Rejecting the Omega

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All of the council members, Jakeb, and Mason were nodding their heads along with what Tamella said.

“Well I’ll answer all of your questions after I get into something more com comfy,” I said smiling.

I looked down at my outfit and thought of a different one on my body. I had a long sleeve one shoulder black shirt and underneath it I had on a white cami. I was wearing straight blue jeans that has tears on it. I decided to match it with a pair of black high heeled boot with metal buckles on the side. I had on a silver triple dangle necklace, a silver chain, hoop earrings, and a black and silver bracelet.

“So when I was yelling at my brother I mentioned multiple times on how I wanted to never see him again and how I don’t want him to remember that he saw me. The Moon Goddess, my biological mother, heard my yells and thought it was time to teach me my magic. I was put into the coma so that I was able to be in the gods realm.”

I was looking at everyone to see if they were going along with what I said. I know what I was telling them was a lot to comprehend but I’m sure they were understating it.

“Yes, so it took me about 3 days in their realm which is about 5 days in ours just working on my magic. The reason I have all the weapons are from the Sun God, Apollo, my biological father. He being the Sun God makes me a full-blooded Sun Warrior.”

“My powers at the moment are The powers you have right now are mind manipulation, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, vampirism. After I mate my powers will increase and I will become part witch, angel, and fae. I’ll also have 2 more, my mother nor I know what the last of my powers will be.”


I could only listen to what she said with wide eyes. If I didn’t know about the prophecy, I would have thought Clare was crazy. As I looked around the room, I knew that everyone was thinking the same thing.

“I thought you were the daughter of betas,” I asked.

“My mom told me that because she is the Moon Goddess, she can conceive a child but cannot carry or birth one. My mom looked down to the wolves and found my carrier parents. They knew that the twins they were having was a boy and girl but their daughter died. My mother placed me in her before my carrier mother could learn that her daughter had died.”




“So what do we do now,” Jakeb asked his mate.

“We mate, we train the pack for a war that none of our ancestors had to go through. If packs ask for help to train, we help; everyone must be ready to go to war. Every pack, this is going to affect us all,” Clare said in a commanding voice that no one could ever break from.

“Let’s tell the pack everything,” Jaymes said.

The council, Jakeb, and Mason nodded their head to what he said. The council was nervous about the prophecy, how the fate of of the wolves depended on a teenage girl going against unknown forces.

“Yes, tonight we rest and ponder on the information that I have given you, tomorrow we tell the pack, the next day we start training the pack,” Clare told everyone in the room.

Tamella liked this new Clare; the bold, strong woman she became just in a matter of 2 weeks.

“I agree, let’s have the pack meet tomorrow at 2pm, until then the meeting is dismissed,” Tamella told everyone in the room.

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