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Baron Narule

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Baron has always acted as he wished, But how does he cope when he has to face a fate he never truly asked for? Baron was known as a princely figure in his home-country, having been the heir of a high standing noble. Unfortunately that doesn't mean much compared to the neighboring nations, trying to drag their home into war. For the sake of peace and an alliance with one of the strongest nations, the king makes an offer that's hard to refuse. "I will give you the son of a noble, his possessions, and three large farmings estates in hopes that your daughter will have a husband when it is her time on your throne," and this deal they agreed to. The small kingdom gave the Kingdom of the Fells many choices, one after another as the princess turned them all down. The king, distraught, finally gave in and sent his youngest son to the princess. As Baron presented himself to her, she made her decision immediately, "We shall wed in one month time, Baron, under the beautiful sky of my palace courtyard."

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Baron is simply a name

Baron fixed his tie in a small mirror that was hung by his dresser, straightening it as best he could. Sighing, he stepped out of his private quarters and looked down the hall to the left. He closed the door behind him before stepping off.

“Ah!” He jumped back at the head maid’s yell, seeing her in the unchecked direction.

“You’re not supposed to be out yet, the ceremony has yet to begin!”

He was shoved back in by the frantic maid. “Please go back in and wait, sir. The ceremony will start soon enough.” Baron looked down at her from above, tilting his head.

“Why…” he stumbled before stopping.

“What?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Nothing, just go,” he said.

Baron clicked his tongue and swung around, his tailcoat getting caught up in the wind as he slammed the door in her face and fell onto the bed in feigned exhaustion.

“I’ll instruct a maid to come by later to fix your clothes,” he heard her call through the door before storming down the hall. Baron grumbled, sitting back up and staring out his window. He could vaguely see people down below, blurry spots rushing around, with white and black decorations strewn about and gardenias beside every pew.

“Why must I do this…”

He sat at the window for some time, pondering his own questions and the current events. Looking down, he noticed her being led out by an entourage. She’s the cause of all this.

“Such an obnoxious and ignorant woman. Telling me what to do and stripping me of my ranking just so that I can’t do or say anything… I’m nothing more than a mutt, following her orders as she sees fit. I own nothing now. I’m just for show after all…” he sighed and laid against the window frame, curling his legs onto the bay window’s pillowed seats.

He startled awake at the church bells. It struck 6 times, each resonating until it was struck again, lasting long past the final strike. An hour… some nap, he thought. He heard a knock at the door and a young maid stepped in, carrying a bowtie along with his coat and shoes.

“It’s almost time sir. Would you like help to fix your attire?”

“No, just fix the tie and I can do the rest on my own.”

“Alright sir,” She says as he stands, taking out his old tie unfit for the occasion. He watches her put the new one on with meticulous movements. He pushes her back when she finishes, walking towards his bed.

“Can you go now? I’ll finish on my own.”

“Alright, sir.”

He watched her leave with his old tie, leaving the shoes and coat on the bed. Looking closely, someone came in to clean while he was asleep, and her timing was too perfect for when he woke.

“No personal space… Is this my life from now on?” He grumbled as he sat on the foot of the bed. He put the shoes on, tieing them neatly into two even bows. The ceremony starts in twenty minutes so he will be expected downstairs in ten. He got up, putting his coat on as he headed through the door. He was immediately stopped by the head maid, which seemed to be the only escort he was allowed.

“Are you ready sir?”

“Yes, I am. Though you probably already knew that.”

“You catch on fast, sir,” She said as she started leading him down the hall.

“Some life, always being watched.”

“Well you are our queen’s new beloved after all.”

“Hmph, I wonder for how long.”

They walked for some time in silence until the stairs and he paused. He looked down the bocote staircase, the railings carved with intricate designs and embedded with several types of jewels and even encrusted in gold wings or feathers in parts.

Baron sighed and started his descent two steps at a time. The head maid followed behind him, struggling to keep up.

Baron paused and looked up at the stairs above. The bottom of the steps were made of marble with tourmaline adding shifts in color for aesthetic.

“Hurry sir, it’s starting soon,” The head maid said pushing him away from the stairs.

“So nice to know I’m a respected part of this family…”

He watched her rush ahead of him and stand beside the doors that separated the foyer from the courtyard holding the ceremony. He checked his watch and kept an eye on the doors. Three more minutes until it starts.

“Nervous?” The head maid mused.

“Just regretting my life,” he glared at her.

“Remember your status, sir. It won’t be pretty if you screw this up.”

“Ha, is the ‘sir’ even needed when she’s not near?”

“I suppose it’s not, just remember the stakes.”

“Yeh, I know.”

He looked towards the doors as the music started playing, clapping heard from the other side of the doors. It went quiet after a few moments and a speech was started, too muffled from the doors.

“Oh! Hold still sir.”

“What is it?” He remarked as she tugged at the collar of the shirt. He looked at what she did after she stepped back, seeing a beautiful mongolia corsage with purple heather and a delicate white lace that ran through it all, tieing it to a set of three ivy leaves.

“It’s… very beautiful.”

“The lady chose them, sir”

“The one thing she gets credit for is her taste…”

“It’s almost time sir, please be ready,” She stood back to where she wouldn’t be seen.

“Of course…”

“For your country, sir,” She commented, seemingly out of place.

“For my country…” The doors opened slowly at first, letting the light from the fanciful foyer enter the dimly lit courtyard, reflecting off of the metallic silver decorations. Glitter and gems shown in the light, making the yard seem like the night sky. All the white seemed to suck him in, contrasting his nearly black suit as he walked through the aisle of white. He stepped onto the stage, his head held high.

“Are we ready to begin, Princess Aleign Montigue?” asked the royal priest.

“I believe we are,” she said in a buttermilk voice.

“Do you, Princess Aleign Montigue of The Land of The Fells, take this young man as your lawfully wedded husband to forever hold and love for as long as he may live?” The priest said in authority, demanding attention for the ceremony. The princess replied immediately.

“I do~” She said.

“And do you, Baron Narule, take Princess Aleign Montigue of The Land of The Fells, as your lawfully wedded wife, to forever respect and serve for as long as she may live?”

“I do.” He said after a pause. How could he ever be ready?

“Then you may kiss the groom, dear Princess.”

He shocked to attention as she leaned forward for a kiss, but didn’t refuse. They kissed and the attendees cheered them on. So, my life as a pet begins, he thought bitterly as he held her in his arms in feigned love.

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