the corner of my lip quirk up. “So it would seem.”

She let out a soft laugh as a single tear slid down her cheek.

“Don’t do that...” I grumbled, squeezing my eyes shut.


“Don’t cry...”

“I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizing.” I said, my eyes snapping open.

She shook her head once. “I can’t.”

I narrowed my eyes slightly. “Why?”

Her lower lip trembled.

“Because you haven’t forgiven me, yet.”

We stared at each other from across the kitchen island. Another tear slipped past her eye.

Damn it all, the woman had me wrapped around her finger.

I pushed off of the counter, my eyes never leaving hers, and slowly made my way around the island. The closer I got to her, the further back her neck craned, as she stared up into my eyes.

I stopped an inch away, hating myself for making her cry. If there was a sight in this world that I detested, more than anything else, it was seeing my mate cry. I hated that she seemed to cry so often, and that there was nothing I could do about it. But this time, she was crying because of me. I’d hurt her feelings. And it softened me in a way I’d never experienced before.

How strange, the way that love could soften someone. It stripped me of my armor, made me utterly transparent, in a way that I’d never been before. It should’ve frightened me, how strongly I felt for her. But it didn’t. She wasn’t just some girl that I’d grown feelings for.

She was my mate. And I loved her.

She closed her eyes as I lifted my hand and gently brushed her tears away with the pad of my thumb. “I forgive you. I will always forgive you.”

She smiled softly as her eyes reopened.

“Can you forgive me as well, mate?” I asked softly.

Her smile widened and she nodded, pushing her face further into my hand. “Yes.I will always forgive you, too... Even if you are an overprotective, fire breathing brute.”

I chuckled quietly. “I promise you, I will not treat you like a pet. I won’t cage you in like I did today. I will aim to do better in letting you make your own choices.”

“Thank you.” She said.

“But you must understand, mate...” I lowered my head, my expression growing dark.

Her brows rose a fraction as she studied my darkening eyes.

“Just because I am going to try not to be so overprotective, does not mean that you can run around making foolish decisions. You have forced me to save your ass on several occasions, mate. Shall we count your offenses?”

She blinked.

“You ran from the Bakru village, against my orders, and in result, you were almost killed by wolves. You signed your soul away to Ronan Regulus, despite my several attempts to make you see reason. You ran into the forest, without waiting for me, and came face to face with a murderous wolf pack. You killed the pack leader, using almost all of your magic, and sent yourself into a two week long coma, when I could’ve easily killed him myself. You were sliced to ribbons by Sylvie today, after I’d told you several times that it was too dangerous.”

She winced with each of her foolish decisions that I listed.

“You cannot expect me to trust your decisions if you never consider my input. You must hold up your end of the bargain and listen to me before you make decisions. Brenya, I will always strive to protect you. You will always be my top priority. But if you continue to make foolish decisions, I will intervene. It is not because I think of you as my pet, or as some pretty possession that I can control at will... It is because you are my mate, and I love you.

Her eyes darted back and fourth between my own. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. She was listening to me. She was truly listening to me. She was submitting.

“You...” I trailed my index finger down her jawline.

“Are....” I brushed my thumb, feather light, across her lower lip.


Her jaw went slack and her pupils dilated as I sent an echo of dominance down the bond between our minds. The dominance I’d sent to her was not the controlling sort... Not the kind of dominance that would have her on her knees before me.

It was a taste of the dominance of my love.

The dominance I’d shown her through the bond was the only way to make her understand that my love for her dominated every other instinct in my body. I wanted her to understand that it would always overrule any other emotion that she made me feel. Anger, sadness, everything. My love for her would always thrive.

And because of it, I would always protect her.

“And I am yours.” I whispered.

She blinked back tears.

Gently, I tucked a damp strand of her hair behind her ear. “Can’t you see why I struggle to control my protectiveness of you?”

“Yes...” She breathed.

“And can’t you see why you must listen to me?”


