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BITTEN (Book 1)

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Chapter 3

The limo window was now closed. Natalia wondered with dismay about where they were going since she expected fast sex and a block later being allowed to leave. That is what she had seen. She didn’t expect to be in the limo when it left the Strip.

The man, who she had yet to look at closely, positioned her beside him. He continued to nuzzle her neck. She swore she felt him lick her. He moved his lips up to her cheek, then across to her lips. He kissed her. His hand went between her legs. She had to focus on not cringing away from him.

She expected a hard-demanding kiss with tongue, based on what her pack had talked about. His lips were warm and rather gentle on hers. There was no tongue. His lips moved to her other cheek, then to her ear lobe. He seemed to nibble it before moving down to her neck. Again, she thought she felt him lick her. All the while, he seemed to be smelling deep of her. She wore no perfume.

The man continued this, not even pausing when the limo stopped, and the old man and young woman got out.

“Enjoy, Uri,” the old man said with a laugh while he shut the door.

Uri didn’t acknowledge the old man’s departure, but Natalia realized he was fully aware of when the two were gone. The limo pulled away from the curb and he pulled away from her. He undid his pants and pulled his penis out. He was full erect. Natalia was now feeling panic. He pulled her over with some force, getting her to straddle over him while he pulled up her dress.

Natalia heart jumped into overdrive. She tried to calm herself by taking a moment to see the man’s face. He had short black hair and deep black eyes... No… She had to stare. When they passed under a streetlight, she swore his eyes glinted green. He could have been called dark and handsome if it weren’t for the tattoos that swirled under his right eye and along his cheek. It gave him a scary look, especially when the streetlights seemed to make them glow red. The look didn’t calm any of her apprehension. She tried to focus on the design and not what was going to happen, but her mind could think of no pattern. She estimated that he was in his late twenties if not early thirties.

Then he pushed himself into her as he pulled her down on to him.

Natalia gasped at the discomfort of his size and length.

He held her by her hips, moving her up and down to his pleasure. While his kisses hadn’t been hard, the sex was. She was glad she was still oiled from her earlier use of the toy, but she still felt the uncomfortable pressure of him thrusting hard inside her.

Then, he was holding her down hard. It took her a few moments to realize he was done. She felt the heat of what she had been looking for: his semen. He seemed frozen while he held her. However, a few moments later, he slipped the dress off over her head. He alternated between nibbling, sucking or licking her breasts as if he couldn’t decide which he liked better. She had to watch out the rear window to distract herself from the fact that she was now naked with a stranger. And was terrified.

The view wasn’t familiar. She had no idea where they were other than in one of the richest parts of the city. The further the limo went, the larger and fancier the homes seemed to get. The yards got larger and larger to the point where one home took up a single block. In comparison, her parents’ house was one of four on their block.

Finally, Uri lifted her up, sliding himself out of her. She had to wait, feeling very conscious of her nakedness, since her dress was tucked beneath one of his legs. Natalia found herself frozen to the spot and unable to stop from watching him tuck himself back into his pants and fasten them. Then he helped her put the dress back on. She just had it pulled all the way down when the limo pulled up through a gated laneway and up to a mansion. It stopped right at the steps to the front door. The door locks sounded as soon as the limo had stopped.

Uri opened the door, exiting the limo while holding her hand, dragging her with him. She tripped over her own feet, finding them just before she hit the cement walk. The door closed behind them. The limo pulled off around the laneway toward the other side of the house.

Natalia felt a new wave of apprehension. How was she supposed to get back home?

There was no time for asking with Uri pulling her swiftly along. The front door opened, but she saw no servant. He continued through the house, up a long sweeping staircase, and into a bedroom. It was a grand master bedroom with a king-sized bed. It looked huge.

Before she could think about what she was to do or say, Uri pulled her dress up and off. He began to smell, kiss and lick her neck, while he removed his own clothing. He paused only a moment to remove his pants before pushing her against the bed. She was aware that he was again fully erect as if he hadn’t had sex in a long time.

