THE LOST QISTINA - 3# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 5

“That’s enough!”

Her voice rose over the chaos, successfully silencing the screaming duo. Two pairs of jet black eyes with specs of gold swiveled to her. A pout appeared on their lips as on cue making their already red faces look like an apple. Their faces always grew red when they breathed fire. One had a hand over the other’s nose and they were kicking at each other.

“Let go of your brother’s nose,” she scolded the boy on left. Smoke puffed out of his nostrils as he narrowed his gaze. “I mean it, Leandro. ”

He let go with a huff. Adrian cooed beside him, flashing his toothless gums. Leandro, the one always initiated the fight rolled to his side. The second one copied his action. Merely two months old, they were growing really fast. They looked and acted like six months old children. It won’t be long before they started crawling.

She rubbed her temples at the thought. The worst is yet to come. What if they set the forest on fire? Ugh!

None of them had a hint of behavior that reflected their birth parents. Then she really didn’t know much about Lucian or Alexandra’s childhood. If they were anything like their uncles Abram or Nate…Serenity shuddered. She could only imagine what they will do when they grow up. At least they didn’t burn anything.

They weren’t like their parents or their uncles. But these boys were different. Leandro’s chest rumbled when Adrian pulled at his hair.

“Don’t!” she warned again, her gaze narrowing at the little one that met her eyes with a challenge. The gold flecks grew intense. Both boys had clear blue eyes that often resembled the color of deep blue ocean, but on times like these, they reminded her of molten lava.

“Adrian, stop it!”

Adrian kept tugging only for Leandro to turn, blowing fire that made him burst into laughter. He repeated the gesture, setting Leondro’s hair on fire. Nice. She gritted her teeth and reminded herself she wasn’t dealing with lycans here.

“No more fire.” She snapped her fingers causing a glittery smoke swirl around them. Their gazes grew wider as they admired the different colors, hovering over their heads. She tried separating them once and failed miserably because they refused to stay apart even for a minute.

Serenity squatted down, cleaning the remnants with a flick of her hand. The magical abilities had saved her life in more ways than one. Once done, she carried them to the deepest part of the cave that had an underground stream. They nuzzled to her.

The boys fussed when she gently lowered them to the water. She had created a mini pool like structure specifically to bathe them. The twins flapped their arms, making loud noises as she took her time, slowly washing them.

“Feels good, isn’t it?” She smiled fondly. “It’s even better outside.” They responded with cooes, their eyes once again blue. “Am I being a good mother?” she heard herself asking as she admired their smile. “I know nothing about motherhood.”

The alpha born twins tilted their heads as if they could understand her. Most of the time, it felt like they could. She conjured a soft cloth and laid it out beside the pool. The boys were calm as she dried them.

“I wish we could go home.” She ran a hand through their now dry hair. “What do you think they’re up to?” Her thoughts once again went to her mate and family she hadn’t seen in a while.

Leandro caught her finger, wrapping his tiny palm around it. Adrian copied his action again. With a cooing sound, they dragged it to their mouth, suckling on it.

“Hungry?” She pulled her hand before dressing them in their new clothes. With a sigh, she hoisted them to her arms, carrying them back to their small chamber where they slept. As she fed them, Abram filled her thoughts.

I miss you.


Abram rubbed his chest sensing the familiar pang in his heart. He missed Serenity.

“Beta, the teams are ready,” a warrior announced. “We have also gathered everything you asked for.”

He nodded. “Is uncle Dimitri back?”

“Yes. He came to a while ago.”

“Many are going to the human realm for the first time. Ask him for a briefing once he’s rested enough.”


“You may leave now.”

He left with a curt bow.

Abram ran a hand through his hair as he climbed the stairs to go to Lucian’s room. His brother in law was still the same, but he sensed his beast stirring. His deep rage and sorrow washed over him occasionally.

“Nate…” He tried to reach his cousin. Maybe he would have a better chance in the human realm. Though he never heard from Nate again, that brief moment gave him hope. He wished to wake Lucian before they set off to search his lost buddy.

“Alexa…where are you?”

He knew his sister was alive. The mysterious voice said so. Whether they would find her on time, only time will tell. She hadn’t contacted them after the war, which unsettled his nerves. Why hadn’t she spoken again? What if she wasn’t really trying to help them? What if she was on Guinevere’s side all this time?

His feet swallowed the distance to Lucian’s room and soon he was inside. The strong heartbeat and the low growl of the prowling beast greeting him. Lucian was asleep, his face calm and serene like none of the disasters happened. He no longer looked pale and ghastly.

“Lucian…If you can hear me, please wake up. The only way to find Alexa is to find Nate and the mystery woman. As an alpha, you should be able to locate him.”

Lucian didn’t move, but the wave of fury washed over him brought satisfaction.

“I know you’re in there.” He knelt beside the bed. “We need you, Lucian. You know what Alexa always wanted. She won’t like seeing you like this.”

Lucian’s breathing quickened and his nostrils flared.

“Don’t you want to meet your children?” Abram’s voice thickened. “They look like Alexa with dark hair just like you.” He recalled the brief moment he saw them. “Their eyes are blue like the deep ocean, so bright.”

A low growl drifted to him.

“I don’t know what names Serenity gave them, but I’m sure they have beautiful names. She must be spoiling them just how you and Alexa would have.”

