Lizard's Sparkle

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Chapter 10


“Cum-bubble...jizz-pants...spunk-vadge...” Serena sighed with glee, “there’s just so many I don’t know which one to choose. I mean he basically wrote his name in sperm all over your slutty-biker pants, I’ve never had so much material before and now I don’t quite know what to do with it. This is way better than naked-Hayley, this is spermy-Hayley,” Serena concluded with an explosion of laughter.

I huffed. “I’m glad you’re having fun.”

“I don’t get it,” Lily sighed with a wrinkled nose.

“Red,” Serena shook her head in exasperation, “The blond dragon-man shot his excitement all over our little glitter-witch and now we have to make fun of her, please get with the program already.”

“Lily, friends don’t call each other names,” I needled, while sending Serena evil eyes because there was no way she was going to pull the new witch over to the dark side with her.

Serena pulled a face like she’d swallowed a lemon. “Oh, oh, that’s rich coming from you, you little demon.” She pointed and glared at me while Cat loomed stalker-like behind her and sniffed at her hair.


“Well I’m just saying that people like nice people, PG, and maybe that’s why you have no friends. Cynthia mentioned that she thought I should be the speaker for our new coven and she has a point; I don’t think you’d last long having to talk to other witches.” She’d totally set someone on fire, and when you had to be diplomatic it was best to just remove Serena from the room entirely. Plus sometimes she just needed to be reminded that she was only a few insults away from becoming her mother.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes. “I can talk to people, I can be nice,” her nose crinkled in distaste, “I can maybe be nice. Except to Vivian,” she stated adamantly, “that harpie is a massive twat and everyone thinks so.”

I giggled and spat glitter all over her still wrinkled nose until it twitched uncontrollably. “At least you beat her to ascendancy.”

She grinned widely. “Remind me to tell her that at every opportunity.” Her gaze flicked around her room that I’d rudely barged into and then to the closed door with a frown. “Where is Spermy Mcspermerson anyway? Did you escape his wicked clutches? Is he tied to your bed and that’s why he isn’t attached to your arse?”

Fair question I suppose, considering my dragons general obsessive behaviour. “I sent him to find pants,” I whispered, as if I’d summon the stalker-dragon just by talking about him. I didn’t imagine he’d be especially happy when he realised I was not so subtly hiding from him. “I just can’t concentrate while everything’s just hanging out.”

Serena grinned slyly. “Now you know how we all feel, Camel-toe.”

I gasped. “I don’t have camel-toe!”

“Pea!” An excited Grams flung open the room door on a flourish, tottering on her sky-high stilettos, looking like a glitter bomb had exploded all over her and missing one giant boob from her new set of gigantor-boobs.

“What the bloody fuck happened to you, Grams?” Serena gaped.

One hand on hip and a rather regal pose, completely at odds with her mussed hair and glittered clothing, she sniffed haughtily and pursed her lips. “I partied with the Elf, good times.”

Oh Goddess. Did she do what I think she did?

“Where’s your other boob?” Serena asked with an uncomfortable crinkle of her nose.

Grams looked down and sighed. “I think I might have missed a rather important ingredient. It popped mid-session, sometime between the spanking and the rather large dildo.”

I heaved, not really wanting to ask the question but unable not to ask. “My perv-dad spanked you?”

Grams frowned at me. “Of course not, Hayley.”

Oh, thank Goddess, because that would have been awkward.

She rolled her eyes. “His cheeks are a lovely rosy shade this morning, don’t suppose he’ll be able to sit on that horrendous throne for a day or two though, the size on that strap-on really was rather impressive,” she cackled, one boob bouncing with her shaking shoulders.

I whined and tried to sink down to hide behind Serena. “Noooo, I’ll never be able to look at him again!”

Serena sighed. “Welcome to my world.” Then turned to Grams with a raised eyebrow. “Did you learn anything or was it purely to sate your uncontrollable urges, Black Widow?”

Grams preened at the nickname as if she were immensely proud to have earned it. “Pea, you can be so sweet at times.”