“We must work together. We must trust each other, listen to each other, and protect each other. Even from ourselves, sometimes.”

“Yes.” She mouthed, reaching her free hand up towards my face.

She ran her fingers over my lips, her eyes filled with love and admiration.

“I’m sorry for not understand that, before.” She said, smiling slightly.

I kissed her fingertips. “It’s alright, love. You teach me, I teach you. That’s how this works. We’ll learn and grow together.”

“Yes, we will.” She smiled.

I stared down at her, amazed at this exquisite creature that was my mate.

“I was quite angry, you know... with you, but more with myself.” I said.

She withdrew her hand from my face. “I know...”

“I’m sorry for being so harsh.” I added, examining her face.

She gave me a crooked smile. “It’s okay.”

She gripped the front of my shirt and stretched onto her tiptoes, pulling my down toward her. I smirked and lowered my head, meeting her soft lips gently with my own. I groaned as she deepened the kiss, flicking her tongue against the seam of my mouth. I opened for her, swiping the heat of my tongue against hers. She tasted of liquor and citrus.

My cock throbbed as it began to stiffen, eager to feel her from the inside again. I grappled internally with my desire for her, and the knowledge that we’d have to leave for the council meeting soon. I wanted her... But there wasn’t much time.

I slid my hands up her naked arms, resting my palm against her shoulders, and gently pushed her away from me. She whined in protest as our lips parted.

I sighed. “We haven’t much time until the council meeting... You should get changed.”

As much as I wanted to fuck her senseless, we were on a time crunch.

She gave me a look of disappointment. “Fine...” She stepped back, and started to turn away from me, but she paused.

She seemed to be debating something. I waited.

“Are you still angry?” She asked softly.

I shook my head slowly. “No.”

She pouted slightly. “That’s a shame... You’re quite sexy when you’re angry. I might be tempted to piss you off again... and quite soon, too...”

My jaw dropped, and her eyes twinkled mischievously. Then, she turned on her heel and strode toward the bedroom, leaving me gawking after her. Just before she slipped through the door, she looked at me over her shoulder, winked, and dropped the towel she’d been wrapped in.

My eyes raked over her backside and my mouth went dry.

“Brenya...” I warned.

“Hmm... Not angry enough. Maybe I’ll lock this door, and pleasure myself without you...”

I glared at her. “Don’t.”

“Or else what?” She said sweetly, slipping through the door.

Both pleasure and irritation swelled inside of me at the daring look on her face. She was challenging me. She wanted to piss me off... It was working. But it was also turning me the fuck on. I felt my member lengthening further as she stared at me.

Her eyes flicked down to my manhood, my erection quite visible through my pants, and then she met my gaze again. She grinned wickedly just before pulling the door shut. I heard the lock click into place, and I couldn’t help but smile to myself.

I stalked toward the door, my heart hammering in my ears with each step that I took. When I reached the door, I grasped the handle, giggling it.

Indeed, it was locked.

“Occupied.” Her voice called.

“Do you really think a wooden door is going to keep me out?” I said, my voice huskier than I’d intended.

“I certainly hope not. You wouldn’t make for a very impressive Dragon Lord if a door turned out to be your weakness.” She said, her tone sprinkled with humor.

I chuckled. “No, no... Doors are not my weakness.”

Reaching down, into the vast pool of my power, I teleported myself into the room. The world went dark for a fleeting moment as my body bent through time, and space. When the darkness lifted, I found myself standing directly behind her. I’d entered the room, as silent as death. I grinned down at her unsuspecting form.

She was standing near the bed, naked, watching the door, and giggling to herself.

“You are.” I whispered.

She shrieked.

She whipped around, her expression shocked and terrified, and she nearly tripped over her own feet. I grabbed her by the shoulders, before she could fall, and grinned devilishly as I stared into her wide, frightened eyes.

“How the hell did you do that?!” She gasped.