The beast’s rage lessened and the warmth washed over him.

A fond smile curved his lips. “I want to spoil them too…Give them rides on my back.” He sighed. “You see all of that can happen soon only if you wake up.”

When he didn’t receive a response, he lifted his gaze to Lucian’s face and almost screamed to see his eyes open and fixated on his face.

“Lucian…” Abram jumped to his feet. “You’re awake!” His beast howled in joy. “Uncle Antonio! Lucian is awake!”


“Lucian is awake!”

Nate sat upright in his bed. “Abram?”

Did he hear it right? His heart beat erratically as he focused on the brief connection.

“Abram, do you hear me?”


Nate’s face lit. “Yes, it’s me. Is everyone okay?”

“First tell me where you are?”

“Some research facility. I don’t know exactly.”

“We’re coming for you,” Abram growled. “Hold a little longer.”

“I know.”

Before he could ask another question the door opened. Dr. Reynolds slid in with an exciting look. “You’re awake.”

Nate clenched his jaw. The stupid human didn’t know when to intervene. He barely tethered to his control. “This is not a good time, doc.”

“Ah, I can see that. You’re…you look different.”

The guards moved closer, their grip tightening on their guns. He must tread carefully. “I had a nightmare.” Nate stood, cocking his head to the side. “Did you find my family?”

The doctor shook his head. “No.”

“Then why are you here?”

The human laughed as if he heard a joke. “Do I need a reason to visit you?”

“I’m not in a good mood, doc. Leave if you have nothing to say.” Nate turned away. His fury boiled.

“I see. But I do have something to tell you.” He moved inside the room. “We’re moving you to another level.”

Nate slowly turned, fixing his gaze on the doctor. “What’s the reason?” He went to sit on a chair. “I thought this room was pretty decent. You know it doesn’t stink though I’d prefer a little more privacy while doing my morning business.” He pointed at the toilet and the small shower stall in the corner.

“We hope you’ll appreciate the new room. It’s quite spacious than this one.” He waved his hand around. “And you won’t be alone.”

Nate tensed. Did they have more lycans? What if it was someone else? He has to keep his cool mask on. Inhaling deeper, he forced his shoulders to relax. “Do I get a private toilet?”


“How about a bigger bed?” The current one was barely sufficient with his legs always hanging out.

The doctor laughed out. “It’s bigger and better.”

Nate eyed the doctor suspiciously. “It’s creepy when you laugh. What’s your plan, doc?”

Another loud laughter screamed fakeness. “I noticed this room isn’t very comfortable.” His gaze unconsciously shifted to the glass wall that now sported a crack.

The lycan fought a smile. “So, should I come with you now?”

“Yeah.” Dr. Reynolds beamed. “Whenever you’re ready.” He gestured his hand to the door.

Nate stood, sweeping his gaze around the room once. There was nothing much to see. The hospital scrubs were all he had on him and they at least let him change it once a day. The room lacked his personal touch. Nothing in here belonged to him. “I’ll just grab the pillow. I sleep better when I cuddle one.” He flashed a bright smile, acting enthusiastically while his beast paced inside.

This could be a trap. He gritted his teeth as they brought a pair of cuffs.

“Ugh! Doc, I thought we were past all these formalities. You say you want to treat me better, but your actions say otherwise.”

Dr. Reynolds shifted in his feet. “It’s for your own safety.” He cleared his throat. “The guards will feel more comfortable and…it’s a mandatory protocol.”

“Whatever.” He shrugged, extending his arms toward them. “I’ll let this slide, but I need steak for lunch.”

The doctor gave him a sly smile. “Sure.”


Excitement had him bounce on his feet as he followed the lycanthrope out of his confinement. Dr. Reynolds couldn’t contain his elation.

He couldn’t wait to learn more about the supernaturals. It was no doubt they were all somehow connected. His arrival and Subject X’s waking up didn’t strike a normal occurrence to him. The lycan concealed a lot from his and maintained his flamboyant persona, but the occasional rage he saw in his eyes said otherwise.

If the lycan thought he could fool him with his innocent smile, he was wrong. He saw right through his mask.

Reynolds knew it was hard to get anything from the monster in human skin. He saw the footage of him fighting. And he won’t forget the massive beast lying unconscious on the table for days before his fur melted to reveal the human form.

Even today, the lycan partially shifted in his sleep. He fought his urge to rub his hands together. Something ticked the lycan. He didn’t believe the family bullshit the subject kept spewing. He didn’t think monsters were capable of loving. However, he played along.

The tests he ran didn’t help much. He knew the lycan healed insanely faster without the help of any medicine. They all thought he was dead when they brought him in. But he was very much alive and his heart was beating while he slowly healed.

He was amazed then. It was important to learn what these creatures were capable of, especially their weakness.

Nate was calm when they stepped into the elevator. Reynolds didn’t miss to notice the tension coiling around his features. The lycan thought he was being clever, but his experienced eyes missed nothing.

He pressed level twenty-five with a smirk tugging at his lips. He couldn’t wait to put them together. If they knew each other he would find out. Even if they didn’t, he was eager to figure how they’d react in close proximity.

Will they fight each other? Was the lycan a match to Subject X?

He breathed deeper. A couple of minutes more and after that, he just has to wait and see.

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