Rejecting the Omega

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“Come on Clare, open up your beautiful eyes little mate”

5 days, 5 horrible days since Clare went into a coma.

I was watching Clare right now, Jake had finally decided to eat and I promised not to leave her side.

I heard a sharp intake of breath and looked at Clare just as she started convulsing.


‘Jakeb get down here now, she’s having a seizure!’ I yelled at him through our mind-link

“Alpha I need you to back up some,” Gummy said to me. I knew what she said was right but I couldn’t help but growl anyways.

“Jakeb I understand that she is your mate also but you both need to leave the room so I can do my job, take Alpha Mason with you when you leave Jakeb.”


Luna Clare was a weird case. The weirdest I’ve ever had to deal with and other pack doctors say they’ve never had a case like Luna Clare’s either.

Her brain activity was off the charts for a person in a coma. I believe that the coma she’s in has to do with magic and she has control over when she wakes up.

It’s been 5 days, I guess whatever is going on in her mind is so important that she doesn’t think about to leave yet.

“GUMMY CLARE’S HAVING A SEIZURE!!!” That was my alphas voice and my luna was wounded.

I had to run out of the patients room I was in to get to the other side of the infirmary quickly. When I walked in Alpha Mason was hovering over her like he was her shadow, with him around I would never be able to get my work done.

“Alpha I need you to back up some,” I said to Alpha Mason in my no nonsense voice.

He answers me with a growl. Then in comes Jakeb, Luna Clare’s other mate, now I know that I won’t get anything done.

“Jakeb I understand that she is your mate also but you both need to leave the room so I can do my job, take Alpha Mason with you when you leave Jakeb.”

Jakeb nodded his head with reluctance but still dragged Alpha Mason out the room.

I then got to work. She wasn’t having a regular seizure it was like her body was convulsing while it changed. I didn’t know what her body was changing into though.

Since I didn’t know how to stabilize her I treated her condition as if it were a regular seizure. I turned her on her side and opened her mouth with my fingers to put in a mouth guard when I saw them, they were long pearly white fangs.

New ones.

Blood her body was seizing because of her blood loss. I quickly ran to the small cabinet that had a fridge filled of blood.

O- the universal donor, I’ll try these. I hooked up another IV of blood into Luna Clare’s other arm and I watched as the blood traveled throughout the tube and into her body.

Minutes later Luna Clare stopped convulsing and her body calmed.

I thought it was time to go tell her mates that their mate had stopped seizing but that they needed to see about her becoming part vampire on her own.


“Well Jake, Alpha Mason; Clare has stopped seizing,” Gummy told us.

She looked a little bit nervous about something else which made me nervous.

“Is there anything else?”

“She wasn’t having a real seizure but there is something else important that you need to know.”

“What is it,” Jake asked really nervous. Gummy was being quite, as if she was scared to say it. That alone made both Jake and I scared.


Mase and I walked into her room and smelled vampire. I growled and looked around but their wasn’t anyone but me, Clare, and Mase in the room.

“You smell vamp also right?”


We were both looking around her room when we saw a blood bag connected to Clare.

“You see the blood, too, right?”


“Are you thinking what I might be thinking?”

“Yeah,” I answered, “Clare’s part vamp”

“You think that’s what Gummy wasn’t telling us?”


“Are you scared for our mate?”


“Are you in shock too?”


“Are you answering all my questions with ‘yeah’ because you’re in shock?”


“Wanna get out of here of a couple of minutes to think about what’s happened?”


With that answer Mason and I left Clare’s room in shock. My mate was turned part vamp. But my question is ‘HOW?’

Mason was in the room with her the entire time nobody could’ve just snuck past him.

“How could this have happened, I was right there with her the entire time; there’s no way a vamp could get onto the territory much less Clare’s room.”

“It could have been part of the prophecy,” I suggested slowly. I was putting it all together in my head now.

“Possibly, it never did go into specifics on what her powers would be,” Mason said putting it together also, “Let’s go tell the council.”

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