THE LOST QISTINA - 3# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 4

The fresh spring air caressed her flawless skin when she stepped out of the cave she called home. The atmosphere was warm in contrast to the cold she had grown used to back home. A sigh drifted past her lips.

Serenity set out to the stream with light steps. The children were sound asleep. She hoped they didn’t burn down anything while she was out. Her body reeked with sweat and their pee. They hardly let her out of their sight. This wasn’t what she expected when she accepted her role as the children’s guardian.

The luscious forest greeted her with bright flowers. Birds chirped their happy song. She let nature calm and comfort her nerves. Being a young mother was definitely not easy. Alexandra hadn’t prepared her for the role.

The pain of war was still fresh in her mind and she was still getting used to her new self. One moment she was in the charred remains of the room and the next she found herself with two wailing children in the cave. At least the strange woman didn’t send her to a desert.

Her long gown swished with her movements. Grass cushioned her feet. The stream soon came into view. Clear water bubbled over the rocks. Soft pebbles lined the bottom. A smile curved her lips. This was her own paradise.

She unclasped her gown and let it drop to the ground. A snap of her finger had the dress vanish into thin air. Her new powers as an elemental fairy left her in awe. She could conjure clothes out of thin air. Well, not those real clothes anyway. The magically conjured ones were transparent like dragonfly wings with thick layers that covered her.

The water illuminated the flawless form she’d grown to admire. No scars lined her skin. The white feathered wings on her back made her look like an angel. Her features sharper and the new golden hair cascaded around her angular face in waves. A lot had changed physically. She liked her new eye color. Indigo now replaced her old hazel ones.

An audible sigh slipped out of her mouth when her feet touched the cool water. She lowered herself into the knee-deep water. Her wings fluttered, stretching to their full length. Serenity took her time, rubbing the dirt off her body. Once done, she lay on her back, washing her hair downstream. Her mind drifted to her first day in this place.

The newborns had started crying as soon as they landed. When they cried because of hunger she was too stunned to do something. Where would she go for baby formula? It wasn’t like they had enough time to pack everything they needed. The chaos began too soon to comprehend what was happening around them.

Alexandrathe real mother of the twinshowever, had another surprise in store. Serenity sure didn’t expect to lactate and that’s exactly what happened. It was then she realized she wasn’t only their guardian anymore. Her natural maternal instincts had taken over. She sat and rubbed the back of her neck, relieving some tension.

Her past was nothing but a vague memory. Most of them felt like a long-forgotten nightmare. However, a few warmed her heart at the lonely nights in her new dwelling. The amber gaze of the brown-furred beast stirred a sense of longing. Tears stung her eyes at the memory of Abram.

What are they doing?

Serenity often wondered how to contact the outside world. The children barely left her alone and she couldn’t risk carrying them around. Though they appeared innocent, they acted like a spawn of the devil himself, setting everything on fire. Oh, God! She wouldn’t have survived without her cloth conjuring skills.

With another sigh, she stood. The warm air brushed over her bare skin. She didn’t bother covering up. She didn’t know how many weeks or months had passed since their arrival. The time didn’t make sense in this realm. There was no night. The sun always shone brightly in the sky and the climate always the same.

Just as she trekked to the cave, she saw it. Smoke rose to the sky, causing her to groan. “Not again…” she mumbled as she conjured new clothes and ran toward the cave.


The alarm blared in the middle of the night. Nate blinked his eyes open. A frown marred his handsome features as the shrill sound pierced his sensitive ears.

Footsteps ran here and there, walkie talkies cracked with statistics. Men clad in a bulletproof vest, carrying machine guns suddenly appeared and surrounded his cell. Nate ignored them and turned his attention to the situation around them.

“This is security officer Cody from sector 205. Subject X is awake, I repeat, subject X is awake.”

Nate sat upright, his senses went on high alert.

“This is security officer Barry. Backup is on the way. What’s the status?”

“Two men down. We are barely holding off. The subject is extremely violent.”

“Are they alive?”

More statistics followed.

“Yeah.” Cody breathed heavily. “Yeah, they’re breathing. Just knocked out. We pulled the doctors out of the room on time.”

Nate’s ears strained to pick up the sound of a familiar footstep approaching whoever the guy was holding the walkie talkie.

“Whatever you do, do not shoot. Do you copy?” He recognized Dr. Reynold’s excited voice. “Activate the sedative gas. I’m coming right away.”

“It’s not working on her, doctor. She’s glowing.”

“What did you say?”

“I said she’s glowing. I mean…her body is glowing like a led lamp.”

Something burst in the background followed by loud curses.

“Doctor, she broke the first line of defense. Now she’s out of her holding cell, heading to the door.”

“Seal the doors. No one gets in or out of sector 205.”

“But doc––”

“Do what I say!”

Nate jumped to his feet. His heart raced with anticipation. The guards turned at the same moment, their guns trained on him, their fingers hovering over the trigger if he dared to move. The lycan smirked before turning his back on them and leaned on the glass wall.

What’s happening?

Is she awake?

