Elemental Heir : Book 1 Of The Elemental Heir Series

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Chapter 62

(Unknown POV)

An all encompassing, blazing, ruthless force of fury exploded inside of me. I stood swiftly from the chair, flipping the wooden table violently as I did. The scrying mirror I had been using to watch her had been sitting atop the table. It crashed loudly to the floor. Had it not been warded against damage, it would have shattered.

A stream of curses left my lips as I paced inside of the small cabin, clutching handfuls of my hair, gritting my teeth until my jaw screamed in protest. So much frustration, so much hopelessness, so much disappointment, so much... Anger.

Weeks of careful, meticulous planning... Ruined!

It was perfect, every detail thought out and put into place. And yet somehow... Somehow, the dragon prick had been lucky enough to evade the silver poison. Gods be damned!

I paused my pacing, running my hands over my face roughly. This complicated things... I had assumed that once the prick was dead, she would not have hesitated to kill the other high lord if she had any indication that he was responsible. He was supposed to take the fall for this.

But her mate had not died as I had planned... She had not reached the level of anger and hatred that I had hoped for... Because he was still alive.


Now, there would be trial. They were going to use a truth potion and they would know that he was not responsible for the poison... They would soon find that no one residing at the Aviary was responsible. This would raise questions.

It was already going to be difficult enough to remain undetected once the portal was opened and I could slip through. It would be nearly impossible to get close to her if she was suspicious of me. Fuck...

But I had to get out of here... I had to get home... And the dragon prick had to be dead before I got there. I would not allow him to stand in my way.

This was nothing, just a minor set back... Just a little longer, just a little while longer... I'd waited centuries for an opportunity to get out of this hell... I could wait a little while longer.

My hands fell limply to my side as I exhaled. I turned and eyed the mess I’d created. The boiling rage and frustration rolled off of me in waves, and I willed strength and renewed determination to take it’s place. I would not give up so easily.

I would get out of this place... I would, because I had to...

Slowly, I picked up the table, set the mirror back in place, sat down...

And started planning again.

(AUTHORS NOTE): Hello my wonderful readers! I apologize that this update is so short (and probably has you shook to the core), but I have a good reason! I have been suffering from a severe kidney infection this past week and I have not been able to write a full chapter. HOWEVER, I wanted to give you something to hold you over and hopefully this exciting turn of events has been sufficient. *evil grin* Thank you for reading and I will see you next Friday with a full chapter update! Have a great week. *hugs and kisses*

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