Rejecting the Omega

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May 9, my birthday. Hopefully I can have the rest of the rest of the day off. Never, never will they give me a day off even if its my 17th birthday; I knew this from waking up to a pain like no other. Trey, now 19 years old, held in his gloved hand silver, pressing it on her back. Lucas, 18 years old, used a silver knife to cut into her arms. Then Clayton, my twin, just watching laughing, he was supposed to be my built in best friend but he stood there and did nothing.

I was loudly screaming from the pain my brothers were inflicting on my body.

“Shut up, Clare,” Trey laughed sounding like a hyena.

Finally the alarm set for 5:30a.m. went off. Finally, this is the time when they leave to get ready for school.

“Looks like the fun is over for now bitch,oh yeah, and Happy 16th lil sis.” Lucas sneered as he walked away.

I got ready for school really carefully, my body really hurts. The silver burn is still on my back and the gashes on my arms haven’t healed yet.

If I was a normal wolf than my wounds would’ve already healed, but I’m not. I’ve never turned, I don’t have a wolf yet and I may never get one.

My phone ringed at 6 o’clock exactly; time to go to school. I go to school at Shadows Creek Prep, an all werewolf private school. All the neighbouring packs go to school here. This is where all my bullies go to school at. I hate this school.


No one wanted to be seen in the same car as the ‘pathetic omega’ as they say. So I was bought a car. If they hate me so much why get me a 2015 XTS Sedan. Best car ever, if you ask me; they’d probably take it away and replace it with something ugly if the pack knew just how much I love the car.

When I got to the school I parked in my usual space. In the way corner farthest away from the packs, cars, and school. When I got out, I as instantly tackled by Shaylee and Caleb, they were my only friends. Shaylee has light brown hair with highlights of every color, tanned skin, and she’s my height. Caleb has blonde hair and is tanned skin, he looks like the perfect surfer guy. They were mates.

“Happy 17th birthday Clary!” Shay squealed giving me a big hug.

“You excited? Finally can go out clubbing with us!” Caleb said, having a smile on his face.

“Yeah well, we’ll see about going clubbing sometime when my pack won’t kill me for it. Now I have to get ready for class, I’ll see you later love birds,” I said to them.”

“Oh, Clary wait,” Shay said, “Here’s your birthday present, I picked it out myself your mate is going to love seeing you in it, and then your going to love the present.”

Shay had a smirk on her face that made me a bit nervous; when I looked in the bag I knew I was right about being nervous.

“Thongs, See-through panties and bras!” I whispered yelled, “No I will not ever be seen by anyone in this stuff.” With that I made a dramatic exit.

When I entered the school I kept my head down,hoping and praying to not be noticed as I went to my locker before class. As always my prayers weren’t answered.

“Ooh look, it’s the Omega, isn’t it supposed to be her birthday,” I heard someone sneer. Everyone laughed.

I was punched in the stomach, it hurt so much I fell to the ground. They started kicking and punching me. The heels hurt the most. Finally they got tired of hurting me and just left.

As I got up I ran into Natalie, Queen Slut. “Watch where the hell your going.” Then she slapped me hard, so hard I literally saw stars. After wards she just walked off mumbling about fucking stupid omegas.

I forgot all about the pain in my face when the most intoxicating smell hit my nose. Musk and cinnamon; oh Moon Goddess it smells so good.

I followed the smell and it led me to the most handsome man in the world. He has dirty blonde hair that stopped mid length, not touching his shoulders but not short either. Piercing jade blue eyes with hazel swirls in them. Nose crooked a little, maybe from too many fights. He’s tall maybe 6"1; gorgeous is the only thought that comes to mind when I look at him.

I feel like the worlds stopped spinning. As if we were the only 2 people on Earth, as he looked into my eyes I know he feels the exact same way. I knew right away that he was mine, my mate.

“Mate,” I said my tone sounded as if I couldn’t believe I had a mate.

Taking one good look at him, I noticed something else he’s my soon to be alpha, Joseph Danielson.

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