Rejecting the Omega

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I wasn’t surprised when the Sun Gates opened up, he always came at this time. I love seeing my mate walk through those bright gates, he’s literally walking to me from the sun.

He had shiny black hair that stopped at the middle of his forehead. His eyes were a bright blue like mine; or my eyes like his, either way we had the same eye color. He was wearing a black jacket over a pink shirt and had on jeans.

I walked over to him, put my arms around his neck, and pulled him in to a kiss.

Our kiss didn’t last long though, our daughter was making noises as if she were puking. I pulled back laughing.

“Ok, ok, we’re done”

“Thank you,” my daughter said dramatically.

“Hello my mate,” Apollo said, “I’ve missed you.”

“Hi, Apollo,” I said back, “And I’ve missed you too.”

He then pulled me back in for another kiss, it lasted lounger than the last and was far more enjoyable. Although I don’t think Clare liked seeing it very much because once again I heard gagging sounds coming from her.

Apollo was the first to pull back this time and looked around; I think he had just realized his own daughter was here watching us.

“Clare my daughter, my little girl, I have missed you so much. You are so much more beautiful in person,” Apollo said looking at Clare.


I kept hearing someone or something interrupt me from kissing with my mate but I still didn’t care to look until the person interrupted our second kiss.

Finally I decided to see who was doing this to us. Then I saw her; her beauty taking me by surprise, I’d always saw her but I never saw her this close.

I could see how our eye color matched, bright blue. Her hair color was in between both her mother’s and mine, a dark brown. She had the same shape head, nose, and lips from her mother.

I’m betting her mother dressed her when she brought our daughter to our home. She wore a dress the same color as her mothers but the length was was shorter. She had a halter dress with darker beige stripes crossing along the top diagonally.

Her sandals were beige and crossed up to her ankles. The necklace she wore also was beige it had a locket, a sun charm, and a moon charm. Her bracelet was beige also with suns and moons in it.

“Clare my daughter, my little girl, I have missed you so much. You are so much more beautiful in person,” I said to her in awe.

“Hi dad,” Clare said to me with a smile that brightened up my day.

“How is your training going?”

“How did you know I was training,” Clare asked.

“I watch you all the time Clare, I saw when you fell into a coma; I was so worried about you Clare. When I saw you here with your mother I put it together that your powers must be coming in and that she is training you. Plus I can feel your energy as a Sun Warrior, your strong Clare and I plan to train you to the best of your abilities.”

“Ok,” Clare said to me, then she turned to Selene, “Mom, I’m ready to train again.”


I was actually doing it, I was actually manipulating the mind of a God. I had him squawking like a duck while hopping on leg and patting his head! It was amazing. My mother thought the same thing also, I think.

“Now can you turn him back to his original self,” my mom asked.

“Well, let’s see”

I looked at his head and concentrated; it was hard breaking into the mind of a regular person but even harder breaking into the mind of a God or Goddess.

There are different levels of the mind you have to break through, each getting harder and harder. Humans have only 2 levels of their minds to break through.

Wolves have 4 levels, the first two just like human minds but the last two are harder. The 4th level depends on the mind capacity of the person and their strength.

Hybrids have 5 levels, the 5th contains a sequence of patterns to break through because of their mixed species.

Then there’s Gods and Goddesses, they have 7 levels and fuck is it hard to get through their heads. The 6th stage contains a sequence of patterns from the powers that the God or Goddess has. The 7th stage is like doors in their heads, and I have to look through them to find the entrance to their mind but the damn door doesn’t give up easily; you have to push, pull, and fight your way through it.

I had to break down that last door and change his control center back to normal but it was harder than manipulating his mind. Finally I broke through it and it was as if I was looking through his eyes and feeling what he was feeling.

I saw nothing through his eyes but darkness, it was as if he was unconscious. He was just completely gone from the world. Then I focused on fixing him, making him normal again, it was hard but I was seeing a flicker of awareness in his mind.

I was doing it, slowly yes but I was still doing it. Finally I was able to completely normalize him. He was back to himself, just a bit confused as to what happened but normal.

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