THE LOST QISTINA - 3# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 3

“Any news?” Abram asked the guard who rushed inside.

“None, beta Abram. We searched every place we can think of. There is no clue as to where they took beta, Nate.”

He ground his jaw, suppressing the growing frustration. “Leave now and find me a witch or a wizard who can help.”

“Yes, Beta.” The guard bowed and exited the room.

Abram paced the bed-chamber. His gaze occasionally swung to the sleeping king. Lucian had gone to a deep slumber after his sister and nephews had disappeared. The supernatural realm was in chaos, forcing him to step into his role even before the ascension of Lucian as their king.

Lucian can’t ascend the throne without Alexa. They had to find her. But before that, they had to find Nate and the Qistina. Because only she could stop the apocalypse. Abram didn’t know what to believe anymore without everyone speculating things, mixing their own thoughts. He fought to stay sane with is own mate going into seclusion.

Their mate bond had withered within a matter of days. Something he hadn’t counted on. Being unable to feel her through the bond hurt the most. But his pain was nothing compared to the sacrifice his sister was bound to make. Alexandra had always known about the outcome. Hence, she even made Serena promise.

Sorrow gripped his heart in a tight fist. Lucian stirred in his bed. But Abram knew he wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon. The beast had been nursing his broken heart. He walked to his brother-in-law and sat at the edge of the bed. He gripped Lucians’ hand. His skin deathly pale as if the beast had given up its will to live.

“It must hurt a lot, but you can’t give up.” He rubbed his hand, attempting to bring some warmth into his skin. “Alexa and your sons need you.”

A ball of emotion tightened his throat and tears stung his eyes. Within the confines of this room, he didn’t have to put a strong exterior. Abram let the tears fall as he pleaded his alpha. “You can’t give up, Lucian. Do you hear me? Because I need you, man. Nate needs you.” More tears fell as his grip tightened. “I have always looked up to you since my childhood. You always put others before your own needs. You must do it again. You must come back.”

Abram rubbed his chest as his breathing grew heavier. “The people are lost without their king. They follow Antonio, but he’s not their king anymore.” He sniffed, wiping his cheeks. “That witch disappeared without a trace. The monsters disappeared too. For now. But we know they’re coming back soon. This peace isn’t gonna last.”

He sighed, feeling the weight on his heart increasing more. “You remember what Alexa always tells us?” He gazed into the far wall. “There’s always silence before the storm. We don’t know what the witch is up to or when she will strike. I’m hoping she won’t do anything until she finds this Qistina.”


He jumped up fro the bed. His heart racing several beats per minute. “Nate?”

“Where are you?”

“You’re alright!” Tears sprung free. “Where are you, man? I’m coming for you.”


“Nate! Do you hear me?”

He ran across the room. “Nate!”

Heavy footsteps approached. Someone rushed into the room. “What happened?”

Abram whirled around. “Uncle!” He caught Antonio’s shoulder, his excitement brightened his features. “It’s Nate. He contacted me.” He shook the former alpha. His reaction might have warranted death in the past. But the old alpha had changed a lot. He was now a doting father and a husband.

Antonio’s face lit up. He caught Abram’s elbows. “Did you find where he is?”

“No. Our link went silent. But I know he will contact you again. We can find him sooner.” His hands fell to his side. After chasing cold leads for almost a month, this was such a breath through. A shimmer of hope and he will surely hold on to it.

Antonio nodded and his gaze cut to Lucian. “How is he?”

Abram shook his head. “He’s hanging in there.” A defeated sigh slipped out, but the heaviness in his heart had lifted. “Lucian is a fighter. He won’t back down without a fight. He will definitely come back for the sake of his mate and his sons. How’s aunt Mirunalini?”

He shook his head. “She refuses to eat. Dominic is alive, but I can barely feel him through our bond. We searched high and low. We have no clue where she has hidden them.”

“Uncle, we must withdraw our search party. It’s almost a month with no leads and we don’t have many soldiers here if something happened.”

Antonio nodded in understanding. “I’ll send out a word.”

