THE LOST QISTINA - 3# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 11

Serenity admired the rainbow hues of the evening sky as the twins played in the meadow. The air, crisp and fresh, ruffled her golden locks. The long strands fell on her face, tickling her cheeks. She inhaled, relishing the warm sensation that flooded her chest.

Mild growls reverberated around her. It was hard to miss where the twins were. Though they were hidden amidst the knee-high meadow, they weren’t exactly being quiet. Fortunately, the grass was much on the greener side, so didn’t have to worry about the occasional smoke billowing on the field.

Adrian and Leandro were growing fast, already crawling all over the place. She had started taking them out for little playtime every day and she could say the boys were eagerly looking forward to it.

The thoughts of Abram continued to cloud her mind, his warm embrace, spicy scent that made her feel home, soft smile, and the fondness in his gaze every time he looked at her—she missed it all. Loud laughter filled the air, reminding her of the short days in Abram’s home. She knew if she went now, she’d catch the twins rolling on their backs like a puppy. Boy did they love the grass.

Her mind wandered to her mate and extended family that became her own. How was Amanda, Victor, Raelyn, and Arthur? Did they make it out before it was late? Of course, Mirunalini would have taken care of that.

She gazed into the distance with a faraway expression. Not knowing what happening in the outside world unsettled her mind. It wasn’t just that. Serenity missed talking to someone. Humans were social animals and lack of companionship was finally getting to her. Well, she wasn’t alone, but the toddlers didn’t count as an adult companion. She needed a shoulder to lean on, someone to comfort her. She needed her mate, her Abram.

Serenity didn’t know how long she was lost in her thoughts, but the silence was like an alarm to her nervous system. She jumped to her feet, gaze scanning the ground for the troublemakers. Her heart plummeted to her stomach when she saw no sign of them. She forced her mind to relax and let the senses heighten. She closed her eyes. The air brushed her skin, whispering sweet little things and there…

Her eyes popped open, a fond smile grazing her lips. Twenty feet to her right, cuddled in each other’s embrace and sleeping peacefully were the most beautiful boys in the world—her world. She sat beside them, fondly admiring the jet-black locks covering most of their delicate facial features, the soft little pout of their pinkish lips, long, curly lashes shadowing their cheeks and cute little fists curled under their chin.

Adrian and Leandro faced each other, their limbs tangled, and one fist under their chin while the other hand bunched the cotton shirt of the other brother in their tiny palm. Oh, how much Serenity wished to capture these moments so she could show it to their parents when they meet.

Her smile fell at the thought. Alexa, you’re missing out so much. They’re growing so fast. I wish you were here.

A lone tear trickled down her cheek as she wished for things to back to the way it was.


In the human realm, Lucian and the team did not have much luck on their first day. Mostly because Lucian’s beast took over and Abram had to drag him to a secluded area in the woods, where Lucian’s fully-transformed beast spend the rest of the night, scenting Abram. The desperate beast had clung to him, the blood bond Abram shared with Alexa becoming his lifeline.

It made Abram wonder why his beast hadn’t gone berserk. He lost his mate too. Their bond was broken. But his beast was oddly calm and collected. Even with Nate’s absence, the beast had kept its composure, giving him all the strength as he pushed through the unknown.

He sighed for the umpteenth time that morning as he caressed Lucian’s furry paw that was wrapped around him. The beast leaned on the tree nearby, Abram cradled like a little toddler on its lap. Lucian would stir every once in a while, pressing his wet nose to the crook of Abram’s neck. Sometimes he’d press the pad of his fat paw above his chest, let the pulse vibrate on his fingertips while whimpering.

It hurt Abram to see Lucian so lost like this. He’d tried to contact Nate several times, but failed. It felt as if there was suddenly a wall separating them.

Isadora…Do you hear me? It’s Abram. Please respond.

Abram sighed and sunk into Lucian’s embrace. Every time he felt like they made an advance, it was only to take a few steps back. Every single day passed added more distance between them. Oh, Nate, I could only hope you’re not in any danger. Hang in there pal. I’m coming for you.

Well, he will get going as soon as Lucian’s beast got its shit together.


Nate’s beast particularly felt edgy that morning. It had been months since he transformed and had a good run. The workouts helped a little, but he knew it was coming because no lycan could go that long without shifting. A caged beast was dangerous. He’d put it off for so long, fearing Reynolds would use it to his advantage.

