Lizard's Sparkle

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Chapter 9


My dragon was naked.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that once or twice already but it really bares repeating. Especially as I was now essentially locked behind a closed bedroom door with a naked Lucian, one large royalty sized bed behind us, and a serious dragon scowl twisting his face with annoyance.

“You didn’t have to bite my dad,” I murmured at him softly, only because I was still mildly horrified and I’d been completely silent on the matter since the moment his teeth had sunk into my perv-dad’s forearm, and maybe a little concerned that we would be thrown in an elf dungeon too.

A shrug lifted his giant shoulders as his scowl deepened. “He touched you, I told you already - no touching!” His voice trembled with a dragon growl.

I mean sure, he had said that, but to be fair perv-dad had only been trying to move me out of the way when I’d gotten stuck between two furious elves and one giant, blond dragon. Besides I found his growling demands more amusing than anything else.“I don’t think it has the same effect when you bite someone in your human form.” Because it definitely wasn’t as fear-inducing when a fully grown man tried to take a nibble out of your arm with slightly sharper than normal human teeth. Judging by perv-dad’s face it lent more towards weird than anything terrifying.

“I drew blood!” He grumbled, looking especially affronted.

“Well, yes, but only because you shook your head back and fore like a rabid dog.” Not something I wanted to see ever again.

“I will bite every elf you touch, or make those happy sounds at, or glitter at, or look at!” He yelled, smoke curling from between his lips and his voice so loud it rung my ears.

My smile threatened my lips until they twitched erratically, begging me to give in and laugh at him, but his narrow-eyed glare forced me to hide the giggles bubbling up.

I blushed as his foot stomped the floor, my eyes catching the bobbing of his penis as it stood straight out and waved at me with his sudden movement. Goddess, I really needed to find him some pants. Glitter poofed in dizzying circles as he surged forward and slammed to a stop close enough that the pointing penis was barely an inch from stabbing me in the chest. I wasn’t sure whether to lean forward or back away and so I backed away because I really shouldn’t be so conflicted about my dragon’s man-bits.

“Not that I’m complaining, but usually you turn all ′Raaawrrr’,” I mimicked his shift to dragon beast with tiny curled fingers and swiping gestures, “before the biting starts.” And I never thought I’d say this but...I much preferred a bitey dragon to a bitey human Lucian, especially when it was my own father being reduced to a chew-toy. Human Lucy gnawing on my dad’s arm made me really uncomfortable.

Pink highlighted the tips of his cheekbones, a full on flush that couldn’t have looked more out of place on his viking form. He cleared his throat and avoided eye contact for long enough that my eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“What? Why are you being weird?” Because even as a little lizard, Lucian had never seriously avoided looking at me, he was almost stalker-ish in his obsession for staring.

He grumbled, his jaw tightening and his lips thinning to a pale slash. “I am unable to release the dragon,” he grunted.

“What, like he’s stuck?” Nervous glitter poofed in bright yellow clouds.

I needed that dragon. All bitey, flame throwing, muscled inch of him because without that beast I was just a tiny half-witch with stripper dust.

He nodded in affirmation and I could feel panicked breaths flood my chest. “What about little Lucy?”

He frowned and looked down, hiking an eyebrow momentarily while staring at his penis.

I huffed, sending some yellow glitter to smack him in the face. “The lizard! I meant the lizard not your,” I waved at his penis while attempting to avoid looking at it again, “you know!”

“Ah,” he nodded, “no, neither form is currently available to me. Not since we landed in this realm.”

My irritation rose at his answer because I realised right then that he hadn’t stayed human because he wanted to finally air his secrets out and fix what he’d broken but that he just hadn’t had a choice. I pouted, because if I’m feeling shitty then so should he be, then turned widened eyes on him to their full effect. “Why can’t you shift? Do you know why? Is it just you or is the pussy stuck too? Have you asked him? Maybe you should ask him,” I nodded eagerly and blinked up at Lucian as he gazed at me like I was adorable.

I was, but that was beside the point, he also wasn’t taking my demands very seriously. “Go ask him,” I insisted, pointing a finger to instruct him towards the door and everything.

