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He crouched low, shifting into his wolf. When he looked at me with those ice blue eyes. I knew I was in trouble. ::: They say the hell flame will burn in the eyes of The Black Wolf, almost as if it were a reincarnation of the devil himself. And The White Wolf is the only one whom has equal power. The yin and yang of the wolf universe. Those same people are also the ones who say the it's 'just a myth'. ::: Name meanings- Killian: Dark, fortune, health, spirituality Aspen: Graceful, powerful Ember: Harmony, intuitive Maisie: Bold, stubborn, independent Ario: Powerful, Complete Jake: Honest, benevolent, courageous Zadie: Hope, guidance, introspective

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“What are you going to do? Nothing!” My fathers shout echoed throughout the home. My siblings huddled closer to me in fright. Their whimpers increasing. They were scared.

And it was all our father's fault.

Why wouldn’t they be afraid? They were only six after all. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, for it had occurred many, many times before.

Our father was both verbally, and sometimes physically, abusive to us. He didn’t care though, we were at the very bottom of the pack status. We were omegas.

Because of our low ranking, no one knew of the things that went on in omega homes. Although I have omega friends, their families are nothing like this. This made my father think he had the audacity to do whatever he liked. This included being both an abusive mate and father.

“I can do something about this, and I will!” Mom cried.

“And what is that exactly?” My father threatened.

A crash followed along with a whine of pain. I growled I was tired of this, it had to end. But what could I do? I no longer had friends, I’d been forced to block them out thanks to my father.

I was nothing but a seventeen-year-old girl, with a little extra training. Not that I planned to fight my father. That is unless it came down to it. . . . .

Another thunderous crash echoed, quickly accompanied by a muffled pain-filled howl. Of course, he may not care about us, but he cared about not getting into trouble for his actions.

An idea suddenly popped into my head. I had a phone now. I have been forbidden to have one, by the courtesy of my father. I could use it to gain help.

But who would I call? Then I remembered. I quickly dialed our Alphas business phone number. It was imprinted in every member of a pack's wolves brain. For emergencies.

I turned around to face my siblings, who were huddled near my legs. Pushing them back I gave them instructions.

“Jake,” I said, shaking them to gain their attention


“Y-yes?” He stuttered, uncertainty strong in his voice.

“Take this,” I whispered, handing him the phone.

“when I leave the room click this button, tell whoever answers you need to talk to the Alpha. If they don’t listen, just tell them what's going on. Tell them we need their help, its an emergency. I can’t do it, you have to. Now go, hide in my closet don’t come out until I come to get you all.” I instructed him.

I stood back up, turning to make my way to them.

“Sis?” Spoke a quiet voice.

I flipped back around to look at my little sister, her hand grabbing onto her twin brothers’.

“What is it Zadie?” I asked in a hushed voice.


“Answer me, Maisie!” My father's thunderous voice said, cutting of Zadie's question.

“I-I-I’ll….I will reject you!” Mom replied venomously.

I mentally sighed. She wouldn’t do that, our father knew that too. But he’d pretend he didn’t, he would feign surprise.

My wolf growled protectively, she wouldn’t let this happen again. She didn’t care about the aftermath, she only cared about those she loved. That didn’t include my father. And for the first time in a long while.

I agreed with her.

“Just follow your brother, Zadie.”


As I approached the living room entrance, I spotted my father hovered above Mom. She was barely conscious, as our father hissed threateningly in her face. I’d never really witnessed what happened during these times, which were fairly often. I had always been in my room guarding my siblings.

Now that I was here to witness what a monster our father was, I could feel my wolf surfacing.

My eyes were probably pitch black about now, canines elongated, along with other symptoms of an appearing wolf. An out of control wolf. I growled murderously, and before I knew it I was launching myself at him.

I landed on his back, hanging on by my claws. Unthinkingly I pulled him back, twisting in time to where he took the impact. I growled in his face, then ducked down to bite his arm. Letting go when I felt the blood leak.

The strong overwhelming scent of alcohol froze me in place. He never drank enough to put him in this state, it was usually of his own will, not influenced. He took this hesitation of mine to turn tables, pinning me against the wall. Hissing at me.

“Well, well, look who it is, Aspen. Coming to Mommy’s rescue are we?” He taunted, his tainted breath clogging my senses.

My wolf was on edge, begging to be let out. I growled a sound unfamiliar to me. His eyes glazed in shock, before continuing.

“Looks like your too late. Go back to your room, and I’ll spare your siblings.” He growled lazily. Sure he may have been drunk, but he was also a male wolf. Therefore he could easily overpower me.

“They’re your pups.” As much as I hated to admit it, it was true. We were his pups. A flash of resentment crossed over him.

“No pup of mine would dare disrespect me!” He barked.

“Like it or not we are! So suck it up and deal with it!” Then it hit me. “’s not like your going to have to deal with that responsibility of being a father much longer. Not that you were ever much of one.” I spat. My wolf murmured in agreement.

We would finally be freed from his antics. As soon as they took him away that is.

“What are you talking about a little girl, you can't get away from me!” He laughed.

“We'll see about that,” I muttered under my breath.

He kneed my leg, right above my left knee. My fighting weakness and he knew that. He grinned in satisfaction at my weakness. It was my weakness for many reasons, none that I could explain right now. I aimed for his face, and he quickly blocked.

Countering with another leg kick, I groaned in pain. This won’t happen, I can't let him win! I darted out from underneath him, gaining balance before he got up. I jumped on top of him again, biting his shoulder, then leaping off in time.

We began to circle each other, letting out feral growls and barks. I aimed for his face again as a distraction, then unexpectedly elbowing his stomach instead. A few punches to the face later, and we were both tiring.

I was weaker than him and didn’t have nearly as much training. I began to slow my pace as I became breathless. He took advantage of my weakening state, shoving me against the southern wall.

Blood dripped into my eye from a scratch somewhere above my eyebrow.

“You put up a good fight, Aspen.” He sighed. “But not good enough.” He ended with a bark.

In the distance, I heard the approaching footsteps of some of my pack. I smiled despite my current state.

With a sudden burst of adrenaline, I pushed him away from me. I snarled menacingly, causing him to unconsciously take a few steps back.

I ran at him again at an inhuman speed, slamming him against the opposite wall. The footsteps came closer, and I knew this would all be over soon. I laughed unintentionally, snapping my mouth shut upon realization.

Grabbing his shoulders, I turned us hurriedly, shoving him onto the floor. His eyes were dazed as he took in what I had done. Once he realized he attempted to get up, but I was too fast. I held him down, keeping him in place.

I heard them unlocking the front door, and he paused his struggle. He was coming to his senses about what was happening. He again attempted to get up, and I restrained him.

They had opened the door and were now finding their way to us.

“Mom may have forgiven you all these times. Jake and Zadie too. But not me. I never have and never will.” I spit. I thought I saw a flicker of pain and regret in his eyes before he shook it away.

“Omega Ario Jackson Silverwood!” The Alphas' voice boomed around the room.”

My father looked to his right where the Alpha, his Beta, and a few Warriors stood, fear emitting from him.

“Keith, Zack, Mike-“ And Alpha Bennett leaped into giving out orders.

It was over, my family would no longer have to deal with him.

Or so I thought.

I could never let my guard down, never let anyone find out about my family’s past tragedies.

And most importantly, not let anyone get too close to me.

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