Rejecting the Omega

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An abused female werewolf, a rejected mate, a prophecy, and a menage! Two hot men and a pretty girl, can it get any hotter? Read to find out! Clare Jackson made one mistake when she was 14 which affects her entire life. Her brothers disowned her and turned everyone else against Clare also. She was abused and hated by everyone; now her 18th birthday, the day she can finally find her mate. Soon to be Alpha Joseph, instantly rejects her and makes sure she never tells anyone. Soon To Be Alpha Joseph Danielson, never wanted a mate. He has the all the hottest women in the pack, why need a mate? Especially one like Clare Jackson; short, and plain. SHE CAN'T EVEN TURN, DOES SHE EVEN HAVE A WOLF? She'll never be my Luna. When Clare runs away she ends up accidentally ends up in the strongest & most dangerous packs territory, The Dark Lupus Moon. There is where she meets her 2nd chance mate and learns of the prophecy made just for her. Clare's life has the biggest change in the world, learning it is up to her to save all Wolves. Oh and she has 2 mates.

Fantasy / Romance
Issa L. Atkins
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“Mom, Dad; come on, hurry up.” I rushed my parents. I haven’t shifted yet so I can’t go into the forest alone; parents rules. As I was born into a Beta family my parents are always busy, so I don’t get a lot of time in the woods.

“Slow down, Clare - Bear,” my dad said; “You’ll be there soon enough.” I’ve only ever let my dad call me by that nickname. I love hearing it only from him, our special thing.

“I know but I haven’t been in so long, I don’t want to slow down dad,” I stared up at my dad and he looked down at me smiling. “Mom tell him to hurry up please?”

Mom shook her head and just watched us go at it back and forth. Sometimes I think she comes just to see us bickering but I love having her near me; both of them near me. Next to them I feel safe.

I squealed as we finally made it to the forest. I felt at home, my senses coming to life again. For some reason I was stronger and had better senses than all the other un-shifted teenagers.

My parents looked at me with smiles, happy at how much I love the forest. The deeper we went in the closer to nature I felt, as if it was running through me.

“Are you finally happy we got here Clare - Bear?”

If only I knew that was the last time I was ever going to hear their soothing voices, see their smiles, and listen to daddy call me ‘Clare - Bear’.

I felt when my parents tensed and started shifting. Seconds later I smelt what they did rotten skin, rogues. The rogues came from all areas, 5 of them. Dirty fur brown, grey, and red.

‘RUN CLARISSA, RUN! GO GET HELP!’ I heard my father yell through the mind-link, but I was petrified; almost being attacked by the rogue but my mother jumped in front.

The red rogue tore out her neck and kept digging until all you could see was bone, I could only watch as the life drained from my mothers eyes.

My father felt her death and forgot all about the rogue he was fighting to go kill the on who took away his mate. As my father ripped apart the red rogue; the other attacked while he was distracted.

It was only me and this rogue, I didn’t have a clue of what to do. Just as the rogue was about to attack out came a giant gray wolf, my alpha. Alpha Danielson killed the rogue quickly and shifted back human. When he came back changed I was holding my parents dead bodies, or at least what was left of them.

“How did this happen Clare, this was your fault wasn’t it?”

I turned when I heard that voice the voice of my oldest brother, Trey. All my brothers were there; along with mine and their friends.

“You shouldn’t hold their bodies, you were the one that got them killed in the first place,” Clayton, my twin, said. My other brother, Lucas agreed also.

With that everyone I ever knew turned on me, including my own family.

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