Rejecting the Omega

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“You will never say you saw me, you need to forget seeing me. FORGET EVER SEEING ME!”

I was furious and then I felt weight-less, like I was completely out of it. Eventually, everything went dark, black kind of dark but not the kind that could scare a person. This type of blackness was calming.

Then the darkness left and I saw pure light, perfection. I was up close to the moon, it was giving me light to see. It felt like I was stepping on clouds and stars. I walked closer to the moon and noticed a woman sitting on a stone next to it.

She was beautiful. Not the traditional beauty but sharp beauty. With her angled face, blue eyes, and blonde hair; she could easily make any girl jealous.

She wore on her head a circlet. It was blue and silver and had a star in the middle. She made it look more like a crown. Around her neck was a necklace of stars leading down to a crescent moon, this also blue and silver.

Her dress was long, it had straps and then hooped arm sleeves. It was like an off white color. It was as flawless as her skin.

All of this put together made me realize exactly who she was. She was Selene, the Moon Goddess.

“Hello Clare,” she said to me.

“Hello, my goddess”

“Call me Selene, come sit and talk,” I walked over to her and sat down.

“You said you want to have your twin forget your location,” she said.

“Yes, Selene”

“Well as you are coming in to your powers let me teach you how to manipulate the mind of another, but before I do teach you, tell me; why do you want him to forget about seeing you?”

“You know of my story, I was abused, abandoned, by my own twin nonetheless. I have a wonderful new life and I don’t want them in it. I don’t want my brother to remember where I am so that I can keep my wonderful life. They deserve not to be in my life.”

“Ok,” Selene told me, “I believe it’s time for you to learn some of your powers but first you must learn your true past.”

She gave me a smile, a smile that made me a bit nervous of what would come in the future.


I needed her to know the truth about her parents, how they were only a carrier of sorts. Who she gets her looks from, why she doesn’t look like the rest of her family.

Yes, her carrier mother was pregnant with twins but her daughter had died in the womb so I replaced her with my own daughter.

My beautiful daughter, Clare.


“Clare as the Moon Goddess, I am not able to have children. Yes I can conceive them but I cannot physically go into labor to have a child,” Selene paused and looked at Clare to see if she understood.

Clare nodded her head, she could understand what Selene was saying but didn’t know why it was important to her life.

“When I conceive a child I need to find a carrier mother of sorts.”

Selene couldn’t believe how hard this talk was getting, she was in so much pain having to think about how she had to give up her daughter.

“I’ve only ever been able to conceive one child, I also found her the perfect carrier. The woman was pregnant with twins; a boy and a girl, she didn’t know it but her daughter died in the womb.”

Clare was actually starting to get the picture now and she was scared that what she was thinking was right.

Selene was crying but she was doing it beautifully, it wasn’t clear tear drops but white and blue ones.

“Her daughter had died, she didn’t know and I saw an opportunity to make her a carrier for my daughter.”

“What are you trying to say,” Clare asked but she was terrified of the answer.

“Clare you are my daughter and your father is the Sun God. I’ve watched over you all this time but could not intervene with wolves living lives. Especially when you became the chosen one,” Selene said to her daughter.

Selene was almost crying, not from sad tears but from happy ones.


“Why come to me now,” I asked my mother.

“Because you need me,” she told me with a small smile.

“Ok mom, let’s get to work”

“The powers you have right now are mind manipulation, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, vampirism, and you have all the abilities of a Sun Warrior,” my mother told me.

“Why the hell do I have vampirism!”

“Watch your mouth and tone with me. Having vampirism mixed with wolf blood makes you faster and stronger,” mom said to me, “Except for your Sun Warrior abilities, because it is in your blood you are as strong as you can possibly become.”


“After mating, all your powers will strengthen and you will also become part witch, angel, and fae.”


“Yes, you are just coming in to your powers, my daughter,” mom said with a small smile, “Now let’s get to work.”


“I’m exhausted, mom”

“The first few times are tiring Clare but it does get easier,” my mother told me.

We’d been working non-stop ever since we had begun. I mastered teleportation and telepathy, I even was getting better at controlling my vampire powers.

“Let’s rest for a while, I believe someone important is coming here in a few minutes,” mom said to me, she had a big secretive smile on her face.

Her happiness was infectious. I really wanted to know who was coming and why they were so important but I had a feeling she wouldn’t tell me.

I soon had my questions answered as a gate came up with sunlight coming through it. When the gates opened a man stepped through it, I had a feeling I knew who this man was.

He was Apollo, the Sun God and my father.

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