Rejecting the Omega

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I was watching Clare and Mase was sleeping now. We’re both still a little shaken up about our mate becoming part vamp.

I heard her breath start picking up and looked up. I saw my mates eyes start to flutter open and close again.

“Beauty, are you awake?”

“Wa-wate,” she was trying to say a word but her throat was too dry.

“Wait you need water?”

Clare softly nodded her head. I got a cup, filled it with water and put it against the lips of my mate.

“Drink,” I told her. I watched as she took small short sips from the cup.

“Jakeb, Mason, light”

‘Mase, Beauty’s awake’

‘On my way’

“Mason is on his way, let me get the lights and Gummy, the doctor”


The best moment of my life was walking into the room to see my mates eyes open. She looked so beautiful, as always.

“I’m going to get the doctor,” Jake said.


“Hi Mase, I want real food and an actual blood bag I can drink from,” my little mate told me.

“Ok, coming right up”

“Also can you get everything from underneath the bed?”

“Umm, sure,” I told her. I don’t understand why she cares about what’s under the bed but whatever. I started reaching underneath the bed.

“Be care-”

“Ow” I cut her off. I stabbed myself on something pointy under the bed. “What’s under here.”

“Supposed to be nothing,” Gummy said walking into the room, “Hello Luna Clare, how are you feeling now?”

“I’ll would feel good if Mason hurrys up and gets the stuff from underneath the bed,” Clare said to me with a pointed look, “Also if I can have real food and a blood bag to drink from, preferably O-.”

I put my hand back under the bed and started pulling different things out. I first pulled out arrows, then a cross-bow and a regular bow; Next I was pulling out daggers and a sword and even a fucking spear. After the weapons were bags of blood, mostly O- but there was some AB- also.

Like what the he’ll?

“How in the hell did you get all of this,” Jake asked Clare the question I was about to.

“People, I need to get out of here,” Clare said to us, “I want a blood bag also”



I got my blood bag and everything! Now I wanted to get rid of my bastard twin.

“Now take me to my twin,” I said to my mates.

“Um, you need to change first,” Jake said.

“Then you can go see your brother,” Mase said.

I looked down at my clothes and thought of a black tank top with white button that went to the middle of it and and a pair of short shorts that had a white belt around it. I decided to match it with a pair of black sandals that had crosses down the top, a black watch, a pair of earrings that were black bows with a pearl in the middle, and a pair of black sunglasses to go on my head.

Just like I knew it would, my outfit appeared on my body exactly how I had imagined it. Jake and Mase were looking at me like I grown another head though.

“What I have powers remember,” I asked them.

“I never thought that you would be able to do something like that though,” Jake said.


“Now come on, I have a memory to erase,” Clare said. I looked over to Mason, he looked as if he was still in shock.

“Mason what part of the compound is the bastard in?”

“He’s in the dungeons, Clare,” Mase told her.

“Ok,” she said, “Both of you grab my hands.”

She had a smirk on her face that kind of scared me. I did it anyways though, I love holding my Beauty’s hand.

“Why do you want us to hold --” Mason was cut off by a swirling motion going on in our body’s.

It took me a minute to get my bearings back. When I had my eyesight back, I saw we weren’t in the medical building anymore; I was standing right in the front of the dungeons.

“How, What, Why. HUH?”

Mase had asked the first part of different kinds of questions but wasn’t ending them. It was like he didn’t know what question to settle for.

“I used my teleportation to get us here, now I’m going to use my Mind Manipulation to make Clayton forget seeing me.


I walked down the stairs into the dungeons and saw a warrior standing near Clay ’s cell. He looked both happy and shocked to see me up.

“Hello Luna Clare, Alpha Mason, and 3Rd Jakeb. It is great to see you awake again Luna,” the warrior said to me.

“Hello warrior, I’m happy to be up again,” I told him with a smile, “If you don’t mind me asking, what warrior are you?”

I really wanted to know. The boy looked young, he couldn’t be older than 20.

“I’m just a second warriors, not as good as the Elite but not as bad as the regular warriors. 2nd Warrior David Laval”

“Well 2nd Warrior David Laval, we are here to see my brother,” I tell him going back to Luna and goddess mode.

“Right this way,” Warrior David led me down a couple cells, some empty and some not, “Here we are Luna Clare.”

“Thank you, that will be all”

I looked inside the cell and there he was, Clayton; my next test dummy. He looked horrible, his clothes were ruffled up and covered in dirt. His hair and face looked as if it hasn’t been cleaned in a week, which it probably hadn’t.

“Hello twin,” I said to him, “Come with us.”

I unlocked the cell door and took Clayton to the nearest room. My mates were behind me, silently following without interrupting.

“Clean yourself,” I told him and waved my hand to make a stack of clothes appear, “Then change and come to the meeting room.”

I told him and with that my mates and I walked out of the room.

“What was up with all of that,” Mason asked me.

“If I’m going to erase his memory I need to make him believe that he was never kept dirty or held captive in a dungeon cell.”

I grabbed Mason’s and Jake’s hand and teleported us to the meeting room. The council was just coming in to sit down.

“Either one of the guy’s told all of you we were coming here or you’ll are just physics,” I said


“Nope I told them”

Right after I said those words Clayton walked into the room looking brand new. In front of me I saw a blur of color then my mate standing right in front of him. She was by my side and in a blur in his face.

“Look at me in the eyes brother,” Clare spoke to Clayton in a strong voice. Her voice was so strong it almost made me listen to it and I knew without doubt Clayton would answer to her command. “It is time for you to forget that you have seen me.”

Clayton was sure enough looking into Clare’s eyes and it was like a tense strong connection. I watched as both of their eyes turned white, pure white and then Clare spoke.

“You came to the Dark Lupus Moon territory but never found Clare. If anyone asks tell them you were wrong about my scent. You got it wrong. You missed calls for you had lost your phone and went to the surrounding packs to look for it. You never saw me and never heard of the prophecy.”

Her voice was different when she was speaking to him. It was magical, more magical than normal. Her voice was powerful, not in the Luna or Alpha type of powerful but like mystical and sweet.

She was commanding him to remember and forget current parts. I have no idea how she was doing it but she was doing it. He really looked like he was doing as she told him to. Clayton’s mind was like bending to Clare’s will.

“Yes I never saw Clare. I went to Dark Lupus Moon Pack territory and wrongly believed I smelled Clare’s scent. I lost my phone and missed calls. I looked for it at surrounding packs and found it. I never saw you or heard of the prophecy.”

Clayton spoke every word she said in his point of view. His voice was different also, it was like hearing a person who is hypnotized speak but that’s what she’s doing.

“Leave now”

Clare said to him and then in a blink of an eye, both of their eyes were back to normal. What wasn’t normal was Clayton just walking out and never looking back.


I watched him leave and I knew he would never return and never remember seeing me.

“So shall we get to business,” I asked the council. They were looking at me in shock. The first to recover from it all was Tamella, it was like nothing really fazed this woman.

“Well, first, we need to know about the reason you were in a coma; next, we’ll talk about your vampirism; then, the rest of your powers. Finally, we will talk about what the hell that was.”

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