I snorted, glitter poofing from my nose in a cloud of blue sparkles, because Serena was never sweet.

“And yes, I snooped while the Elf was passed out. Seems he has a habit of working his way through different species, impregnating females and taking his half-breed offspring into the fold when they come of age. I’m convinced he really didn’t know anything about you, Hayley, and that’s why he never came for you. Eliza probably hid you on purpose, seeing as she had enough of a pull within the coven to contact him if she’d wanted to.”

My heart bloomed at the thought of my mother hiding me away because she’d wanted to keep me to herself. I’m sure some people would feel like they’d lost out - not knowing their father - but from what I’d seen from him so far, I was totally down with my birth mother hiding me away from everything elf.

“I think Thereon worked a deal with the Windsors in an attempt to get a foothold with the witches, the West Coast is one of the more powerful covens, and if he’d managed to take over the council then he would have had an in with every coven in the country,” Grams continued. “And he probably only did this because as far as he was aware, he hadn’t managed to breed with any witch before the council imposed its ban.” Grams’ boob bounced as she stalked over to the bar that ran the length of the far wall, showcasing unlabeled glittered glass bottles full of colourful liquids. “He’s a male that likes to have his hand in every pie.” Cackles erupted as Grams poured herself a drink. “And my pie certainly appreciated his efforts.”

Serena crinkled her nose in disgust at the same time that I near enough gagged. “Grams! TMI!” Then rubbed her eyes with a sigh, “so he wants our glitter witch, probably so that he has some pull with our coven, and for that I’m assuming he’ll want her to stick around in elf-land.” She shook her head vehemently, “he’s not taking my glitter witch.”

I totally agreed with that last part.

“Oh!” Lily suddenly shouted as she snapped her fingers like a lightbulb went off in her head. “You had sex with Hayley’s father,” she exclaimed and pointed at Grams.

Serena rolled her eyes. “Maybe you should try taking notes so you can keep up, Red.”

She blushed, her cheeks turning so red her face just about blended in with her hair. “My parents didn’t let me out much,” she mumbled. “I didn’t have many friends in our last coven or, like, any.” Her blush just about fired up into volcano territory. “This is all kinda new to me.”

Awwww. I was seriously thinking about adopting her right at that moment. And by the narrowed side-eye Serena sent me I’m pretty sure my thoughts were written all over my face.

The room door crashed open, slamming against the wall and bouncing back only to be stopped by one large tanned hand. “Witch,” his voice boomed around the impressive space and every single one of us, bar the cat that only rolled his eyes skyward, stared at the six and a half feet of blond dragon that stalked through the now chipped door, bare chested and tight-panted, so tight he might as well have still been naked. “I do not know why you insist on these coverings.” He sent a sulking look down at his new elf-pants. “I do not like being so confined.” He tugged at the material that seemed sprayed on and pretty much just made a nice frame around his penis rather than hiding it away like I’d intended.

He strode further into the room and as his stomach started sparkling under the ceiling lights I choked back a gasp, realising he’d not only not bothered to wash all the glitter off himself but that he was actively striding towards me with a puffed up chest and a blatantly arrogant smirk, turning subtlety so that the light could catch the glitter and show the shimmers to their full effect. Proudly placing his hands on his hips as he came to a stop, turning his fingers so that they pointed plainly towards his abs, and that just incase everyone else in the room had suddenly come down with a case of blurred vision, they still couldn’t fail to miss the large stain of glitter covering his skin. Gobsmacked, I pursed my lips at him, the total twatwaffle.

Serena snorted. “Someone seems happy.”

Lucian, completely ignoring Serena, flashed his sharp teeth at me and inched closer until I found myself almost suffocated by his presence. “Why did you leave our room, Treasure? I wanted to see more glitter.”

I shuddered at his bright, white teeth and then cringed when I realised his question had hardly been whispered. “No reason,” I lied without guilt, because it was his fault that I’d felt the need to run away.

“Hmmm,” he replied, obviously unconvinced. “Must we attend the evening with the elf still?”

Oh. Yep. Totally forgot about that dinner with the family. Shouldn’t be awkward at all, especially after the whole biting thing.