Tension coiled around his body. They didn’t have an escape plan or an escape route. He didn’t know the situation outside this confinement. If they got out of this place today, then it was a gamble. He ground his jaw.

Isadora woke up after several centuries. He remembered the demon master once mentioning a Qistina being born every thousand years. Didn’t he also say that she lost control of her powers? Her powers were unstable now. It also weakened her. Not to add how confused, she would be. He must stop her before these men did something foolish. Fear forced humans to act without thinking.

“Isadora.” He closed his eyes, summoning her. “Do you hear me?”

Nate didn’t know if she heard him or gone too far to heed his demand, yet, he tried again.

“Isadora. Listen to my voice.”

The floor shook underneath his feet. Confusion flooded his mind. Flashes of foggy white room blinked in his mind. He thought he heard her cry for help.

“You’re not alone. We are in this together,” he spoke again. “Isadora… listen to me, please.”

The shaking continued and panic grew thick in the atmosphere. Even through the glass, he sensed their fear and discomfort of the unknown.

“Show me what you see. I know humans better than you do. Let me help you.”

He heard her heavy breathing before his head swirled and his vision blurred. When he opened his eyes again, he was face to face with a barrel of a gun. Those bastards would dare put a gun on her.

He sensed her turmoil. Nate gritted his teeth. “Breathe,” he whispered. “We both know you can take them all. But that’s not our goal.”

Fury radiated off her. “They wronged me.”

“Of course, they did. See they won’t even provide good food.” He tried to lighten the mood. He ignored her growl and continued, “We protect humans. If you harm them now, they won’t change their fear about the supernaturals.”

“Why do I care about their fear?”

His eyes heated up. “Can you calm down first? It really hurt my eyes when you do that.”

The power surge, he experienced suddenly lessened. His vision cleared. “Did I hurt you?”

He smiled on hearing the sudden softness in her voice. “Just a little,” he crooned in a playful voice, sensing her confusion and her fury lessened a little. “Hey, listen, you have to act weak and fool them until we figure a way out of this place.”

“How do I act weak?”

Dr. Reynolds rushed forward in his peripheral vision. “Just faint. They always buy the act.”


“Do that already. Why are you still asking questions? It’s such a simple task.”

He held his chuckle when she obeyed. His conscience continued to stay inside her. Nate didn’t know how she managed to do that. It’s as if he was right inside her body.

“Drop your guns!” The doctor yelled at the others before supporting her up. “What did you do?”

“We did nothing. She suddenly fainted,” the security officer, who held the gun responded.

“Help me with her.” The doctor grunted as he hoisted her into his arms. He hurried to the bed, carefully lowering her before checking her vitals. His shoulders slumped with relief. “What happened to the cameras?” He turned to meet their fear-filled gazes.

The guard shook his head. “They’re fried.” He removed his cap. “I don’t know how she did it. She was glowing…” His chest heaved as he gestured his hand to his body. “Her entire body lit like a lamp. It was like those CGI crap man. Boom!” He was profusely sweating.

Reynolds put a hand on the guy’s shoulder. “Okay.” He patted twice. “How are the guys?”

“They’re alive.” He put his cap on, squaring his shoulders.

The doctor nodded. “Tell the guys to prepare another room. The one is level twenty-five with reinforced walls is better.”

“Sure,” he conceded. With a curt nod, he left the room.

The doctor turned to her with a frown. “You’re finally awake.” He circled her bed with a curious look on his face. “Interesting.” He scratched his chin. “The world is in chaos exactly when you decided to wake up. Is that a coincidence?” His head tilted to the side as he studied her face. “Do you have something to do with all these events?” His lips set in a thin line as he straightened, thrusting his hands into his pocket. “Glowing like a led lamp, destroying the electronic items inside the room… You’re quite dangerous, aren’t you?” He tapped his long finger on his chin and then he nodded. “Just how many of you are out there?”

Nate sensed her fury rising again. “Shh…Relax. Keep breathing.”

“I’m going to find everything about you and stop this madness once and forever,” Reynolds vowed before walking out of the room.

Isadora almost surged after him. “Easy there, Tigress. Remember what I said. You have to calm down.”

“Are you afraid?” she asked. “You say you trust me, but you hold me back and force me to act useless.”

“I fear for your safety.” He sighed and relaxed, noticing the guards were returning to their positions. He went to his bed and sat down. “We don’t know if your powers are stable yet. Did you see the weapons in their hand? Those are called guns. They’ll shoot you before you can move. And sweetheart, I don’t want to find out if a bullet can kill you or not.”

“Nothing can kill me!”

“And yet here you are in comatose for God knew how many years.” Nate bit his tongue and blamed his wit for retorting like that. “This is not the time to show your strength.” He tried to mellow.

The silence stretched between them. A few minutes had passed and he sensed her heart beat slowing down. His eyes grew sleepy. He realized her weakness settling in. He was right in guessing she hadn’t recovered fully.

“That’s good,” he continued in a calming tone. “Sleep now. I’ll see you soon.”

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