Rejecting the Omega

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“I understand the prophecy and I get what it says but it doesn’t mean that I like sharing my mate. It’s gonna get harder, I know it is, because I know the rest of the prophecy and I believe that you know it too.”

I looked away,I couldn’t help it, because after Mason fell asleep I went to read the rest of the prophecy.



Tamella was walking Clare back to her room, she couldn’t believe how lucky her son got to be part of the prophecy but how unlucky he was to have to share his mate.

When they came to his door Tamella slipped a piece of paper into Clare’s pocket, she needed to meet with Clare alone, Clare needed to know the rest of the prophecy. Tamella walked away hoping Clare would come.

Knock Knock Knock

“Come in little mate,” Mason said, “We need to get ready for bed go and change.”

“Ok,” Clare told Mason, she was nervous about sleeping with him but excited about having 2 mates.

Clare was in awe when she saw his bathroom it was huge but instead of taking time to admire it she decided to just hurry up and change. When she was taking off her pants she felt a paper, pulling it out she read it

’Clare I have more information you need on the prophecy come to the meeting room as soon as Mason falls asleep, hope that it is before 1am. And don’t tell Mason! ~Tamella

Clare put the paper away and was nervous, she couldn’t tell Mason but she did trust Tamella.


Clare snuck out the room and down to the meeting room be as quiet as she could. In the room she found Tamella and the last Lady Beta standing over the prophecy book.

“Tamella, Miss Beta, what would you you like to speak about?”

“Call me Myra, child come read this, aloud,” the ex Lady Beta, Myra, told me.

“From here I quote, ‘When the chosen wolf girl mates with her 2 mates, she must do it at once. If not she will not be able to receive the full potential of her powers, thus lowering her chances of survival at the ending of the war.’ So I have to sleep and mark both my mates about the same time or I won’t have my powers?”

“Yes,” Tamella answered, she felt horrible inside, ‘not only does my son have to share his mate but he has to share that special moment with another,’ Tamella thought.

“I’m gonna go lay down with my mate now,” Clare said. She was in shock and in pain. The prophecy was becoming crazy.

“I’m sorry my daughter, goodnight”


“Poor girl, having to go through all of this,” Myra said to Tamella. She was worried for Clare.

“Poor boys too, not only having to share their mate but having to share the special mating moment,” Tamella said back thinking about Mason and Clare’s other mate.

Clare just walked back to their room, the only thing happening was the words from that prophecy running through her head over and over again. When she got to the room, Clare knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep so she used her sleeping medicine.



“Yeah there’s more to the prophecy than I’m telling all of you, do you really want to know?”


“The words they’ve just been running through my head since Tamella, Mason’s mom, told me the rest,” I said.

“It’s ok, just tell me”

“From here I quote ‘When the chosen wolf girl mates with her 2 mates, she must do it at once. If not she will not be able to receive the full potential of her powers, thus lowering her chances of survival at the ending of the war.’ So you see I don’t want to talk about this until it’s closer to the time.”

“It’s going to be-” Jakeb cut off when our waitress came with our pizzas.

“Here you go, unlimited pepperoni, meat-lovers, and cheese,” Lindsey said with a smile, she was trying to win us back.

“Thank you,” I said to her with a smile.


“Ooh, my phone,” I said, I looked at the screen, “It’s Mase.”

“Little mate, we’re gonna have to leave in a hour to go back home.”

“Why so soon?”

“There’s some trouble back at the pack, so guy, Clayton, came and is ordering to see the current alpha and won’t leave until he does.”

“Did you just say Clayton?”

“Yeah, why?”

“That’s my brother, my twin older brother.”

“I’m sorry Clary but we still have to go back home and deal with him, and because your Luna you have to come back with me also, it’s up to Jakeb if he wants to come right now.”

“Ok, love you, bye”

“Don’t forget you have an hour to get back. Love You, too, bye”

“So we have to be back at the packhouse in an hour. There’s some trouble going on back home. So my question to you is,are you going to give up your position as beta here to come back home with me and the guys?”


She looked so nervous, I think she was worried I would stay and let her leave without me. I will never leave her, ever. How would I survive without seeing her everyday?

“Of course I’m coming with you. I wouldn’t know how to live without you. Your my life, my breath and I love you already.”

“You don’t even know my middle name,” she teased me.

“What’s your middle name?”


“Beautiful just like you mine is Cameron,” I told her.

“We only have 45 minutes left, let’s hurry up and eat, then we can drive you back, pack you up, and leave,” Clare said.

After that statement we ate in silence. All together we ate 7 full pizzas, damn she can eat.

“How is it that you can eat so much in that tiny body,” I asked her after we got back into the car.

“In my last pack, before I met Mason; I was abused physically and emotionally. I wasn’t given food to eat, I had to steal it from the kitchen when people weren’t looking; now that I have all the food I can have I get it,” Clare explained to me.

Every part of her story made me angrier. I wanted to kill those bastards.



“Mason were back,“I yelled out. Three seconds later he came running to the door to see me and held me close so he could put his head into my neck.

“Hey baby, how are you?”

“I’m good, how long til we leave?”

“20 minutes”

“Well I have to go help Jakeb pack then,” I told Mason with a smile, “See yah in 20, Mase”

“Move-” Lyson started

No you move-” Jyson cutted Ly off

No you-” Ly cut off Jy

I’m gonna see her first-” Jy cut off Ly

No I wanna see her first-” Ly cut off Jy

“Both of you come here at once,” I said cutting both boys off from their arguing.

“Yes sister,” they both answered at once.

“You two need to stop arguing, you’ll are being bad every time you do, I told my new brothers, “Now, can you help Mase pack up the cars and hook up the trailors, I’m gonna drive my car home.”

“Got it Clare-Bear”

“Good, so will both my mates ride with me back home,” I asked Jake and Mase, “I really want you two to get to know each other and I want to get to know you better too.”

I really hoped my mates agreed,I have a good feeling that Jakeb will say yes but I’m not sure that Mason will agree with me about it all.

“Uhm, sure baby;I guess,” Mason said to me.

“Of course,” Jakeb told me, “Now can I have some more help packing, beauty?”

“Yeah I’m coming,” I told him and came running to his room, “Wow your room is amazing.”

“Come on, no time to admire; let’s pack.”


“Well we’re done,” Jakeb said, “Let’s pack up and get out of here”


So we finally packed up his car, the trailors, and moved our bikes; then left. The twins decided to ride their motorcycles while Mason drove my car with Jake and me in it.

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