I shrugged at him, trying to inch slightly away so that I could take deeper breaths because honestly it felt like he just sucked up all the oxygen in the room. Glitter poofed from my lips in dizzing circles of silver and moon-dust and enslaved the dragon instantly in wonderment like I was his own personal hypnotist.

I knew that specific brand of sparkles well though and worked to steady myself before the flash of images could steal me away to another time.

Yeah. When I’d told Serena that it wasn’t really like full blown premonitions, I’d totally lied.

A flash of fuzzy purple haze and then I was pulled quickly into a swirling vortex of colour, nausea quickly rising and turning my stomach as I swallowed and willed it to settle. My perv-dad’s throne room quickly became clear, edged in shimmering gold, the elf king sat on his high stoop with me beside him on only a slightly less ostentatious throne and wearing a stunning coal black crown that really brought out the sparkles floating around my head.

Ooh. Pretty.

A tall elf, dressed in what I can only assume was royal finery, velvets and silks covering his lithe form, stood to my side grinning down at me while my perv-dad reached across and tapped his fingers against my hand in approval, a winning smile gracing his lips.

Snapping my head to the crowd that suddenly formed before the thrones, a jeering chant of voices shouted words I couldn’t quite make out through the noise. A rumbling roar rose above the subjects that shifted and broke apart as six elves wearing a uniform that matched the colour of my crown strode towards the steps that led to the perch we sat on, dragging a huge, muscled, filthy male that strained against chains wrapped around his arms and torso, smoke billowing in giant clouds that almost disguised his face.

I’d know that smoke anywhere though. No one smoulders quite like my dragon.

My eyes snapped wide, opening my mouth to order the elves to release him, but nothing left my lips.

The me that sat on her throne, with a crown that I was definitely stealing if my vision came true, only sat quietly, stonily, barely sparing a glance for the male she’d sparkled for.

The vision faded, I snapped back into the room finding Grams and Serena arguing loudly - something about Grams’ weird and varied sex life and her habit of over-sharing - and Lucy still staring at the sparkles that had slowly floated to the ceiling and hovered somewhere around the large chandelier.

“I’m going to be throwing Lucian in the dungeon,” I blurted, because I was a little unnerved that crown-wearing me hadn’t protested that.

“What?” Serena frowned.

“I know, I don’t know why I did that,” I huffed. Crown-me may be a bit of a bitch.

“I think you need to explain a bit more, Hails.” Serena looked really confused.

Heck, I was really confused. No way would I let that happen to my familiar.

I huffed my way through the explanation, finding my hand lifting to stroke Lucian’s arm, a comforting touch that was probably just as much for me as it was for him.

“No way,” Serena snorted, “you wouldn’t do that.”

I nodded eagerly, glad that she agreed I wasn’t that crown-bitch.

“When is this supposed to happen?”

I winced, “I don’t know, they’ve been a little out of wack lately.”

“Huh,” my fire-witch squinted at me and I avoided her gaze because I didn’t want to have the conversation about what was sending my powers askew and how it was probably something to do with the large male currently patting my back with his giant palms. “Well, how about we get this dinner over with, we might learn a bit more about your perv-dad. It’s not like we need to stay here much longer, we got what we came for.”

I bounced on my feet, suddenly really eager to get back to my little cottage and my spells and the coven that viewed my dragon with fear and awe. “Okay,” I looked around the room again, confirming what my senses had already told me - that the zombie was not in the room. “Where is our ride home anyway?”


I nodded.

Serena shrugged. “In the stables.”

I blinked. “You put the dead guy in with the horses?”

She huffed. “What else do you want me to do with him? Should I have bunked him in with you?” the stables?

Lucian patted me again. “Do not worry, Treasure, you can play with my shaft later, you seemed to find it relaxing.”

I froze. Oh, he didn’t. Even with my eyes glued shut I could feel the twitch that threatened Serena’s lips.

“Right then, as the dragon said, everyone grab your penis’ and let’s move out.”

Oh she is never letting that go. What a massive furry-vadge.

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