She expected him to have immediate sex with her, but instead he leaned against her. Again, he smelled and licked her, caressing up her belly with his lips and tongue. He spent considerable time around her breasts before moving to her shoulder. There were soft kisses, a lick, and then she felt the two fangs sink into her shoulder, then out so quick, he was already licking the bite before she felt the poison that he had injected into her. The bite now felt like she had been stabbed with hot needles. Intense heat flashed down her arm and across her chest.

Panic swept over her, but he was heavy on top of her, preventing her from acting on her panic. Her mind raced with what just happened.

A Hollow.

She had heard of them.

They were venomous.

One bite and you died.

Uri continued to lick her bite. The thought that he was feeding on her flashed through the terror in her mind. Then, she was getting concerned with his short rapid breathing or was that her own? He shifted from licking to kissing up her neck, where he paused on her lips before kissing down the other side of her neck. He licked her shoulder. The bite was again quick. She moaned out loud as the fire spread through her body. She felt increased panic when she realized, she was the one who was breathing short and fast, now feeling the heat between her legs. Uri seemed to know this and thrust himself into her. She gasped and groaned.

“Easy. It only lasts a short time,” he said to her.

His voice was deep and calm.

Short time? She only had a short time to live?

He slid her up, so they were both totally up on the bed and continued to stroke inside her. However, his strokes were not hard this time, but long and deep. She felt her body moving with him, wanting him, not getting enough of him. All the heat was gone from her arms and chest, having settled between her legs.

Then she felt herself tighten around him while she held her breath. Her orgasm rippled through her body. He moved slower to allow her to finish her climax before he quickened his strokes. She felt the heat of him for the second time that night.

She panted along with him when he finished. He remained on top of her but holding his weight off. It felt like a long moment, before he rolled off her.

The heat was dissipating between her legs. Her breathing was going back to normal. There was a slight discomfort on her shoulders where he had bitten her.

He spooned next to her. His body heat felt good.

Natalia knew she wasn’t going to die. She could tell her body was returning to normal. His breathing, slow and even, calmed her. She even suspected he had fallen asleep, until he moved.

She felt him fasten a bracelet around her left wrist.

“A pretty trinket for my pretty woman,” he said in a whisper.

He moved them, so they were both under the covers, then spooned up next to her again. This time, she knew he had fallen asleep. While she was thinking how she could get back home, his even breathing lulled her to sleep.

Natalia was having a warm comfortable dream when she woke. It took her a moment to realize where she was. Uri shifted beside her. There was sunlight coming around the curtains, but she couldn’t tell the time. Before she could think any further, he rolled her over onto her back. He touched where he had bitten her, looking at both sides.

“Almost gone,” he said in the deep calm voice she remembered.

She felt no discomfort from the bites. She felt nothing at all except his soft touch on her shoulders.

“I… I thought a bite from a Hollow killed you,” she said in a dry voice.

“Depends on how I bite you.”

The fact that he just confirmed that he was a Hollow only deepened her concern.


“We’re actually Viperians. Hollow is a derogatory term. And I have five kinds of venom if you don’t count what’s in my saliva.”

He smiled and licked her shoulder. His eyes were a dull hazel green, except when he turned them just so allowing her to see the green glow or sparkle that she had seen from the night before.

“Five poisons?” she said with distress.

The term Viperian was new to her.

“Two of my venoms kill,” he continued. “One kills slowly with great pain. The other with great speed. I didn’t bite you with one of those. Obviously.”

He nuzzled her.

“A lick from me, however, seals the bite and seals in the poison. Or in your case, healed the wound.”

He licked her shoulder again, breathing deep of her.

“One of my venoms calms you. I didn’t need to use that one.”

He smiled at her again.

“One causes you to ovulate. I didn’t have to use that one, either. You were already ovulating. That’s a sweet smell. I could smell you a block away.”

He leaned back in to smell her hair and down her neck.

“You still smell sweet.”

He pulled back and again smiled at her.

“The last venom makes you very horny. That’s the one I used.”

He nuzzled against her and ran his hand along her body.

“If I’m lucky, there is still a residue of that one in you.”

He slid in between her legs, and she found herself responding.

“Just enough left,” he said while he slid himself into her.

His sex was gentle. Natalia felt the pleasure of him while he smelled and nuzzled her neck. He worked her to an orgasm like the night before and then finished with a couple of quick strokes. He spent a few moments enjoying his orgasm before rolling off her and spooning up against her.

