Dragon Child

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"With all that said and sorted let's get down to business. Time to go and find the Dragons." In this mysterious, new world there are creatures from all types of myths and legends. Micyah is an adventure who has just turned the ripe age of eighteen, when he is finally able to go out into the world and find one of the legendary creatures, The Dragon. It's rumored that all the dragons were killed, and or, disappeared after one of the red dragons attacked a small human village (Key word human). The humans went and attacked the dragon's nests and somehow managed to kill of most of them. In the recent years however, rumors have popped up that there have been dragon sightings, so Micyah wants to set out and find them. Dragons, even though mostly thought to be gone, were and still are a mysterious creature, not much is known about them. One of the girls, Winter, that lived in the same orphanage as Micyah decided to set out along with him. She never talked to him much, nor did she talk to anyone, so why go with him. Micyah is curious to find out but when weird things start happening one after another will he ever have the chance to ask. What will become of our two adventures and their journey to discover, the hidden and mysterious Dragons?

Fantasy / Romance
Micyah Wahlberg
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Time to Leave

I woke up the morning after my birthday, well the one the orphanage used since nobody knew when I was born. I had appeared one day with a note, no family items, or anyway of tracking down my parents. I was the normal kind of abandoned child that they would find, left in a basket in front of the orphanage with a note attached. The note read:

Please look after our child. We can not raise him the way he deserves to be raised. We don't want him to know us or ever find us so all we are going to leave in this note is his name and what you need to know.

He is a human child named, Micyah. His eyes and hair are just a feature that he got from his father and me. The White hair is from me, his mom, and his dark black almost eye color is from his father. We are just hoping that you will give him a better opportunity in life than we would've been able to. Please, make sure that he keeps this necklace with him as a reminder of us.

-With much love from his parents.

After that I was taken in and cared for by the people who are in charge of the orphanage. I was raised here since an infant and no matter who I asked or where I went to try to find out who I am, I could never find anything. I would always return back to the orphanage once I was done looking around. I never got along with the other kids that were at the orphanage, simply because of the fact I was different. Most of the people here in Chesterfield are not human, most are demihumans or something else.

I am the only humans in this orphanage. There are however two families here that are fully humans but even they don't really bother to talk to me or anything. I sat half way up in bed and looked around the medium sized room I shared with the other orphans. Every room held two bunk beds and a dresser that was rather small and on top held a candle that would be lit for night time. We were arranged in rooms by birthdays. So I ended up in a room with someone who had also shown up the same day I did, we both were assumed to be around eighteen years old, and two others who are around a year younger, seventeen. I was the only male in the room but since most of the others here don't treat me the same, they assumed it would be okay for me to be stuck in a room with three other girls.

I threw my legs over the side of the bed and climbed out. I stood in the middle of the room which was only enough room for me to move around comfortably in. There was only one door in the whole room which was to my right and a window to the left. I put my hands in the air stretching my arms out. I checked the other beds before locking the door and changing. Since you never know what might happen many of us have been given every year either new armor that better fits us, or they would go and fix up our old ones. I kept all my clothes and stuff in a box underneath the bed.

I put on my leather chest piece, fingerless leather gauntlets, and also pants that had leather padding in several different places. I put on a black cloak, it was kind of beat up but it kept me warm while I wore it. It had a strap that went from my left side and over my right shoulder, the collar came up to the top of my neck, and it also had leather padding on the shoulders. Since I'm tall but don't really have a bulky build I can't really wear heavy armor very well. So I can only relay on be quiet and making sure I just don't get hit from anything.

A knock came at the door. I threw my shoes on and unlocked it. Ms. Wright was at the door. She is a demihuman who has some of the features that makes her appear like a bunny. She has white bunny ears and a white cotton tail. No matter how much I see it, it always looks cool. She'd been one of the nicest caretakers here and always kept an eye on me. "Hey Micyah, it's time to come down and eat breakfast. It's going to be the last one you have with us too, isn't it."

"Yeah, I think. I plan on leaving this afternoon and start to search. I just really want to find one if they are even out there anywhere." I said looking back at my stuff.

"Well, just let me know when you are leaving, okay. I want to tell you bye, because I'll really miss you. Even though you are not my own child, I'd like to think of you as my very own." She had a very visible tear in her eye. I couldn't help but remember all the times that she'd help me when I needed it. She'd been there for me since the beginning and has encouraged my curiosity in finding the legendary creature that I'm seeking out.

"Yeah, I'll make sure to let you know before I leave. Anything I leave behind just give it to any of the kids who are going to be in need of them and yeah, I think of you as my mother too. You've been the only one who has been taking care of me. Thanks....for everything." She led the way down the hallway and the stairs. We stopped at the bottom of them.

"Hey Micyah, I have to go take care of something before I go to the dining hall. Go ahead and eat without me. I'll see you before you leave." Without giving me a chance to say another word she walked off to the right leaving me at the bottom of the steps while she headed to the caretakers' room. I guess I'm on my own now. I walked to the left leaving behind my only friend and mother figure for now. Next time it'll be the last time I'll see her until I find what I'm looking for. I walked down the short hall until I got to the end where there were a pair of doors that swung in and out.