My wings flared behind me as I gave her a wicked grin.

“You and your damned questions.” I growled, twirling her body to face away from me again. I pulled her naked backside flush against my front and brought my lips to her ear.

“I think I’d like to hear something else from your mouth right now.” I flexed my hips forward, grinding my stiff cock against her back.

“Oh!” She gasped, as a small moan escaped her lips.

The honey and rain scent of her arousal flared out of her, filling my senses with its intoxicating spell.

“That’s better.” I smiled.

I moved toward the bed, forcing her to walk in front of me. I held her arms behind her back, knowing that if I freed her, she would immediately try to dominate me. I wasn’t playing that game today.

I wanted her submissive.

“You wanted me angry, love, and now you’ve got what you asked for.” I growled as we neared the edge of the bed.

She whimpered.

“You like to tease me, do you?” I purred, stopping as the front of her thighs pressed against the side of the mattress. Her breathing was ragged, and her delectable breasts rose and fell with each breath that she took.

“I asked you a question, mate.” I said, snaking a hand around her hip, up and over her waist, and over the soft mound of her swelling breast. I gripped her, lifting and circling the sensitive flesh, massaging her with my hand. She groaned as I rolled the stiff peak of her nipple between my fingers.

“Yes...” She whispered, arching her back. Her motion pushed her mound further into my palm. I growled, pleased by her reaction, and squeezed her flesh roughly.

“Mmm...” She moaned as she rolled her ass against my erection. I hissed as the sensation sent my instincts into near overdrive.

Before she could do it again, I pushed her forward, forcing the top half of her body onto the mattress. She gasped at the unexpected movement, and tried to push herself back up, but I wouldn’t let her. I held her down, one hand between her shoulder blades, the other resting near her lower back.

Leaning over her, I pressed the bulge of my rock hard member against her exposed sex, and brought my mouth to her ear. My hand slid from her lower back and gripped her ass cheek firmly. “You like to flaunt this perfect little ass around and drive me mad, mate?”

“Yes.” She moaned, trying to write her backside against me.

I nipped at her neck. “Why? Because you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes!” She cried, burying her face into the bed.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me! Please... Please, fuck me.”

Pleasure exploded in my veins. I loved hearing her beg for me. I loved holding this dominance over her. The bedroom was the one place where she did not defy me. Here, she was under my control.

“Don’t move.” I commanded.

She whimpered as I lifted off of her and yanked my belt free. “I’m going to give you want you want, but we don’t have much time. It’s going to be fast, and hard, baby.”

The button and zipper of my pants broke as I ripped them down. I didn’t care. I needed her. I needed to feel her, to be inside of her. Now.

She glanced over her shoulder as my stiff manhood sprang free, and I reveled in the way her eyes widened at the sight of it.

“Move up onto the bed, on your knees. Keep your chest on the bed, Brenya.” I instructed hastily, fisting my aching cock.

She obliged instantly, scrambling onto the mattress. I watched, stroking myself, as she raised her glorious ass into the air for me. Her pink pussy glistened in the dim light, already soaking wet.

Ready... She was so ready.

“What a fine sight.” I purred.

With eager, greedy hands, I grasped her hips, and pulled her toward me. She gasped as the length of my shaft pressed against her seam. The scent of her arousal was mouthwatering, and I licked my lips in anticipation.

She moaned with desperate desire as I ran the head of my cock over her sensitive bud, then toward her drenched entrance.

Her pleasure was echoing loudly through the bond. I could almost feel each sensation that I was giving to her. It made it twice as pleasurable for me, as each of our inflamed desires merged into one, overpowering force.

I continued to tease her with the crest of my member, gliding it over her clit again, and again. Each time, I moved back toward her entrance, as if I were about to enter her, but then I’d move away again, massaging her over sensitive bundle of nerves.

I could feel her frustration each time, though it was combined with obvious enjoyment. She loved what I was doing to her, but it was also driving her mad. It was a taste of her own medicine. This was how she always made me feel.

