Rejecting the Omega

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Her scent was all over the packhouse, it had to have been at least a day old but she was definitely there. It’s even more weird when I asked to speak with the betas or alpha, only to hear that they’d left earlier.

“I won’t leave until I speak to the current alpha. I want him to tell me the truth, where is my twin sister? Her scent says she was here at most 3 days ago; my brother, Beta Lucas of The Blue Moon Pack called a day before than! You must have lied to him, lying to a beta or alpha is treason!”

“Fine let me call my son,” Alpha Jaymes, ex alpha of the Dark Lupus Moon Pack, said to me.

"“Ok, I’ll wait”

“Son, some boy, Clayton, is looking for Clare”

“You said his name is Clayton? I think he is her twin”

“The abusive bastard twin?”

“I think so, let’s me call her. We can put her on three way.”


“Little mate, we’re gonna have to leave in a hour to go back home.”

“Why so soon?”

“There’s some trouble back at the pack, so guy, Clayton, came and is ordering to see the current alpha and won’t leave until he does.”

“Did you just say Clayton?”

“Yeah, why?”

“That’s my brother, my twin older brother.”

“I’m sorry Clary but we still have to go back home and deal with him, and because your Luna you have to come back with me also, it’s up to your other mate, Jakeb, if he wants to come right now.”

“Ok, love you, bye”

“Don’t forget you have an hour to get back. Love You, too, bye”


“So yeah, I guess it is the abusive twin”

“You call the boy an It, son,” Ex Alpha was laughing.

“Yup, gotta go, the twins are arguing again”


“Huh, so how is she a Luna of another pack and have 2 other mates?!”


“Huh, so how is she a Luna of another pack and have 2 other mates,” Clare’s twin, Clayton, questioned and yelled.

“Come with me,” I said in a voice sweet but strong, like most lunas speak.


“You asked how she could have 2 mates let me read you the prophecy so you may learn how she can,” I told him in the same voice. I walked him to the meeting room, the prophecy book was always out now. The pages open to the pages most important, though I’m still reading the rest of the book.

“From here I quote ‘The rarest wolf, the blue diamond wolf, shall be given three mates. A life of sadness and fear and pain, will come to be with the wolf. Rejected by one but found and loved by two. A girl with the heart of gold to fight the dark. Find her mates to find her powers, powers awarded by the goddess and the gods of the world. Together the three must unite to fight the dangers that come.’ So that is the reason Clare has 2 mates.”

“Woah, so does it mean that it wasn’t our fault we were so mean to her?”

“No, it was your choice to be mean to her, but by your pack being so mean to her, you’ll enacted the prophecy. But there’s also more to her prophecy that you enacted, a part that my son doesn’t even know.”

“Tell me”

“Ok,” I told him, I was worried about his reaction, “From here I quote ‘When the chosen wolf girl mates with her 2 mates, she must do it at once. If not she will not be able to receive the full potential of her powers, thus lowering her chances of survival at the ending of the war.’ I know this is a lot to take in, Clayton -”

I stopped when I felt th power coming closer, a lot of power. I smelled them too and another scent I’d never smelled before.

“I think our Luna and Alpha are home with Clare’s other mate. We need to go greet them properly, even you visitor,” I said, I have a feeling I’m going to have to explain how to properly greet.

“Do you know how to properly greet pack leaders,” I asked the boy, he shook his head no, “Of course you wouldn’t know how to greet. When we greet them we go in order of title. Current 3rd in Command, next elders - in order; then the elite warriors, regular warriors, last pack members,” I explained.

Where will I stand,” Clayton asked.

You will stand by me and my mate in the front. Now let’s go”


I got to know the boys pretty well on the 4 hour ride back to the packhouse. I learned that Jakeb’s parents died when he was 15 and that’s why he became beta at such a young age. Jakeb finished high school early and was now in college studying psychology. Jakeb has one younger brother named Jeremiah who’s 16. His favorite foods are anything Italian; because that’s what he’s mixed with, Italian, and White.

Tamella isn’t Mason’s blood mom; his real mom died in a rogue attack, but Jaymes found Tamella, his real mate 6 months later. Mason doesn’t remember his real mom so Tamella is his mom and no one else. Mason can play the piano, drums, and guitar; he even writes and sings songs when he has the time. Mason’s dad passed down the alpha title after the last rogue attack, when the rogues kidnapped Vanessa, Mason’s sister, Jaymes couldn’t handle it anymore. No one has heard a word from Vanessa or her kidnappers in 2 years.

I told them a lot about me also; I spoke of my parents, and my brothers before my parents deaths, I talked about Clayton before their deaths and how close we were. I told them of my feelings for the forest, of how it called to me. I even gave them details of how my parents died and the horrors after it. I told them about the beatings and the rapes and the starvation and everything else I went through.

Once I finished talking I took a nap, I was so tired and sad from telling my story.

I yawned. When the boys heard me yawn they pulled over so Mason could sit in the back with me.

“Go to sleep baby,” Mason said to me, “I’ll stay back here with you while Jake drives. Lay on my lap and go to sleep and when you wake up, we’ll be back home.”

Jake was smiling at me from the front seat in the rear-view mirror, “Yeah go to bed beauty, I’ll drive you back to your palace, I love you, too Beauty.”

“Really palace, Jakeb. Gonna go all the way with the princess stuff,” Mason jokingly asked Jakeb.

“Yep, now shush so our princess can sleep”

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