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The Lost Qistina is the final installment of THE LYCAN SERIES, focusing on the final battle between good and evil. Witch Guinevere is back and she has taken something so precious from the Lycan King Lucian Armand Orszak. He must retrieve his love before everything is lost. In this world, power is everything. The strong and most powerful of all will survive and the weak will perish. Sometimes the supernaturals are driven by their greed in search of more power and waged wars with the fellow supernaturals resulting in chaos. A prophecy was told–it stated that a Qistina will arise to serve justice for the blood of the innocent. A few years later, a being more powerful than any supernatural was born and when her powers were awakened, she almost destroyed the entire world unable to control it. The war came to an end with the remaining supernaturals going into hiding. No one knew what happened to her. Some said she vanished into thin air and some claim that her powers became too much and she exploded ending up as stars in the sky. Find out what happened to her? The most powerful beings on earth will collide. The very existence of humans will be challenged. Chaos and war. Will there be peace? This is Nate’s story.

Fantasy / Action
Catherine Edward
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Prologue Teaser

Don’t start reading if you don’t want to wait. This story is ongoing and is currently on hold. I don’t know when I’ll pick it up. - 1st Dec 2021


Where it all began...

Centuries ago the supernatural beings wrecked havoc in the universe, causing the Gods to divide the world into realms. The underground realm, the magical realm, and the human realm. A thick veil of magic protected the beings from crossing the reals, therefore ensuring their peaceful existence.

When a power-hungry witch snuck through the realms and discovered the different dimensions of the universe, chaos began again. Her hunger for power affected the powerless and innocent blood soaked the grounds.

However, the time has changed. An ancient pact made between the Gods and the matter of pride prevented them from directly intervening. They turned blind and deaf to the sounds of their devotees. But not for long...

One younger God decided he must do something to protect these innocents. People were losing faith. The bad was winning over the good. Death and destruction hovered over the universe.

The younger God of Justice and light––Theron––created a magical being that didn’t belong to the earth or of any universe. He made her in a way that she could only be bound by true love. However, executing his idea wasn’t that easy.

He had to face the council of Gods and their wrath. To his dismay, the Gods restricted him from creating more magical beings. He may create one every thousand years and that too came with a curse.

The Gods of love and mischief, who had a grudge on the younger God announced this magical being may bound to love. Without love, she may perish. The other Gods who had nothing better to do nodded in unison.

The being born out of nothing, hence named a Qistina which meant the daughter of light and justice was sent to this world. The younger God watched over her, but he had his restrictions once again. He wasn’t allowed to contact her directly. He could influence the factors around her, but not warn or help her.

Over the years, he watched as the witch, Guinevere adopted his daughter. Unfortunately for him, the witch with the power of vision had known what this young girl would become. When the time came...the young girl couldn’t control her powers.

Chaos ensued with the girl destroying everything on her path. The witch, Guinevere tried to control the girl and failed. Gretchen, the biological daughter of the witch used this situation to her advantage.

She tricked her mother when she was distracted and locked her in a different dimension, making sure she never returned. She made her soul, the key to this dimension, thereby locking the invisible portals forever.

The Qistina, however, burned up brightly like a sun. Her screams shook the world until she burst into nothing.

Everyone believed that she vanished into thin air. But little did they know the God of Justice had reached his daughter on time. He influenced the sea to suck her and confine her at the deepest depth. A shell enclosed her body, protecting it from the other beings.

He sealed it with his magic and hid her existence from the Gods and the demons. It was treason he committed and was sure no one will find it until the time comes.

There she continued to sleep as he waited for his chance to fix her. As she slept, he created another being after a thousand years. Once again, Gretchen, the witch had different plans. This time she knew what to expect. So, she made her son seduce the Qistina and cut her heart out while they made love.

Unfortunately for Gretchen, their betrayal cost her son’s life. The Qistina realizing the truth burned herself and her lover, ensuring no one misused her powers.

The other Gods laughed at the failure of the younger God. No one can save these creatures and this world, they said. Let them destroy the earth and we will create new life the way we want later, one God suggested.

This irked the God of Justice. The Gods grew lazy and arrogant with nothing better to do. They ignored their duty to their people and cared less for the chaos.

He had to do something. But he had to wait for another thousand years and watch as the magical veil lost its power. It won’t hold for long. And when the veil came down the realms will meet each other. And the destruction will ensue.

With that knowledge he planned. He knew of his plan to succeed, he must first create a man, his daughter can fall in love with. But as per the norms and regulations, his task wasn’t easy.

It was then he noticed the mating of the Lycan King Antonio and the Elf Queen Giselle. Hope bloomed within him because Giselle’s blood had the magic and Antonio’s had the strength he wanted. A male born out of their union would have a kind heart and the strength of a Lycan.

This time he was ready. The younger God chose a human parent for his little daughter. Far away from the realms of evil and hidden from the eyes of Gods, Alexandra Mira Stellar was born.

However, Gretchen beat him to it. When she couldn’t locate the new Qistina, she targeted the boy meant to protect her. She influenced Dominic to kill little Lucian when he was barely a five-year-old. But the God of Justice was ready.

Lucian, like the King he was, showed utmost braveness by fighting the Ghouls. The God of Justice used the witch Mirunalini to get the boy across the realm and then to Alexandra. The rest was history.

Alexandra, stayed true to her purpose and followed the bread crumbs he kept throwing her way. And to his surprise, his first daughter woke from her sleep. More in control, but lost.

This time, though, the God of Justice had other plans. He crossed her path with another Lycan he thought worthy of her love. Only time could tell if his plan worked.

“Someone’s happy.” He whirled around to see the God of love and mischief. Her lips quirked to the side as she fixed her sliver gaze at the woman suspended in the air. “Impressive work there, Dikaiosýni. But you can’t stop what is to come.”

“You don’t know that for sure, Agápi. The earth still has hope.”

“Not much when I tell them how you broke the laws to protect your daughter,” she sneered.

“You speak as if no one broke the laws before. The Gods broke it by not protecting the people in need.”

“Whatever.” She shrugged. “I’ll see you at the council meeting.”

“Agápi, please... Can’t you give me some time? The world needs us. What purpose do we have if we don’t have this universe anymore? There will be only nothingness with nothing left for us to rule. We can’t run from our responsibilities.”

She eyed him for a long time and then shrugged. “The meeting isn’t until the winter solstice.”

Dikaiosýni’s shoulders slumped with relief. That meant he had time to worry about the Gods. He turned to watch Alexandra. She had almost sacrificed herself to bring the boys to the world. But she won’t die on his watch.

He clenched his jaw. The world was in chaos. Gretchen’s death opened the portals, releasing Guinevere. And she had destroyed the magical veil that separated the realms.

There was so much to do and so little time. I must find a way.

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