THE LOST QISTINA - 3# The Lycan Series

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Chapter 7

Disappointment flooded Reynolds as he witnessed Nate shutting the curtains with a loud curse. The lycan even backed up to the farthest wall as he ran a hand through his hair. That wasn’t the reaction he expected. He hoped they might be acquaintances.

Was the lycan pretending? One had to be very good with acting to pull off the terrifying expression he saw on Nate’s face. His logical thoughts told him even a skilled actor wouldn’t be this good in such circumstances.

Subject X was here for decades while the lycan came in two months ago. The explorers found them from different parts of the world. It wasn’t impossible given how these creeps claimed themselves to be immortals. It meant they lived longer. He now had proof with Subject X, who hadn’t aged a day since her arrival.

The carbon dating on the shell that covered her dated back to eons, older than any archaeological evidence they ever retrieved. However, the lycan was much younger.

He clenched his fists as he moved away from the monitor. Who really is Subject X? What powers does she withhold? His fingers tapped at the desk out of habit.

Reynolds closed his eyes and breathed deeper. Patience is the key, he said to himself as he trained his gaze back to the monitor. Nate lay on the bed, his face scrunched in thoughts. His mind churned. These two were definitely the most interesting subjects they currently held in captivity among the others.

“Patience, Reynolds…Patience. You waited all these years. A couple of weeks or even months won’t hurt.” He straightened with determination tightening his features and forced a breath out of his mouth.

He won’t rest until he finds every single secret they held.


Nate tried to calm his racing heart that was racing seventy miles per hour. That was totally unexpected and spooked the crap out of him. She looked nothing like the one in his visions. The devilish eyes and the murderous rage in her face caught him off guard. Though he shouldn’t have reacted that way, it was too late for regrets.

Now it made sense why the cunning doc wanted him here. He was a part of his stupid experiment. Acquaintance his ass. He huffed. He will surely acquaint her, alright. But it would be on his terms.

The back of his neck prickled with awareness before the unique floral scent teased his nostrils. Ah, here she comes. He turned his face away from the camera only to realize there was another one facing him. Too much for his privacy.

“Why did you shut me out?” Her fury radiated off of her. The usually touchy Qistina sounded more pissed.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to. It kinda spooked me out when you jumped out of the fog.”

“You were scared?”

The question stretched with a sad note that tugged at his heartstring. “Surprised,” he corrected her. Her ability to switch between emotions in a blink of an eye always amused him.


Was that disappointment he heard?

“Yeah, surprised. But that wasn’t the reason I shut the curtains.”

“Why did you shut the curtains?”

He sensed her moving closer. “Because the doc was watching us. I didn’t want to give him any more reasons to suspect us,” he said though he wanted to tease her a bit more. She was always touchy and sensitive, often mistaking his dry sense of humor.


An unspoken tension clung to the air. He could imagine her hands fisting at her side. “You got to loosen up a bit, you know.”

“Loosen up?”

Nate groaned. “Stop repeating my words.” The silence stretched between them and Nate regretted his words immediately. The atmosphere changed around him. She moved away. He sat up. He suppressed the urge to chase after her. “You know what? You have a lot to learn.”

She stopped. It has hard to communicate with her while maintaining a straight face because of the cameras.

“First of all, do not jump to a conclusion before I finish a sentence. Don’t assume things. Second, I didn’t tell you to leave yet.”

The air around them changed. “Do I need your permission to leave?”

Ugh, there she goes again. But when had that ever stopped him? Being the man he was, he decided to push her buttons.

“What makes your think you can come and go as you please? ” The temperature of the room increased consistently. Sweat coated his brows. “My room… my rules.”

His back hit the wall with a thump and the cameras in the room blasted in a blink of an eye. “You do not control me!”

She materialized in front of him, eyes blazing. The long strands of her hair flew behind her as she pinned him with a malicious snarl of her lips.