When he positioned one arm around her, Natalia saw and remembered the bracelet. It was a diamond tennis bracelet, except the usual bracelets were a single line of diamonds. This bracelet had a double set of diamonds around the entire bracelet. If the diamonds were real, this was an expensive piece of jewelry. A piece that would get the envy of even her mother.

“Do you like it?” he said in a whisper.

“I’ve never seen one like it.”

“No. It’s special.”

Natalia almost asked him if he was going to take her home, but she rethought about where she was and what had happened. Why would she go home? Now, she was free of her parents.

“It’s very beautiful.”

“It looks good on you. You have nice coloring. Beautiful hair.” He fingered her hair. “I like it long and down.”

He continued to play with her hair.

“I like the dress, too.”

She remembered the dress was the only piece of clothing she had.

“Do you like tea or coffee when you wake?”

She noted how he said the words, avoiding the word morning. On the nightstand, she spied a clock. It was almost noon.

“Tea is fine.”

“A little late for breakfast,” he said, seeming to note her gaze. “Although on Fridays I don’t usually start moving until noon.”

He shifted just a bit beside her, so he was almost whispering in her ear.

“What’s your name?”

“Nattie.” She gave him her nickname.

“No. Your real name.”

She paused but didn’t see any harm in telling him. “Natalia.”

“Very pretty. Your last name?”


“I need to know who will be looking for you. You’re under aged, I presume.”

“Yeah, a month or so.”

For a moment she felt sad that he was going to make sure she got back to her parents, but then she remembered, it was illegal to have sex with a minor.


“Lord and Lady VosPass?”


“They’ll definitely come looking for you.”

“What are you going to do?”

He chuckled. “Make sure they don’t find you.”

She couldn’t argue about that. It was what she wanted.

“You’re Uri. Or at least that’s what that man called you last night.”

“Yes, Uri Osrisca. And why were you on the Strip last night?”

“Looking for you,” she said.

He chuckled. “I don’t think so. Most people run when they see me.”

“And why were you on the Strip?” she said.

“Looking for you,” he said. “Why were you on the Strip?”

His second asking told her he was going to keep asking until he received an answer.

“Parents were setting me up to become a nun. I had a friend go there. She escaped. She’s dead now.”

“The Church has a few problems. We’re working on that.”

“You’re working on that?”

She couldn’t understand why a Hollow would be working on fixing the problems of the Church. The Church was against the Hollows.

“You won’t have to worry about going to the Church. You’re pregnant.”

He rose to go into the bathroom.

Natalia’s mind was racing.

Pregnant? She was pregnant already? That was impossible.

The toilet flushed, and he came back out to sit on the bed.

“How do you know I’m pregnant already?”

“I can smell you. I have a good sense of smell. Let’s get up and going. We have a lot to do today.”

He whipped the covers off her and pulled her out of bed.

“I’ll get you a towel. Start the shower.”

He pushed her into the bathroom.

Natalia used the toilet, then turned the water on in the shower. He stepped in to set a towel and a new toothbrush on the counter. She expected him to step out, but instead, he dragged her into the shower. The lack of privacy felt strange, and she found nothing to say while he soaped her body, running his hands all over her. Then he watched her while he lathered himself up. He rinsed first before stepping out.

Natalia felt some relief since she wasn’t used to such intimate touch. She rinsed herself off and washed her face. When she turned the water off, he handed her a towel.

Natalia could see he was shaving and was almost done. She found herself unable to stop watching, fascinated by his tattoos which seemed to be more of a dull red brown. He finished with a final wipe of his face and left. She realized he was still naked. He didn’t seem to need the privacy of a towel wrapped around his waist. She kept the towel wrapped around herself while she brushed her teeth.

When she stepped out of the bathroom, her dress was on the bed with her slippers. She dressed quickly. When she pulled on her last slipper, she caught Uri sliding a knife up his sleeve. She pretended she hadn’t see as if she was looking at his suit. It was well tailored and expensive. After straightening his tie, he took her hand and led her down the stairs.

