Rejecting the Omega

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I may have gotten my ass kicked by my mate but damn, the shower was worth it all. Worth my pack seeing my mate kick my ass.

Not gonna go into details but that was the best shower I have ever had. I hope it gets better.

I”Hey Mase it’s 1:57 , we can’t be late. Your alpha, you can’t be late to your own meeting,” Clare said.

Instead of putting on a bunch of different clothes, we just decided to wear the clothes we were before the fight.

“It’s 1:59 Mason,” Clare yelled at me, she was really angry it seemed like.

“Ok done”

Clare quickly grabbed my hand and I had sinking feeling in my stomach again and my head was a jumbled up mess. She teleported us to the door, I was sure of it; and when I was finally able to open my eyes I was right.

“2 o’clock, let’s go out,” Clare said.


“Hello my pack,” Mason started; he was seriously nervous, “I would like to formally introduce to you your Luna, Clare.”

The entire pack went crazy with joy and excitement. Their alpha had finally found his luna and a Luna makes both the pack and alpha stronger.

“Let’s settle down for our other announcements,” Mason said to his pack, “There is a prophecy that has come to light.”

Mason was looking at his pack nervously and so Clare felt the need to take over for him.

“Let me speak,” Clare quietly whispered to Mason and with those words he stepped back and let Clare have the podium.

“The prophecy stated a girl rejected by one mate will be given two others. The girls life would be filled with sadness and pain. The girl would be given powers, powers that will be heightened after her and her two mates mate. She would use her powers alongside her mates to fight off a darkness coming.”

Clare looked from side to side, looked into her pack members eyes and made them know the truth.

“The girl of the prophecy is me. I give you 2nd mate, Jakeb;” Clare said to her pack, ”

“I am the daughter of the Moon Goddess and Sun God. I’ve got the blood of a Sun Warrior in my body and I am one; I’ve more than excelled at my powers. My mother told my that the most important power is premonition.”

Mason and Jakeb were surprised to hear that their mate could see into the future. The pack looking at Clare as though she was crazy.

“Luna Clare,” Jaymes said loudly to catch her and everyone else’s attention.

Tamella already knew exactly what he was going to say and asked the question before he could.

“What did you see?”

Clare was nervous to tell her pack. The worry on their faces of what she could see in the future scared them.

“A battle, an army led against all wolves. I don’t know who leads the army but I see strong fighters; ours and theirs,” Clare said to Tamella and Jaymes.

“What does the Moon Goddess say of this,” Lady Myra asked Clare.

“That is what scares us both, she only saw what I just told you. My mother doesn’t see anything other than what I saw.”


The pack was scared, I feel their fear and anxiety, I could hear the whispers they made to each other.

“Is she serious?” “What are we going to do?” “How will we survive something that we don’t know how to prepare for?” “What are we doing for dinner?”

I heard that last whisper, so did everyone else, we all looked around to see Jake standing there with his hand on his stomach

I couldn’t help but laugh and the pack laughed too. Once we sobered down I got back to telling my pack how we were going to prepare for this battle.

“We are going to train, Alpha Mason told me he was the pack strongest fighter. Better than the Elite,” I said in a question.

The top Elite, Warrior Nathan, came to me.

“He is stronger than the pack warriors, all of the pack warriors; including the Elite,” Nathan said to me.

“Well I am your strongest fighter now, I took down both of my mates at once. I will train you. I even want to teach, those of you willing to learn, how to work the daggers, cross-bow, bow-and-arrows, swords, knives, and spears.”

The pack looked shocked at what I knew how to do. How I could work with so many weapons.

“As I was becoming a Sun Warrior, I had to train for my weapons; my greatest fighting strengths are in my weapons,” I said looking at my pack.

“Luna,” a woman called out to get my attention, “You said that all wolves were fighting, did mean all packs?”

“Yes, once our pack is ready and strong enough for battle in the eyes of my mother and I; then we will start helping other packs train. If the pack calls for our help and training, then a group of the pack, including myself, will travel to that pack.”

The pack had a look of determination on their faces. I knew that there was going to be at most 2 years until the battle. My pack was gonna be ready, I’m making sure of, but the other packs may not be.

“When will we start training,” Elite Nathan asked me.

"Tomorrow at 7:30AM,” I said to the pack don’t be late.

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