“I don’t.” His lips curved. Sweet privacy. The challenge in her eyes stirred his desire and murderous rage didn’t lessen her appeal. The woman in front of him looked elegant as if she jumped out of a painting. Her bow-shaped lips were plump with a rich pink tint. He licked his lips at the sight of her long neck. His gums ached as his fangs ascended without warning. “Do you remember what I told you before?”

Her eyes narrowed to slits, chest heaving as she glared at him. “What?”

He cocked his head to the side. “Forgotten already?”

She stepped closer, her lips peeling back. “Enough! I hate your tongue games.”

“Tongue games.” Amusement sparkled in his eyes. “That’s interesting…” His perverted beast supplied at least a handful of ideas for tongue games and heat spread to his neck. Calm down, he scolded his beast.

She pushed at his chest. “Stop talking!”

Ah, damn! That was freaking hot.

The beast certainly purred in delight at the contact. He slid his hand around her waist, pulling her closer. Nate switched their positions pinning her to the wall. A smirk lifted the corner of his mouth.

Confusion washed over her face. “Wh-what are you doing?” Her fingers curled around the front of his scrubs, but she wasn’t pushing him away. Considering the way her heart rate sped at his touch, he didn’t think she would.

He tilted his head, stopping mere inches from her lips. “You wanted me to stop talking.”

“I…ah…” Her lips parted, eyes growing wider. The redness of her pupil simmered. Green replaced the blaze as her heart galloped, the thump sounding like a music to his ears.

Nate caressed her cheek. “You’re beautiful.”


“Mhmm… So exquisite…” This time the temperature around them rose for a different reason.


“Do you have to repeat every word I say?” Her eyes blazed again, the red intensifying with each second. Nate shook his head with a resigned sigh. He’d fallen for her the moment he locked his gaze with the pools of forest green that rendered him speechless a couple of months ago. Excitement and joy exploded in his heart when he learned how close they were in this captivity. He sensed her loneliness every time they talked and promised himself to prove it to her how much she meant to him.

However, with her, the words only seemed to drive them apart as she always mistook him. Given his character, he couldn’t help how he acted around her either.

“This won’t do,” he murmured, his breath fanning her lips. Just how long had she lived away from civilization?

“What won’t––”

He closed the distance between their lips. She squeaked, her hands flying to grip his arms. The beast inside him sprang forward, so eager to relish the taste of her warm mouth.

When their lips connected, a soft moan caressed him as her lips moved against him after a moment, tentative and warm. He cupped the back of her neck, tilting her head so he could kiss her better. Oh, it was so much better than he ever imagined. The beast howled as she pressed herself to his body.

As the intensity of their kiss increased, an emotion so overwhelming washed over him. He released her, sensing a change in her mood. Both breathing erratically.

“What is it?” he asked noticing her frown. Did she not like it?

“Someone is coming.”

His head whipped to the side as he strained his ears. The metal walls hindered with his sense of hearing. “Leave. They must be rushing here because of the cameras.”


She blinked but made no move to get away from him.

Nate slightly pushed her toward her room. “Go. Pretend to sleep when they come. Don’t allow them to hurt you in any way.”

She nodded, slightly stumbling on her way back. Cute. He suppressed a smile.

“Hey…” She stopped to look at him.

“Be careful. I know what you’re capable of, but no drama.”

Isadora bobbed her head obediently and dashed out, disappearing through the wall. That was so unlike her. Nate smirked, tracing his lips. His mind reeled as an alarm rang in his mind. The metal walls might hinder his senses, but it could never mess with his internal instincts.

How was he going to explain the cameras? He scratched his chin as he strode to the bed. A sudden thought crossed his mind as the metal door groaned. He jumped to the side of the bed and crawled under it, rehearsing his sob story.

Nate didn’t think Reynolds bought his sob story, but it seemed to work every time. Several footsteps rushed in as he set his lips in a thin line.

“Nate!” The doctor’s voice boomed across the room.

