Rejecting the Omega

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Joseph’s POV

I smelled her. It was like blueberries, cinnamon, and flowers all mixed.

It was as if my world had frozen. My wolf had been acting crazy all day, now I know why. My wolf, Jay, has sensed her all morning long, my mate.

She was beautiful, gorgeous; no words would describe how beautiful my mate was. Long brown hair that stopped at her waist and she had brightest blue eyes I’d ever seen. I towered over her at my 6"1′; she had to at least be half a foot shorter than me.

“Mate,” I heard her whisper. That one word seemed to knock me out of my revery. Then I saw who she was, the pack Omega. I couldn’t have her as my mate. A punching bag, cook, house maid, a weakling.

‘No ’ I heard Jay whimpering and pleading in the back of my mind. Blocking my connection to Jay, I steeled myself for what I was about to do.

“Clare, right? Well if you hadn’t noticed I’m going to be an alpha of the 3rd strongest pack in America, and my mate can’t be a filthy Omega. All you would be doing as my mate is exactly what you are doing now. You’re nothing but a punching bag, a cook, house maid; I mean have you ever even shifted. Look at you fat and ugly it disgusts me to even look at you.”


Every word he said hurt,worse than the silver, punching and kicking, or all of it combined. It was like my heart was be turned this way and that, then pushed up and down; then just completely torn.

I knew what he was going to do next and tried to prepare myself; no tears, no crying, no emotions. I should have known that no matter how hard you try to prepare yourself for the rejection of your mate, you will never be truely prepared.

“I Joseph Danielson, soon to be alpha of The Blue Moon Pack, reject Omega Clare Jackson as my mate.” Never had I experienced pain like this before, but I knew if I di not accept his rejection I would feel all of his emotions and feelings. And Pain when he was fucking other girls.

“I Omega Clare Jackson accept the rejection of my mate Joseph Danielson, soon to be alpha of The Blue Moon Pack.”

With that I just left the school.


She accepted my rejection, I didn’t think it would’ve been that easy. I thought she would have cried and begged for me to take it back, but she didn’t she just accepted it and walked away as if it was nothing.

Also, no one has seen her since she walked away from me. I thought she went back to class but maybe not. I wonder if the rejection affected her more than she let on in front of me.

Either way it’s my fault she’s gone and a small tiny bit part of me actually worries and hopes she is ok.


I need to leave. Not just the school but the pack all the surrounding territories, all of it. I need a fresh start.

As Betas my parents were very wealthy people, and they were smart about using it. Our parents had bank accounts set up for each of my siblings and I. We couldn’t access our account until we turn 17.

Also, they left each of my brothers and I 2 Million dollars each in both their wills. 2 million from mom, 2 million from dad; I put it all away in the bank to collect interest, now I have over 4.5 million dollars from my parents wills. In my of age bank account it reads I have another 3 million dollars.

I can finally get the motorcycle I’ve been wanting, well I’ve always been able to get it but now I have a reason to. With that one thought I jumped in my car and sped to the dealerships.

I can’t believe that I am finally going to get my motorcycle!!!

“So lady you waiting on your boyfriend or something?” the dealer asked, “No I’m here to buy that 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R, I’m thinking I want it in white.”

“Lady, look unless you really plan to pay and got the cash fine, if not leave.”

“I’ll pay in cash full, how much?”


“Here,” I said as I counted out the cash and paid him. “Where can I go to get motorcycle lessons?” Once he gave me an address for a good place I hooked up my new bike and went to learn how to ride.

“My name’s Care, I was told to come here for motorcycle lessons.” I spoke to a man, he had tattoos covering his arms and neck and large muscles, but he wasn’t scary or mean.

“Yeah, my name is Mike when do you take lessons, it would only take up to 3 hours most.”

“I can do them now, it’s also good to learn now since I’m leaving in like 5 hours.”

“Cool, let’s go.”


“You are a natural, all done. Let’s get you your license and you can go.” After the picture he gave me the license and I left.

At the pack house I quickly packed only the things I find necessary; clothes, toiletries, laptop, and money.

Lastly I wrote a note

Dear Blue Moon Pack

I have no real words to say to describe this pack but I know one thing. Packs beat and hurt other pack members. The Moon Goddess would be ashamed of you.

Dear Clayton

I was your twin, your other half. Yet you turned on me and helped turn everyone else against me also.

Dear Trey and Lucas

Older brothers are supposed to protect their younger sister from the world, not show her some of the darkest parts of it. Not abuse her and leave scars that will never go away.

Dear Joseph

I once dreamed of my mate coming to rescue me from this hell hole. Only he didn’t save me he rejected me, but thank you. The rejection gave me even more of a reason to leave all nearby territories and start life all over again.

Dear Shay and Caleb

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I did not have time and to be honest you would have tried your hardest to get me to stay. It’s time for me to make a change in my life and move on to start life over. I love you guys

Clare Jackson

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