Crimson Leaves

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Despite all the Crimson Leaves: Inspired by the film The Darkest Mind by Alexandra Bracken. Sequioadendron (Pronounced as sek-way-uh-den-dro) a utopian planet differences, I am the unwanted one. Crimson Leaves: Inspired by the film The Darkest Mind by Alexandra Bracken. A book that will unknowingly touch your heart, A fantasy-adventure genre that will give you hope and make the impossible to possible. Do you know the world is judging too quickly, by appearance, attitude and wealth? It is the reality we made for us, we are humans, "yes we make mistakes and judge other people" but can you blame yourself just being a human being? This book will enlighten your mind. And think of any possibilities that you may do in the future.

Fantasy / Action
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Crimson Leaves-Prologue

Raven hood with its vicious red for its look, hunting for the perfect çelare stone. “Gotcha!” Muttered he. Jinking from left to right, avoiding huge boulders, dashing out of its peak from the grand Volcanus.

A loud explosion vibrated in its crate, luckily he managed to escape from it. He felt the shudder in his shoulders when the lava comes out from its snout firing balls of fire.

That moment when he felt like he was gonna die. The stone glowed blindly beneath his fist but, unexpectedly, curious, he opened his one eye, squinting, blinked several times.. he was at the ladder, hanging, up-side-down, his cloak swung above his head, arms on both sides. The vicious red eyed hunter grins, holding up the çelare stone, admiring it’s form. In his surprise a hawk with a horn on its head and golden claws flew to him, grabbing his face and cautiously fell, face first. The young red eyed hunter grunts, turning to his side, a glowing stone on his grip. The young vicious hunter leveled his hand to his face, the çelare stone glowed like a star, with its crimson hue, the red eyed hunter chuckled, above, his tree house hang, whilst the hawk with a horn on its head, circles above him. The young red eyed hunter hover himself up, gripping on the ladder, shooting the stone in his pocket, climbing up the ladder, whilst the hawk with a horn on its head flew above him, ready to attack at anytime.

“Well, well, well!! It seems like you got yourself the stone!” Ol’ little said, his guardian a small winged critter, and feather like coal, with its harmless beak, flew in front of Dieter, Its broken horn glowed like celare one’s. “Yeah.” The young red eyed hunter, chuckles, reaching through the wooden floor, hovering up, to his mini hanging tree house.

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