He snorted. “Treasure, you’ll have to glitter for me if you want to tell me what to do.” His tongue poked out and played with his bottom lip before his smile returned and he flashed those teeth at me.

I shivered, glitter shuddering from my lips as a breath escaped. “I always glitter,” I frowned, and poofed red sparkles just to prove myself correct.

He rumbled and rocked forward on his toes, nudging his erection ever closer. “I want to see where else you glitter from,” his grin turned dirty, absolutely filthy dirty, and I kind of liked it even while I pretended not to.

“Bad dragon,” I scolded.

He only grinned happily at me.

I chewed on my lip for a moment, twisting my fingers as Lucian’s gaze wandered to my hair and stayed there, following a spiral curl as it bounced around my face with each jiggle of my antsy feet. “So, are you going to tell me why you didn’t show me your human?” I tensed involuntarily, hoping that whatever his reason was it wouldn’t be that he didn’t trust me not to leave him. He should have known I’d never do that - I was like the most responsible familiar owner ever. I read every single book, note, paper, even obscure stories from the 17th century, anything that even hinted at familiars all in preparation for the day I finally met my own. I’d never give him up, he would be an idiot to think so.

He huffed a breath and twisted his lips until his expression showed both annoyance and worry and for a moment I wished I could take back my question and pretend that everything was perfectly fine again.

“It’s a punishment from our Goddess,” he rumbled, “I stole jewels from her hoard.” He flicked a glance at me before quickly focusing on the wall behind my head. “I enticed a servant into showing me the precious gems and turned her against our Goddess. My sentence is two years in familiar form and no other and I must prove my worth to my witch, return the jewels, and beg forgiveness at the conclusion of my sentence.”

My mouth hung open, my sparkles fell depressingly to the plush carpet beneath my feet and my curls lost their bounce. “Whyyyy?” I squealed, lengthening the word with pure disbelief.

He refused to move his gaze from the wall. “Jewels belong to dragons, Treasure, that’s the way it has always been. I wanted them and she refused. It is a compulsion for us to take and hoard our precious things, I could not have prevented myself from doing so.” His teeth gritted in agitation, “I will neither return my jewels to our Goddess, nor beg for any favour from Her, it is simply not in my nature.”

I pouted again. “But that means you’ll never be human again, I don’t imagine the Goddess will let you get away with disobedience.” That was an understatement, She was particularly serious about the whole bowing and fawning thing, Her ego would demand nothing less than full compliance.

He lifted his big shoulders and let out a heavy grunt. “Then we shall stay here, my treasure, where I can be human for you.”

Butterflies fluttered around my stomach, my toes curled in pleasure and a faint warmth hit my cheeks. “You want to stay here? For me?” I don’t know why that made me feel so good but his words touched me so much I near enough glittered all over my panties. Good thing I brought spares. Not that I wanted to move to my perv-dad’s kingdom, especially not after the biting thing, but it was nice to know he’d do that for me.

A wide-eyed expression fell over his face, the kind that said he thought I was a little insane. He wasn’t wrong, but now really wasn’t the time to be questioning my sanity. “Don’t you know, Treasure? I would do anything for you. Killing, maiming, slaughtering, and moving to another Realm,” he sighed and shook his head, as if he was disappointed that he even had to tell me something so obvious.

“Oh,” I squeaked, kind of stuck on the slaughtering part, “that’s...nice?” Then I squeaked again as I suddenly found myself lifted from the ground and smooshed against his hard chest, a giant paw tangling itself in my curls and tugging gently at the spirals.

“Sparkle for me, Precious,” he growled, squeezing me tighter until I squirmed uncomfortably and grabbed his shoulders to try and haul myself out of his grasp.

I failed, mostly because his giant palms were doing slow pats to my back, moving subtly lower until they tapped my ass and I couldn’t quite work out if I should be mad or not. Taking a deep breath to blast my dragon with words and carefully used saddened eyes I glanced up right as his face lowered with determination and stormy grey eyes locked on my lips.

