THE LOST QISTINA - 3# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 2

“Good Morning, Nate.” The doctor’s cheerful voice greeted him.

Nate rolled his eyes and turned his back to the doctor. They tried to chain him a few times, but he chased them away. He was in no mood for playing that game again. They tried to knock him out using the gas they used before. He couldn’t tell them it was a waste of time. It was the magic that knocked him out when they captured him the first time.

His sigh reached his ears. “May I come in?”

Nate raised his arm, gesturing him inside.

“Thank you.” His unsure steps marched forward. Nate’s ears twitched. The doctor walked to the table. The chair scraped on the floor before he slumped in the chair.

The lycan forced his body to relax as he wondered what the doctor planned to do with him.

“I’m sorry about the other day.” The doctor’s baritone didn’t reflect the gentleness he meant to insert. “You clearly lost control the other day.”

“I didn’t.” Nate pulled his mask and turned in his bed. The doctor tensed, but stayed put. The lycan noticed the unusual number of humans assembled around his glass chamber. Did they aim to subdue him? He snorted internally. As if that would work. But he would be a fool if he underestimated them.

Dr. Reynolds composed himself. “We were chatting. Then… ah…” He rubbed his forehead. “You got upset. You lost control and transformed into that… that…”

“Beast,” Nate supplied. He rolled onto his back and secured his hands under his head before crossing his right leg over the left. “I don’t lose control, doc. I was upset because I miss my family.” He forced a sigh.

“Where are they? Your family.” The doctor moved to the edge of his chair.

“I don’t know. The last thing I remember, there were a lot of monsters. They tried to kill us. We were scattered.”

“Where is your home?” The doctor seemed more interested now. “I’m sure we can send someone to look for them.”

Nate pinned the doctor with his gaze. “So you can imprison them and lock them here with me?”

The doctor blinked. “No, no, no. You misunderstood my concern.” He shook his head. “I was only trying to help.”

“They destroyed my home.” Nate stared at the ceiling again. “I don’t even know if they are alive.”

“Tell me about your family,” the doctor pressed. “Are you so close to them?”

“Yes.” He would give them some truth, but not all. Whatever they were planning, he had to stall the process. “Do you really mean about helping them?”

“Of course,” the doctor smiled. “It’s clear you miss them.

“We lived in Burlington.” He frowned and rubbed his forehead.

“What happened?” The doctor moved forward.

“I… I can’t remember anything.” Nate rubbed his forehead and sat upright. “Why can’t I remember anything?” He deepened his frown as the doctor’s brows creased. “Doc, is something wrong with me?” He threw his legs out of the bed, clutching his head between his hands.

“What do you remember?” The doctor was on his feet now.

“I remember my family, the fight…” He shook his head. “Then nothing.”

The doctor scratched his chin thoughtfully. Outside the chamber, the crowd seemed to relax a bit, but they still hovered. “That’s strange. Your brain activity is normal. I saw nothing different in the scans.”

Nate stood. “It upsets me that I can’t remember most of my life.” The doctor tensed when the lycan started pacing. “When I came here earlier, my only thought was to get out of this place as soon as possible. But then I couldn’t remember my home. It’s… It’s frustrating. How can I forget my home?”

If Abram was there, he’d have slapped his back while laughing his gut out saying he deserved Oscar for his performance. Nate swallowed the smile that tugged at his lips and focused on the doctor, who appeared to be lost in his thoughts.

“So you transform when you’re frustrated?”

Nate rolled his eyes internally, but forced a frown. “No. I transform when I feel like.”

“And why do you transform?”

“Because that’s fun.” Nate smiled widely and winked at the doctor. “Going hulk mode is just so cool, don’t you think?”

“Hulk is not real.”

Nate lifted a brow. “Are you sure?”

The doctor’s frown deepened as he regarded him. Then he laughed. “You got me there, Nate. But I know that’s not true.”

“Well, you didn’t know of our existence before, did you? What if I tell you the vampires and witches are real? They exist in our world.”

The doctor nodded. His gaze narrowed at the floor as if he was in deep thought. “I believe that now.” He eyed someone outside and Nate tensed for a moment. A masked man pushed a trolley inside. “You must be hungry. Why don’t you eat and rest for a while? We’ll talk later.”

The doctor left with a fake smile and creased brow while the masked human scurried out like a little rat. Nate believed his statement would surely confuse the doctor. His beast despised the confinement. But with the cameras watching his every move, he had to be very careful.

He tried to act normal. A slight breeze brushed his skin as he inspected the contents they brought. Chicken soup, corn bread, steak, and salad. He missed his aunt’s cooking. Amanda was such a skilled cook. She mixed so much love with food that it tasted divine. Not that his mother’s skills were any less. It was just that they spend more time in Aunt Amanda’s home than they did on their own.

