Rejecting the Omega

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She seemed really excited to find another mate to love her, as if I’m not good enough for her. I wish I was the only one for her, but Clare is in the prophecy, she is meant to save the wolf community.

Either way Clare looks amazing riding a motorcycle, she had taken off her helmet for awhile to let the air blow threw her hair and how her leather jacket fit her perfectly. Her tank top was hanging down on her body. She had bracelets going up her arms and her skull necklace around her neck made her look dangerous. And the combat boots she was wearing added to the affect and her hair in a sexy pony-tail.

She looked sexy, well she’s always gorgeous but she looks different in this way. Right now she looks sexy. Even more with her helmet on.

‘Put your helmet back on’ I mind-linked her.

‘Fine’ Clare mind-linked me back.

I watched Clare take her hands off of the handles to put on her helmet. She better be careful I cannot have my mate dying.


Mason should try to block his mind off better. I mean damn I know what I’m wearing, I don’t have to know how his weird guy brain sees me.

‘Dude block your mind better -’ Lyson started

‘Please, I don’t wanna hear what you think about our new sister I mean -’ Jyson cut off Lyson

‘I mean dude it’s gross-’

‘Super gross’ Finally Jyson finished the conversation.

‘Seriously block your thoughts’ I mind-linked Mason.

‘Ok, Ok’

‘We’re near the Light Luna Pack, pull over’


We’re near the Light Luna Pack, pull over’ I mind-linked them.

“Ok so, we’re about to pass the territory line, I want all of us on our bikes that way we can protect our Luna,” I told Ly and Jy, “And you, little mate, stay with Ly and Jy.”

“Ok, Mason,” Clare said.

“I’ll talk to the alpha, then you will make a big entrance into the common grounds in front of the packhouse.”

“Yes, alpha.”

“Got it Mase,” my mate said to me with a smile that could light up the world.

“Let’s go.”


I walked into my office to see my dad inside, sitting in my chair behind my desk as if it was his.

“Um Dad,” he quickly gave me a sharp look, “I mean Alpha Danielson, what can I do for you? In my office sitting behind my desk, in my chair,” I asked him.

“Watch your tone, now, I have been very lenient towards you trying to find the mate you rejected. I will be even more tolerable and give you a week and a half to either find your mate and claim her or find and claim another.”

“If I don’t want to claim another who isn’t my mate, then what happens?”

“I will either choose her for you and force you to claim her or you will give up your right as heir to the alpha of this pack.”


“My ruling is final son; you have a week and a half, starting now. Good luck son.”

“Yes sir.”

I think I know how she felt when I rejected her, broken and dead inside. I need to find her, now more than ever. I have a week and a half to do it so let’s hope we can.

On his way out the door my dad stopped and said something I never thought I would have thought to hear from him.

“I hope you can find her son. I’ve always wanted the best for her but couldn’t give it to her. I was hoping that her mate would but he didn’t save her the first time ’round, let’s hope you can do it the second time.”

Then he just closed the door.

‘Find my mate! NOW!’ Jay yelled in the back of my mind.

‘I trying!’ I growled back at him in his head.

‘Try harder’ Jay growled.

“Alpha our biggest rivals actually gave Clayton acceptance to their territory to look for Clare,” Lucas came in my office yelling.

“You mean the Dark Lupus Moon Pack gave him acceptance to their territory? Really?”


“Hopefully that’s where she’ll be, if I ran away and didn’t want to be found; I’d go to the place where I would have the least likely chance at being found.”

“Yeah, Clare is smart, smart enough to think like that. She may just be there! I’m calling Clayton to tell him to look for her at the Dark Lupus Moon Pack next.”



Clay, it’s Luke-”

“Yeah I have ‘Caller ID’ I know who I’m talking to. What do you want?” Clayton asked and said rudely.

“Go to the Dark Lupus Moon Pack territory next; alphas orders,” Lucas told him.

“Do I have acceptance to the territory?”

“Would I send you to the strongest pack in the USA without having acceptance?” Lucas asked him

“Ok, next I go to the Dark Lupus Moon Pack to look for my twin,” stated Clayton.

“Bye Bro”


“Did you hear all of that?”


“Let’s hope to find her there.”

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