Pink glitter panicked and flew from my mouth to smack him in the face, leaving streaks of shimmery blush all across his cheeks and painting his lips a bright, neon barbie fuchsia. He smiled widely, teeth flashing like they were alive and asking if I wouldn’t mind them eating me.

I shivered, wiggling against his stomach and could have sworn his pupils elongated to dragon with every shift of my body.

A deep growl vibrated against my skin and with the swiftness of a cobra, he ducked his head and stole my mouth with pink painted lips, swiping a tongue along my own until I was dusted with the same glittering shimmer. Teeth sunk into my plush bottom lip, tugging at it until I gave my dragon what he wanted and opened my mouth to his invading tongue. The large hand still holding me up by my butt squeezed and fondled and rubbed and I shivered as he pressed me closer, finding a wondrous pressure in being so tightly held against his chest. I found my hands wandering to his hair, tangling themselves in the blond silky strands and tugging until it urged him to kiss me more, kiss me deeper, maybe even kiss me lower. I might have accidentally mumbled that last part, because the minute I thought it Lucian rumbled happily and trailed his lips down to my jaw and neck and played with the skin that rose in tiny bumps with his attention.

“Lucy,” I panted.

“Hmmm,” He growled, kissing my ear and finding a new path to take to my shoulder.

I gasped, squirming against his stomach and squeezing my thighs around his hips, an insistent prodding making itself known against my thigh. “What are you doing?” Obviously I knew he was kissing me but my brain had stuttered to a halt and the important conversation that were having about his dragon form had gotten lost underneath heated kisses and burning lips that were making me glitter like a mad woman and filling the fancy room with golden sparkles that looked suspiciously like firework embers.

Stupid glitter.

Between kisses and gasps my dragon answered my question. “Told you, little female,” Kiss, “all jewels belong to me,” kiss, “I’m taking my treasure,” hot open mouthed kiss.

I squealed and wiggled frantically against him, finding a perfect spot that pressed right against my core and flooded my insides with pleasure. I forgot familiars and elves and rude, sarcastic BFF’s who were totally going to find damning nicknames to call me.

“Lucy,” I breathed again, and then subsequently forgot whatever my big mouth was about to say.

“Yes, precious,” he urged me on, grabbing my butt and helping me grind my vagina into his stomach.

I wasn’t entirely sure that’s were my vagina was supposed to go but it felt good anyway and I was about three passes away from glittering all over his abs.

He growled and sank his teeth into the skin at my shoulder, squeezing my butt firmly and grinding against me as I shrieked and shuddered, clenching my thighs around him when my breath caught and my belly tightened, a sharp tingle running through my core and spasms sending my pleasure spiralling out of control.

I hung onto his shoulders with nails digging into his skin, whimpering against his chest while my breath left my mouth in gasps and his hand resumed its soft pat against my butt. His face buried itself into my hair and I felt his staggered groans leaving puffs of air against my neck. A thud lightly hit my butt every so often and his bicep rocked against my back, sending me further into an almost comatose state after the heady bliss of orgasm.

Lucian huffed and grunted, shoving his face further into my hair and his entire body shuddered around me, sending tremors through my own. A hoarse, incomprehensible shout muffled itself in my curls and he shook so hard it disturbed my floaty state enough to think he was actually shifting back to dragon.

“What are you doing?” I lifted blurry eyes to stare at him, finding a male so obviously proud the satisfaction was a gloating preen written clearly over his face.

He grinned, puffing his chest up so wide I struggled to hang onto his shoulders. “You glittered all over me, Precious, I couldn’t help but return the complement.”

I frowned in confusion. “I glittered...?” I looked over his chest, then let my eyes travel down to my legs, catching sight of shimmers painting his skin where I’d wrapped myself around him. I blinked at the flood of sparkles decorating his entire torso, groin, and I also assumed, places I couldn’t yet see. “Woah, I exploded all over you,” I slapped my hand over my face, “I meant in the glitter kind of way not the orgasm way.” Although it seemed I’d managed to do both.

He preened again and nodded. “I have returned the honour,” he frowned for a moment, “mine does not sparkle as yours does but I’ve marked you as mine regardless.”

Huh? Ooohh. Uh oh.

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