Lizard's Sparkle

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Chapter 6


“He said he was going to eat him though, I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that, I mean, he’s a total witch-stealing mega-perv but he’s also my dad so...” My treasure whispered to the fire witch.

Hmmm. Perhaps I should have kept the eating part to myself.

“Also does Cat have spare trousers because, um, it’s totally distracting to look at it swing as he walks.”

What? I looked down at myself then flicked my head back in an attempt to look over my shoulder. What swings?

The fire witch snorted in response, obviously amused about something. “Please, I can barely keep my own familiar halfway decent, nevermind yours.”

A silent snarl twisted my lips. The fucking cat was a menace, he shouldn’t even be in the same sentence as anything dragon. I should probably eat him too.

I grunted with an affirmative nod and a slow smile at my last thought, straightening my lips into a thin line as my sparkly witch looked over her shoulder at the sound and raised a perfect eyebrow as her blush pink mouth pouted at me.

She was a manipulative little thing. Fluffy blonde innocence and dazzling sparkles hiding scheming brilliance.

The dragon didn’t care. He’d willingly allow her to steal all his jewels if only she’d let him stare as she glittered like diamonds for him.

Her head whipped back around to the front, stealing her face from my gaze with a punch to the chest that felt almost breathless, and the dragon rumbled discontentedly within; the vain creature disliking her attention elsewhere.

“Ooh look,” My treasure squeaked, “Dead-Eric found a friend.”

Rushing to catch up with my witch, I quickly caught her hand in mine, securing her to my side as she bounced along and spun blooming clouds of glitter that almost had the dragon hypnotised.

She tugged at my hold on her, her forehead crinkling to a frown as she huffed and glared at me when I refused to let go. “Luuucyyyy...” She attempted a snarling warning but it was kitten-like and only made me flash my teeth at her in invitation.

And even though I knew she wouldn’t understand that I’d just offered to serve my witch in the most pleasurable way, it still made pride fill my chest when she rolled her eyes and left her hand in mine in defeat.

“Hey, Zombie,” The fire-witch called out to the corpse shuffling along ahead in a slow moving gait that was torturous to watch. “Who’s your friend?”

The corpse twisted around in shuddering movements, its black holes for eyes immediately darting to my sparkle witch, and causing a rumble to build in my chest when he froze at the sight of her and failed to look away when I was blatantly standing right there.

How dare he.

I should eat the corpse too then.

My treasure shivered at my side, her face pulled into a nervous frown, so I yanked her off her feet with a squeak and clutched her to my chest, patting her back in soothing motions.

“Eeep!” She squealed and I shushed her while patting again. I’d seen many witches do this previously, usually to the smaller people of the coven and my witch was very small so it must be something she will need often.

The fire-witch snorted. “I think you’re smooshing your witch there, Scales.”

“I am patting,” I grunted, “I can take care of my own witch.” Just incase she thought I needed assistance - I did not, my witch will be well cared for.

Leaving my female clutched against my chest, I turned to the corpse once more and blew smoke at his haggard face, glaring heatedly to ensure he understood that the little blonde ball of glitter was mine. Turning to the lithe, dark haired creature clad only in a short silk dress at his side I decided to glare at her also, because it appeared that this world was no different from the human one - every creature wanted my treasure and I was going to have to eat them all.

“I am Sierra,” the long limbed female answered the fire-witch with a soft murmur, “Our King’s servant.”

The fire-witch rolled her eyes. “Of course you are, I should have known from the outfit. Wonderful,” Then she flapped her hand at the elf female and huffed, “how did he know we were here?”

The elf shrugged. “You broke the barrier with your...” She winced, her hand lifting and gesturing a fall and splatt to the ground “...entrance?”

The fire-witch screwed her face up. “You say that like there was another way in,” Then turned to the zombie with narrowed eyes, “you little fuck-nugget, I’ll be sending you back to Endora in fucking pieces.”

My treasure nodded her face against my chest with muffled shouts of agreement.

Perhaps she would not mind me eating the corpse then.

“I am to take you to our King, if you will follow me,” the elf bowed slightly, although more in request than respect. Then promptly turned on her heal and swiftly glided away, quite obviously expecting us to follow in her wake.

Pfft. Dragons do not follow any creature.

“Right, so, are we going?” The fire-witch looked around, blinking expectantly, glancing at the cat first before trying to peer at my witch’s face pressed firmly against my chest.

The corpse was already following the elf haltingly, feet shuffling along the grass and causing rustling sounds to break the silence surrounding us.

“Anyone?” She flung her hands up in agitation, demanding a response.

I stayed silent however - I only answered to my own witch.

The mangy cat finally spoke. “We follow, I go first,” He rumbled.

Good plan. Excellent idea. The cat should definitely go first.

I nodded quickly.

The fire-witch rolled her eyes at me as if she could hear my thoughts. “Great but how about we-” she was immediately cut off by a bright flash of lighting and billowing clouds of pure white smoke, tiny blue electric charges flashing intermittently in the dense plumes, quickly surrounding us and causing choking coughs from every one of us still standing within the smoke.

I quickly turned and ran with my female clutched to my chest, patting frantically as she spluttered into my skin.

