Lizard's Sparkle

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Chapter 11


If my treasure was going to lock me in chains, then at the very least I expected half an hour alone with her pretty, pink pussy.

Dragons did not like being chained. But if her vision came true then I would do this for my witch, and in return she would owe me pussy favours.

I smiled widely as she stared at me with owlish eyes, thinking that I liked the idea of my witch owing me lots of little rewards.

“Can you be normal? Just for tonight,” she mumbled, “and if you can’t promise that then even just a no-biting rule would suffice.”

I blew smoke towards the ceiling, ignoring the tittering gasps of the elf creatures as they shuffled a wide curve around me while I hovered over my witch. I grunted. Pleased with their obvious wariness of me which would also keep these colourfully dressed males away from my treasure. “I like biting,” I shrugged, grinning as her wide eyes followed the movement with a lick of her pouty lips.

Her eyebrows dropped into a scowl.


“You can’t just bite people here, Lucy, I mean when you’re a dragon it kind of fits, you know?” Her face scrunched up and she made her hands into a gesture of snapping jaws. “Everyone expects a dragon to bite, it’s kind of a thing I guess, but I think while you’re in human form we should probably put a temporary ban on biting,” she smiled up at me, glitter sprinkling her lips until they shimmered under the lights from the obnoxious ceiling adornments.

I was sure she expected me to agree, and I would try my best to always give my witch what she wanted, but this was something we would not agree on. I shook my head. “If a male touches you I will bite him, he should feel lucky that I cannot swallow him whole in this form.”

The storm witch snorted and giggled, hiding her face behind a cloud of hair. “He’s going to swallow a male elf whole...” More giggles erupted.

My witch winced and slapped the palm of her hand across her eyes. “Goddess! I can’t get that image out of my head now.”

I smiled, just because my witch was smiling and I couldn’t help but return it, but I did not understand what images she couldn’t remove. “Of me swallowing a male?”

Giggles erupted. Snorts joined the chorus from the redhead and glitter streamed from my sparkly witch as she wobbled on her feet, shaking with her joy. I very nearly spurted my excitement all over the silly elf pants I had been forced into while I watched her mounds jiggling with her movements, but at least the suffocating tightness of the fabric had the redeeming quality of also suffocating my erection.

The cat and his witch were on the other side of the banquet hall, ambling slowly around the grand room and stopping every so often to greet elves that started pleasant conversations. I caught the eye of the feline as he shifted through my line of sight, a sneer twisting his mouth as he returned my glare. I snapped my teeth at him and puffed more smoke, accepting his challenge of a rematch, although this time I would request we wear these tight pants that my treasure had forced on me as I did not enjoy the feeling of his shaft on my bare skin during the last duel. “Your father is arriving,” I interrupted my witch’s giggles, catching the soft shuffle of many feet approaching that would surely be silent to any creature other than myself and the mangy cat.

“Where?” Her giggles cut off and I mourned the loss momentarily before my attention was snagged by the swishing of her curls as her head snapped from side to side, searching for the elf that had claimed a right to her that I was thinking seriously about removing. Permanently.

I doubted she’d miss the puny elf...she’d be too busy honouring all those pussy favours.

“He will enter shortly, he has an escort.” I rolled my eyes skyward, completely unimpressed with a male that needed an army to move from room to room. “I will get the corpse, you will speak to your father when I return,” I informed her, watching as her eyebrows dropped lower into a frown with each word.

“Will I?” She questioned, glitter stilling their spirals to settle enticingly on her lips.

I nodded. “Yes.” Because I was dragon and, therefore, I knew best.

The storm-witch whistled low. “Uh oh.”

I felt my treasure’s stare, it teased my skin rather heatedly, though her face remained almost impassive. The dragon blinked his large eyes behind human ones, his vertical pupils sharpening on his brightest gem. “This is the best idea, yes?” It seemed something I should ask, even though I knew it was already the best.

“Lucy,” she gritted out on a kitten-like scowl, “stop being bossy, just because we did that thing doesn’t mean you can just take over,” she snapped out with a flood of pink glitter.

I smiled. “What thing?”

An instant flush hit her cheeks, a mix of embarrassment and eager anticipation, as if she was remembering and hoping for more. “You know,” she mumbled, “that thing with the kissing.”

Oh I did know, but I really enjoyed making her say it.

“Would you like to get the corpse?” I only offered because I already knew the answer.

She shuffled uneasily on her feet. “, maybe it would be best if you got him.”

I smiled. “And you will wait for me to speak to your father?” Because I did not trust that elf with my treasure.

She rolled her eyes and pouted. “Don’t know what difference it makes, but okay.”

“Thank you, my treasure,” I snatched some of her hair to play with as I bent over to touch my lips to hers, leaving her gasping and red-faced, “I will not be long, perhaps you can find the old-witch?” Since she had almost immediately disappeared into the crowd of gathered elves once we’d arrived and I was sure wherever she’d run to it was undoubtedly in effort to cause trouble.

My witch shivered and blinked at me again. “Uh huh,” she mumbled.

I grinned, patting her head and hoping that would assuage her needs for this touch gesture while I was away from her side, then quickly ploughed a road right through the curious elves who jerked and swiftly jumped out of my way.

I heard the large doors of the oversized banquet hall open and a loud declaration of the arrival of the elf reverberated behind me as I swiftly made my exit and found my way to the outside through scent alone. The castle was ridiculous, with twisting hallways and several staircases leading up into too many levels. But my dragon did enjoy the opulent gold and jewelled pieces that decorated almost every door I passed. I would take them when we left - as precious jewels, they all belonged to me anyway

Elves continued to move out of my way. Some surging towards the castle with dainty steps that barely made a brush of sound, and some clearly travelling to other parts of the realm steadying giant horses that reared up and backed away as the dragon scent hit their prey instinct.