“Also, ask Uncle Dimitri and the others to return from the human realm. We have to be clever with our search. It’s the US government we are talking about.” The wheels in his head turned. There were just so many places they could hide Nate. “I’m sure they’ll hold Nate in top security confinement. But where?”

The humans won’t be foolish enough to lock him in a prison. They saw what he did. Something clicked in his mind. Didn’t he say that Isadora was in a research facility? He paced the chamber as Antonio waited. How many research facilities were there in the US?

Damn. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

“Uncle! I’m sure they took Nate to a research facility. We need to search for all the research facilities–the known and the unknown ones.”

Antonio nodded with determination. “Let’s find them, then.”

Abram watched his broad back as he exited the room.

“Nate, do you hear me, brother?”

He walked to the bed again and caught Lucian’s hand. Earlier, he heard his cousin while holding his hands. Maybe it has something to do with the connection. He tried again. “Nate! Buddy, do you hear me?”


Nate rolled on his bed. It had been several hours since she last came to visit him. The humans talked about a subject X in sector 205. That sounded like a huge research facility, but where? Were they talking about Isadora?

Isadora sure had messed with their security systems. It was a great chance for their escape. But they weren’t ready. He has to find Isadora. It wasn’t like he can waltz around the place, looking for her.

They had earlier bought his act of fainting amidst the chaos. The doctor even appeared genuinely concerned about his wellness. Nate could also feel the human’s excitement as he believed that he had found Nate’s weakness. Poor fellow. He can use that to his advantage.

He tried contacting Abram again. “Abram…”

“Where are you?”

Footsteps echoed in the distance. He turned casually to see the doctor approaching. The door opened. “Hello, Nate. How are you doing today?”

“I feel bored.” Nate yawned. “Do you have a TV?”

“Uh, no.” The doctor grinned. “I actually came here to tell you something.”

Nate lifted a brow. “What?”

“Our team managed to find your home,” the doctor announced. “But there was no one.” He went to sit on the chair.

Isn’t that doctor friendly? Of course, there wouldn’t be anyone. Nate sat up, acting concerned. “There was no one?”

The doctor nodded in affirmation. “We found a few photographs that may refresh your memory.” He threw a beige envelope at Nate.

Nate caught it, his heart partially racing as he uncovered the contents. Photos of a family slipped out into his palm. He choked on laughter and suppressed it with a great effort. This could be a test. He contemplated his next course of action and decided to go with the truth. The humans were cunning.

“You have the wrong family,” he said. “I don’t know these people.” He put the photos back into the cover and threw it at the doctor who caught it effortlessly.

“That’s a shame.” The doctor’s face showed no surprise, confirming Nate’s suspicion. “The team was so sure that this was your family.”

Nate shook his head with a frown. “These are not the faces I remember.” He lay down on his bed again.

“Alright.” The doctor stood. “I’ll inform the team that this isn’t your family. You tell me if you remember anything.”

“I will.” Nate tied him and behind his head. “I thought you guys would easily figure out given the technology.” He turned his head to face the doctor. “I mean, isn’t that how they do in the movies? They just upload a photo and poof, they have all the details in their fingertips.”

The doctor laughed. He actually laughed out loud. “I’m sure the movies are misleading.”

Nate rolled his eyes. “Come on, doc. I’m not a fool. All you have to do is just go to my Facebook profile and pull out my family photos. I don’t think you guys will be brainless to forget that.”

The doctor coughed. “Ah…” He gave a nervous laugh. “I’m afraid we can’t do that anymore.”

Now it puzzled Nate. “Does it got something to do with the war?” he asked, remembering the power outage and abnormal weather conditions.

“You can say that.” The doctor sighed. His expression grew grim. “There’s no harm in telling you though. The internet and the majority of the servers are down. So, we are left to find this ancient way.”

Nate wished him good luck as he thanked his lucky stars.

“I’ll see you then.”

The lycan nodded. “Better luck then.” As the doctor walked away, the wheels in his mind turned. What else is down? Could that mean there is a flaw in their security system?

He had to escape soon. How?

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