I entered a medium sized room that had two long tables on the right and left and three isles to walk up and down. Two long vertical windows on both sides of the room, with a door that lead to the kitchen in the back right. They leave a plate of food for everybody and everybody has a seat specifically for them, of course however since I was on the late end most of the other children were already gone. The one thing good about my seat is that by the time I get here they all have already eaten and are gone so I'm able to sit in peace and eat. I walked to back of the room and went to the table on the left. I sat in the seat closest to the corner of the room. I had bread and some porridge with a cup of orange juice, one of the only drinks that everyone here can drink. I slowly ate taking in the taste of the last meal I'll have like this for a while.

The bread wasn't necessarily good but it wasn't bad either. The outside of it was kinda hard but the inside was light, soft and very tasty. The porridge was the same not good but not bad. The problem was it didn't have any taste to it it was really bland, if it had some sort of seasoning to it, it would've been way better. The orange juice just tasted like any that you would find anywhere.

After I finished I sat there just staring down at my plate. After a few minutes I headed back the way I came and went back to the room I shared. When I got to the door it was shut, knowing that it was possible for one of the girls to be in there I went ahead and knocked on the door. I listened as someone got out of their bed and came to the door. The door unlocked and opened up.

A girl stood in the door frame. She was a demihuman with cat ears and a cat tail. She was the only cat demihuman here, so like me, she didn't have anything in common with anybody other than the simple fact that she was a demihuman. Most of the kids here only keep to the people who have the same physical features, since they all act and have common interests. Her ears, hair, and tail were both white as snow hinted to her name, Winter. She never smiles or anything so you can never tell what she's thinking.

There are some weird things that are said about her though. Her left ear was cut which left her with only the bottom portion of her ear and her tail had also been cut short. She got those injuries before she ever showed up her apparently but that worst injury is the one that she hides behind her bangs. She has a huge claw mark going across the middle of her right ear. She covers it up with her bangs so you can only see her left eye

"Hey." She said, then climbed up onto the bed over mine.

"Hi." I went and grabbed my box underneath the bed. All that was inside were a change of clothes for when laundry needed to be done, the note my parents left me, and one of the most important things to me, a locket that was given to me by Ms. Wright. I gathered it all into a small makeshift bag that was easy to carry. I stood up and kicked the box back underneath the bed. I made sure I had the necklace on before I left.

"What's that all about?" Winter asked without looking down, "Do you really have to kick it?"

"No, but I'm finally go to be able to go and do what I've wanted. I'm happy, nervous, scared, angry, and excited about all this." I said. I don't know why but I just wanted to say how I felt.

"Well that's something. I think most of us just plan on staying here and growing up here. I don't think many of us will move far away from here."

"Well," I slung my stuff over my shoulder, "Someone's very talkative today. I'm guessing you're happy to see me leaving." I opened the door to leave, but she jumped down with her stuff also in a bag over her shoulder.

"I like to think of it as quite the opposite. I'm leaving too, I guess Ms. Wright never told you like I had asked her to. I'm going with you to find them. I want to know something and it's only something they can tell me. Ms. Wright told me about what you were planning on doing when she had asked what I was doing, so she told me I should go with you. I honestly don't care, I think for some people company is better than nothing, plus we both kinda stand out so we might end up getting along well." She said. I couldn't really argue with a lot of it and I didn't really feel like arguing with her. I sighed and walked down the hall and stairs, with Winter close behind me.

We walked to the front doors and I stopped. I want to tell Ms. Wright bye before we leave. As we waited, we could hear people talking down from the caretakers room's. I got up and got ready to walk down the hall and see who it was, but Winter stopped me and pointed to her ear. I listened and heard the conversation that was going on. It was between Ms. Wright and another caretaker.

"I'm so relieved that Micyah will be leaving soon. I won't have to look after him for much longer. He's even taking Winter with him. We're getting rid of two problem children in one go." Ms. Wright said.

"I'm surprised you were able to do it. Yo......" I didn't even bother to listen anymore. I reached into my bag and grabbed the locket out and put it around the doorknob. I opened the door and left not caring to see if Winter was following. I stepped down the muddy path of the orphanage to the huge gate separating us from the outside. I easily opened it and decided to head to the capitol to find out more information before just deciding to wander around. I walked right and as I turned the corner a hand grabbed me, when I spun around it was Winter surprisingly out of breath.

"What the hell. You do realize that the orphanage is on a hill and it's kinda hard to keep up with someone when you walk down. Jeez, it was as if you just turned and were already at the bottom of the hill. Do you know where we're going to go on and head down." She said bent over catching her breath. I'd tell her to sit and we'd talk but this whole village is pretty much just mud everywhere.

"We're going to head to the Capitol and to find information, and get some money for the journey. After that we go see if the info is true or not. That's as far as I've gotten. All I know is.....this is no longer my home. I have nowhere to go back to," I looked down at her. She was no longer breathing hard but it looked like she was just trying to process everything. I wonder what she wants to ask them anyway, "If I ask you what you want to ask them would you tell me?"

She looked up at me, "No, but I will tell you if we ever find them. You need to hold me back if it looks like that's not what I want to hear."

"Okay, I'll keep that in mind. With all that said and sorted let's get down to business, time to go and find the Dragons."

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