I ignored them all, focused on collecting the corpse and returning to my treasure, looking forward to flashing my teeth at her in an offering of pleasure. Perhaps this time she would accept and pull up her flouncy dress to give me unwarranted access.

The dragon rumbled greedily.

It was best to distract him with our treasure, otherwise he became irritated with being trapped inside the human body, and in this realm there was no option to release our largest form.

It took less than five minutes to locate the stables, the noise the animals made upon sensing my presence meant it would have been impossible for them to hide. Silly creatures. If I could have shifted, I would have eaten the lot of them.

I strode through the arching wooden doors of the stables, ignoring the kicking of hooves that heralded my entrance, and took long and deep inhalations, trying to find the scent of ash and decay beneath the overriding smell of hay, horse, and dirt. “Corpse?” I rumbled into the darker parts of the stables, not being able to pinpoint the stumbling form by scent alone.


It was a question of some sort but I did not speak dead-human. “Come, we will be leaving shortly, I will take you back to your mistress.” Because the dark witch preferred to be called mistress by her risen minions, and the corpse should be swayed to follow as if he were ordered straight from her mouth.

“Errrghh.” He denied me.

I sighed, rolling my eyes to the high ceiling. “I need to return to my witch, I will not be delayed by you, either follow or I will drag you there by whatever remaining appendages you possess.”

“Merrrhhhh,” he sulked, then slowly shuffled into the light that bathed the first few stalls from the sun through the open stable doors, his face glaringly fixed to the floor in stubbornness.

“You will not keep me from my glitter-witch,” I reiterated, annoyed that he thought to refuse me. You did not refuse a dragon.

His head snapped up, excitement suddenly showing even through his leaking skin. His shuffles quickened. “Mergh?”

I narrowed my eyes. “Glitter-witch?”

He nodded his head vigorously, hopping closer when his left foot dragged against the dirt packed ground. “Merrrrrrrgh.”

I gritted my teeth, glaring at the suddenly perky dead-human. “So we are clear, Corpse,” I spat, “the witch is mine.” Not that she would be swayed by this animated carcass but I found I severely disliked anyone other than myself being excited to see my witch.

He was instantly back to pouting. It was nowhere near as cute as when my witch did it. She still had all her lips for a start.

I huffed irritably. “Just follow me and we can return to the castle, I do not like leaving my witch by herself.”

The corpse shot forward, startling me enough that the dragon puffed smoke and grumbled in outrage. He hopped to the stable doors, taking a hand hold on the wooden slats when he wobbled precariously, then looked back and urged me on with an annoyed “merrrrgh” when he saw I wasn’t following behind.

Pfft. As if I would follow a corpse.

“You will wait,” I ordered, grumbling as he shuffled around impatiently, “I go first!”

I took a step forward, only to halt instantly as the shuffle of soft feet whispered around my senses. The dragon’s eyes slitted, leathery scales furrowing on his long brow. His nostrils widened, searching through the scent of meat and dirt, discarding horse and earth and corpse, finding something flowery and cool like forest berries during winter frost. Steel tinged musically against steel. My head snapped to the dead-human still waiting at the open doors. “Run, get to my witch, take her to the cat and fire-witch and do not let her move!” I snarled at a him, “go now!” I shouted as light feet dropped to the earth in the darkness behind me.

The corpse jumped forward. Shuffle-hopped and shuffle-hopped until he finally stumbled far enough away that he was lost to my sight and I could concentrate on the threat to my rear. The horses fell almost silent, snorts and chuffs disturbed the dragon’s hearing but not enough to miss the light brush of dirt as it was disturbed in several places.

More than one assailant. That was fine, they would need more than one.

“Come, elf, show the dragon his next meal,” I turned and rumbled to the darkest spots of the stable, my eyes sharpening until they picked out shadowy shapes in shades of grey. My vision was decent in human form though nothing like either of the reptiles I housed. “He’s hungry.” I snapped my teeth at the elves that brandished swords in their hands and stood tall and proud, as if they’d come to fight a dragon and thought they’d be victorious.

“You cannot shift, familiar, you have no power here,” a soft, musical voice answered in monotone, deciding he already knew the outcome before a single drop of blood had been spilt.

I puffed a cloud of smoke, nudged the dragon who blinked a bored eye at the unwanted guests, then followed that black smoke with fire. A searing burst shot to the ground, melting the hard dirt instantly and turning it to mud that smelt like horse shit. Little flames ran a line all the way to the darkness the elves hid within but failed to catch ablaze in the soil. “I don’t think I need to shift, do you?” I grinned at the subtle shift of fear that flooded the stable. I snapped my face to the ceiling and blew a ball of fire straight up, catching the wooden beams aflame in seconds. “We have a few minutes before the structure collapses, let’s see who makes it out shall we?”

A hiss came from the elf in the dark. “We have your witch.”

No, they did not. Or maybe they did, but she was not in the stables and so I had no worry that she would be hurt here. And if they were trying to bargain for their lives, they should not have threatened my greatest treasure. “You will die here, elf,” I informed him.

“Your witch will die.” I heard fear in that statement.

The dragon roared and my face twisted in agreement with his anger. “Come, let’s see if I can take all of you in my human throat.”


The elf coughed. “Uhh, what?”

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