“How long are you gonna watch me?” he thought in his mind, knowing she can listen well.

“I… How did you know?”

“There is only one who smells like fresh roses and morning dew in this wretched place.” He dragged the trolley to the bed. Nate bit into the bread, throwing his glance in her general direction. He couldn’t see her, not unless she revealed herself. But he sensed her gaze. It was an awareness he experienced deep inside his heart.

“Ah… I…”

“I wish I can see your cheeks growing pink.”

The awareness he sensed moved away. He pretended to smile with content as he turned his attention to the dish.

“My cheeks aren’t pink.”

“How can you be sure? You can’t see yourself.”

The silence stretched between them.

“You can talk, you know. I don’t bite.” Not unless you want me to. He wanted to add, but the inside of his cheeks. She didn’t just smell like roses, she looked like one with a heart-shaped face, bow-shaped lips, and big, bright eyes. He wasn’t sure of the color of his eyes. It looked like a mixture of green and blue when he saw her the first time.

“I… I must go.”

“What’s the hurry? It’s not like someone’s waiting for you,” he said and regretted it immediately. He knew she was brought up by that witch. What kind of childhood she must have had? If he could imagine, it sure wouldn’t have been pleasant. “I’m sorry.” He put the bread down. “I shouldn’t have said that.”

Isadora didn’t respond for a moment. “You said nothing wrong. There isn’t anyone waiting for me.” The excitement he sensed in her voice a few moments ago had drained.

“That’s not true.” He picked his spoon, realizing he has been staring at empty space for too long. “There’s someone waiting for you.”

She moved again. “I don’t recall anyone waiting for me.”

“Well, trust me. There are two people.”

“Who are they?”

“One is your Mother Guinevere and the other one is…”

“The other one is?”

“Me, of course.” He chuckled and masked it with a cough. He thought he heard her breath hitch.

“Why would you wait for me?” Her response came after a few minutes.

Nate didn’t respond immediately. He ate the steak. Though a bit salty for his taste, he enjoyed having something other than dried bread. She moved again and he sensed her growing impatience. “You will find out when we meet.”

“I don’t like this.”

Nate shrugged. “I don’t like being here either. And you’re a mighty Qistina with the power of vision. Go, figure. Unlock my secrets.”

A wave of fury hit him and he almost dropped his spoon. The floor shook as an alarm blared. Shouts and yells sounded outside his cell. Guards surrounded his confinement. He placed the spoon on the tray and stood as the security cameras hung their metal heads with sparks flying everywhere. Smoke filled his chamber.

“Hurry! It’s the subject X in sector 205,” someone yelled.

A force hit Nate in the center of his chest, pinning him to the glass wall. Someone really had a temper. It certainly felt like they were in the midst of an earthquake. Her touch burned his skin. He suppressed a hiss of pain as she semi-materialized in front of him.

“I don’t like what you said. You want my help, yet you shoo me like I am at your service.”

Nate caught both her arms. “Aren’t you?” He switched positions in a blink so she was caged between his body and the glass. She thrashed in his arms, materializing more. He marveled at the smoothness of her skin as she tried to kick him. “You got a serious temper, Princess.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“I was just messing with you.” She appeared fully in front of him.

“I don’t like being messed around.”

“Too bad. That’s a side effect I’m born with.” He pressed his body into hers to stop her from thrashing.

“You are… you are…” Her breasts heaved with her face reddening in anger.

Nate tilted his head. “Alluring?”





“Stop it!”

“What? Babe, you’re hurting my ego.” He mocked hurt. His thumb continued to trace the pulse of her inner wrist.

Her resolve weakened as her heart stuttered. She blinked as if suddenly noticing their closeness. The shaking around them stopped. The smoke still billowed from somewhere, hindering the outsider’s vision.

Nate traced her cheek. “That’s what I was talking about. You look like a pink rose in my mother’s garden.”

Her breath hitched. “Wh… What are you doing to me?”

He released her, stepping back. “Just talking.” But his smile said otherwise. Her body started dematerializing again. “Isadora…”

“Yes,” her breath whispered out.

“Your strength is returning. I’ll be waiting for you.”

She vanished into thin air. The smoke started to clear and he noticed the guards trying to break the door to his cell. Hmm… her outburst must have burned their systems. With the smoke quickly clearing out, he decided to play dead.

He sprawled on the floor and patiently waited for them to break in as he laughed internally. The day was definitely interesting. Now only if he could make contact with his brethren. He hoped Abram or Lucian found a way sooner.

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