Rejecting the Omega

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Mase, Jake, and I walked out the room together. I led the way to Mason’s room and once we were there the guys sat down on the couch. I went up to lay between Jakeb and Mason, my head on Mason’s lap and my legs down on Jakeb’s.

Mase started running his hands through my hair. It felt good and I leaned my head into his hands. Jake was running his hands up and down my legs. Together they were making me wet. I could feel and smell my arousal.

Jakeb must of smelled it also because his hands ran up higher, up to my core. Jake started rubbing me through my jeans and I let out a small moan.

“Change,” I heard Mason’s growl and immediately did as he said. Now I was in a pair of loose work out booty shorts without panties and a crop top without a brawl.

I could feel both Jakeb and Mason’s dick beneath me but what really had my attention was Jake’s and Mase’s hands.

Jakeb was putting his hands inside my shorts and Mason putting his underneath my top to grab hold of my breast.

Jake rubbed harder against me with one of his hands and used one finger from his other to slip into my core. He sawed his finger in and out slowly while rubbing my clit harder with his other hand. He soon picked up speed fingering my core faster and harder then he added another finger.

Mason was kneading my breast beneath my shirt then pulled my shirt off me.

“Damn baby, your more beautiful than I imagined,” Mase groaned.

His head lowered to my breast and he took in one of my nipples and his hand took hold of the other. Mason sucked on my breast hard while twisting and pulling on my other nipple.

Jakeb took my shorts off and got to his knees. He pulled my legs wide and sat between them.

“Jake wha--” I was cut off with a cry. Jakeb had sucked my clit into his mouth with a hard suction. When he let it go he licked around it, up and down. He stuck his tongue in my core and fucked me with it.

“Come for us Beauty, let us hear your pleasure,” Jakeb said against my core making it feel vibrations.

I did exactly that, I came with a cry and Jake drank up every bit of me. Mason swallowed my cries of pleasure.

“Do you want to do this, little mate,” Mason asked me once I calmed down from my climax. I knew he was talking about the mating.


Mason swept me into his arms and carried me to our bedroom. I knew this was the place where our lives were going to change forever.

Jakeb closed the door behind us just as Mase was lying me down on the bed. I watched as they both began to undress.

“How are we going to do this?”

“Well, since we have to mate at once; I will go in hear,” Jakeb said to me touching my core, brightening the fire of my need.

“And I’ll be here,” Mase said touching my other hole, my asshole.

I could only gasp. How would he fit in me especially from the look I had. He would tear me apart. I guess my face showed my emotions because both went to comfort me.

“You won’t be hurt at all,” Jakeb told me.

“We’ll make this feel good for you baby,” Mason said.

I nodded my head, I was still wet, Mase was now fingering my core and rubbing my clit.

Jakeb came to lay down over me and lined himself up with my opening, then started pushing his way into my core. It hurt so bad I was crying and then I felt him stop, then with a hard push break through my virginity.

I screamed but soon was moaning again as Jake rubbed my clit softly and lightly thrust in and out of me.

“I’m gonna roll over so your on top so Mase can get to you,” Jake told me. He looked worried and I felt worried. Jake did exactly as he said he was going to do and I watched as Mason rubbed something up his cock for lubrication then he came to me with the bottle in his hand.

“This is going to be a bit cold,” he said then I felt the lube covering my asshole.

I could feel him lining his cock up with my hole and started to try to push in.

“Loosen up your ass baby or I’ll never get in,” I tried to do as he said and finally accomplished it when Jake started sucking my nipple. I felt Mase sliding in some and felt the fire coming from my ass.

“Ok little mate, now bear down on me,” Mason said to me. I thought of what he said and it made me realize what he meant; it was like pooping.

I beared down on him and could feel him slide in a couple more inches, then he started to trust in and out of me.

“I’m almost in,” Mason said. Then finally I felt the last of his cock in my asshole.

I groaned, I was so full. My ass was burning but the good kind of burning. Then they started moving.

In, out. In, out. In, out.

They made a rhythm Mase pushed in when Jake pulled, Jake pushed in when Mase pulled out. They went back and forth. Jake had never stopped rubbing my clit, he just had gotten harder. They had no mercy.

I came with a scream and bit into Jakeb’s neck, marking him as mine; I then turned to look at Mason and bit into his neck also, marking him as mine and no one else’s.

They lost their rhythm and started speeding up. They were groaning. I was moaning like crazy.

Then I felt as they came in both of them biting into my neck at the same time. I came again while they were marking me and dropped forward onto Jakeb.

I was whimpering, Jake was still rubbing my clit, drawing it out, lengthening my climax.

“Please, please,” I begged them, I was so sensitive.

I felt Mason pull out of me and I cried out again, then I felt Jake pull out. Jake just started rubbing my clit even harder after pulling out of me and sunk his fingers into my core.

“Jakeb,” I screamed his name as I came for the fourth time that night.

When Jakeb pulled his fingers out and I cried out, I was too sensitive.

“No more,” I whimpered, “no more.”

“Ok Beauty,” Jakeb said.

I looked at Mason and smiled, he smiled back.

“I love you, Mason,” I told him. He looked shocked but recovered quickly and smiled.

“I love you, too, little mate”

I rolled over to look Jakeb in the eyes and he stared back.

“I love you, Jakeb,”

“I love you too, Beauty”

“Time to go to sleep,” Mase said to us, “We have a long day tomorrow and you’re most likely pregnant. We’ll know by mid-day tomorrow"

“What,” I screamed and asked.

“You’re our mate and I didn’t use protection,” Jake told me.

“Good night,” Mason said before I got the chance to say anything. He clapped his hands twice and the lights went out. I felt Mason’s arms go around my waist and I lied my head down on Jakeb’s chest.

“Good night,” I said the them.

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