“Dristan, please...” She whined, pressing her hips backward, trying to push me into her opening. I pulled away, grinning down at her trembling body.

“You like to tease me, but you don’t like receiving the same treatment, do you?”

She whined, writing her hips against me, desperate for friction.

She was so gods damned beautiful. Her skin was tanned, and without a single blemish. Smooth and velvety, like butter. Her long, dark hair was beginning to dry in waves, and was fanned out over her back, and around her face. She had a small frame, fit yet soft, and the curve of her waist was enough to drive any man mad. I could admire her body for hours, days, and never grow tired of the view.

Her breasts were pert, and firm. The perfect size to fit into the palm of my hands. But it was her ass, her perfect, breathtaking ass, which was my favorite sight to behold. And at this angle, in this rare, submissive display, I didn’t think I’d ever been more turned on by her.

“Tell me what I need to hear.” I growled, tapping the broad head of my cock against her sopping wet folds.

“I’m yours. I’m yours, Dristan.” She whispered, meeting my eyes over her slim shoulder.

I could hold myself back no longer. I bared my teeth in satisfaction, savoring the words that fell from her full lips. With one hand still clenched tightly around my hard, aching shaft, I used the other hand to grasp her firmly by the hip.

My breath was labored, my pupils fully blown, as I angled myself toward her sex.

‘It will be deep this way. Tell me if it hurts, and I will stop.’ I whispered lovingly through the bond.

“Yes... Please... Take me.” She panted, pushing her hips back and meeting my flesh with her heat.

My grip on her hip tightened, and I flexed my hips forward, forcing the first few inches of my manhood into her compact opening. Just as before, her body resisted.

Fucking hell, she was so gods damned tight. I’d been with many women in my time, but none of them compared to the way Brenya’s sheath-like walls squeezed me.

I grunted as I pushed forward again, this time pulling her hips back at the same time. This time, the first few inches of me slid into her, and I hissed at the immediate heat that surrounded my member.

She cried out, and her hands fisted the sheets by her head. “Fuck!”

I waited a moment, letting her walls stretch and adjust to the intrusion. But I didn’t wait long. I couldn’t.

I let go of my cock and gripped her other hip, readying myself.

This time, I simultaneously pulled her to me, and thrust my hips forward, slamming into her depths in one, powerful stroke.

I didn’t know which was louder. Her scream of ecstasy, or my roar of gratification.

My teeth felt as if they might break as I clenched my jaw, restraining myself from moving right away. I had to let her adjust to the fullness of having me inside of her. I struggled to inhale as I let myself slowly sink the last few inches of myself into her, filling her to the hilt.

She took it all.

Her heat was exquisite. Velvety smooth, and sopping wet. I could feel her liquids running down my balls as I rested within her. Oh, how I loved how ready she always was for me.

“Are you alright?” I groaned, desperate to move my hips, to feel the friction of her tightness against me.

She nodded her head, her face not visible to me, as she whined, “Please, give me more...”

It was all I needed to hear.

“Gladly.” I growled.

As I pulled back, I reached one hand down her back, and fisted a handful of her thick, damp hair. With the other, I gripped the soft mound of her ass cheek, and then slammed back into her again.

Primal instinct took over as I let go, and I gave her exactly what she wanted. I did not hold back for fear of hurting her. I could feel her pleasure, loud and clear, through our bond, and I knew she was not in pain.

Again, and again, she cried out, as I fucked her from behind.

Each time I pushed forward, her narrow walls welcomed me, and each time I pulled back, they squeezed me tightly, as if they did not want me to leave. Her insides quivered around me with each of my claiming pumps, worshiping my length as they did.

“Oh my gods!” She moaned, burying her face into the bed, as my violent thrusts forced her further, and further up the mattress. I had to hold her hips firmly to keep her in place.