Worst mistake. He gritted his teeth, inhaling a labored breath. His body shuddered as the beast clawed within his chest. He needed his alpha.

“Isadora…” He bent over, resting his elbows on his knees as sweat coated his skin. “C-cameras.”

The Qistina rushed to the glass that separated them, palms pressed on it. “Don’t control it, Nate. I…I don’t know much, but in my time in this world, I’ve learned it’s dangerous.”

“I c-can’t let them see me like this.” Growls rumbled out of his chest. “C-can’t let them use me.”

“They won’t,” Isadora hissed and the cameras went out with a blast. “Tell me what you want.”

“P-privacy.” Nate gritted out as his eyes rolled back into his head. “S-stay away. L-losing c-control.”

With those words, he slipped from the bed to the floor, his knees hitting the cold tiles.

“It’s okay, Nate,” she whispered, her voice soothing like a cold drink sliding down the parched throat. “You have my word. No one can see you.”


He didn’t get to finish the sentence because the beast had pushed forward. It surged with a force that knocked him off the grid.


Isadora had an inclination what was wrong. Nate had been controlling his beast for too long and she kind of had an idea that he was treading on thin ice. Every time he felt the beast claw inside him, he’d distract it by talking to her or working out.

The past few days had been worse with him trying to work himself to exhaustion. She could tell it wasn’t working. The beast was losing its patience. She tried to tell him he shouldn’t cage the beast anymore, let it free. However, they both knew it was a terrible idea.

As she watched, fur sprouted on every visible part of his skin, the veins in his neck strained. “Let go, Nate,” she whispered. “Let him take over.”

Claws broke out of the tip of his fingers—long, sharp, and deadly. Growls tumbled out of his chest. His muscles flexed, bulging, and straining against the soft material that covered his torso. A roar tore out of his throat as the sound of the sickening crack of bones realigning permeated the radius.

Isadora pressed herself to the glass, hoping to help the beast somehow. However, she knew it wouldn’t help because only alpha could control a beast. She watched helplessly as his clothes ripped, chocolate brown fur replacing his human skin.

His jaw realigned. God, it looked painful. Going long term without shifting had made the process painfully slow and she swallowed, her eyes burning with tears.

Nate wanted privacy and she could give that. Reynolds had grown tired with her antics and sometimes when she burst the cameras or any other electronic devices, he just let them be. However, she didn’t want him barging in because she knew he would have witnessed the initial stages of Nate’s meltdown.

If any of the humans barged into his room, there was no telling what consequences awaited them. She had to keep them out until they had the situation under control. Could she do that? Isadora hoped she could, at least for the sake of the humans outside the rooms.

She closed her eyes, concentrated as she applied enough pressure to meddle with the lock, opening her eyes when the metal inside bend so it couldn’t be unlocked from outside. They’d have to break the door and Isadora was sure it’d take them and the entire day. She hoped that would give enough time for Nate to hopefully gain control over his beast.

Inside Nate’s room, he had fully shifted, stretching to his full height as the beast threw its head back and howled. A long, mournful yet the one filled with pent up anger. Isadora shuddered involuntarily. The beast’s chest heaved for a moment as it stood, taking in its surroundings and its lips peeled off to display the sharp canines.

Good grief. She knew the moment it snapped. Strong paw thrashed the table and all the items on it. Here we go. She braced herself for the worst. However, nothing could have prepared for what Nate had in mind.

What felt like hours, which was only minutes later, the materialistic items inside the room was in shambles. The fiber that made the inner parts of the mattress was now spread on the floor among the other items that littered the once clean floor. The shower line was broken, water leaking through the pipes.

The beast wasn’t satisfied though, it was now hitting the metal walls with so much force that the strong metal now sported a few dents. But what bothered Isadora was the crack of his knuckles, but the beast didn’t seem to bother, it only kept going. When she saw the blood drops splattered on the wall, she tensed.

“Nate…” she called softly. The beast stiffened, its chest heaving as it slowly turned its upper body, fixing his gaze on her.

Isadora gasped, staring into the green depths of his eyes. A loud rumble left his lips and the next thing she knew the beast had pounced on her.

No. He had pounced on the glass. Only in some confusing moments of insanity while she was lost in his gaze or whatever that was Isadora had inadvertently made the glass vanish between them.



Sorry guys, life is keeping me busy. August had been an extremely busy month for me. Hoping to get some writing done this week. See you soon.

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