Rejecting the Omega

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Mind manipulation was the hardest of all of her abilities and she mastered it without even having her entire power.

I knew she could make Apollo normal again, I had no doubt in my mind; I just wanted her to see that she could do it.

“Congratulations Clare, you have mastered mind manipulation, the hardest ability of all,” I told her, “All together you have mastered teleportation, telepathy, mind manipulation, and vampirism.”

“Since when have I mastered vampirism,” Clare asked me.

“You aren’t bursting out into speeds and haven’t asked or tried to take any blood, that is how you mastered it. You are able to control your blood-lust and speed”

“Ok,” my daughter said, “So what’s next then?”

“I’m going to train you in the ways of fighting as a Sun Warrior,” Apollo told Clare.

“Ok, how do we get started?”


I was proud of Clare, her strength and learning abilities; she was amazing. She mastered 4 of her 6 original powers in 2 days in our realm, 4 days in the human realm.

Just think about what her powers will be like after she mates, of course I really don’t like thinking of my baby girl mating but still.

“Ok,” Clare said, “So what’s next then?”

Always eager to learn more about her powers.

“I’m going to train you in the ways of fighting as a Sun Warrior,”

“Ok, how do we get started?”

“First we have to see what you major in,” I told her.


I waved my hand and the Table of Weapons appeared. The table was filled with bow-and-arrows, swords, knifes, daggers, and more.

“Ok Clare this is the Table of Weapons, Sun Warriors excel at hand-to-hand combat and they major in some type of weapon also. Some warriors can major in more than one, I once trained young boy who majored in all of the weapons.”

“Ok, so how do I learn which weapon I major in,” Clare asked me.

She looked nervous and a little overwhelmed. Every Sun Warrior had that exact look on their face when they were going up to the Table. I wish I could have helped her but not even me, the Sun God, has the power that kind of power.


“Ok, so how do I learn which weapon I major in,” I asked my dad.

I was really nervous but also a little excited. I would be able to fight with more than just my hands and wolf.

“Come here and feel the weapons, pick them up; find which weapon calls out to you.”

“Got it,” I said to him, “Here we go.”

I was moving along the weapons when I felt a strong pull; I stopped quickly. I was still at the beginning of the table, daggers, throwing knives and stars, an axe, and swords; ninja and regular.

I wanted the sword and I knew it wanted me too. I took it into my hand and twirled around fighting with it, it was as if I had been taught how use it; except I hadn’t.

“You major in the Sword of the Greek Battle,” dad said, “Do you major in anymore?”

He made another table behind me appear, I guess he wants me to put my sword on it while I keep looking through the weapons.

I still felt like I needed to be at the beginning of the table, as if I belonged there. I touched the different types of weapons in front of me that I liked, “The Daggers” I thought. I grabbed the two daggers in my hands and cut through the air with them.

“You major in the Straight Daggers. Do you major in anymore?”

I moved down to table and stopped, in front of me was more axes, a spear, cross-bow, bow-and-arrow, and other kinds of weapons that I didn’t know about.

I knew that second I saw both of them they were mine, I grabbed the cross-bow, it just felt good to hold it.

“You major in the Cross-bow. Do you major in anymore?”

I sat the cross-bow down on the table behind with the daggers and straight sword then I quickly moved to get the bow-and-arrows.

“You major in the Bow-and-Arrows. Do you major in anymore?”

I looked at the spear and thought about it, I knew I majored in it but the feeling was different like I had seen and fought with this spear before.

I pulled it from the table and made skilled moves, it’s like I’m more skilled at the spear than any other weapon.

“You major in the Long Spear. Do you major in anymore?”

“No,” I replied to my dad.


“Congratulations, you have majored in 5 weapons, my daughter,” I said to Clare.

I was proud, strong magic and strong warrior. The perfect fighter, she is the chosen one and I couldn’t be prouder.

What would you like to start with Clare?”

“Let’s start with the bow and the cross-bow”

“Ok, you know how to use the bow mostly but their are a few things that you need to learn about it. Can you try to shoot with 2 arrows at 2 targets?”

She grabbed the arrows out of her quiver and placed them on the bow, closed one eye, found her targets, and shot.

One arrow hit right on its target, the other just inches away.

“Try again, you have to picture it in your head, plan where it will be going and your body and hands will move to the area needed to shoot.”

I watched as she did as I told her to do, she concentrated and her body moved to where she needed to go to hit her targets. Then she let go of the arrows and we watched as they went straight to their target perfectly.

“Daddy look I did it,” Clare squealed. She had called me Daddy, I thought I’d never hear that word come from her mouth.

“You have mastered the Bow-And-Arrow, now we start on the Cross-Bow”

She picked it up and weighed it between both her hands and chose to hold it in her left instead of right.

“So you already know the basics of the cross-bow but now you have to learn how to use more than one arrow on it,” I told Clare,“Pull out 3 arrows and try putting them in the cross-bow to shoot at the same time.”

I watched as my daughter tried and failed to put the 3 arrows in.

“Take a breathe look at the cross-bow and arrows; imagine it in your head, think of how you would want to do this and your body will do it naturally.”

Again she stopped and did my instructions. After she took her breathe, I could see from the look on her face she was imagining the arrows in the cross-bow. Her body and brain knew how to do this naturally; maybe she doesn’t know how to do it consciously yet but she can do it.

“You have now mastered the cross-bow, congratulations.”

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