I struggled to hold back my own cries of pleasure, grunting with the effort, as I drove into her heat again, and again. She mewled with each strike that I gave her.

I angled my cock just right, so that she would feel me stroking against the front wall of her vagina, right where I knew it would feel best. As I did, I slowed my thrusting, letting her absorb the pleasure, before picking up the pace once more.

She hummed with satisfaction, rolling her hips back to meet each of my movements.

“You like that?” I whispered, slowly stroking the crest of my member against her inner, front wall.

“Mmm.... Yes...”

Releasing her hair, I leaned back, and ran my hands over the hollow dip of her spine. With each pump of my hips, her ass cheeks bounced, and I watched in prideful appreciation. Her body was singing for me. Soaring, high and blissful, and it was because of what I was doing to it.

Mine. She was fucking mine.

“Do you hear that, baby?” I hissed, kneading the delicate mounds of her behind as I slowed my pace. “Do you hear how wet you are for me?”

She flicked her eyes over her shoulder, meeting my gaze with feral, heated depths. I stared back, and thrusted deep, emphasizing my point.

The sound of our flesh meeting, and parting, her saturation lapping out, was the most appealing sound I’d ever heard in my existence. Her essence was all over me. She moaned and squeezed her eyes shut as she watched me run my fingers over my glistening abdomen, and then suck them clean.

“You taste divine.”

I continued changing the tempo, feeling her growing pleasure, knowing that I was giving it to her exactly how she wanted me to. Slow, and angled... Then, rough and fast... Unhurried and slanted... Then, forceful and unforgiving...

She howled as I suddenly slammed into her, more forcefully than I had before.

Her walls undulated around me, squeezing and cradling my cock in the most heavenly way. I pulled back slowly, savoring the way her pussy resisted my exit, as if it were begging me to stay there, buried and smothered in her slick heat.

“Fucking hell, your tight. I’ll never have my fill of you...”

“Mmmm...” She moaned, rocking her hips against me.

On and on, I worked her, wringing every last ounce of pleasure from her that I could. Her trembling barriers quickened, and grew softer. I knew she was going to come soon.

I leaned over her, slowing my movements. I kept one hand locked at her hip, snaking my other arm around her belly. I cupped each of her breasts in turn as I growled into her ear.

“This...” I slammed into her, deep, and lowered my hand from her breast. I pressed my fingers against the swollen button at the apex of her sex. She let out a long cry in response.

“This is mine.” I breathed, flicking my tongue out and teasing the shell of her ear.

“Yes...” She whimpered, shaking beneath me.

I circled her clit, giving her a long, slow stroke of my cock. “I belong here. No one else.”

“Yes, yes!” She cried, leaning her head against my shoulder.

“Tell me...” I growled, slamming into her roughly.

She grunted at the force, squeezing her eyes shut.

“I’m yours, only yours!”

Snarling in satisfaction, I lifted off of her, and gripped her small hips roughly. I crashed into her, hard and fast, showing her no mercy. Again, and again I pounded into her, letting her hear my growing growls of pleasure.

She was right there, on the precipice. Her hands twisted into the sheets, and her toes curled, as I wound her tighter, and tighter, pushing her toward release. And I knew that as soon as she came, I would, too. The echo of her orgasm through the bond would push me over the edge, right along with her.

“Dristan, I-I’m gonna-”

“I know.” I grunted. “I feel you.”

“Oh my gods...” She groaned, meeting me thrust for thrust.

“I’m going to come with you.”


“I want you to take it all, baby...”

“Yes!” She cried. She lowered her upper body further onto the bed, angling her ass higher, giving me the perfect angle with which to fill her insides.

She erupted, screaming my name like a prayer. I could feel her coming, both through the bond, and through her body. Her heated walls, already so tight, convulsed around me, squeezing me over, and over as she released.

“Fuck... Fuck, you feel so good when you come.” I grunted, struggling to contain my own orgasm. I wanted to feel her before I let go.

