Rejecting the Omega

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“You’ve mastered the spear, next we’ll do daggers-”


“Mom dinner was delicious, what was it?”

“Chicken Cordon Bleu, with vegetable stuffed croissants. I’ve had at least a 200 years to practice making it. I’m happy you like it my sweet,” my mom said, “You can go back to training now.”

I was really excited, I love training. Dad said after dinner I was going to start with daggers and that’s exciting. I thought about my daggers, thought about how I wanted the daggers in my hands.

Dad made a practice dummy appear for my daggers training.

“Show me what you got,” he said.

I started slicing through the dummy with those words. I didn’t know half the moves that I was doing but I could still do it. By the time I was finished with the dummy it was laying in pieces on the floor.

“Good job, Clare, but these daggers are also good for throwing. Not like throwing knives, the daggers cut through the air and pierce deeper into the body. Try throwing it.”

I looked for an open tree, I had used a lot of them to train. I found one and threw the dagger, I noticed what he meant. The dagger cut deep into the wood of the tree unlike throwing knives which only cut deep enough to kill a person.

“You’ve mastered the daggers, next is the sword,” dad said, “This is the hardest weapon you will learn.”


I watched as my daughters sword appeared in her hand, she had a determined look on her face.

“Let’s see what you got”

I created another practice dummy and let her get to practice. Her movements were fast and skilled as she dismembered the dummy, she was good. Even if Clare’s good, the only way a person can ever master the sword is after combat.

I made a sword appear in my hand so I could start her sword combat.

“Clare the only way to master the sword is after combat,” I told Clare. Clare looked nervous, she had never been in combat before.

“Sword up,” Clare pulled her sword up, “Selene come watch and referee our combat”

“I’m here,” my mom said, “Start.”

I slashed out with my sword trying to cut her arm but with a quick move Clare blocked my sword. She turned around side-stepping as I striked out with my sword again, then Clare slashed out with her sword and cut my hand. Again Clare circled around blocking my moves, finally she tripped over her foot and I landed a cut on her shoulder. Moving around she cut me again this time on my hand holding the sword.

I let the sword fall to the ground while I was in pain and like a good warrior Clare took advantage. Clare grabbed my sword from the ground and held me in place, I was trapped, moving would make me die.

“Clare is the winner,” Selene said proudly.

“You have mastered the sword”


I cut the hand my dad was using to hold his sword with and he dropped his sword. I knew that I had defeated the my father. He made a bad mistake dropping his sword and now I was going to beat him for doing it. I grabbed his sword in my other hand and held them up to his body. I had him blocked in and there was no way out without using magic.

“Clare is the winner,” mom said to us.

“You have mastered the sword,” dad said.

“Ok what’s next,” I asked him.

“Hand-to-hand combat”


I was fighting with my dad; I was kicking his ass. I threw another punch towards his face, he blocked me so I kicked out at him and hit his side with my foot. Then he punched his right fist out and hit my shoulder. I grabbed his arm, flipped him over my shoulder and twisted his arm. My dad grabbed my leg and pulled me down but I made sure that when I got down I was on top of him. I sat up and kneed him in the gut and chopped his throat. I guess he finally had enough of getting his ass beat by his daughter because he tapped out.

“Good job Clare, you’ve finished your Sun Warrior training,” my dad said to me.

“Now what do I do?”

“At sunrise we’ll go to the Sun Gates and do your initiation,” my dad said.

“Then you’ll go back to the other realm and have 1 week before your heat,” my mom said.

“When will I see you guys again,” I asked.

“We’ll be in your realm before your heat starts,” my dad said.

I was excited that I would get to see my parents more.

“For now let’s rest,” mom said to us.


“Do you Clare take the oath of a Sun Warrior?”

“I Do”

“Do you promise to uphold the values of a warrior?”

“I Do”

“Do you, Clare, promise to never take advantage of your name as a warrior?”

“I Do”

“I, Apollo, God of the Sun and ruler of the Sun Warriors, pronounce you, Clare, a Sun Warrior.”


I was happy for my daughter but sad that she had to go.

“My daughter it is time for you to leave, we’ll see each other soon. I love you,” I told my Clare.

“I love you also, Clare,” Apollo told her.

“I love you guys, I can’t wait to see you again.”

I then sent her back to the other realm.

“She’ll be fine and good mate,” Apollo said.

I grabbed on to him and cried into his chest.

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