The lycan covered his mouth to stop the laughter from spilling out. “Doc? Is-Is that you?” he stuttered in a voice filled with fear.

Dr. Reynolds dropped to his knees. His face came into view. “What are you doing under the bed?”

Nate covered his face, mostly because of fear that his actions would give him away. “G-ghost…” he stammered again. “T-there…” he pointed his finger to the next room.

The doctor extended a hand. “Okay… here, take my hand.”

The lycan rolled his eyes internally as he regarded the extended hand and shook his hand, playing along.

“There’s no one here,” Reynolds spoke soothingly. “Come on.” He beckoned him over.

“It-It threw me against the wall.” He breathed heavily, eyes wide as he recalled the attack. “It was just like those horror movies.” His nostrils flared as he crawled out of the bed. “There…” he pointed at the corner. “It was going to kill me.”

“Did you see her?” Curiosity sparkled in the doctor’s gaze.

“Her?” Nate stepped away. “You already knew there is a ghost here!”

Reynolds shook his head. “You have mistaken. She’s not a ghost.”

“She?” Nate cocked his head to the side. “I don’t know if it’s a she or he. Whatever attacked me was invisible.”

“Invisible?” The doctor’s brows creased. He scratched his chin before dropping his hand. “It’s subject X.” He went to the bed, picking the remote he dropped earlier. “She’s just like you, a paranormal.”

“Paranormal? Is that what you call us now?”

The doctor ignored his question. “You both are the only ones we came across.” He opened the curtains, revealing the room as clear as a day. Any signs of fog or smoke from earlier had left. A huge bed sat in the middle of the room with Isadora laying there, pretending to be asleep. “She is…ah, what do you call them…similar to a mutant,” Reynolds explained referring to X-men. “She can move things with just a thought.”

She’s much more than that. Nate schooled his thoughts. “A mutant?” He faked his surprise as he moved closer to the glass. He observed her peaceful sleeping form, his beast swooning inside. “Are you telling me all that X-men stuff is real?” He turned to face the doctor with wide eyes.

Reynolds laughed without humor. “We don’t know what she is…yet.” He pursed his lips. “I’d like you to help me figure it out.”

Nate crossed his arms across his chest. “You want my help?”

“Ah…” The doctor ran his hand through his hair as the guards he brought along diligently worked to fix a new camera across the room. “You both are of the same age. She might open up to you when she notices you’re like her.”

“But I can’t move things with just thought like her.” Nate narrowed his eyes. “And I sure don’t go around and try to kill people I meet for the first time.”

Reynolds sighed. “I’m sorry about that.” He moved closer, putting a hand on his shoulder. Nate controlled the urge to growl. “She was in a coma when we found her. When she woke up a few days ago, she was confused and attacked everyone. Do you remember how wild you were when we found you? It turns out you are not dangerous at all.” Nate tilted his head. The words lacked sincerity and he knew it was merely being thrown out to convince him. “She needs your help.”

“So, you want me to be friends with her.”

“If possible.” Reynolds smiled.

“I need a computer.” He strode to the table and sure enough, he found a blank diary and a pen.
“We can help each other, don’t you think?” Nate quickly scribbled the few things he wanted and thrust it to the doctor’s waiting hands. “Oh, I also need grilled meat for dinner.”

The doctor clenched his jaw but forced a smile. “Got it.” He waved the paper in the air with a tight smile. “Are you done?” he yelled, directing his anger at his men.

“Yes, doctor,” one of them, responded organizing his toolbox.

“I’ll get you the things you wanted.” Reynolds nodded curtly before exiting the room.

Nate plopped on the bed, his gaze cutting to the sleeping beauty in the next room. Soon… he said to himself. He lay on the bed as the wheels in his head turned. How strong is she? Alexa never truly displayed the extent of her powers. The only time he witnessed her magic was when they traveled to the supernatural realm. Will Isadora’s magic work here?

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