But I couldn’t hold on long.

“Come for me, mate.” She whispered.

It was my undoing. I roared as her quivering insides pushed me over the edge, and with one, final, deep thrust, I filled her with my thick release. I stilled, gasping, as the aftershocks of her orgasm wrung me of every last drop that I had.

She lay beneath me, out of breath, and limp with exhaustion, as I gently withdrew myself from her. She winced as I pulled out, and I planted a tender kiss onto the small of her back.

Blissful, sweaty, and spent, I collapsed beside her. When I rolled my head to look at her, her eyes were closed, her breathing labored.

“Are you okay?” I asked, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled lazily. “Mmm...”

I chuckled, rolled onto my side, and reached for her, pulling her close to my chest. Her head rested gently, right above my still hammering heart. I couldn’t stop grinning as I buried my face in her hair and inhaled her comforting scent.

“How I love you, so.” I murmured, listening to her breathing slow.


My smile widened.

“Have I fucked you so well that you are literally speechless, mate?”

I felt her smile against my chest.

“Cocky bastard...”

I pinched her butt cheek.

“Ouch!” She shrieked, pushing against my chest.

I chucked, tightening my arms around her so she couldn’t escape. Her soft, wind chime laughter was literal music to my hears. I could’ve died there, wrapped in her essence, basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking, and been happy.

“We must go, now.” I said, reminding both her and myself that, as much as we wanted to, we couldn’t lay here all night.

She grumbled a complaint and snuggled deeper into my embrace. She shivered slightly as the cool air of the room chilled her naked, hot skin.

I draped a wing over her, shielding her from the cold.

She peeked up at me, her eyes twinkling with some hidden emotion.

“What?” I asked, lifting a brow.

She smiled briefly, and then hesitantly reach her hand out, toward my wing. Instinctively, I tensed. A dragon’s wings were very sacred to them. She’d touched my horns once, something I’d never allowed anyone to do before. But my wings... I’d never wanted anyone to touch them.

But I loved her. Brenya, my mate, was the one person in the world I would trust with such a thing. I doubted that she knew how sacred a subject a draong’s wings were.

She paused at my sudden rigidness, her eyes sliding to mine.

“... May I?” She asked softly.

I stared into her multi colored eyes, feeling my love for her rise above my pride.

“Yes.” I whispered.

She smiled as she turned her eyes back to my wing, and with two gentle fingers, she lightly brushed her touch against the sensitive webbing.

I closed my eyes at the sensation, suddenly aching to be inside of her again. It felt unexpectedly good... It tingled, and sent shivers down my spine.

“Wow... They don’t feel like I thought they would.” She breathed, softly running her fingers up the edge, toward the talon at the end.

My throat bobbed as I tried to absorb the new sensation. “What did you expect it would feel like?”

“I don’t know... I thought it would feel... Sort of rough. Bumpy, perhaps?”

“And what does it feel like?”

“It’s very soft... Like velvet. And so warm...” She said in wonderment, pulling her hand away.

I smirked at her. “Just like you.” I flexed my hips forward playfully.

“You brute!” She giggled.

I watched her with adoring eyes as she leaned her head back and yawned. Gods, I’d completely drained her.

“I told you we should’ve waited.” I teased, kissing her forehead. “I know you’re tired, love... But we must go.”

“I know, I know... Can I not have but five minutes of peace with my beloved?” She complained, snuggling against me.

I stilled, my heart skipping a beat, as she kissed my chest.

“What’s wrong?” She whispered, noticing my sudden tenseness.

I let out a small laugh, my body relaxing. “Nothing... I just liked the way that sounded. Beloved... What a sweet endearment.”

She ran her warm palms down my abdomen.

“That’s what you are... Beloved.”

I smiled, pulling her closer, and my heart swelled. I didn’t know if my heart could expand any further. It was so full with my love for her. But she always found a way to add more.

“Five more minutes, then.”

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