A maid, dressed in a black dress, stood there holding two mugs. The tattoos under her right cheek were almost the same as Uri’s. Natalia thought they seemed to be more of a decoration. It was then that she realized Uri’s tattoos were gone. He didn’t look scary anymore.

“What happened…?” She touched her right cheek.

He just smiled and took her hand. “You can drink your tea on the way.”

He led her outside. The limo was waiting. He opened the door for her to get in.

“Where are we going?” she said when she was settled in her seat.

“Places,” he said.

He slid over close enough to be touching her with his leg. He held her hand.

His tone of voice felt like a discouragement for any further conversation. They rode in silence, each sipping their tea. She found the tea enjoyable. It was brewed just right and had the perfect amount of sugar and milk.

The limo was still within one of the rich neighborhoods when it pulled over. The older man from the night before got in.

“Afternoon, Uri.”

He smiled, but his eyes were on Natalia.

“Afternoon, Thomas. Did you bloody your woman again?”

Thomas smiled.

“She was sterile and bland. Needed a little blood to get me going.”

“You make a bad name for us.”

Thomas shrugged.

“No one will miss her. And she tasted awful.”

Natalia noted that Uri frowned. She felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

“They smell how they taste,” Uri said. “And she smelled horrible.”

Thomas shrugged.

There were a few moments of tense silence. Uri gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

“I hope you don’t mind. We have one quick stop to make,” Uri said with a flat voice.

Thomas shrugged.

“Just don’t make me too late.”

Natalia decided she didn’t like Thomas. She had a bad feeling that the woman he had with him last night was no longer alive.

The limo stopped at a light giving Natalia the time to recognize where they were. They weren’t far from the middle of the city. The light changed and the limo moved on, however, half-way down the block, it turned right, going down an alley. It stopped a short distance down.

“We’ll be just a minute,” Uri said.

He opened the door, dragging her with him. She was more prepared than the first time and managed to set her empty tea mug down before she stepped out. Uri led her into a back door but stopped after only a few steps inside.

“Chanlacy,” she said, mentioning the name of the store. It was a high-end clothing store that she had been in many times before with her mother.

“May I help you, sir?” A well-dressed store clerk approached.

Natalia braced herself. She always thought they were curt and snobbish.

“Measure her. She needs clothes,” Uri said using short demanding sentences. “And shoes, now.”

“Yes, sir. Right away, sir.”

The clerk was anything but curt. She hurried to do as he asked and whipped out a measuring tape.

Natalia was amazed at how quickly she was measure, which was quite a different experience than she had on previous visits.

“Do you want her kept on file?” the clerk said.

“Yes, under Nattie.”

He was writing on a small pad of paper.

“Yes, sir.”

The clerk hurried off but was back in a few minutes holding a pair of red shoes.

Natalia was impressed that they nearly matched the red of her dress. She knew the dress wasn’t purchased here.

Uri handed the pad to the clerk.

“This is what she needs. Have them delivered.”

“Yes, sir. Right away, sir.”

Natalia removed her red slippers and put on the shoes. They had a one-inch heel. They were comfortable and fit. They also looked much nicer than the slippers.

Uri grabbed her hand and led her out the door back to the limo.

“You won’t need those.”

He took her slippers and tossed them into a nearby trash bin.

“That’s the fastest I’ve ever been in and out of that store,” she said while she slid over on the seat.

He scooted over next to her.

“Hopefully, we didn’t take too long,” Uri said to Thomas.

Thomas looked bored and shrugged.

After another short drive, the limo pulled up in front of the main bank of the city. It was a huge building with pillars. There was a steady stream of people in suits coming and going. Natalia had never been inside, but had seen it many times when out with her mother.

“Pick me up for the club later,” Thomas said when he exited the limo.

Natalia couldn’t tell if Uri nodded or acknowledged him. The limo continued on as soon as Thomas shut the door. She watched out the window while the city passed by. Her stomach growled. She glanced at Uri, but he seemed to make no note of it. She realized she hadn’t eaten at all yesterday.

The view out the window told her that they were heading to the other side of the city: an area she had always heard that people avoided. She began to notice signs warning of construction. The limo stopped at an intersection. She could see high metal gates blocking the road on the left. Some signs read construction personnel only. However, that was the direction the limo turned.


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