“What the fuck!” Shouted the fire-witch and I spun around again just as the smoke seemed to suddenly dissipate into steam and then disappear altogether leaving only the hacking form of the slightly deranged older witch.

“Grams!” Squealed my treasure, having finally squeezed her face around enough to be able to see more than just my pecks.

I sighed, a little grumble leaving the dragon, both pleased to see the older witch who encouraged my treasure’s dragon riding and annoyed because she was no longer pressed against me, although I comforted myself with the knowledge that she seemed agreeable to being in my arms.

This human thing would be easy. I don’t know what I was so worried about, my witch was still mine.

I played with her curls, fingering the springy strands and feeling them bounce back into place, ignoring the curious look to my female’s face as she blinked back and forth between the old witch and me.

She was waving the last of the smoke away from her face, clearing her lungs with great heaving gags. “Bloody saggy balls!” She shouted, finally straightening from her bent over position as she took her first clear breath.

The fire-witch stared, a twitch to her lips. My fingers froze on my female’s hair.

“Uh, grams?”

The old witch patted her short hair into place, mussed from whatever smoke spell had delivered her to this realm. “Hmmm?” She answered, waggling her fingers in greeting to my sparkle-witch.

“Where did those come from?” A finger rose and pointed, drawing everyone’s attention to the glaring difference in the old witch since the last time we’d seen her.

“Oh,” she shrugged, then grabbed at her teats with both hands, large and bulbous, they over-spilled her small palms to the point of grotesque, even restricted by her tight clothing, “These?” She tried for nonchalance, “just fancied something different.”

Serena spluttered. “Is it...permanent? Because,” She blinked, “They’re fucking ginormous. I mean, you’ve gone straight passed glamour model and all the way to beach balls.”

The old witch shrugged again, her chest lifting with her shoulders and then bouncing a few times when her shoulders released, everyone’s eyes following the movement with a disturbed expression. “Oh, no, just a little spell I’m trying out, Pea,” she grinned, “I’m a playboy bunny.”

Serena huffed a laughed. “You’re a fucking stick with an entire bouncy castle on your chest not a playboy bunny.”

The old witch narrowed her eyes at her relation. “Jealously is undignified, Pea, you might be grateful once I’ve tested the spell enough considering you’ve yet to reach puberty,” she pointedly glanced at the fire-witch’s teats.

My witch let loose hysterical giggles, glitter pouring from her lips in uncontrollable waves, loosely hanging off me while I kept her balance with only an arm hooked around her middle. Bickering continued around us but I ignored everyone else’s voice besides the one in my arms, entranced by the dazzling display she was putting out, chasing each glitter cloud with my eyes until they almost crossed.

“Okay!” The fire-witch yelled, bringing attention back to her and the scruffy cat at her back. “Are we following the elf or are we standing here squabbling?”

The old witch sniffed delicately. “I could have flashed straight to the castle you know, if you’d managed to actually get there already.”

Serena rubbed her eyes. “Not now, boobs, let’s just get to the bloody King, get Red, and go home for fucksake.”

“I will eat him,” I grunted, making my purpose known.

All eyes snapped to me, the cat glaring with a promise of violence. I snapped my teeth at him, accepting his challenge.

“Thanks for the input, Scales, I’ll make sure to tell Hayley’s father that he can look forward to being eaten,” the fire-witch sighed.

I grunted with acknowledgement, it was good that they understood, it is indeed a gift to have the dragon’s attention.

My glitter-witch poked my chest with a small finger, I patted her incase she was indicating that I had been derelict in my duties but I only received another poke. My eyes went to my blonde witch with a frown. “Yes, my treasure?”

She grimaced at me. “Could you maybe not eat my dad?”

My frown increased. “He touched you.” Surely she understood he should now die.

“Well yes but maybe we could put the eating off til later, you know, just until I’ve talked to him for a bit.” She blinked at me, big blue eyes widening with an earnest expression.

I found myself unable to deny her anything. “Perhaps I’ll eat him later,” I grumbled, walking forward to fall in line with the witches that had already started to move, “I will eat him though,” I assured her, just so she’d think the dragon would not be swayed so easily again.

She smiled. Big and bright and shining. Hair bouncing in the breeze as I carried her tiny form, sparkles flitting around my head until I was almost dizzy with want.

The dragon was clearly enspelled.

Although if I were to be enspelled to any witch, I was glad it was not the witch with the giant teats. They looked suffocating.

“Hey,” the fire-witch called back to mine, “where’s the ferret anyway?”

My treasure looked aghast. “Oh, no!” She gasped, “have we lost him?”

Serena shrugged. “Well if we have then he usually finds his way back.”

My witch pouted. “Lily will be so upset.”

I was pretty sure that the ferret had already made his way to the castle. “Do not fret, My treasure, he is fine.”

Her legs clenched around my hips and I stilled for a moment, my shaft rising quickly as I was finally made fully aware of the position I had put us in. A groan halted in my throat, caught in a choke as she dangled her legs again and swung them back and fore in a lazy, completely innocent move. “You’ve see him?” She questioned.

Unable to speak I simply nodded, patting her back lightly to encourage her swinging.

Yes, the patting is good, I shall continue this practice.

Nodding firmly I trudged forward, the dragon urging me to finish the quest and return to my cave with my treasure in tow.

And maybe eat the cat.

Excellent plan.

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