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Prisca McHawlin has managed to live 19 normal years of her life but when her supposedly dead biological father enters into her life tables turn. every family,friendship and relationship exists some kind of secret. They always find a way to exist,to manipulate and control someone's life. The majority of these secrets can be handled because they are somewhat normal. Prisca McHawl knew her mother had secrets but what family doesn't -right?. She couldn't have been more wrong. As if finding out her biological father was alive wasn't a big enough secret to handle they decide to unreveal heavier secrets. She finds out she is not only half lycan but she is also a witch - ridiculous right but that's not the only abnormal truth that gets unrevealed . Every lycan has a mate ,someone you are supposed to love and cherish for the rest of your life however her mate turns out to be the opposite of everything. Not only is Jake an Alpha of the deadliest pack but he is also a hybrid . He is part of an ancient royal bloodline of the Lycanthrope race making him would expect him to be the first one to honour the mate bond but instead he views the whole tradition differently. He wants to be unstoppable,he wants more power and having a mate is only a weakness.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

Dear diary

Hi,my name is Prisca McHawlin and I just moved in with my 40 year old biological father one week ago,everything had happened so fast. My mother Emily McHawlin just woke up one day and decided to tell me her biggest secret- that my dead father was actually not dead and I had to live with him because it was for my own good. None of this made any sense to me.


"what do you mean my dead father is alive...tell me this is a joke!"I screamed at my mother.

She wiped her tears with the back of her hand,"he is alive Prisca-he was never dead...I had to keep him a secret for your own safety"

"My own safety!What are you talking about mother?You lied to me for 19 years of my life and now you are are trying to defend yourself.Unbelievable...what in the world would you possibly be trying to protect me from!"I exclaimed

I started pacing trying to keep myself calm because I felt as if my heart was about to explode.Did she think we were in some sort of Harry Potter scene like seriously!

"I can't tell you but you are going to have to move with him to Africa ,there is a small country called Zimbabwe and its actually beautiful.You have to go today."she said avoiding any eye contact with me.

I laughed sarcastically "This is ridiculous!Are you crazy how am I supposed to live with him all the way in Africa-a man I hardly know.Someone you kept a secret from me for my own I have to live with that person.Does this make any sense to you mother because if it does then you have gone mad."

"Prisca he is still your father and he isn't the one I was trying to keep you safe from.We both had to make hard decisions,everything will start to make sense to you in time.But you are going to have to leave Canada are going to have to leave me"she said with tears streaming down her cheeks.


"hey..." ,I heard his voice from behind me "do you mind joining me for a cup of coffee?" Daniel asked with a calm voice- too calm for me to refuse the offer.

I looked at him and received the cup of hot coffee "sure,thanks..." .He sat on the garden chair next to me on the veranda.

I took a sip of the pure black hot coffee with just the right amount of sugar," tastes really good" I said almost silently.

Daniel smiled,I thought he had the most beautiful smile- just like my mother the only difference was that his smile made his blue eyes glow.

"actually Prisca I wanted to tell you that I found a new high school for you,its been over a week now and I think its time you got back on your feet..." he stopped and gazed at the green lawn for a second-lost in his thoughts then he stared into my wide eyes looking for a response.

My heart almost stopped and well i was speechless. I wasn't ready for school just yet,in fact i wasn't ready for anything just yet.

The thought of going to a new school and seeing a whole lot of new faces made my heart sink, "Daniel I really don't feel like I can do this just yet.I just found out you are my real father,I just moved in with you and I just left my home all the way in Canada for I don't know what reason!Why am I the only one who actually sees how wrong all of this is.I left my friends,my mother" ,I let out a deep breath "I left...everything and now you want me to jump right into another new beginning!I'm sorry but I have to think about this." I stood up.

My heart was racing but I managed to leave the cup of half drank coffee on the little black garden table "excuse me".

I left Daniel with half a frown on his face,I felt a bit guilty for being so harsh but I couldn't help myself and I had to figure out why everything was moving so unbelievably fast in my life,it all seemed as If I was living in some crazy drama movie without direction and I was hating it big time.

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