Rejecting the Omega

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I woke up the next morning to hear my mate and Jake laughing; I could also smell food. I got out of the bed and put on a black button down shirt and a pair of blue jeans with a pair of my black Jordan.

Walking into the kitchen I saw my mate cooking and Jake setting up the table. I also noticed that both of them were already dressed.

“Oh good your up,” Clare said to me, “Can you bring me the plates on your way to give me a kiss?”

I went to the cabinet, took out 3 plates, and walked over to Clare. After I gave them over to her, I got my good morning kiss.

“So, when did you’ll get up,” I asked them.

“I got up about 20 minutes ago, when I first woke up she was already in here cooking,” Jake answered.

“Cool, what bout you little mate?”

“About an hour ago,” Clare said without looking up from the plates she was fixing us. When she was done, she looked up at me and smiled, “Now come and grab your plates.”

Both Jake and I walked over to get our plates from Clare then carried them back to the table. We all sat our plates down and that’s when I noticed that only Clare had a drink.

“Pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, but no drink,” I said to her teasing.

“Yeah why do you only have a drink,” Jake teased her also.

“Well I can get you some of the blood I’m-”

“Never mind,” Jake said cutting her off. Clare broke out laughing.

“Seriously, I’m drinking blood for breakfast; get your our drinks,” Clare said to rudely.

“Well,” Jake said trying to sound like he was offended by what she said.


I looked at the men I loved as they both went to the fridge to get their drinks. They are everything to me right now.

“So I got a visit from my mom last night,” I told them when we started to eat, “she helped me learn what my last 2 powers are.”

By the end of my sentence they’d ate all of the food I gave them and was now giving me all of their attention.

“What are they,” Jake asked.

“I’m can read minds and body jump,” I told them, “Also I took the entire night to train and I completed it all. If I keep up with my training, I won’t have to be gone for so long next time.”

“Good,” Mason said with a smile on his face, “I’m proud of you, little mate.”

“I am too, Beauty,” Jakeb said.

It’s 12o’clock and I’m bored,” I told them.

“What do you want to do until the meeting, little mate,” Mason asked.

I thought about it and then got an idea.

“I can teach you how to really fight,” I smirked at them.

“We know how to fight, we have to since I’m an Alpha and he was a beta, now a 3rd,” Mase said in a hard voice.

“Not the way a Sun Warrior is taught to fight,” I told them with a smirk still on my face, “How bout this if I beat you’ll 2 on 1 then I teach you how to really fight.”

“Deal,” they said at the same time.

As soon as they said it I changed all of us into work out clothes.

“Let’s go kick your asses,” I said and I still could feel a smirk on my face, “And remember, don’t hold back. I won’t be.”


We got there right when the pack was training, which was just great. Really, really great. Note the sarcasm.

“Good so everyone can see me kick your asses,” my Beauty said smirking. She hadn’t stopped smirking since we were in our apartment.

We all got into position and Mase attacked first, aiming to punch Clare. Clare quickly blocked knocked him to the ground with a roundhouse kick.

Clare quickly turned around at me and pulled at me one way only to pull back and go into a roundabout kick. I punched out at Clare and she just sidestepped me. I saw over Clare’s shoulder Mason going in to knee Clare but she quickly moved ME between the two of them. I was the one who got kicked in the place where no guy should ever get kicked at.

I shook the pain off though and together Mason and I teamed up against our mate. I punched Clare out to her chest while Mason punched out to her stomach, she blocked us both with her arms and hands. While she was blocking our punches she slipped her foot under our legs to have us fall backwards, I was on top of Mase.

“Tap out yet,” Clare asked. She bearly had any bruises or cuts on her body. She bearly even broke out into a sweat.

“I’m tapping,” Mase said pushing me off of him. I had completely forgotten he was right under me.

“I’m tapping too,” I told her.

“You actually did okay,” Clare told both of us with appreciation, “You lasted an hour and 12 minutes.”

She looked at proudly. We were getting appreciated by the daughter of the leader of the Sun Warriors. Our mate was proud of me.

“Ooh, it’s 1:15, I’m going to take a shower,” Clare told Mason and I, “Who wants to join me?”

I stared after her in shock. I could not believe my Beauty had said that.

“Hey man, you not taking up the offer our mate gave us,” Mase yelled back at me. He was jogging backwards looking at me while running to her.

“Hell no, I’m not giving up that offer,” I yelled to Mason. I then took off in a sprint to catch up with my mate and new best friend.

When we got to the apartment, Mase and I went to the bathroom and saw our beautiful mate taking off her clothes so she could get into the hot water.

“You gonna stare or are you coming in my mate’s,” Clare said, I could hear the smirk in her voice, “The water feels amazing on my body.”

Mase and I looked to each other before turning away and stripping off our clothes.

We may have the same mate, sleep in the same bed naked sometimes, and take showers together; but we’re still not gay. We do all of this for my Beauty.

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