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He loved her and she loves him. But it wasn't that simple. She was a warrior with demons of past revolting in her head. They stole her happiness and destroyed her peace before she could have expressed her feelings to him She fought hard winning most deadly battles but lost when it came to her demons. She was born wild and curious A cage is no place for someone like that The one being who never gave up on her was him. He challenged her again and again to reach the end of a tunnel where he awaits her with open arms. He always held his breathe when he was with her just so she could have his air. The Curse of the century is about to reveal a dark past

Fantasy / Romance
Lovina S.
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December 1, 2013

The Southern Kingdom of Lycanthrope

Castle of Lunar Dynasty

Clouds thundered in the night sky wearing a shade of grey. The crescent moon scattered its silver light in the forest of the southern kingdom. The tree leaves waved with the wind that pierced the night sky. But, the castle of the southern empire stood rigid against the upcoming storm dawning a dark shadow.

The screams of a girl echoes inside its glory, alerting the sleeping walls. Wolves jumped out of their dens hearing the commotion. Their eyes shined amber under the glow of the moon. Horror and shock crossed their animistic features noting the evil glint in the eyes of their alpha as he dragged a struggling human out of his chambers by her hairs. Tears streamed down from her closed eyes and cheeks were rosy. She tried to pry his painful hold away, but he jerked her forward making her stumble on the ground. Her tiny hands clutched his arms for dear life knowing that he is going to snatch her breathes by drowning her in darkness, soon. Her pleas and cries were ignored by the mad Alpha.

His nostrils flared in fury but eyes shined in moisture hearing the pain in the cries of his lover. His jaw was hard to not reveal any emotion except for his wrath. Tonight, something sinister has happened, a bitter truth was uncovered that has shaken him to the core. The girl he came to love and adore, the girl who easily seeped her way under his skin, turned out to be a dangerous conceit. She was the one who could bring doom to his entire kind. Her intentions were still unclear to him. This girl was bathed in the fire of revenge. She was so dark that even his light couldn’t wash her dark spots. Her demons disgusted him. He has always prayed silver goddess shining in the sky, to gift him someone worth loving and kind. But this girl was the exact opposite of what he thought. She was a serpent in the skin of a beautiful dove. Many times, in the past, he thought to see her darkest parts, but she refused and hid them, luring him away. Till today, she knew everything about him, and him, nothing about her. But the moment he proposed her to be his all his life, she refused revealing a dark secret, a secret that not only broke him but also told him that how heartless this innocent face was. For a moment, he was ready to embrace her with her haunting demons even after knowing the past, but she made it clear that it’s not his job. She was an abomination for every breathing life on this planet. Her bitter words were still ringing in his ears.

“My goals never stop for anyone. I don’t care if either you support me or I make it happen alone. It’s going to happen anyway.”

Oh, how he wished to be a part of her, but the crown she wears will not let him do that. She was a foe and threat for his kingdom. For a wolf, his pack comes first and that’s what he will be doing right now. To keep his pack safe, he will sacrifice his dangerous love. Dragging her out of the castle of the Alpha King, he threw her on the ground near the threshold. She fell on all fours crying and hiccupping.

“Ocean, please, listen to me. Please don’t.”

She whispered feeling all the energy in her body draining slowly. His heart shook once, and he gulped slapping the urge to fall on his knees and pulling her in a warm embrace, telling her that she was his everything. But the throne he rules shackled his emotions in a cage. Trailing his palm on the face in frustration, he glared at her. The moment he saw her withering on the ground burning in his hatred, his heart crushed in his chest. She knelt in front of him and cried covering her face feeling her world collapsing, again. The clouds in the sky revolted throwing a stroke of lightning across the horizon. The creatures of darkness surrounded the couple and with curiosity watched the commotion breaking between the two lovers. Ocean knelt in front of her and swiped her hairs back. Her palms slipped from her face, and she searched for his figure blindly, catching his hand that was caressing her. She kissed his knuckles and brought it to her heart. If not her words, then maybe her beating heart can give him the proof of her innocence. His fist clenched as he saw pupil surrounding him. It was now or never. He has to choose one thing tonight between power and love. He was standing between two doors labeled as Rule and Revenge. A tear slipped from his eye finally as he saw her shaking, holding his hand tightly. She was terrified and stress rolled from her features in tons. He hated this scent. It never suited his silent mate. Bringing her close, he kissed her forehead and then her lips. It was just a peck, nothing intense.

A kiss screaming goodbye.

Her body shuddered at the contact and morose filled her heart. She cried trying to conceal her pain inside as he backs away, pulling his hand roughly from her hold and then clutched her neck.

“I, Edward Ocean Knight, Alpha King of the Southern realm of Lycanthrope, reject you, as my mate.”

As soon as those harsh words escaped his lips, she froze. The air in her lungs got knocked out and a loud crushing voice rang in her ears. A voice that could only be perceived by her, it was sound of her breaking heart. In the next moment, his head rolled back, and he howled in the night sky, so loud to be heard in miles. He wanted his pain to strike the moon. He wanted the silver bitch to know, how she has managed to pierce the very spirit in him by destroying his mate. The werewolves surrounding him immediately fall to their knees and lowered their heads in submission. Tears fell from their eyes feeling the pain of their Alpha running like a storm through the pack bond. His claws extended and eyes turned golden as he stared at her shoulder. The exposed skin of her shoulder was decorated by a mark, a mark he gave her last night accepting her as his till last breath. But destiny was so cruel to let that happiness last longer.

With a growl, he slashed her delicate flesh destroying his mark for forever, cutting the last thread that keeps the two souls together. She screamed falling at her side, feeling her skin cutting painfully. The scarlet warm liquid oozed out of a never healing wound and her cotton shirt soaked it immediately. As soon as the moment passed and reality strikes her hard, a burning pain erupted in her chest. The pain was so high that it numbed the physical suffering. The sky above them thundered loud and then let its barrier break releasing the heavenly essence that washed the lands. Slowly the Alpha King stood up while the rain hits his body hard. His tears of agony mixed with it and got swallowed in oblivion. The crowd backed away, vanishing in their houses feeling the mourning beast about to unleash his rage.


The girl whispered one last time lying on the muddy ground before closing her eyes and embracing the darkness. The human flesh of the Alpha king slowly transformed into a 12 ft tall monster, who roared in the sky and ran away, drinking his pain and hunting night creatures.

He rejected her.

The one soul that was his other half.

He rejected the abomination created by monsters in order to save his kind and future, but then why his heart ached so much, begging to be ripped out.

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